Reason TV Replay: Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) on Immigration, Cuba, and the Future of the Republican Party


After twelve years in the House of Representatives, Senator-elect Jeff Flake (R-Ariz.) will soon be moving offices to the other side of the Capitol.

Reason TV sat down with Flake in 2011 to discuss his positions on immigration, earmarks, and the U.S.-imposed travel ban to Cuba.

Here is the original text from the July 12, 2011 video:

Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) has represented the Diamondback State's sixth congressional district since 2001, cutting a pro-immigration, pro-trade, limited-government, anti-spending path that contrasts sharply with the mainstream of the Republican Party.

Flake's campaign against "earmarking," or larding up bills with giveaways for legislators' home districts, brought national attention to this issue and inspired some important rule changes. He has been a lonely voice in the House calling for an end to the U.S.-imposed travel ban on Cuba. And in a state that has shocked much of the country with its intolerance toward both documented and undocumented immigrants, Flake has consistently argued for reducing obstacles to legal immigration and establishing more effective guest worker programs.

Now Flake has his eye on the Senate seat being vacated next year by the retiring Republican Jon Kyl. While there's plenty of competition for his House job, Flake is so far alone in the race for Arizona's junior Senate seat.

A former head of the Goldwater Institute and practicing Mormon, Flake is a leading voice for freer markets and more personal freedom within the Republican Party.

Late in June, Flake sat down with Reason Senior Editor Tim Cavanaugh to discuss these matters and more.

Approximately 28 minutes

Shot by Zach Weissmueuller, Paul Detrick and Alex Manning. Edited by Meredith Bragg.

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  1. OT:…..l-corrupt/

    Ron Paul is a bad, bad man…Oh, and libertarianism is a nutty religion.

    1. Ashley is a passionate writer and general smartass who focuses too much of her attention on atheism, feminism, gay rights, mass media, culture, the oxford comma, and the ukulele. Her speaking engagements have included spots at The Amazing Meeting, Dragon*Con, and The Unite Against the War on Women Rally.

      Wow, that’s quite the CV. Dragon*Con? What an august gathering of today’s most well-known public intellectuals. I bet Chomsky is just (colorless) green (ideas sleep furiously) with envy!

      1. Actually Dragon*Con is a major meet for skeptics. The Amazing Meeting is the other major meet.

        Of course, the Unite thing is just silly. The conservatives’ war on women is just as mythical as the liberals’ war on Christmas. No one ever claimed skeptics are immune to wacky biases.

        1. No one ever claimed skeptics are immune to wacky biases.

          Well, no one other than a bunch of skeptics.

  2. LOL: Obama: Our top priority now is jobs and growth

    Sure, dude, sure. I totally believe you this time.

    1. He’s totally serial. More government jobs and more growth of the federal government.

  3. OT:…..ncaaf.html

    The Indiana Hoosiers are in the hunt to represent the Big Ten Leaders Division in Indy.

  4. OT:…..240clt.htm

    Joe Namath once passed for 496 yards and 6 TDs on only 15 completions.

    1. He must have been playing the ’12 Patriots.

      1. ’12 Saints

  5. Will the Republicans ever be hep enough to not be the focus of every other concern troll article on both this sight and the opinion page of my local paper?

    Here’s the opinion page line up:

    Kathleen Parker — The Way the GOP drove Romney Down

    Glanced at it. Seems to be about lady parts, and how Republicans don’t know what to with them. I’m guessing that’s mostly true but what that has to do with governance at the Federal level kind of goes over my head.

    Paul Krugman — The President must repulse Republican blackmail attempts

    Also focused on Republicans. At least it is about policy related to function.

    David Brooks — Lessons from a Past Creed

    Also advice for Republicans.

    I’m not sure why these squares are getting all this attention. Aren’t they all retiring soon, anyway? Given supposed demographic shifts and what not?

    1. It’s the fourth law of thermodynamics; if the heat is on someone else, it’s not on you…

      If they stop screaming about the evil republicans, people might start thinking their own thoughts about the Democrats.

      1. I guess I’m not very sympathetic to the lady parts these days due to Obamacare. I’m going to have to go to the back alley for out of pocket expenses so, damn it, why shouldn’t they have to do so as well?

        1. Fuck lady parts.

          No, really, that’s what I like to fuck.

          1. Those parts weren’t so lady like, after all. I like them like that, except when they turn into dicks, then you just can’t deal with them.

          2. I’m told you won’t be getting any until you hand over your wallet for their ladyparts.

            Whoa, it just hit me, these women are whores.

            1. It is quite puzzling to sort out, and I don’t really blame anyone who comes to that conclusion because the right to an abortion has completely been excised separate from the freedom of choice. Where the bureaucrat who meddles with decisions made by people in every other aspect of medicine and health not only allows the free exercise of unrestricted practice to continue here but even forces institutions and people that oppose it to pay for it. What is abortion in the social motive sense now that it has nothing to do with freedom of choice? A sacrament?

            2. I dunno. They would be whores if they expected the guy who impregnated them (or might impregnate them) to pay for shit, maybe, at least in this sense. But none of it is quid pro quo?and that’s what makes it worse, IMO. I mean, quid pro quo is exactly what’s bad for these people. Things that are “important” just should be “free.”

          3. No, really, that’s what I like to fuck.

            Don’t you wish they had come up with a better name for it though? I mean it sounds about as hot as saying I like to fuck dudes’ swimsuit areas.

            1. Like the word synonymous with cute little kitty cats? Who doesn’t like to pet one until it purrs?

      2. IOW, where is my freedom of choice?

    2. Parker is just a liberal moron who pretends to be a conservative so she can concern troll.

      1. I recall when she was promoting the total state as a means of dealing with the economic collapse, so, yeah, this.

        1. David Frum in a skirt.

          1. Oh, John, I saw this one for the first time a few days ago —

            Brodway Bro Down


            Now I understand why you take your lady to the Opera. My bad for misunderstanding.

            1. Exactly. You gotta do what you gotta do.

            2. Oh yeah, strictly JAAUFWAATSOWTBIYC, Just About As Unsafe for Work As Anything This Side Of Whacking to Bukkake in Your Cubicle.

              Lady in White, that is all.

      2. Same goes for D Brooks, more or less.

  6. Ear bitten off in priest vs priest fight:
    AN 80-year-old retired priest allegedly bit an ear off another elderly clergyman during a violent brawl over a parking bay in their block of units.

    1. Was one of them yelling “FECK, ARSE, GIRLS!”?

  7. The Genius of Nickelback

    1. Can’t stop Nickleback.

      Can’t get rid of Obama.

      There’s something wrong with the world.

      1. The crowd is roaring in appreciation. Behind him, roadies are chucking dozens of cups into the audience of 16,000. For several women in the front rows, at least, there is no risk of wardrobe damage; they have removed their shirts.

        Yeah, like, why am I not a deaf guy at a Nickelback concert.

  8. Instead of challenging for a seat in the Senate, I wish he were challenging John Boehner for Speaker in the House.

    1. There are Ronulans in the House that can do that. The Senate is where it’s at.

      1. Well, replacing the Speaker should be job #1 if the Republican want to reestablish some credibility.

        They should have gotten rid of Boehner when the Tea Party gave them control of the House two years ago.

        Sit back and watch what deal Boehner makes with the president regarding the fiscal cliff–and then kick Boehner out of the speaker’s chair for making that deal.

        1. Conservative ‘wise men’ in the media are already blaming the Tea Party. So knocking out Boner would be a good pre-emptive strike against the coming campaign to strip any opposition to statism out of the GOP.

  9. 37 years ago today, the Gordon Lightfoot sank in Lake Superior. Here’s Edmund Fitzgerald’s song about it.

    1. Now, that is how you immortalize.

  10. So here’s Alison Brie holding a kitten

    1. Where are the boobs?

      1. Behind the pussy.

  11. Flake seems like a good guy, definitely in the top 10% in congress on the liberty scale.

    I was talking to a friend of mine on Friday. He’s a sort of
    neocon socon guy, typical GOP over 50 type of guy. He knows I am Libertarian, doesn’t seem to bother him much. Like most team red guys, I can have political discussions with him, unlike progs who just go apeshit on you at the slightest hint of debate.

    Anyway, the guy had an interesting point about the direction the country is moving in. His view was that if a majority of the country are going to just sit on their asses, make no effort, and get just the free crumbs that government are throwing to them, that is actually good for the ones of us who continue to be the producers.

    The Reasoning?

    If I continue to be ambitious and skilled all the while the percentage of the population that can actually do my job gets smaller and smaller, and I have to be the one to do this work and provide all the freebies for the ones who cannot ‘toe their own lion cart’, then I am going to need A HUGE AMOUNT MORE DINEIRO! Supply and demand, you know. Cont…

    1. Otherwise, I just go to da welfare office, sit down, and say ‘here I am, I don’t want to work anymore. It was just an evil corporation anyway you know, and they were raping mother Gaia and weren’t paying their fair share. So I don’t want to be part of the problem. Let’s move forward here, ‘together’. So give me my free shit now so I can go home and watch TV and drink beer, maybe do a little crack, you know. I get a free cell phone with my free shit, right?’

      1. I think the problem with that is that the further other people sink, the higher up you get, the more you become a target of the free loaders.

        If I’m reading this right, the top tax bracket has been over 90% before.…..ual-1.html

        How much better do I have to do to stay ahead of the freeloader curve–if they take 90% of my income?

        Also, maybe the standard of living of the top earners tomorrow is the same as the middle class today. If you’re already middle class, you might move to be top earner in the future–and still live a middle class standard of living.

        1. Remember, Ken, no one actually paid that 90%.

          But I get your point. The thing is, the takers are always only going to get so much. As long as I can even maintain my current standard of living, so be it. If it gets bad enough, I will be an ex-pat.

  12. re: subsidies to Brazil paying them to drop their case against our subsidies of cotton, NPR covered this on one of their evening quirk shows about a year ago.

    The person covering the story seemed bemused about how the politics of subsidies work, but never seemed to make the broader connection to why we shouldn’t subsidize anything. They’re always able to point out the absurd effect of a subsidy, but not the concept of subsidies as a whole.

    They get so close sometimes, but they never complete the circle. Just gets covered as a quirky hey-look-at-this-craziness type of story. Yuk yuk.

    1. Brazil have very protectionist import policies in place. They tax the living shit out of anything that enters the country. Ok, I can sneak in a small amount of stuff (Brazilians are very good at this) and avoid the tax, but I won’t be bringing in any containers of stuff or I will be taxed up to 50%, I think that is correct, of the declared value of the merchandise.

      This makes consumer goods like electronics and foreign cars extremely expensive there. It hurts the lower middle class, if not having cool stuff is, well, forget it. To afford big screen TVs and the latest tablets, cars, brand name clothing from outside of Brazil, you have to be fairly wealthy, at least at the upper tier of the middle class.

  13. So all of a sudden now, the left-wing scumbags care about extramarital affairs? We’re going to hear about nothing except what an awful man General Petraeus is for the next couple of weeks now. What a fucking joke.

    You also have to love how this news amazingly comes out right before he officially testifies about Benghazi. There’s no low that the vermin in this administration won’t sink to.

    1. You also have to love how this news amazingly comes out right before he officially testifies about Benghazi.

      Phew! Don’t want to hear about that four hour firefight that ended in the deaths of the two Navy Seals. Because it was “rioters gone wild!”

    2. They care when the other team does it, otherwise it’s a case of move along, nothing to see here. Nothing news about this.

    3. In the first article I read about this yesterday there was a money quote I wished I had saved. To paraphrase, it said that the affair made Petraeus susceptible to blackmail which is an intolerable situation to allow to occur for someone in the chain of command of our foreign policy apparatus. So, it’s still just about sex, right? Where have I heard that before?

    4. Broadwell’s cuckold apparently wrote a letter about the affair back in July:…..html?_r=1&

    5. You can’t have super-secret clearance if you’re having an affair, because it makes you susceptible to blackmail.

      Thems the rules.

      1. Way to completely miss the point Joe, you pathetic little anonypussy worm.

        1. I’m pretty sure you’re the one missing the point here, if you actually had one to begin with.

          If Petraeus had left his wife for this woman to have sex with her, he’d still have his job. It’s not about sex.

          1. You are such a moron! People with Code Word clearance (whatever the fuck they call it) have affairs pretty often! I know of one AF general who had a pretty enlisted aide he was shtupping for five years.

            It caused him no problems with his security clearance. They… Don’t … Care about affairs. They want a list of names of people you are involved with so that they can check them out as security risks.

            Patreus’ GF probably has top secret clearance anyway.

      2. No, short round, you can have affairs… you just can’t hide it from investigators. When I got my Top Secret Clearance, they asked about that stuff.

        Comically, I had some problems because my best friend got married straight out of college and she became pregnant right away. Since her fiance was a govt scientist that had nothing to do with our college, everyone assumed I must be the dad. Of course I didn’t disclose my non-existant paternity, so the NCIS was a little put-out. Initially the investigator was a quite hostile – then after I stopped laughing and explained everything, I could see him trying to suppress the smile threatening to break out and ruin his interrogation face.

  14. Armed convoys and drugs coming across the border, instead of hard-workin’ mexican folk to work on the Flake Ranch:

    I wonder if there’s any way to mitigate the rising cost of getting across the border?

    1. Flake: Can’t have open border because of TERRAH! We can’t return to a pattern of less border policing.

      1. In my opinion, we have a pretty even trade up going on there. Mexico doesn’t want their poor, because like our poor, they might get ideas about free stuff. And free stuff costs mucho pesos. We up here in Amurika, however, we want them because they vote democrat. See, it’s a win/win here.

  15. David Frum’s 6-step guide to GOP victory. Not as retarded as you might think but fairly stupid at the end. The NP has a very easy streamlined comment system.


    1. I have seen these all over the place. Lots of folks writing the same type of articles, what the GOP did wrong, what the GOP have to do now, and a plethora of similar articles.

      I don’t want to read any of them, because I already know what I am going to hear ‘Well, they have to get back to their real conservative roots’ and all sort of other ways to say they aren’t being SoCon or NeoCon enough.

      Anyone who cannot figure out that the GOP have to give up on these social issues and concentate on economic and personal liberty, are just retarded and should join the proglodytes.

      Oh, and I read that article. Just so much fluff if you ask me, superficial shit. Show up, Deliver, Listen? Fuck yes, they need to go full on retard and totally lacking in substance so they can match the full on retard and totally lacking in substance of the other team.

      1. It’s Frum, so superficial fluff was much better than I expected.

    2. That’s the most sound commentary on Romney’s loss that I’ve seen.

  16. OT, but this is pretty much the afternoon thread at this point.

    Spielberg, Tarantino Turn Down “Star Wars”…..-star-wars

    Spielberg would be a terrible choice not because he couldn’t do it right, he could with his eyes closed, but because his friendship with Lucas would obligate him to take Lucas seriously.

    Tarantino would be the shttiest choice for it imaginable given his attitude; I could so care less. Especially if Disney’s going to do it. I’m not interested in the Simon West version of Star Wars. He takes being an auteur
    too seriously to understand the challenge here, and that challenge being a worthwhile one. It actually makes him less worthy of respect that he does not see that. My top choices, Brad Bird, Matthew Vaughn, and Jon Favreau.

    1. I mean, this is the catbird seat. The resources you would have at your fingertips would practically be post scarcity and the last thing any executive at Disney would want to do is appear like he is interfering. It would be the worst press imaginable for them. For Tarantino not to get that just makes him an idiot.

      1. Brad Bird would be a great choice. They already picked the writer (Michael Arndt).

      2. Yeah that is pretty dumb of Tarantino.

      3. Actually, I agree with Tarantino… Star Wars is aimed at 8-10 year old kids, and is tailored to please soccer moms. And that’s what the soccer moms want.

        So you can make a shitty movie that appeals to simpletons and die inside, or you can make a great movie and have all these people bitching to Disney about what an asshole you are.

        Tarantino has steady work; I doubt he wants to touch that tar baby.

        1. Tarantino’s films are fun but they are not really smart.

          Some of what he expressed is just fantasy bashing. It’s like calling The Tempest an inferior play because it’s fantasy while Richard III is great because it was realistic and relevant to the political drama of its time. That’s not a valid way to look at art.

    2. Well we know who will be writing it.
      Michael Arndt confirmed to write ‘Star Wars Episode VII’

      Arndt won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay for writing Little Miss Sunshine (2006), and was nominated for Best Adapted Screenplay for writing Toy Story 3 (2010).”

      1. Did a helluva good job on Toy Story 3.

    3. Tarantino would be horrible. He never takes anything seriously. Everything is done in some hipster ironic way. The movies have to take themselves seriously.

      1. I like Tarantino’s movies but he’s just not suited for SW.

      2. I enjoy Tarantino on his own merits, but he really would be the worst choice imaginable for a Star Wars movie — or really any established franchise or adaptation.

        1. i like some of his movies. But he is what he is. And that is not good for SW.

    4. Long shot, but I think Guy Ritchie would have a cool take. Although it’s not Brit enough for him to do.

    5. No matter who does it, there has to be less action and hard core sci-fi and more emoting and saving planets from evil humans.

      1. and evil korporayshuns!

      2. The science was never that good in Star Wars, except for the walkers. Kicked Silent Running’s ass on that score.

        1. Haha, I loved that movie actually, Silent Running, but I was just a kid, maybe 10 years old or something around there.

          Anyway, I meant even less good science and more emoting and saving trees from evil corporations, and well…. you get it, a lot less like Dune and more like Avatar, where the underlying political message makes you too nauseous to actually enjoy the movie.

          1. Knowing the anti-corporate and blue elven druids in space theme ahead of time, I just couldn’t make myself watch it.

    6. Brad Bird is definitely my hope, but I don’t think it will happen. Favreau would be underwhelming. Vaughn would probably do an adequate job, but I want something special, damn it.

  17. The Donderoooooooo interview

    1. Are you guys going to link that thing in every goddamn thread for the rest of the week or something?

  18. Tarantino would be the shttiest choice for it imaginable

    Full stop.

  19. Hey, did anyone else know the economy isn’t in good shape and that there is this thingy called the fiscal cliff that will end life as we know it? You see, apparently, the media knew NOTHING about this until last Wednesday, where they were completely surprised to find out that the economy wasn’t in as good a shape as they had been telling voters people.

    No, really. In fact it’s such a big deal that CNN has changed its name to FCN (Fiscal Cliff Network) and is devoting every second of airtime to the subject.

    The good news is, they know the cause and they have the solution. You see, it’s not that the government spends too much money, it’s that the government doesn’t have enough money. So all we need to do is raise taxes.

    The problem is, the LOSERS in the last election don’t agree with them. This evil guy named Grover Norquist, forced the LOSERS of the last election to sign a pledge to not raise taxes. This evil, evil man is going to be directly responsible for the end of America as we know it. Ali Velshi says so.

    It’s riveting. I can’t look away. Like a slow motion train wreck. If only they knew about this issue before last Wednesday. Perhaps they could have done something sooner.

    FUCK I HATE THE MEDIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. I noticed the total lack of coverage, too. However, taxation can work if we tax everyone on Earth.


      How about this. We have to be nice now. The election is over. So we have to stop being assholes and vilifying our opponents. How are we going to get them to cooperate and take the blame for the coming train wreck if we don’t?

      Yeah, I fucking hate the media.

    3. CNN has changed its name to FCN (Fiscal Cliff Network)

      And let me guess, saving us from the fiscal cliff involves green jobs and free birth control for everyone?

      1. Well it can and will, but more important is taking back all the money those wealthy fat cats stole from the poor man. You see, it’s a win-win. We fix the economy AND punish those evil capitalist bastards at the same time.

        Good times ahead!

        1. The biggest problem with the progressive vision, and they are many, is that bureaucrats are incapable of running a functional society. Because you know, it takes entrepreneurs, inventors, engineers, and people like that to accomplish said task.

          You can’t drive all of those people out of existence and expect to maintain any semblance of a civilization with the dumbest people out of the population running things.

          When the parasites have killed the host, it’s reboot time.

          The ruling elite proglodytes know all of this and are just getting theirs before it all falls down. Their constituents are just, to put it mildly, fucking retards.

          1. obama is stealing all he can for the richest one percent. And his supporters thinks he cares about them. Yeah, they are fucking retards.

            1. Like I have said before, John, he cares about them if they are rich donors. Otherwise, if they were lying starving in the road, he would drive right over them without thinking twice or looking back.

            2. I think you are giving Obama far too much credit. He grew up so financially secure and so inculcated with Leftist dogma that he doesn’t know what he is doing other than thinking that he is pointing mankind to perfection.
              He’s never had to steal nor does he know how to. Wealth transfers are just recuperation of wealth stolen from the exploited. You are a wingnut if you don’t see that. Your opinion is dubious, you own guns and you are a member of the patriarchy.
              Don’t use those percentage points like the one percent and the ninety nine percent. That is dishonest because you are rich on the backs of the exploited. The only one you should concern yourself with is the rate of your income tax.
              Bill Gates, the guys at Apple, George Soros, Warren Buffett, these guys gladly welcome higher taxation and still give hugely to charity. Why are you such a misanthrope?
              (why did this sound so much like a NYT editorial?)

  20. The good news is, they know the cause and they have the solution. You see, it’s not that the government spends too much money, it’s that the government doesn’t have enough money. So all we need to do is raise taxes.

    Well, duh.

    And the Great and Powerful Oz will get behind the curtain and make fire and lightning flash, and announce in his booming voice that patriotism demands sacrifice.

    And he will sacrifice the evil rich hoarders on the Altar of Fairness. He loves us, you see.

    1. it’s that the government doesn’t have enough money. So all we need to do is raise taxes

      And that will work, because no way will they just spend it all, again, and want more. That will neverrrrrr happen.

  21. If only they knew about this issue before last Wednesday.

    Who could possibly have seen this coming????

    1. The economy was fabulous and we were on the road to recovery. And then Wednesday morning we realized there were some problems out there.

  22. Is this just sour grapes?
    What Luck! Obama Won Dozens of Cleveland Districts with 100% of the Vote

    1. Luck? That happens all the time. Don’t know what you’re talking about.

      1. It is possible that those districts are

        1) That solidly Democratic

        2) That racist

        3) Rife with voter fraud

        4) Some combination of the above

        1. 1337/0

          Out of 1337, you’d think someone would have voted for Mittens by accident.

          1. I find it….suspicious that exactly 1337 people voted, and they all voted for Obama. I’m calling hax.

  23. Even in an ant colony, one or two go astray. Of course they are quickly dispatched for the good of the colony.

  24. Speaking of whether the GOP is going to double-down on social conservatism…exactly one of my book blogging “buddies” (we only know each other online, of course) is conservative, and an Orthodox Jew who’s been doing great work writing for Commentary lately. Well, after he wrote a post sympathetic to gay marriage speculating about how conservatives would have to move on from this election…he was fired.

    Here’s the post. I’m far from agreeing with this guy on everything but he’s always serious and sincere and I definitely admire him. Pretty upset at the moment.

    1. GOP Can’t Be the Party of Old White Men

      So he was fired for pointing out the incredibly obvious news about changing demographics?

      Fuck, that’s some severe denial.

      1. “GOP Can’t Be the Party of Old White Men”

        Even if they bury the social conservatism today, it will take more than one election cycle to live down what they’ve been doing for the past 30 years.

        And it isn’t really about the leadership, either. Mitt Romney didn’t really run as a social conservative. It’s all the every day people in the GOP. It’s what they say to call in radio shows; what they say on Fox News; what they say to each to people in the lunchroom; what they say online…

        I saw a sign along the 15 on the way to Vegas the other week, somebody put up, that read, “Don’t renege in 2012!” Yeah, that really helped Romney a lot.

        It isn’t about the leadership. It’s about the regulars in the party. If the Republicans could get them to shut up about immigrants, Muslims, hipsters, gay people, and the sexually liberated female of the month–for about ten years–they might actually be able to make some progress on rebranding.

        Unfortunately for them, the Republicans’ main strength seems to be in the South, and all that crap sells like hush puppies down there.

        They cannot do what they need to do to thrive without another major, drawn-out financial catastrophe. …and even then, we’ll be lucky if swing voters don’t blame deregulation and rich people for that financial catastophe, too.


        1. If I wanted to vent my righteous indignation I would be raising hell about the GOP nominating Romney too. He ran on ideas I don’t support, and much else that I downright disagree with, but I have to be honest, he trounced my guy in the nomination because my ideas are less popular with the public, GOP or DNC, than even Romney’s.

          I could be beating up the GOP like every one else, but it isn’t their fault. Huckabee could have ran on a ticket embracing George W Bush style Big Gov, backing union driven anti-free trade protectionism and a SoCon agenda and he would have stolen votes from Obama in the rust belt where church on Sundays and traditional family units are still pretty much the norm. So, this could have been worse. We could have a true blue SoCon in there who happens to be pretty damn smart.

          Besides, for the majority of voters, it is really not about the issues, one election cycle, they are hep with gay marriage, the very next they are smacking it down in nearly every state. Don’t expect consistency from them. The voting public is really not educated enough for the elections to be about the issues. Just watch a segment of Jaywalking or Kimmel asking people on the street how they thought the First Lady’s Debate went, and you’ll understand. For issues to matter, people would need to understand them first.

          1. BTW, pouring over the rust belt demographics, I’ve changed my mind about one thing. I was convinced with the lock the democrats have on the west coast and with the gauche GOP brand name association for the class we use to call yuppies back in the 80’s everywhere else, it was now impossible for the GOP to win a nation wide election. Not so! They’ll just have to be less principled than Romney, and really, really hate on the free market. If I were a republican governor looking to run in ’16, I would run a witch hunt investigation on the richest individual in my state. Leak info to the press, and play the hero looking after the people against the corporate boogie man.

            Though the democrats have the vagina vote in their back pocket recognize that that just leaves mammary glands wide open for republicans to stake their claim.

            1. “If I were a republican governor looking to run in ’16, I would run a witch hunt investigation on the richest individual in my state. Leak info to the press, and play the hero looking after the people against the corporate boogie man.”

              That’s how they got a Republican mayor in New York City in Giuliani.

              Well, that and Dinkins being a joke.

              If Mitt had run as the guy he was when he was running as governor of Massachusetts, he would have beat Obama.

              But he couldn’t win the nomination from the GOP without abandoning the way he’d run and governed in Massachusetts.

              1. Therein lies the rub, you can’t go paleolibertarian free market like Ron Paul and get the nod, and you can’t be a liberal North East Republican without changing at least some of your spots that don’t match that of so-cons. Some people forget Johnson also ran in the early GOP race, so you can’t go cosmo either. Yup, I see the complaint people have. If Romney could have ran on a pro-choice ticket this time, a few years ago I would have been saying that would be the pill the socons would just have to learn how to swallow. But this year was weird. That goalpost moved. The democrats won on birth control and abortion being entitlements. Maybe to hedge if Romney was bold enough to move back to his previous pro-choice position, but I suspect that move on their part was a cultural paradigm shift of devolutionary proportions more than just cynical politics on their part.

                1. RP’s problem in the GOP is not his support of free markets…

                  1. Hence the qualifier ‘paleolibertarian.’ same as saying ‘free marketer of the paleolibertarian bent.’ I placed the words together to emphasize that not all free marketers are welcome in the GOP if they include old fashion non interventionist foreign policy beliefs. Alludes to paleocons and a fine Senator from Ohio who would no longer be welcome in the GOP of our time.

                    1. And for all of that, the GOP is not even the most pro-war segment of the political system. That would belong to the press. Look up Grenwald’s latest article on the many journalist in the media took Petraeus’ fall as a devastating development.

  25. Obama: Our top priority now is jobs and growth

    And his strategy for achieving that? Higher taxes. Starting in January.

    The beatings will continue until morale improves.

  26. Sounds like one heck of a plan dude.

  27. Isn’t Jeff Flake one of those science-deniers who wants to force women to carry parasitic trespassers to term? Until his sort is purged from the Republican Party libertarians will never win any elections.

    1. That’s the solution. Charge the fetus rent for his/her time in the womb, which can be paid back through the child working off the debt. It’s an incentive not to abort, and it will provide economic relief to families.

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