(One) Exit Poll Shows Hugo Chávez Losing [Update: Poll is Wrong. Chávez Wins]


As polls close in a heavy-turnout election in Venezuela, a Spanish pollster is calling the race for challenger Henrique Capriles. 

Here's a report from Spain's ABC

Various bad translations are floating around of the poll by Variance (Venezuelan media were not allowed to conduct exit polls). Here's a cleaned-up one from the Daily Caller: 

The candidate of the Democratic Unity Table (MUD), Henrique Capriles, is leading against Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez in the presidential elections held on Sunday … according to exit polls by consultancy Variance prior to the closing of polling stations. The time set for the closing was 12:30 a.m. Spanish time, however, and because of the long lines in some of them, polls have remained open without a definite closure time.

GloboVision, the one Venezuelan TV network not controlled by Hugo Chávez' United Socialist Party of Venezuela, is offline. 

Update: And that was a whole lot of nothing. Chávez wins. Danny Glover's Toussaint L'Ouverture movie still greenlit.