Liberty for All SuperPAC Vows to Create a "Free NC" to Topple Warmongering, Anti-Civil Liberties Republicans


They unfortunately avoid the word "libertarian" for being "loaded." Still, the principals behind what everyone else would call the libertarian-leaning "Liberty for All" SuperPAC, gave a very refreshing interview to Jonathan Karl of ABC News.

From Yahoo! News' print account of the interview, in which Karl stresses the youth of John Ramsey (22) and Preston Bates (23), who run and largely fund the PAC, which has existed for seven months and raised $3 million:

"We're purging the Republican Party of the war-mongering, anti-civil liberties, socially intolerant neo-conservatives," says Ramsey. "We see these people as just as dangerous as the socialists that make up the Democratic Party."

So, what's the PAC's track record? Ramsey and Bates point to the primary election victories for three of the Republican candidates they supported: Tea Party-backed Congressional candidate Thomas Massie in Kentucky, Congressional candidate Kerry Bentivolio in Michigan, and Senate candidate Jeff Flake in Arizona.

They say they are building in contrast to the DNC and RNC a "Free NC" a 50-state strategy to give Ron Paul supporters "something to believe in, something that's real, an institution that wins." They vow to aim their money to help topple a prominent U.S. Republican Senator who they won't name til after the November election, though they strongly hint it might be South Carolina's awful Lindsey Graham, up for re-election in 2014.

They refuse to say it matters much to them whether Barack Obama or Mitt Romney wins the presidential election.

See full video here. I first blogged about Ramsey and the Liberty for All PAC back in May. The story of the Ron Paul movement out of which this project arose told in my book Ron Paul's Revolution: The Man and the Movement He Inspired.