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Obama's Approval Abroad Is Slipping Thanks to Foreign Policy

The president's terrible foreign policy is hurting his international popularity.


The world will be watching the U.S. presidential election carefully, and unlike Americans, who are roughly equally split on who to vote for, the rest of the world seems to prefer President Barack Obama.

A recent BBC World Service poll shows that foreigners favor the president over Mitt Romney, and not by a small amount. Of the 21 countries polled across Asia, Europe, Latin America, and Africa, an average of 50 percent would like to see Obama reelected, while only an average of 9 percent of those polled would like to see Romney win. An average of 10 percent of respondents can't see a difference between the two major candidates.

If it's a bit shocking that Obama has a good international reputation despite the fact that his administration continued the foreign policy of one of the most hated American presidents in history, it's important to note that Obama's decisions have taken a toll on his reputation.

Although the difference between approval of Obama and Romney across the world is huge, Pew has shown that there has been a decline in the confidence foreigners have in Obama since he came into office. This is most notable in China, where between 2009 and 2012 confidence in the president fell 24 percent, from 62 percent to 38 percent. China is also amongst the most critical of Obama's foreign policy. Of all of the countries and regions surveyed by Pew, China's approval of Obama's foreign policy dropped the most, even more than the Muslim countries surveyed, which overall remained the most critical, with only 15 percent of respondents approving of Obama's foreign policy.

Obama began his presidency looking to repair relations with the Muslim world, a geopolitical arena that fostered a huge amount of tension during the Bush years, which Obama acknowledged in his 2009 Cairo speech. Yet despite the good will that Obama expressed early on in his presidency, many in the Muslim world have yet to see any tangible evidence of serious change in American foreign policy.

The surge in Afghanistan has resulted in more deaths with little progress being made in eliminating the Taliban's influence in the country. The Afghan government is corrupt and unstable. Afghan police regularly kill the coalition troops who have trained them.

The weapons with which Obama is enforcing his foreign policy and their frequent use are unpopular. As noted by Pew:

There remains a widespread perception that the U.S. acts unilaterally and does not consider the interests of other countries. In predominantly Muslim nations, American anti-terrorism efforts are still widely unpopular. And in nearly all countries, there is considerable opposition to a major component of the Obama administration's anti-terrorism policy: drone strikes.

Of the countries polled by Pew, only in the U.S. do over 50 percent of respondents support drone strikes. Not only are the strikes internationally unpopular (especially in Pakistan), they are also not achieving their objectives.

Interestingly, Pakistan is also the only country surveyed by the BBC where more respondents wanted Romney to beat Obama, though only by 14 percent to Obama's 11 percent. 

The change in attitude in Europe should be of particular concern to Americans. Europe is a major trading partner and many European countries contributed soldiers and equipment to our adventures in Afghanistan and Iraq. During the 2008 campaign Obama made sure to visit Europe, where he was well received. Romney made a similar trip during this year's campaign; it did not go down well.

Many Europeans identify with Obama's domestic agenda, whlle Romney's brand of economics is foreign to most Europeans. During the debate on health care reform, meanwhile, many Europeans were completely bemused that a first-world country could still be without some form of socialized medicine. The attacks used by many American conservatives on European-style health care policies were seen as lazy, ill-informed, and abrasive, earning American conservatives few friends abroad.

It is not only conservative health care policy that confuses Europeans, but also the social issues endorsed by Republicans. This election cycle has provided more than enough examples of scientifically illiterate positions on abortion, and many conservatives' positions on gay marriage, gun rights, and the death penalty are completely alien to most Western Europeans.

In Europe, economics and social issues contribute to a disliking of Mitt Romney. While Europeans do object to much of Obama's foreign policy, they remain supportive when it comes to domestic politics and economics. 

Around the world Obama is more popular than his main opponent, but his popularity is sliding. If the president would like more support abroad, he would do well to rethink his foreign policy choices. However, as the third presidential debate showed, Obama has no intention of changing course.


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  1. According to the poll, the country with the highest percentage supporting Romney is Kenya. I loled.

    1. “I loled.”
      Shouldn’t that be ledol?

    2. Stalin was alwayss very popular in Georgia SSR too.

  2. But, Nobel prize and shit.

    Also, first!

      1. Why won’t you let me enjoy my undeserved gloating?

  3. I thought the only foreign country with zads of registered American voters was Israel, where Obama is seriously in negative territory.

    However, this unpopularity could affect the Obama supporters cocktail tours in a decidedly negative manner. Cosmotarians hardest hit.

    1. Shut up Suki, you’re dead.

    2. John Tagliaferro| 11.4.12 @ 4:48PM |#

      I thought the only foreign country with zads of registered American voters was Israel

      There’s a surprising number in Iraq

      1. And Afghanistan.

  4. “Of the countries polled by Pew, only in the U.S. do over 50 percent of respondents support drone strikes. Not only are the strikes internationally unpopular (especially in Pakistan), they are also not achieving their objectives.”

    The objective of drone strikes is to diminish al Qaeda’s ability to launch terrorist attacks, and they have been successful.

    1. How joe learned to stop worrying and love the drones.

      The question is, will this last beyond 1/20/13?

    2. I love the fact that joe is a bloodthirsty chickenhawk pussy. It’s befitting a Napoleon Complex short scumbag. Hey joe, where you goin’ with Obama’s cock in your mouth?

      1. After all the shit that little midget talked during the Bush years he has the fucking nerve to show up here and talk about how great drones are now that his side is doing it. Pathetic.

        1. He has to be drunk. But how is even joe pathetic enough to be drunk and talking shit on a Sunday afternoon? That’s, like, substitute teacher-level pathetic.

          1. Stop othering the substitute teachers, you monster.

    3. Oh, the peaceful and tolerant left. There never seem to be enough orphaned kids or grieving parents, wailing for their droned children, to slake its thirst.

      Sorry, impoverished third world people living in huts with barely enough to eat. You have to die, so that our fearless leader can get re-elected!

      1. If it weren’t for Walmart rounding them up into sweatshops and forcing them to do jobs that Americans should have, they’d be better off.

        1. We should start indiscriminately droning Boston, just reduce the ability of Massholes to spread their special brand of retardation outside of the state.

          1. Hey, man, tarran and my cousin live in/around Boston. Now, as much as I’d like to see tarran get droned, I do like my cousin.

            1. Wait, wait, wait a minute. Is your cousin really short and really stupid?

            2. Look, the freedom from Massholes is right there in the Constitution. No one could blame us for hunting them down.

              1. Look, my innate disgust and disdain for Massholes agrees with you, but I’m trying to have principles here. Unlike scumbags like joe.

                1. I have principles too. Which is why I don’t support locking you in Gitmo with a TV with no off button playing the Baby Geniuses trilogy on continuous loop.

              2. Unfortunately, the Constitution says something about the “full faith and credit” of laws of other states, which would seem to include the stupidity of Massholes.

            3. Can I at least get a warning before the droning? I promise not to tell anyone else before leaving.

              1. Great, you said it loud enough for Auric to hear and now he’s been warned. Talk about screwing things up.

                1. My mansion is naturally reinforced to withstand attacks from all manner of enemies, but I’d prefer to just retire to my mountain home for the duration of the droning. If I stay here, I’ll have to order so much whipping to get my servants in.

                  1. Hey Auric, who do the Patriots (+ the refs) play this weekend? Or do they have a bye?*

                    *And is it true that the league is going to give them a win for their bye week starting in 2013?

                    1. They have a bye, sloopy. And you have Aaron Hernandez starting.

                      There’s a campaign afoot to impeach you as commissioner and replace you with a more caring person.

                    2. There’s a campaign afoot to impeach you as commissioner and replace you with a more caring person.

                      Fine. Hey reasonoids, does anybody want to take over Tulpa’s FFL team for the rest of the year? I can make it happen in about 10 seconds if somebody wants it.

                    3. Haha. No one would dare take you up on that offer. And not just because Matt Hasselbeck is my starting QB.

                    4. Are you trying to imply the refs help the Patriots? Because then you apparently haven’t watched the Ravens game this year. Or any time the Patriots opponents is on offense.

    4. I can understand that lethal bombardments reduce the number of attacks, since attacking in a fairly indiscriminate fashion tends to scare the living bejeesus out of everyone in the area being targeted.

      I will note, however, that these reductions were considered “modest” by the paper. Is the benefit greater than the cost? That is, are the reductions in attacks offset by increases in the amount of recruitments that drone strikes killing civilians might cause?

      And of course, this doesn’t cause the issue of killing civilians via open-ended drone parameters to go away. When your program kills people without even bothering to know who they are (i.e. if they are terrorists or not), there are some serious ethical issues. Of course, some people don’t care about the ethical issues, but fuck them.

      Not to mention, and this goes hand-in-hand with my recruitment question, does this actually help ELIMINATE terrorism in Pakistan? A modest reduction in attacks there may be, but are there continued gains? That is, does reduction progress over time, or not? Is there any indication that the incidences of terrorism will drop low enough to stop? And if the strikes do stop, will the incidence of attacks simply rise afterwards?

      1. The lefties have demonstrated that free shit to the wealthiest people on the planet is far more important than silly things, like entire Pakistani families being obliterated by US missile attacks and those pesky civil liberties.

        They don’t care how many people have to die, as long as they get their free birth control pills and Muppets.

        They. Just. Don’t. Care.

      2. Come on Darius, we all know that 90% of the thousands who’ve died would have committed terrorism in the US if we didn’t kill them. Don’t ask me why thousands of Pakistanis weren’t trying to kill us 15 years ago

      3. attacking in a fairly indiscriminate fashion tends to scare the living bejeesus out of everyone in the area being targeted.

        What’s that word that describes random attacks on non combatants to instill fear?

        Something that starts with a “T”, I think.

        1. Something that starts with a “T”, I think.


          /John & Cytotoxic

    5. Yep, Freeney doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  5. Matthew Feeney on How Obama’s Foreign Policy Is Hurting His Approval Abroad

    I read the article and still fail to see how Obama’s foreign policy is hurting Matthew Feeney’s approval abroad.

    1. See my comment above about cocktail parties and Obama supporters.

      1. Ah, an honest answer to my grammar snark!

        1. That wasn’t snark, it was art.

  6. Wait a minute. Isn’t burning an anti-Obama picture a sign that one is pro-Obama?

    This is even more confusing than the famous Don’t End Eminent Domain Abuse sign.

    1. I need to use that sign somewhere.

    2. I’m not sure on that one. Burning an anti-Obama poster could just mean they hate anti-Obama posters, or it could mean they hate Obama himself. Without context or other information, I think it’s hard to tell.

  7. A recent BBC World Service poll

    Oh, shit. No wonder the results ended up the way they did. Say no more.

  8. This article is correct in that Romney is seen as a complete carcrash over this side of the Atlantic. His trip to the UK was a disaster, his idiotic comments on the complex middle eastern issues showed his ignorance and yes his desire to move the USA back into the dark ages socially is appalling. So many of the civil liberties we are proud of on race, sex, the right to choose and sexual identity were empowered by the US so to have a man who would roll them back is depressing. His economic policies would be a disaster inflicting another recession on the world given it was the US who caused the last one. I am in New York on the 6th and can only hope their citizens vote not just for themselves but the world by rejecting Romney and what he stands for.Please please do not inflict this man on us, wasn’t Bush enough for you.


    2. Cool story, bro.

      1. I try really hard to hate Romney, but then some poon-drip like Dave comes along and I want the grey fuck to win.

        1. I’m actually stunned that people who do not live in the US think that we should care what they think about who wins the election. I cannot even grasp how fucking stupid they have to be to think we give a fuck. I’m pretty sure Dave has to have an extra chromosome somewhere.

          1. Well, we in America follow the European Parliament elections closely, so its understandable. Like, I was totally against that guy, what’s his name, who won in France. I was really pissed off when the other guy, something or other, lost.

            1. That Italian dude got screwed in court. Time was when none of those Euros got a second look for any impropriety, since Columbus anyway.

              1. You mean the scumbag Berlosconi or the scientists who failed to predict the earthquake?

                1. Both.

                  It struck me how so many people were braying at the release of any news of Berlusconi’s sexual peccadilloes, but how awful it was that Dominique Strauss-Kahn had to go through what he did.

          2. I watch a lot of firearm videos on youtube and the second comment is inevitably: “Well, I live in England, and I think…”

            ‘Tha Fuck? No one cares what you fucking think you inbred islander.

            Speaking of youtube nonsense, I was watching some free stater stuff the other day (hippy voluntaryists and shit) and all the videos had hundreds of comments by our own WI. They were starting to delete them, but they went under the name deepinthejungle or some such shit. I almost emailed the dude making the videos to watch out for psycho bitch, but they’re well armed up there. Figure they go t shit under control.

            I think the dude’s site was called ridley report, or freekeene. They do open carry and record/annoy cops shit. Entertaining.

            1. Before I can really grasp what your story means, could you elaborate the other letters connected to ‘W’ and ‘I’?

              1. The first word is a color and the second word is an ethnic group known for hotel managers and convenience store owners.

                1. Then shouldn’t he call himself “Yellow Chink”?

                  1. The Chinaman is not the issue here, sloopy.

                    1. You know, I’m shocked by the number of Indian chicken farmers out here in the central valley. They’re everywhere.

                    2. Where did you think the 7-11s get their microwave chicken sandwiches from?

                    3. Not sure, but I doubt it’s from a chicken farm.

                    4. Besides, I thought they lost that court case and had to call them “chickin” sandwiches from now on.

                    5. I heard it as “Over there’s the pig pen I found a couple of [unintelligible] arrowheads.”

                    6. Maybe Shoshone arrowheads.

                2. Ah! I’ve mostly forgotten about her even though I last argued with her a month ago.

            2. inbred islander

              Also applies to Manhattan, Long and Rhode.

              And Hawaii too.

            3. Ridley Report rocks.

              1. Yeah, I’ve been watching a bunch of free stater vids lately.

                Considering hittin’ up porcfest next year. Looks like a blast.

          3. I tell ya what, limey. You stop caring about what sociopathic freak show gets elected here and we’ll stop caring about your orthodontia.

          4. People who live in other countries actually know a lot of facts about the US due to the way that media cover events here. Because of this knowledge they think they understand America and thus think they know how we should be ruled.

            Americans, on the other hand, know virtually nothing about other countries and don’t even try to understand them.

            This leads each group to have utterly bizarre cartoonish ideas about how the other lives.

    3. So many of the civil liberties we are proud of on race, sex, the right to choose and sexual identity were empowered by the US so to have a man who would roll them back is depressing.

      You mean Mitt Romney, who will be the first Mexican American in the White House if he wins, is of a race you are not proud of?

      You think he actually wants to ban contraception, and you believe a president has the power to ban it? Will that involve the military, or is it just a stroke of the pen affair?

      He is a guy with five kids and you think he is anti-sex?

      Please expand a bit, I am not tracking with you.

      1. Mitt’s dad was born in Mexico, not Mitt. (and he wasn’t really Mexican in the racial sense)

        1. Mitt’s grandfather was born in Mexico too. So now he is a two generational Mexican American.

          What specifically is a “racial sense” Mexican American? Can they be identified by DNA from, say, a Texican American? A New Mexican American? A Californian? Does it all rest on tanning ability and the crook in ones nose?

          BTW, Mexico is in America, the Northern portion.

          1. Deseret was part of Mexico when the Mormons first got there, right?

            For about a year before the US took it as a part of the Mexican-American War?

        2. Neither is Salma Hayak (Lebanese decent), but she is Mexican. Mexican is not a race.

          1. Hayek, of course.

          2. Salma Hayek’s dad is Lebanese, but her mom is Mexican (mostly of Spanish descent, but so are a lot of Mexicans). Either way, she is really fine

            1. Anthony Quinn fit in the same category, except that his non-Mexican half was Irish.

          3. Mexican is not a race.

            Don’t let the proglodytes here you say that.

            Viva la Raza

      2. Hmmm…well, the executive branch via FDA has the power to de-license drugs y medical devices on the basis of their being unsafe, ineffective, misbranded, filthy, or cetera. It’s not exactly banning contraception, but taking away most of the means.

        1. Hmmm… no, it’s more like Obama banning the morning-after pill by having the HHS overrule the FDA.

    4. You sure you worked all your soundbites in there, buddy? I didn’t see anything about rape, for example. Inadequate CONCERN, in my opinion.

      1. If you are implying that the Spanish trained Mexican army raped Jim Bowie and the other Texican ambassadors to Mexico in the Alamo compound, I don’t want to know any more [shudders]

        1. That’s why you never travel without a knife. They can’t rape you if they have to kill you first, and guns eventually run out of bullets. Well, your dead body is certainly rapable, but that real estate gets less valuable by the hour.

          1. Well, your dead body is certainly rapable, but that real estate gets less valuable by the hour.

            Ley treinta y cuatro.

          2. but that real estate gets less valuable by the hour.

            [citation required]

            /Jeffrey Dahmer

            1. I was going to make a serial killer exception Still haunted by the book The Misbegotten Son which described Arthur J. Shawcross carving out vaginas and leaving them in snow to fuck later. But I was afraid I’d wonder off subject for several sentences and kill the impact.

              1. which described Arthur J. Shawcross carving out vaginas and leaving them in snow to fuck later.

                Meh. Sounds like my ex-wife.

                1. This slow unfolding of the ex-wife story is putting Richard Bachman to shame. She sounds pretty scary.

      2. You stop othering that beautiful, gentle man, you unfeeling Eskimo whore. You stop it right now.

        1. You stop othering that beautiful, gentle man

          For a second there, I thought you were impersonating Miles Mellough (Jack Cassidy) in the Eiger Sanction.

        2. Sorry. DaveT’s vast knowledge and nuanced perspective on US politics is just what this election needs. Why, he probably even chuckles knowingly at the subtlety and wit on US American television programs such as The Daily Show.

          1. That’s more like it. Of course he’s extremely well-informed. Why, he has the BBC and the NHS, so he knows way more than us colonial yokels.

    5. It’s amazing how little I care about your perspective.

    6. Imagine how crazy the Euroleft would go if Ron Paul were running against BO.

      1. Imagine how crazy they will go if the insane and improbable 269-266-3, Ron Paul wins in the House, EC vote happens.

        Obviously, the first part is more likely than the latter, as Romney would win in the House. But still, Im holding out hope for another 48 hours.

    7. As if we would take seriously any man that would voluntarily bend his knee and bow to another man because he is divinely ordained by God to rule.

      Tell you what, Dave, you worry about your third-world shithole that jails people for saying tasteless things on twitter and Facebook and we’ll worry about what dumbass we put in charge of droning the Pakistani kids. Deal?

      Oh, and also let the royals know we don’t give a fuck anymore unless it’s a picture of Kate’s pooner or better yet, Pippa’s.

      1. Not bad . . .…..tclub1.jpg

        EFAA — Educational for All Ages

    8. Reminds me of why I miss the Reagan years, being lectured to by Euroweenies never gets old.

    9. We bailed your ass out in two wars, tied you in another, and double teamed you with France in a fourth. And unlike that goody two shoes Canada, we’ve actually had a girlfriend. In short, we don’t give a shit you limey fuck. Your ass may as well be stamped “Made in America”.

    10. ROFL. Europe is dying in just about every way imaginable, and assclowns like you still want to lecture us on how to run our country.

      Why don’t you worry more about fixing your own sorry-ass diminshed country before its too late, you pathetic shitbag loser.

    11. So, ya’ll don’t know dick about the issues over there, either, huh?

  9. Holy shit the refs are totally screwing the Steelers. Ryan Clark just got called for a personal foul for blow to the head when he didn’t even touch Cruz’s head, two plays after a phantom DPI call.

    1. To compound it, Phil Simms is talking about how it’s so much easier to tell that he didn’t hit Cruz in the head in slow motion, so he can understand why the officials got it wrong in real time.

      Don’t remember him being so forgiving of the replacement refs.

    2. Are you kidding me? Big Ben’s arm was going forward when the ball came out, and Jason Pierre Paul blocks Heath Miller in the back during the “fumble” return, and they still give the G-men a TD.

      1. Life’s tough when you’re playing against Eli and the Giants, Tulpy-Poo. And if Ben didn’t want to get stripped maybe the Steelers D should have done a better job.

        1. You mean O-Line, I assume?

          1. Sorry, yes. I’m watching the Seahawks game while typing and am a bit distracted.

              1. Hawks who became anarchist sea steaders, obviously.

        2. I love the Steelers tanking. I hope they do it every year, because then I don’t get to hear the ignorant yokels bleat on about the fucking stillers and bigben.

          A lot of the fucking fucks don’t know a goddamn thing about football, but the mongoloids don’t let that stop them from accosting you with their stupidity. I haven’t had one grocery ringer make one goddamn moronic muttering about the fucking stillers this whole season. Thank the fucking Lord above you fucking shits.

          Cannot wait to get the fuck out of here.

          1. Thanks for sharing. But I could take the Steelers obsession if it weren’t for the flerking terrain.

            1. I have had morons ringing me up at the store, decked the fuck out in stillers gear ask me what I thought about bigben’s game…

              …when he wasn’t even fucking playing that week.

              I fucking hate football, but I at least can glance at a Post Gazette every once in a while and know who the fuck is playing.

              1. Did you hear about the African painted dogs that murdered a kid at the Pgh Zoo and still didn’t get shot by the cops?

                1. Cops, don’t shoot dangerous things. Jeeze man, they’re just trying to get home at night just like anybody else.

                  Now if those were some shitzus nippin’ at ankles they’d heroically take ’em out.

                  1. Actually, I miswrote. One of the (endangered) dogs did get shot, but it was too late for the kid.

                2. I may be being pedantic, but I don’t think dogs can “murder” a person.

                  1. These are African dogs. They’re playing on a whole other level from your little pet.

                    1. That’s my point. They can’t murder when their entire reason for existence is to kill in packs whatever is there to eat.

                    2. So now you’re in favor of a double standard. I see how it is.

          2. The Giants unfurled a field sized flag before the game. I was neutral about who should win the game before that. I was wincing at the painfully bullshit symbolism too hard to notice if those involved were firemen and cops, but it is safe to assume, isn’t it? Since 9-11 the NYFD and NYPD have become to patriotism what megachurches are to religion.

            1. Except I’ve never been frisked by a megachurch pastor. Well, not since I was an altered boy.

            2. There were league wide veterans day observances, hence the camo patterened goalpost pads.

              1. Which is dumb because Veteran’s Day is next Sunday… know, the day they play football?

      2. Worst reffing since the Tate “touchdown”.

  10. I think the game announcers have a bigger crush on Russel Wilson than Madden had on Brett Favre. One just called him “precocious” and said “how great is Russel Wilson?”

    1. Troy, how wonderful would it feel to have Rusell Wilson’s throbbing manhood shoved up your pooper?”

      1. Aikman was doing the Packers game, and was his typically stupid self. (He compared Bulaga’s injury to Bo Jackson! Hell, even Warren Sapp’s dirty dirty hit on Chad Clifton didn’t wind up as serious as what happened to Bo Jackson.)

  11. That poll is not at all surprising if you see the kind of wacky media coverage US politics gets in foreign countries. I am surprised the numbers are even more dramatically skewed pro-Obama. For some reason the Dems get painted as the anti-Walmart, anti-Honey Boo Boo party. It’s very stupid and annoying but you see it again and again.

    1. Ever since the British Union of Fascists changed their name a couple of times and took over the BBC, this sort of thing has been commonplace.

    2. Comrades, the voices of the dead battalions,
      Of those who fell that Britain might be great,
      Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us,
      And urge us on to gain the fascist state!
      Join in our song, for they still march in spirit with us,
      And urge us on to gain the fascist state!

      We’re of their blood, and spirit of their spirit,
      Sprung from that soil for whose dear sake they bled,
      ‘gainst vested powers, Red Front, and massed ranks of reaction,
      We lead the fight for freedom and for bread!
      ‘gainst vested powers, Red Front, and massed ranks of reaction,
      We lead the fight for freedom and for bread!

      The streets are still, the final struggle’s ended;
      Flushed with the fight we proudly hail the dawn!
      See, over all the streets the fascist banners waving,
      Triumphant standards of a race reborn!
      See, over all the streets the fascist banners waving,
      Triumphant standards of a race reborn!

    3. Certain forms of xenophobia are acceptable; notably, hating on the people in middle America. And the people who do it claim at the same time that they’re the tolerant broad-minded ones.

      I comment from time to time that it’s funny how multiculturalism never seems to include American culture, and you should see how people twist themselves into knots trying do defend bashing Americans as opposed to bashing people of other nationalities.

  12. The attacks used by many American conservatives on European-style health care policies were seen as lazy, ill-informed, and abrasive, earning American conservatives few friends abroad.

    This is not entirely true, Feeney. As I have explained to more than a few EUR, the USA does have “some form of socialized medicine.” When I have explained this, in detail, the conversation inevitably turns to, “But it’s a RIGHT!!!” Then, I ask them if anyone has a right to their labour and oddly enough the tone of the conversation usually turns to **crickets**, unless I am dealing with a straight-up commie bastard.

    You also might want to ask the NHS about their stellar obstetrics and midwifery, considering they have to pay billions in claims for botched deliveries. Made even more egregious as it is extremely difficult to sue medical practitioners there, so these cases had to be beyond the pale.

    1. How about the NHS refusing to give a patient FREE drugs, because, fuck off and die?

      1. Ah, robc. You aren’t thinking in the long term. We can’t have folks carrying mutant CFTR genes. We can’t have people thinking that Big Pharma is their friend, offering false hopes at a chance at life with meds at no cost to them. There is a larger narrative here.

        These charlatans peddling a chance at living longer with a questionable “quality of life” v. the Guaranteed Favourable Outcome of death via The Pathway.

        Why, she should be thankful she doesn’t have cancer while in Liverpool Cancer Pathway!

    2. The attacks used by many American conservatives on European-style health care policies were seen as lazy, ill-informed, and abrasive, earning American conservatives few friends abroad.

      For all of its crimes against humanity, you will not see insufferable crap like that published in National Review. It is possible to not support democratizing the planet and also not give two shits about the opinions of a continent who only learned how to peacefully coexist in this very generation. Let’s just see how long that last when their nationalized health care and welfare state collapses their social order.

  13. The sign in the picture on this page is even more confusing. “Not killing the Muslims/ Stop the drone attacks” seems to indicate they want the Muslims killed, doesn’t it?

  14. You know who is still attractive? Andie McDowell. What is she, 50?

    1. You think that’s odd, youngster? There are plenty of attractive women over 50.

      1. As someone who’s knockin’ on 50’s door, I’m still waiting to find them. Let me know when one shows up. I talk to women my age and I fell like I’m talkin’ to my mom.

        1. Maybe Hot Lips still tickles your fancy?

    2. Andie McDowell. What is she, 50?

      Too bad she’s the flattest actress since Darryl Hannah.

      1. And by ‘flat’ I meant in the realm of personality. She’s got all the dynamic of my dish towels.

        1. Ah – then you’ve not seen Kristen Stewart’s work…

  15. Holy dog balls! They actually called a penalty on the Giants. It’s a miracle!

    Aaaaaand then Ben Rapelisberger throws a pick. Fuck.

    1. Are you rooting for the Steelers like some kind of asshole? Fuck you.

      1. Hey, we all have to make choices in life. Looks like you just chose New York and Eli, which is the same as choosing Satan and Hitler. Nice.

        1. Hitler was bad, I admit it, but he was no Ben Roethlisberger.

          1. Well, in Ben’s defense, Hitler didn’t have to deal with nearly as many injuries to his key guys. How would he have done if Goering kept having problems with his hamstring? Or if Himler had a stinger?

            1. Hitler helped Rhoem a lot with his groin pull, I hear.

        2. If choosing Satan and Hitler is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Besides, the Seahawks have been grinding Chris Ponder’s face into the grass repeatedly.

          1. I’m not sure who I would root for if Satan and Hitler had a fight.

            1. I’m pretty much fully on TEAM SATAN.

              Calculon: The year was 2019, and I was just a lowly robot arm working on Project Satan, a savage, intelligent military car built from the most evil parts of the most evil cars in all the world. The steering wheel from Hitler’s staff car. The left turn signal from Charles Manson’s VW. The windshield wipers from that car that played Knight Rider.

              Fry: Knight Rider wasn’t evil.

              Calculon: His windshield wipers were. It didn’t come up much in the show, though. Anyway, only after bringing Project Satan to live did they discover they had made a horrible mistake. For you see, it was pure evil!

              1. Too bad that is an old episode. They could have thrown in the engine from a Volt if done today.

                1. Hey, man, Ed Begley Jr. jokes never get old.

                  Leela: [tries to kill Project Satan with a silver potato to the exhaust pipe] Oh, no! Theres’s no exhaust pipe!

                  Project Satan: That’s right! Thanks to Ed Begley Jr.’s electic motor, the most evil propulsion system ever conceived!

              2. Was its fuel the blood of Jews?

            2. Hitler, a bad rap, or just misunderstood?

        3. “Looks like you just chose New York and Eli, which is the same as choosing Satan and Hitler.”

          No, that’s the samee as rooting for the Jets. Rooting for the Giants is only as bad as Mephistopheles and Mussolini.

      2. Maybe he’s rooting against the Giants and Eli. (Remember, Eli started off his pro career by pulling a John Rocker on the people of San Diego.)

    2. WTF. There should be a rule against opposing players praying together.

      1. OK, this is rigged. Wallace goes to get up and a guy dives in helmet to helmet and they pick up the flag? Seriously, three refs throw flags in immediately and they say “fuck it, we’ll let it go”.

        I swear, I hate New York and the treatment they get when something bad happens to their shithole of a city. Fuck each and every one of them. I am now openly hoping this nor’easter tears the city a new asshole and Eli gets caught with a 9 year old Malaysian boy.

        1. He wasn’t defenseless and the play was still live as he hadn’t been touched.

          Also, if you’ve ever been a cornerback burned by Mike Wallace, you know how fleet-footed he can be.

          1. Bull fucking shit. Helmet to helmet is the new rule and he launched himself head-first at Wallace’s head. Whether or not it’s a live play is beside the point.

            Also, what about that call when they went “helmet to helmet” on Cruz in the end zone in the 1st half?*

            *How he got bruised ribs by being hit in the head is beyond me. Oh, that’s right. It’s because the refs are full of shit and the league wants NY to win because it’s a feel-good story.

            1. The call on Cruz was BS, I agree. This one was closer.

              Also, the refs didn’t make the Steelers run the stupidest fake field goal play in history just now.

              1. I never understood a fake field goal inside the 20 yard line. They rarely try to block what’s a gimmie, so they’re more likely to be ready for a fake.

                1. Yes. It might have worked to pick up the 1st down if they had the holder run, but the kicker running is too obvious.

                  1. Now that was a fumble by a quarterback. Note the difference in when the ball comes out?

                    I’m surprised Simms didn’t note the (imaginary) similarities in the two plays.

                2. Mason Crosby missed a short FG today. Fucking bastard. (Crosby, not you.)

        2. Apparently they were all going to call hitting him late thinking he was staying down…

          Don’t know how none of them saw the helmet hit.

        3. I feel the exact opposite. Are New Yorkers worthy of my love? Of course not, but who is? But I love those heathens anyway. More deserving folk would be less amusing to me. Like Huntsville, Alabama. What’s there to rip on those guys over?

  16. It’s fine to disagree with Obama on this shit, but if you think any of it will get better under Romney, you’ve not been paying attention.

    1. So does this mean you’ll be dancing to Obama?

    2. Brent| 11.4.12 @ 6:56PM |#

      It’s fine to disagree with Obama on this shit, but if you think any of it will get better under Romney, you’ve not been paying attention.

      Can you say this again, only in the Sith Emperors’ cackling voice?…. you know, like, “Let the Hate flow through you!”

  17. Threadjack! File under, “Today’s example of ‘Good enough for Government Work!'”

    I was checking out this tricked-out 2010 Lotus Exige a friend had in his (extensive) garage…. and noticed that because of the mid-car engine placement, there was no rear window.

    But there was still a rear-view mirror. Looking right back at a blank panel.

    I’m like, “Dude – WTF. Why don’t you just remove that damn thing already? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever seen.”

    He goes, “Uh. yeah… no kidding. Federal Law dude. Have to have a rear view mirror.”

    “Even with no rear window??”

    “Seems they left that part out”.

    I suppose the logic of this idiocy is that US car manufacturers, knowing Federal regulations, go out of their way to ensure rear-window visibility, and so there are almost no US-made cars lacking one. British (or other Foreign) manufacturers don’t operate under that assumption… so when imported, are subject to this jury-rigged nonsensical compliance. face-palm ensues.

    1. This thread’s already been jacked to orgasm, dude.

    2. I think your friend may be pulling your leg. I just looked at a fleet of vehicles on a deal I’m working on, and there were quite a GMC cargo vans with no rear windows and no rear-view mirror. Also, I’ve never driven a U-Haul with a rear-view mirror.

      1. There may be an exception for trucks, just as there is with CAFE standards.

        1. Perhaps, but the bracket is in the vans but the mirror isn’t. I’d be willing to bet there’s an exception for vehicles where there is no rear window. That doesn’t explain the Lotus, but who can figure out why the British do anything. They don’t even value free speech or competent dentistry.

          1. And have you eaten their sausage?

            1. Someone’s supposed to *eat* that stuff?

              1. “Eat”, as commonly understood, is, across The Pond, very loosely defined.

                1. “Eat”, as commonly understood, is, across The Pond, very loosely defined.

                  Ditto “food”.

          2. “They don’t even value free speech or competent dentistry.”
            But they offer a hell of a quick and universal posting to a medical care waiting list!
            See, they mean well…

      2. sloopyinca| 11.4.12 @ 7:09PM |#

        I think your friend may be pulling your leg. I just looked at a fleet of vehicles on a deal I’m working on, …

        Tulpa is spot on = trailerable trucks are omitted from the rule. Consumer road cars are where the rule applies.

        See here =…

        in Section 5 – ‘Requirements for passenger cars’

        The section re: multipurpose commercial vehicles, trucks, etc= only talks about outside mirrors.

        So pppptttt!

        1. “”S5.1 Inside rearview mirror. Each passenger car shall have an inside rearview mirror of unit magnification.””

          Full stop. No mention of whether a window exists.

        2. By the way… further research into this has revealed that this particular SNAFU in American regulation is partly what has prompted a increased interest in digital rear-view cameras instead of mirrors, where they can build a car sans rear-window, but still meet the rear visibility requirements of US Federal law. I believe companies like Audi, whose R8 sales have done reasonably well in the US, are irritated by this issue and want to try and get congress to at least introduce some kind of exception where they can provide a replacement, and not have to stick useless mirrors on their windscreens.

  18. Steelers win! Steelers win!

    1. WTF, Eli?!? And they didn’t even broadcast it here.

      At least the Seahawks beat the Vikings.

      1. Eli sucked hardcore this game.

        1. I had a bunch of stats to back that up, but it started off with a less than sign. Damn squirrels.

        2. Ever wonder about Eli Manning’s judgement?

          Enough said.

          1. That…. That’s Photoshopped, right?

              1. Did someone from the Patriots shoot your dog or arrest you for DUI?

                1. Um, no. I’d say the same about any of these assclowns:

                  Robinson, Denard
                  Forcier, Tate
                  Threet, Steven
                  Sheridan, Nick
                  Mallett, Ryan
                  Henne, Chad
                  Navarre, John
                  Henson, Drew
                  Brady, Tom
                  Griese, Brian
                  Dreisbach, Scott
                  Collins, Todd
                  Grbac, Elvis
                  Taylor, Michael
                  Brown, Demetrius
                  Harbaugh, Jim
                  Smith, Steve
                  Wangler, John
                  Leach, Rick
                  Franklin, Dennis
                  Slade, Tom
                  Moorehead, Don
                  Brown, Dennis
                  Vidmer, Dick
                  Gabler, Wally
                  Timberlake, Bob
                  Chandler, Bob
                  Glinka, Dave
                  Noskin, Stan
                  Van Pelt, Jim
                  Ptacek, Bob
                  Maddock, Jim
                  Baldacci, Lou
                  Topor, Ted
                  Putich, Bill
                  Ghindia, John
                  Elliott, Pete
                  Yerges, Howard
                  Ponsetto, Joe
                  Wiese, Bob
                  Ceithaml, George
                  Kuzma, Tom
                  Evashevski, Forest
                  Farmer, Doug
                  Barclay, William
                  Renner, Bill
                  Jennings, Ferris
                  Fay, Stanley
                  Newman, Harry
                  Wheeler, Jack
                  Simrall, James
                  Rich, George
                  Hoffman, Leo
                  Friedman, Benny
                  Rockwell, Ferdinand
                  Uteritz, Irwin
                  Knode, Ken
                  Norcross, Fred
                  Weeks, Harrison
                  Baird, James
                  Horton, Walter

                  1. Is that a list of people who’ve aggressively shaken Jim Schwartz’ hand and gotten away with it?

                  2. You know who else belongs on this list?

                    1. I meant the Fab 5

                    2. The basketball team doesn’t normally get my disdain, but I’ll make an exception for those turds. Although they’re gonna be pretty fucking good this year. Beilein is a hell of a coach.

                    3. Gardner. Ah, whatever. He’s a fuckbag as well.

                    4. also, you forgot Charles Woodson.

                    5. Terrelle Pryor was a douche, too.

          2. Also, the only thing I’ve ever wondered about Eli’s judgement is whether it’s terrible judgement, or the terriblest judgement.

            1. Alabama was brought up downthread. The one in the middle is the QB’s mother.

                1. Poor kid.

                  She’s not single, is she? Because then he might end up with a lot of teammates with something to pick on him about.

              1. Well…. I may have to adjust my acceptable age range.

    2. Vikings Lose!

    3. Too far behind to get points this week playing normal. Fuck it, I’m going deep!

      *switches pick to Cowboys*

  19. We already have socialized medicine, which is called Medicare. It’s going broke, and it only caters to the elderly.

    What’s so difficult to understand for the Europeans? They don’t have 300 plus mil people living in their nations, and 50 states that spend all by themselves. We don’t have socialized medicine at a national level, but we don’t pay 8 bucks a gallon of gas and a whole lot of people don’t pay income tax. Whenever I think LA might be getting a bit crowded, I think about the human sardine can that is some Asian cities, and I feel all better.

    Ah, Europe, the home of real nativists, xenophobes, nationalists, and socialists. In reality, a lot of you don’t even like EACH OTHER, do you. I ignore your criticisms of America, because you don’t have to deal with our kinds of problems on our scale, and you really don’t like immigrants and minorities. Your leftists won’t put your heads on a platter for making chinky eye impressions.

    Can I get a decent fish taco in Germany? See, Europe loses.

    1. “Can I get a decent fish taco in Germany? See, Europe loses.”
      Try finding a decent tomato pasta sauce in EEtaly. Fat chance.

    2. We already have socialized medicine, which is called Medicare.

      I thought it was called the VA hospitals.

  20. OK, all kidding aside here. It’s time to bring up an important topic.

    How the fuck is The Ohio State University behind notre dame and tied with Georgia in the AP Poll. Come on, writers.

    Also, Oregon will beat the shit out of Alabama if they play in the “National Championship” game.

    1. You’re delusional–Alabama could destroy Oregon with its second team.

      1. Oh, fuck. I forgot you were an SEC homer. Nice win for the Gators this weekend. Who did they beat again by a touchdown? Oh yeah, the 10th best team from the Big12 last year.

        1. It’s all part of the Gators cunning plan.

        2. The SEC’s hurt you. And it’s going to go on hurting you. Over and over and over and over again. Especially when quasi-playoffs start.

  21. So that no one thinks I’ve been kidnapped, I am obligated to point out that Feeney is lacking certain assets that Lucy had…. Also alt-text.

  22. OT:
    Moonbeam is flashing his mug on TV, claiming his tax hike is all about ‘the childrunz’ and CA is going to hell if it doesn’t pass, while the teacher’s union nixed fed funds since (the HORROR!) the teachers would be rated on their ability:…..991884.php
    So Moonbeam wants money absent any conditions, since the poor teachers (read the story) are worried that their ratings would become ‘public’; as in those who pay their damn salaries would have some idea if they are worth shit.
    Moonbeam has made a career of pandering to the sleazy unions; hope it tanks.

  23. OK, I am no fan of Obama, but one thing I know for sure, If Romenys mouth is moving, hes lying!

    1. Anonbot: As eloquent an argument for Obama as Tony can muster.

    2. tagtann| 11.4.12 @ 8:42PM |#
      “OK, I am no fan of Obama, but one thing I know for sure, If Romenys mouth is moving, hes lying!”

      Likely true, but Obama doesn’t have to move his lips; just read the teleprompter. Lies, lies, lies.

  24. Late to the party, but please add me to the “who gives a good goddamn what the rest of the world thinks?” list. If all your friends jumped off a bridge…

    1. If all your friends jumped off a bridge…

      I’d have to pay for their healthcare.

  25. More OT:
    SF has made shopping bags an extra-cost option; if you want one, it’s supposed to cost $0.10. Not sure how much record-keeping is required for compliance, but I am sure that one number too few is going to get the retailer an ‘adjustment’ in the business taxes.
    Now, like the ban on breathing gear to harvest Abalone, this should immediately get an ADA lawsuit. Those capable of juggling can easily move four or five items to the car by keeping several in the air and carrying only one or two; the rest of us, ‘differently-abled’, can’t.
    Regardless, the passive resistance is becoming obvious. You’re a regular where you get your beer, sodas, milk and chips? Why, a bag appears and somehow the charge doesn’t. Even (shhhhh!) the checkers at (major grocery chain; shhhhh!) somehow make ‘free’ bags appear.
    Hey, supes! I hope someone folds a ‘large market’ bag until it’s all corners, dips it in toilet cleaner and rams it up your butts!

    1. No, that’s just ordinary lawbreaking. It’s not passive resistance if you’re trying not to get caught.

      1. “It’s not passive resistance if you’re trying not to get caught.”

        You’re asking these tradesmen to make a ‘statement’ to qualify.
        Nothing of the sort; they’re ignoring the reg to please their customers. Any *statement* will come with the business tax filing.

        1. The motivation being to please customers does not make it “passive resistance”. That’s a very different concept which you cheapen by conflating it with ordinary lawbreaking.

      2. You say this like “lawbreaking” is a bad thing.

        1. Tulpa’s working his pedantic chops; can’t be “pure” unless you offer yourself up for sacrifice.

    2. In Seattle, I pay for my bags by foregoing the donations to charity I used to make at the checkout line.

      1. Paul.| 11.4.12 @ 10:45PM |#
        “In Seattle, I pay for my bags by foregoing the donations to charity I used to make at the checkout line.”

        And I hope he assholes who ‘outlawed’ bags know that clearly.

  26. So Mickey Moore just said Romney is doing well because of racism.

  27. These “international” polls are always hilarious, because the vast majority of the 7 billion people in the world have extremely poor education or no education at all, so that the assumption that most humans know who (or what) Romney is, in the first place, is absolutely preposterous. In Brazil, where I live, 4 out of 5 adults cannot tell where the USA is located in a world map. Do you figure how tiny is the fraction of people in Brazil, India, Nigeria or rural China who have even heard of Mitt Romney? or of the American elections? or of elections, for that matter? or of drones (with the exception of those targeted by them)?

    The results of European countries, Canada, Australia, Japan and South Korea, which represent less than 1/7 of the world population, are more meaningful, I suppose.

    1. In Brazil, where I live, 4 out of 5 adults cannot tell where the USA is located in a world map.

      In America 9 out of 10 adults cannot point to Brazil on a map.

      We win.

      1. 50% of Brazilians can’t find Brazil on a map. We win.

        1. 95% of brazilians look better in a thong than Americans. Brazil wins.

          1. +1 Girl from Ipanema.

            1. Brazilian beauty is highly overrated, and bossa nova is pass

              1. anyway, when you mix dumb and beautiful you get things like Nana Gouv?a

                1. anyway, when you mix dumb and beautiful you get things like Nana Gouv?a

                  God no shit, why would she do a photoshoot in weather conditions requiring that many clothes? What were they thinking?

                  1. that wasn’t a fair comparison. What about Megan Fox? Angelina Jolie? Elizabeth Banks? You’re just fine.

                    1. that wasn’t a fair comparison. What about Megan Fox? Angelina Jolie? Elizabeth Banks? You’re just fine.

                      Megan Fox: Spray tan Orange
                      Angelina Jolie: Cadaverous
                      Elizabeth Banks: Half a fist pump.

                1. Slavic beauty is certainly some of the finest among the predominantly white nations.

                2. until babushka syndrome kicks in.

                  1. until babushka syndrome kicks in.

                    Sadly, this is true of many cultures that produce ridiculously voluptuous, attractive women.

                    This woman will weigh 270 in five years.

                  2. until babushka syndrome kicks in.

                    That’s called, “The Babooshka Gene,” Your Archduchy!

                    Also, she’s reporting from Estonia.

                    1. Also, she’s reporting from Estonia.

                      After watching her, I’m like Estonia.

                    2. Wasn’t Estonia one of the first Republik’s to break free?

                    3. Yep, ye olde Baltic War. Helped start the Domino Effect.

                  3. What do you guys have against babushki? πŸ™‚

                    1. Babushki? Ted, you are mistaken, those are devushki, albeit examples of Early Onset Babooshka Gene. The median age of those lasses is around 38 or so. They are probably from Siberia.

                    2. Nope, looks like I was wrong, Udmurt Republic.

                    3. I would assume then these women were built at the Izmash plant? They should be sturdy, reliable, won’t clog with sand and debris, and won’t jam in a firefight. What else could you ask for in a woman?

                3. If that’s how Russian women talk dirty, I’m going to have to take a pass.

              2. Brazilian beauty is highly overrated, and bossa nova is pass?.

                I take it you’re very young. Someone who hasn’t acquired the age and wisdom to know that it’s not about being the prettiest.

                1. well, we were talking about beauty in a thong context, right? Curiously many people in Brazil, myself included, prefer Slavic or Germanic beauty rather than “Brazilian” beauty (which is much more heterogeneous, actually).

              3. I’ve never been to Brazil, but I was very impressed with Argentina, and from everything I’ve heard, Brazil is better. Also, every Brazilian girl I’ve met in the US (which admittedly isn’t that many) is at least somewhat attractive

                1. I’ve never been to Brazil, but I was very impressed with Argentina, and from everything I’ve heard, Brazil is better

                  “I went to Argentina once… everyone seemed to be just sort of sitting around… it was beautiful.”

                  1. “I went to Argentina once… everyone seemed to be just sort of sitting around… it was beautiful.”

                    Haha nice reference. For real though, girls in Argentina were very pretty and I enjoyed the country as a whole a lot (though I only stayed in Buenos Aires). The government, however, is horrendously awful, as everyone businessperson I talked to on the trip (I’m a business major and went on the trip through my school, so we visited a lot of local businesses) attested to

      2. Dude, you’re responding to a second-rate computer they didn’t even trust enough to send to Jupiter.

    1. You didn’t build that

      1. No, you got it all wrong. If it wasnt for us union laborers, you Boss Hoggs wouldnt have ROADZ to drive your Mercedes on!

  28. I’m sitting in a hotel room in San Jose working on my third bottle of Lagunitas’ Little Sumpin’. I’m not normally a big fan of IPAs but this stuff is gooooooood.

    Also, both Obama and Romney can bite my shiny metal ass.

  29. This made my year.

    Race engineer to Kimi: “i’ll keep you updated on the pace”
    Kimi: “Leave me alone – I know what I’m doing.”

    1. Don’t spoil it! I won’t get to watch the race until I get home!

      1. sorry no spoilers but there’s 1 more team radio from Kimi that’s hilarious as well πŸ™‚

        1. OK, Kimi is always good for a laugh. Lay it on me.

          1. I cannot. It will be a spoiler.

            1. Drat! I won’t be home for a week!

              1. download it off pirate bay or something

                1. The bandwidth at this hotel is practically dial up. I’ll be home by the time I could watch it.

                  1. Well, best of luck keeping radio silence. Nice to meet another F1 warrior though.

                    1. I’m more of a pathetic addict than a warrior. I have every race since ’93 on tape or burned to disc.

                      DON’T JUDGE ME!

                    2. Awesome!
                      Have you ever visited The F1 Slate? (no spoiler as of now)

                    3. That’s great! One of my frustrations with F1 has always been that meddling asshole Max Mosley. I’d love it of the FIA would just leave the teams the hell alone.

                    4. I hate the podium interviews.
                      Who’s dumbass ideas was that, and why are they not yet fired?

                    5. Yeah, that’s …. disappointing. I like seeing Jackie Ickx again, but those podium interviews are more felatio than interview. Bring back Murray Walker!

                    6. Today was DC and it was…colorful

                    7. I like David, but I still can’t forgive him for taking Schumi out at Spa in… when was that? ’97 or ’98?

                    8. It was indeed 98

                    9. GREAT to see that clip again! Wow, Michael was pissed. Here’s the greatest battle ever. Gilles Villeneuve was amazing.

                    10. Schumachers fault.

                      He didnt leave a safe following distance for the conditions. πŸ™‚

                    11. F1. Really?


                      I do miss Niki Lauda and James “Playboy” Hunt and the JPS colors on Mario’s car. The good auld days…

  30. Downright crazy when you think about it dude.

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