ACLU Suing to Block California Proposition 35

Proposition requires sex offenders to provide information on their Internet accounts to police


Two civil liberties groups sued the state of California on Wednesday to block a ballot measure that would require sex offenders to turn over information about their Internet accounts to police.

California voters overwhelming approved the measure, Proposition 35, on Tuesday.

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  1. Chris Kelly, the former chief privacy officer of Facebook and a supporter of Prop 35, called the lawsuit “an attack on the very idea of sex offender registration requirements to protect kids and adults alike.”

    “The ACLU’s claims have been previously litigated many times, and courts have repeatedly rejected their fanciful and dangerous misinterpretations of the Constitution,” he said in a statement.

    That ought to clarify for anybody who doesn’t yet realize that Facebooks very business model is based on invading your privacy that Facebook doesn’t give a rats’ ass about the Constitution any more than the government does. They aren’t just useful idiots for the Surveillance State – they are in the vanguard.

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