Election 2012

Jon Stewart Points Out a Direct Relationship

Between days till election and Romney's intelligence


On last night's Daily Show, Jon Stewart declared that Barack Obama is "the luckiest dude on the planet." A tour of Romney's cringe-inducing recent gaffes explains why. 

In a 60 minutes interview Sunday, a sweaty Romney is asked what he would do for the millions of Americans who don't have health care. "We do give care for people who don't have insurance. We pick them up in an ambulance. We take them to the hospital." Presumably in an Ayn Rand wonderland they'd just die on the street? Stewart then pulls up a few telling clips, including one from 2007 in which Romney calls ER care for the uninsured socialism in its purest form. Stewart also points out that the economic plan Mitt unveiled to rich potential donors in the secret video seems to be inspired by "The Secret," a self help book. Is Romney getting dumber as the election approaches, Stewart wonders?