CA Gov. Brown Urges Feds To Respect States on Marijuana

The feds aren't good at backing off


California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) said the federal government should let recently passed marijuana legalization laws stand in Colorado and Washington.

"It's time for the Justice Department to recognize the sovereignty of the states," Brown said Sunday on CNN's State of the Union. "I believe the president and the Department of Justice ought to respect the will of these states."

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  1. Moonbeam believes whatever gets Moonbeam relected. Nothing else. Moonbeam is a hypocritical, lying asshole. Has been as long as he’s been in the public eye, and probably for his entire life.

  2. I am wondering what the Federal response will be. Supreme Court already ruled on D.E.A. vs States. Now Rhode Island and Maine are going to race for the revenue. Massachusetts and Vermont before Christmas.
    This is going to be a watch and see.
    I do know that the Federal scheduled status is going to be looked at in January, too.

    It’s about time, but we’re not out of the woods, yet.

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