Obama-ites (Mostly) Concede President Lost, But Not That He Got Murdalized (Updated with Van Jones Piece and Chris Matthews Meltdown)


Orange, gold, green, purple, even ecru: Do the candidates know about recent advances in the science of necktie colors?

So the president sent me this email in the middle of the night: 

Friend —

I hope I made you proud out there explaining the vision we share for this country.

Now we need to go win this election—the most important thing that will happen tonight is what you do (or don't do) to help in the little time we have left: 


Thank you,


The donate link shows that Obama's $3 minimum suggested donation has now been inflation-adjusted to $15. Thanks a lot, Bernanke! 

As President Obama's taciturn panhandle indicates, Democrats seem largely to have acknowledged that last night's debate performance was a disaster for the incumbent. To give just one example, Intrade's "Barack Obama to be re-elected President in 2012" probability dropped to 65.4 percent from 79 percent two days ago.

There are a few efforts to paper over the disaster. The Think Progress fella in Reason's post-debate hangout seems to have been watching some other show entirely, while Newsday's exquisitely named Lane Filler says, "It does not seem Romney made any points that will change the spirit of the campaign," on the way to acknowledging that Romney won the debate. Others have been frantically shoring fragments against Obama's ruin. 

A San Francisco Chronicle report card gives Obama mostly C and D grades, while Romney gets As and Bs. But even here the president gets graded on a curve: 

3. Be nice (and respectful) to Mitt 

Obama has been accused of arrogance by his critics. No such behavior was evident in Denver. The two men disagreed often, but they disagreed cheerfully.

Grade: A

It seems to me the president was the one who came across as self-absorbed, and Romney's sympathetic comment about Obama's time-chewing anniversary lamentation was kind of funny. (I was also confused: Is this the wedding anniversary, the engagement anniversary, or something else? It seems like I hear about the president and first lady's special memories several times a month, and like many Americans, I have found it hard to eat and pay my mortgage on a stipend of nothing but Barack-and-Michelle magic.) 

When George H.W. Bush looks down, we have the worst recovery since the Great Depression. When Obama looks down, we add 4.5 million jobs. It's that simple!

Overall, however, the media have reluctantly conceded not only that Obama lost but that Romney won. This is a progress considering that four years back one of my MSM colleagues allowed that "Romney reminds me of Greg Stillson" (the insane presidential candidate targeted for righteous assassination by the hero of Stephen King's novel The Dead Zone). Andrew Sullivan, whose pants-soiling panic is rarely under control in any case, really dials it up with this shriek of horror

Look: you know how much I love the guy, and you know how much of a high information viewer I am, and I can see the logic of some of Obama's meandering, weak, professorial arguments. But this was a disaster for the president for the key people he needs to reach, and his effete, wonkish lectures may have jolted a lot of independents into giving Romney a second look.

Obama looked tired, even bored; he kept looking down; he had no crisp statements of passion or argument; he wasn't there. He was entirely defensive, which may have been the strategy. But it was the wrong strategy. At the wrong moment.

The person with authority on that stage was Romney—offered it by one of the lamest moderators ever, and seized with relish. This was Romney the salesman. And my gut tells me he sold a few voters on a change tonight. It's beyond depressing. But it's true.

I do appreciate Sully's pointing out that, in addition to his clumsy responses, silence-inducing jokes and off-topic talking points, Obama's presentation was terrible. In 1992, George H.W. Bush looked at his watch one time (a perfectly understandable action at a dull public affair), and two decades later this is still considered some kind of gold standard for bad debate body language. Last night Obama barely looked up from his game of Warcraft or whatever he was doing down there, yet today there's hardly any discussion of it. Nor was the chief executive's face-down posture available in any of the image galleries I consulted. I had to go back and screen-capture an image from the video feed. 

Update: Former Green Jobs Czar Van Jones joins the exodus.

"I think he took Romney too lightly. I think he did not expect Romney to throw that kind of heat," Jones said. "Romney was able to 'out-Obama' Obama. On the connection piece, on the authenticity piece, on the being able to tell the story." 

In case you find the "piece" talk strange, this is standard community-hustler speech, in which ruinous projects are separated into "pieces," with eminent domain seizures being the "land-assembly piece," taxpayer money being the "public investment piece," bribes from connected developers being the "private-sector piece," and so on. 

And how could I have forgotten Chris Matthews' who-took-my-strawberries tirade, in which he explains that the president lost because he doesn't watch enough MSNBC and because (unlike most candidates these days?) he didn't have "Bobby Kennedy in the green room." (Rosey Grier is still alive, fortunately.) 

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  1. “Lane Filler”.

    Please tell me the kid’s name is “Pants”.

  2. The Think Progress fella…

    Wait… partisan TEAM hacks will actually be partisan TEAM hacks?
    No fucking way!

    Seriously, I was too busy [doing anything else] to watch TEAM BLED vs. TEAM BERULED.

    1. While watching such a debate would be akin to being tortured, I have to laugh that the Obamatrons actually thought that their messiah would be a super kick ass debater. Maybe his teleprompter wasn’t fast enough. Getting your lunch eaten by ROMNIAC is hilarious enough, but being dismayed by it is even better. The salty ham tears today are going to be amazingly delicious.

      1. I totally agree. Unfortunately, most of the Obamanauts I know are too akin to the “Think Progress fella” to notice.

        1. I think even the deniers had to admit this one.

          Note the lack of Derprider and Tony this morning.

          1. They’re too busy jerking off to their wall-size Obama 2008 posters in an attempt to recall the good old days of HOPE und CHANGE.

            1. Nothing sadder than a tear-soaked masturbation sesh.

          2. Oh, I think we’re going to see a marked lack of Obama fellators for a little while. They’re not going to show their sycophantic little faces when they can be mocked mercilessly for their messiah’s miserable performance. Which also tells you all you need to know about them.

            Bring your salty ham tears to me, TEAM BLUE scum. I grow hungry!

            1. “I hunger, coward!”

              I AM SINISTAR

                1. I put many a quarter into that machine.

        2. The guy a couple cubes down managed to admit Obama lost, but covered it by saying…”but if Todd Akin wins, I’ll be irate, that guy is DANGEROUS!!!”

          All I could do is shake my head and try to keep my mouth shut.

      2. Last time, Obama could skip over specifics and talk about vision for a new America, yadda, yadda, yadda. That shit don’t fly when you’ve been president for nearly a full term. Neither does “Blame Bush! Blame the Republicans!”

  3. Romney’s a shitty public speaker, and he utterly butt-fucked Obama at the debate. If a President this abysmal won’t make the pinkos wake up, nothing will.

    1. just emphasizes how Obama is not at all quick on his feet or with much in depth knowledge of any issue. While Paul can rattle off all sorts of specific facts and figures about economic policies (and he did in his debates) Obama, given all the time in the world, can take it and say absolutely nothing and all of it defensive. His interest in economics is 2 mils deep and miles wide. He has no idea what disasters he has caused but doesn’t really care. Might as well call him black GWB, except his handlers are blue instead of red. Mittens, as squishy as he is, knows something, however little and he showed it up there.

      1. So Hussein I wasn’t even smart enough to go into Political Gamer mode for a fucking Presidential debate and learn a fact or two. What a retard.

        1. it’s not about smarts, it’s about give-a-shit. BHO has never cared about the actual job of POTUS; he simply loves the role and the trimmings that come with it.

          We all know Clinton was a serious wonk, and even Bush was at it bright and early and seemed interested in the job. Obama likes to show up, read to the crowd, accept the media accolades, and go play golf.

          1. And as if his lack of interest weren’t bad enough, he’s also a fucking retard.

            I think the electorate jumped the shark with this asshole’s election.

          2. Yep, that’s exactly how Pres/VP manage to still think of themselves as outsiders; they never really seized the job in the first place. It’s the reason that they legitimately think they can run against Bush and pretend the last four years never happened. Because, for them, they never really did.

            1. Maybe things are different now. But one of the things that really hurt Bush I in 1992 is that he seemed like he really didn’t want to be President anymore. The public tends not to like that. You got to want the job to get it.

              1. Yeah. That’s why Dana Carvey’s “don’t wanna be a one termer” portrayal of him was so cutting. It seemed like that was the only reason he was running.

      2. I almost felt ba…ok, no I didn’t, but BO trying to explain Obamacare was a big train wreck IMO.

        We might need to pass it one more time to see what is in it, for the Prez.

  4. Maybe they’ll invite Johnson now, to take attention away from Obama fucking up.

  5. It turns out “Monday Night Football” isn’t good debate prep.

    1. I did not watch the debate…i have seen maybe 5 min of it on youtube clips.

      That looks to me like a strategy. Obama may not have been on his debate a-game but he is a conscious very talented performer. He had to know what he was doing with his body language.

      Is it possible TEAM Obama got too smart for their britches and wanted to make Romney look like a bully?

  6. tell me if this is wrong: I saw a guy who looked utterly disinterested, a man who is content with having made history, one who enjoys the title and trappings of the job but hates the actual work, and has designs on something seemingly larger. Since there is no such thing as emperor of the world, Obama will settle for being UN chieftain where his brand of governance is readily accepted.

    Consider his past — he spent a short while in the IL Senate, a week and a half in the US version before running for POTUS, and four years hence, he’s learned it’s more work than he wants to do. Tough to hold that spot and squeeze in golf, parties with Jay-Z, and all the rest.

    1. His entire career has been more about advancement than making a meaningful impact on the organizations he leads.

    2. As long as we disembark the UN shit-train, let him. Who gives a shit?

  7. Last night Obama barely looked up from his game of Warcraft or whatever he was doing down there…

    OK, that was laugh worthy.

    1. He was looking at Lehrer, according to people who want to excuse his near complete lack of eye contact with Romney.

      1. BFD if he was; Romney was looking Obama in the eye during the entire debate.

        1. Yeah, that’s the point. People like a man who can look you in the eye while offering criticism.

  8. “Last night Obama barely looked up from his game of Warcraft or whatever he was doing down there, yet today there’s hardly any discussion of it.”

    I noticed that too. I said to others in the room it made Obama look like a chastised child being lectured on his bad report card by a parent.

    1. Also Obama was busy playing Dota, not warcraft.

      1. He was playing one of those Hentain games where you undress the girl and fill the orgasm meter by using various implements.

        That explains the giddy grin.

        1. *Hentai

  9. you know how much of a high information viewer I am,

    I don’t have any idea what a “high information viewer” is, but I’m pretty sure Andrew Sullivan isn’t one.

    1. Your IQ has to be at least in the double digits for that, and I’m pretty sure Sullivan don’t qualify.

    2. He probably meant ” high information-viewer”.

      1. Sharing a joint with his beagle?

        1. I thought officers weren’t supposed to be funny.

          1. We lose our sense of humor at about the fifth time we have to bail the enlisted out of jail.

          2. I was (mostly) National Guard… we have to remain humman to function in the real world 🙂

            1. LTC John,

              That just means they only gave a half lobotomy when you made field grade rather than the full lobotomy they give to regular Army field grades.

              1. One brain cell a month and two lobes in the summer.

  10. Sure, I’ll donate to Barrack. If the campaign would just put a banner ad on Reason, I will be sure to click on it.

  11. RE Sullivan, I have no idea why he was so outraged about this comment:

    I simply cannot believe that Mitt Romney is saying he is more bipartisan than Obama. And Obama never pushes back. He is leaving argument after argument on the table, while he seems to be writing a memo to himself whenever Romney is speaking.

    Well, Sully, because by all accounts, Mitt Romney really is more (ugh) “bipartisan”. He was a Republican in an overwhelmingly Democratic state. How is Mitt Romney NOT more bipartisan? Can anyone name one time where the President “crossed the aisle”?

    1. Because Sullivan is completely delusional and lives in a different reality. Being too bipartisan is why conservatives and libertarians have never trusted Romney. It is the one thing Romney can say about himself with absolute authority.

    2. While I’m not fan of bipartisanship as a rule, it usually being a combination blow for big government, I agree with this. One of the really stunning surprises for me was how confrontational Obama has been with the Republicans after all that Hope and Change and Why Can’t We All Get Along? talk.

      To me and probably to most of us here, Romney’s superior credentials in bridging the gap aren’t an asset, but I think the country at large does consider them to be important.

      1. I concur entirely. Bipartisan is a qualified “bad” in my mind, but good in the mind of the public, and by any objective measure, Romney is was more bipartisan than the President.

        1. I think the public signs off on it because with the competing interests that make up a two-party system, there is no other way to get shit done. And much of the public prefers shit getting done to gridlock because the majority does not see gridlock as a mechanism for blocking govt intrusion.

          Of course, it means neither side gets all of what it wants, at least not all at once. And politics has unfortunately turned into winner take all rather than a standard negotiation.

      2. Being President is not being majority whip in the House. Part of the job is being able to work with the other side and pick off more centrist members and co-opt the more radical ones. You are President of the entire country. Even if you are right, you can’t just tell the 45% or so people who voted against you to go fuck themselves. And you can’t tell members of Congress who won elections themselves “I won”. Obama has never gotten that. And that is the biggest reason why he has been such a failure as President.

        1. I especially love the progtard comments about (in reaction to Romney’s 47% sex-tape scandal) “durr hurr we need a president for the entire country”. Haha, no one with two brain cells believes that Obama is that sort of president, you assholes.

        2. You are President of the entire country. Even if you are right, you can’t just tell the 45% or so people who voted against you to go fuck themselves.

          Well, you can. It’s just exhausting. See Obamacare.

      3. while folks here may not see bipartisanship as an asset, much of life is based on negotiation. If both sides, or just one, are intransigent, nothing gets done. It applies to business as well as govt. Of course, in business there is usually agreement about the end game, while politics seems more based on who can claim “victory.”

        1. Then again, if a libertarian president every sneaks into office, I expect lots of unilateralism.

        2. nothing gets done

          You say that like it is a bad thing.

      4. Governors, as a rule, have to be able to cross party lines to get things done. States can’t print money, so you have to get SOME kind of budget passed every session. I think Romney probably did more of this than most Southern governors who have been part of a Red tide, not a lone elephant in a sea of asses. Whether this makes me feel more or less good about what will happen if he is elected, I would agree that he is almost certainly going to be less partisan in the way he governs. Obama looks bad even compared to the Bush/DeLay years.

        1. “a lone elephant in a sea of asses”

          Day-um, the HampersandR commentariat is bringing the comedy today. I haven’t laughed this much in the morning in a while!

    3. In Sullivan’s defense, his quest to see Palin’s vagina has been quite time consuming since she keeps it so well defended, and he hasn’t had much free time to pay attention to current events…

      1. That women really did drive that poor man insane. Maybe she really is a witch.

        1. That women really did drive that poor man insane. Maybe she really is a witch.

          Typical Republican being horribly misogynistic! She didn’t ask for his creepy obsession over her, you victim-blamer. 😉

          1. Why do you hate confused scared gay men Tarran? Don’t you understand how terrifying the site of an attractive powerful woman is to someone like Sullivan?

            1. ROFL….

              I can’t explain why I feel this way, but that is the funniest thing I have read this morning.

              I concede the field to you, sir; I can’t top it.

        2. Sadly, if Sullivan had just admitted that he found her attractive, but still wished to remain gay, he wouldn’t be completely batshit crazy.

          1. I am not gay…I don’t find Palin attractive.

            I think it is those women’s business suits she wears that turn me off.

    4. It’s the same kind of blindness that causes people to be unable to see that the economy sucks.

  12. Anything that makes Sully cry can only be a good thing.

    1. I am a lousy Christian for agreeing with that.

      /leaves to go join flagellant order of monks

      1. I, for one, am unencumbered by such constraints…

  13. I honestly didn’t think it was possible for Obama to do so poorly even Andrew Sullivan and Chris Mathews couldn’t defend him. That is just remarkable.

    Has anyone seen the Mathews post debate meltdown last night? It was high comedy. I think we are starting to see the first couple of stages of grief in the major media. They are starting to think that maybe Obama won’t win.

    1. Saw it on the youtube. High comedy.

      Chris Matthews losing his shit.

      He also advises Obama to watch more MSNBC. That will appeal to the middle of the road sheeple. The MSNBC candidate.

      1. They have virtually identical marketing materials:

        MSNBC “Lean Forward”
        Obama: “Forward”

        And of course, we the people with half a brain cell and an income high enough to pay taxes know what “forward” really means:

        “Bend over”

  14. New DNC ad showing how Romney won by being mean:


    1. We’re in a rather dire situation as a country, economically speaking. Maybe we need someone who can make cold decisions and tell people their performance is not up to the expectation.

    2. Wow, the Excuse Machine never stops running.

    3. Man are Democrats fucking stupid. I haven’t watched the debate, but if this way Mitten acted, I’m for that. Maybe I’m weird but I want an engaged take-charge sort of person that is going to be responsible for making some very serious decisions in the next 4 years.

      So thanks Democrats, you fucking retards, for giving me a reason to think about voting for Mittens.

    4. I want the leader of my country to be a cold SOB. Politics ain’t checkers. I don’t give a shit about how he makes people feel. I just want a stable government not set upon fucking me at every turn.

  15. Obama-ites (Mostly) Concede President Lost, But Not That He Got Murdalized

    While the debate over at CNN and MSNBC this morning was about the poor performance of Obama and… how come it was so poor, over at Headline News, the ugly blond who does the financial news was “fact checking” Romney’s tax plan… As if Obama’s was all that hot and as if that could compensate for his aloofness.

    1. I missed the news this morning. Did anyone fact check Obama?

      1. Re: John,

        Did anyone fact check Obama?

        If they felt there wasn’t any point in doing it, then that tells you just how bad was his performance even for the likes of Soledad and Mika.

      2. One would need to use facts to get to that point.

      3. As Official Arbiter of All that is Factual, Barack Obama was consulted and signed off on all statements of fact by Barack Obama.

  16. It seems like I hear about the president and first lady’s special memories several times a month, and like many Americans, I have found it hard to eat and pay my mortgage on a stipend of nothing but Barack-and-Michelle magic.

    But… you’re supposed to, you heathen!

  17. What is the bitch about the moderator? What different was Leher supposed to do? It looked to me like he got out of the way and let them talk. Isn’t that what a moderator is supposed to do?

    1. He was supposed to turn off Romney’s microphone the moment Romney ran over his allotted time, and forget to do the same when the President (PBUH) was gracing us with his pearls of wisdom.

    2. Au contraire! A moderator is supposed to ‘moderate’ the discussion, making sure that only the authorized viewpoints are expressed and to steer the discussion toward the strengths of the pre-chosen winner.

      Didn’t you know that?

      1. You really have to believe that to think that Leher did a bad job.

        1. No, you just have to believe that the moderator is supposed to keep the discussion on track, to keep it to the issues and the times allotted. And he sucked at that big time.

    3. The Obamatrons have pegged their hopes and intellect on a retard who got PWN’D last night. They will blame anything, even the moderator, as long as they don’t have to actually reflect on how stupid they’ve been. Get ready, dude, this is just starting. If ROMNIAC destroys the big O in another debate this is going to get funny beyond belief, and possibly also surreal.

      1. The thing is that these idiots really believe they are smarter than everyone else and should be in charge.

        “What if we are wrong?” never enters their heads!

        It’s a lite version of the fucking North Korean cult of personality where the dear leader is perfect and incapable of error.

        1. That particular delusion is truly the thing that could break them. They really do think they’re super smart, which is abjectly laughable on the face of it. But if Obama is their avatar, and gets crushed in debates, they are going to have a brutal reckoning coming.

          I can’t wait. ROMNIAC might do one good thing in all this, which is snap TEAM BLUE’s sanity once and for all. This could be fun!

          1. In many ways this hurts them worse than losing the election. They could blame losing the election on there being so many ignorant rednecks in the country. If anything losing confirms their smugness. But losing a debate? Having someone from out side the cult looks smarter than their hero? That is too much. Just too much to contemplate.

          2. It won’t.

            Let’s say Romney wins (and I am more sanguine about his chances with each passing day).

            He will make some changes (I have a feeling Harry Reid will start sending budgets to the floor for a vote again). At best, as John observed yesterday, they will amount to reducing the force with which the boot is being pushed into the neck of the economy.

            So things will continue to sputter along badly, and all the Obamatrons will say “see, our guy would have done a better job”. They are seriously that deluded.

            1. Or if Romney does a good job, they will tell themselves that things were about to turn around and Obama was robbed of the credit. In the same way Bush is to blame for every failing of the last four years, Obama will get the credit for anything good that happens under a Romney administration.

          3. Obama fans remind me of a group of folks I used to hang out with in college. All easily the brightest students at the university, but all socially inept to varying degrees, they hatched many ideas for how Things Ought To Be but never considered that there are people out there who are capable of making their own decisions and don’t need your hyper-IQ Council of Smart to run their lives. Some of them grew out of that phase. The rest are polluting Facebook with their Progressive Obama cult spew.

            1. They made this into a The Simpsons episode, of course.

              1. Carl: Let’s make litter out of these literati!

                Lenny: That’s too clever, you’re one of THEM!

          4. This. I was watching last night and hating both of those statist fuckwads, and then slowly came to the realization that Romney was cruising, and that we’d have liberal tears for tea today. That (plus a couple of drinks) was enough to overcome the underlying nausea.

            1. Don’t be surprised if a sudden “crisis” forces Obama, against his will of course, to skip the next debate so he can put a firm hand on the rudder of state.

              1. Sort of like how “the weather” “forced” him to move his speech into a venue 1/3 the size of the original.

                1. Yes, but instead of “the weather,” this time it’s “bombing Iran,” or some such.

        2. “The 9000 series is the most reliable computer ever made. No 9000 computer has ever made a mistake or distorted information. We are all, by any practical definition of the words, foolproof and incapable of error.”

          Will BHO start singing “Daisy” at the next debate?

          1. Why don’t you take a stress pill and think about things a little bit Mitt.

      2. If Romney wins, I honestly cannot imagine what the MSNBC set is going to be like on election night. I think Matthews and Shultz might have some kind of a Howard Beal like breakdown. I am not kidding. Mathews looked like he was about to cry last night and that was over a lost debate a month out from the election.

        1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The salty progressive tears would almost (but not quite) be worth cheering a Romney victory.

        2. Aqua Buddha willing, they’ll be put on suicide watch; Then Krystal Ball and S.E. Cupp will be given their time slots and my sinister plot to turn MSNBC into Sexy-Politics-Time will come one step closer to fruition.

          1. With all the Obama knob-slobbery I thought MSNBC was pretty much porn already.

            1. Yeah, but it’s not the good kind. It’s the poorly made kind that pisses you off instead.

              1. It’s the kind that cuts to the dude’s face all the time.

      3. I saw that weird Axelrod ferret thing on TV. His only spin was “Romeny was a lair and and big meanie.”

        Too bad seppuku never caught on in America.

        1. “Too bad seppuku never caught on in America.”

          Nice – that was the biggest laugh provoker of the morning so far!

        2. Are you saying Vince Foster is the only honorable politico of our time?

          1. The demands of the bushi are not meant to be easy.

          2. Don’t forget Budd Dwyer.

        3. I don’t know about seppuku, but I get the feeling that if Obama loses, the entire MSNBC crew is moving to Guyana.

      4. But does Romney start pulling away and does the media cover their bases?

        Or do we get more D+27 sample polls to make it look tight?

        1. They will lie until the end probably. If it gets really bad, which I doubt. The media will turn on Obama like wolves because they will want to be able to go after Romney and be able to claim they are not being harder on him than they were Obama and liberals will blame Obama for all of their troubles because the ideology is NEVER WRONG.

          1. If the 2nd debate looks like this, expect the full Julius Caesar treatment for Obama by the Press. Once they can’t save him, they have to be the ones who end him.

            1. Tell Barrack I always liked him. It wasn’t personal, just business.

            2. They’ve kind of BEEN doing the whole Julius Caesar thing.

              Thing with Caesar… before the Senate up and stabbed him, it mostly burried him with adulations. The more sycophantic they all acted, the more tyrannous Caesar looked. I’ve often wondered if that thought has ever occured to Obama or his flunkies, when he’s recieving peace prizes and transparency awards.

              Caesar was smart enough to know that when Anthony was offering a crown to him, they were trying to get him killed.

          2. We kill the Corn King when the crops fail.

        2. Actually, I saw over at PJ media that apparently the pollsters are starting to pull back their ridiculous D+ numbers.

          So as to avoid looking like complete fools on election day.

          Doing so will create (the illusion of?) momentum for Romney, which can’t help Obama.

          The Dems are also doing weird things with their ad money; pulling it out of supposedly competitive races, sending it to supposedly in-the-bag states. I’d kill (seriously, I would) to know what their internal no-fooling data looks like.

    4. It looked to me like he got out of the way and let them talk. Isn’t that what a moderator is supposed to do?

      Yep, I thought he did the best job of any moderator in a pres debate that i’ve ever seen.

      I really hate the panel of journalists format that they’ve had in the past.

  18. In 1992, George H.W. Bush looked at his watch one time (a perfectly understandable action at a dull public affair), and two decades later this is still considered some kind of gold standard for bad debate body language.

    As it should be. Your dull public affair was a job interview to me. If GHWB has something more important to do, then I will hire someone else more interested.

    1. I’ve checked my watch in many a job interview… I used the time left in the hour to gauge how in depth my answers were going to be.

      There were many things to criticize Bush the elder over. This was hands-down the stupidest.

      1. I’ve done some interviews in my time. Hiring attorneys and legal staff. If you had checked your watch during one of my interviews, I would have stopped the interview and asked to leave. And if you are such a fucking blowhard that you need to check your watch to make sure you weren’t taking too much time, your’re probably a self-important douchebag which would have given me two reasons not to hire you.

        1. I’ve interviewed a bunch of people too. The watch check is not an automatic strike; to me is speaks of someone who respects a schedule and can possibly get meetings concluded on time. Other body language figures in; if they’re obviously bored or tired by other indicators, a watch check might be bad. No one piece of body language can be considered independently IMO.

        2. And if you are such a fucking blowhard that you need to check your watch to make sure you weren’t taking too much time, your’re probably a self-important douchebag which would have given me two reasons not to hire you.

          And if you’re so insecure that you misinterpret a person’s attempts to be courteous as being a sign of disrespect, I really don’t want to work for you, since your self-important douchebaggery would almost guarantee a horrible culture that makes bad business decisions.

          You throwing me out of the interview would be doing me a courtesy. 🙂

          1. I’m with tarran on this. I don’t want to work for a company that lets dicks make their hiring decisions.

            1. Ouch. OK. Fair enough. I got pwnd. I have a sad face. But still, I stand behind the idea that a debate is a job interview and if your looking around like, “man these debates are a drag,” then I am not going to vote for you.

              1. It’s ok, Tmgb. I wouldn’t let me make hiring decision, either.

            2. This is also why, if you’re on a interview/lunch, you always salt your food before tasting it, just to make sure you’re not being hired by some asshole who’d disqualify an applicant because of something they read in a book on conducting interviews.

          2. No kidding. Checking a watch could mean a lot of things, most of them either neutral or good.

            I can’t imagine it making any difference to me. Of course, when I’m hiring, my interviews typically last half an hour; anything longer than that is a complete waste of time. I think about 99% of the value of the interview is in the first minutes, anyway; its mostly a subconscious compatibility check.

            1. Wait. So if you are reading or explaining an applicant a not so short question, and she is eyeballing at her watch instead of looking at your eyes or at least your general direction, that’s a “neutral?” at worst? Bullshit. Please. Look I know you guys shit in 6 minutes increments so you can bill properly and shit but c’mon, there got to be a fucking point where you think, “hey, maybe this guy doens’t want to be here.”

    2. Aren’t there legitimate reasons to be concerned about time? There is a limited amount of time to cover a certain number of topics, and often a limited time budget for each candidate’s answer. If it was to judge whether to nudge the moderators to move things along, it’s fairly defensible.

      1. I check my watch all the time because I have many time-related OCD habits.

      2. When I’m checking my watch, it’s to tell me how much time I have until the bomb goes off. That seems like a pretty good reason to me.

  19. The donate link shows that Obama’s $3 minimum suggested donation has now been inflation-adjusted to $15. Thanks a lot, Bernanke!


  20. Where are Shrike, Urine and Tony hiding? Or is this truly a troll-free Thursday?

    1. Are they in mourning? Damn was last night bad for Obama.

      1. I didn’t watch the debate last night. Instead I watched ‘The Hustler’ with Paul Newman and George C. Scott. I still wonder how Jackie Gleason even got any billing for his minor role.

        Anyway – was happy this morning to see that Obama was brought down a peg.

        1. Because he was Gleason and dominated any film he was in. There are no small parts, just small actors. Gleason was a living embodiment of that.

          As you have probably heard, he was a wicked pool player who did all of his own shots in that movie.

          1. I guess I was expecting more from him… ah well, not a bad flick.

        2. Instead I watched ‘The Hustler’ with Paul Newman and George C. Scott.

          Funny, at several points during the debate I hollered at the screen: “You owe me MONEY!”

          1. Be honest Tim, if at some point during the debate Mitt had looked at Obama and said

            You’re a born loser Sure, you inherited a recession. That’s the best excuse in the world for losing. No trouble losing when you got a good excuse. And winning! That can be heavy on your back too. Like a monkey. You drop that load too when you got an excuse. All you gotta do is learn to feel sorry for yourself. It’s one of the best indoor sports: feeling sorry for yourself — a sport enjoyed by all, especially the born losers.

            You would be voting for Mitt today.

            1. Or…. he’d be voting for Gary Johnson, instead of an echo of Obama. Really now, you expect the guy who’s financial policies are almost identical to the incumbent’s to try something that works?

            2. He would be hearing it for two days straight from joe for even mentioning ‘Obama’ and ‘monkey’ in the same paragraph.

    2. shrike’s here admitting that Romney won. He likes centrist Repubs, so he’s stoked.

  21. Michael Moore tweeted this brilliant excuse for Obama’s performance:

    “For the past 2 days, the Right has been pounding their “Obama is an angry black man video.” Did this affect O, that he had to appear timid?”

    1. You know, if you’re concerned about the American people thinking you’re an angry black man, you probably shouldn’t implicitly call the entire Federal Government racist.

      Just saying.

    2. Careful Mikey, a big, fat guy like you grasping at such a slender and brittle straw could lead to an injurious plunge.

    3. Why I am not surprised that Michael Moore has never heard of attitudes aside from “timid” and “bitter and angry”, like “confident”, or “assertive”?

  22. To settle the confusion. Barry woke up 20 years ago yesterday wanting action. As a community organizer, he knew that if could get the commitment he needed, he could get things arranged instantaneously. He asked Michelle to marry him at 10am, having received permission from her Dad at 9am, and having played 45 minutes of basketball with her brother from 9:10am to 9:55am. The notified everyone via their telephone tree by 11:30am, and gathered for a rehearsal lunch at 11:45am. Michelle picked out her gown at 1pm, and Barry had his tux rented and fitted by 1:15pm. Reverend Jeremiah White pronounced them man and wife at 3pm. The gracious hosts served everyone leafy greens grown in Michelle’s garden, while the Barry’s men shared some less leafy green stuff in an elevator. After thanking their guests, Barry and Michelle drove off to a Super 8, and he was banging her before the 10 o’clock news.

    1. I don’t know exactly what that is, but it’s awesome.

  23. Okay–I didn’t see the debate last night because I didn’t want my blood pressure to go through the roof. But from all accounts, Obama got completely alpha’ed by Mittens last night.

    I pointed out that Romney’s one shot to take this thing was in the debates, because the one way to throw Obama off his game is to treat him like a bitch. The man is completely unaccustomed to being worshipped because he and his handlers have surrounded him with sycophants his entire life, and last night he folded.

    We’ll have to see if President Not My Fault really wants this job the next four years and does his homework for the next debate. If Mittens wipes the floor with him again, Michelle’s going to have a significantly smaller entourage come January.

    1. That should have said, “completely unaccustomed to NOT being worshipped.”

    2. In a few months Beyonce is going to be overheard saying, ‘1.4 billion? Jay-Z, we need to lose them. We can’t afford that bitch.’

  24. By the way, I watched a small interview of Gary Johnson in FBN by David Asman while the satellite link with Cavuto was down – I mean, David confessed that much! Gee, thanks Fox!

    Anyway, Gary was really good. he dminished both Romney and Obama for their lack of specifics but especially Romney for his threat to castigate China every time “they cheat.” Gary was asking: Why not let free markets rule?

    1. “He admonished both Romney and Obama…”

      Wow, my fingers are really fat this morning…

    2. I’m pretty sure the “China cheating” thing is just part of a triangulation strategy.

  25. Matthews- “This is some pretty shit! Game over man, game over!”

    1. Its okay. Obama won among the radio listeners and they still have Joe Biden to bail them out in the VP debate.

      1. Are they really going to let Joe Biden debate?

        1. Oh, yes. He’s busy inventing new anecdotes as we speak!

      2. Wait. Who’s they guy getting hit with Obama?

        1. Lehrer?

  26. Friend —

    I’m not your friend, Pal!

  27. Evidently, Rush has been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. I don’t care one way or another, but as a huge fan, I think they deserve recognition, but don’t think HoF means much.

    1. HOF means nothing. The Bee Gees, the fucking Bee Gees are in the HOF. The only good think about the Bee Gees is that most of them are dead.

    2. Madonna is in the “Rock and Roll” Hall of Fame. I think that tells you everything you need to know about it.

    3. I wonder if this will mean they will finally start letting in prog rock bands not named Pink Floyd or if this is a one time thing to get Rush’s fans to shut up.

      1. Didn’t Genesis sneak in? Presumably that was on the strength of “Invisible Touch” though. Not many prog rock bands that can match that.

        1. I believe they did. But I doubt it was for the work they did with Peter Gabriel.

          1. That’s what I was implying with my incredibly subtle remark, yes…

    4. I see they also nominated those monsters of rock Public Enemy and NWA. Nothing against them, but WTF?

      1. Yeah that’s a WTF for me too. Not to take anything away from NWA but they are not rock and roll.

        1. Rock’n’roll = Music that Sold. NWA certainly did that. It also launched one of the greatest producers in music that sold. The downside was it also launched the acting career of Ice Cube.

  28. lol at Chris Matthews. Hey, who knows more about winning over the independent voter than America’s least watched cable news network.

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