Gay Marriage

WA Poised To Legalize Pot, Gay Marriage

A little liberty won at the polls


Washington voters appear poised to enact changes in social policy, legalizing same-sex marriage and possession of marijuana,  that will be noticed across the country, according to a new SurveyUSA poll for KING-5 News.

The poll found Referendum 74, which would make Washington the seventh state to enact marriage equality, leading by a 55-40 percent margin with just 6 percent undecided.  No state in America has ever voted for same-sex marriage.  The issue is also on the ballot in Maryland and Maine.

Initiative 502, the marijuana measure, is ahead 57-33 percent with 10 percent undecided.  Its backers including Seattle's former top FBI agent, I-502 would make legal and tax the growing of marijuana in Washington and sale of small amounts of cannabis to adults.