Instapundit Talks With Green Party Prez Candidate Jill Stein; Bonus: His Q&A with LP's Gary Johnson


In USA Today, Glenn Reynolds, the Instapundit, introduces Jill Stein, the Green Party candidate for president, who will be on the ballot in all or nearly all states in November. Stein's a medical doctor and much of her platform is what you'd expect from a left-leaning Green Party candidate: She wants to extend Medicare to all (the country, it seems, isn't going broke fast enough) and wants to make college free to all (ditto on the going broke stuff).

But Reynolds discussing some interesting aspects of her candidacy too. For instance, she'd force able-bodied unemployed to work for relief: "If you don't have work, you'd go to an employment office, not an unemployment office, and you'd get a job, not sit home, depressed, with a check."

She'd also repeal The Patriot Act and "she'd downsize the military to below its 2000 funding levels and avoid 'hypermilitarism,' from which, she says, 'we are getting a lot of blowback right now.'"

Read more about Stein and the Green Party here.

In the USA Today piece, Reynolds notes that there is virtually zero press interest in Stein and the Greens this time around, even though it was just a dozen years ago that Ralph Nader's run helped create the tightest presidential outcome in history. Stein says that "Americans are chomping at the bit for more choices. Don't they deserve more choices?"

And in that spirit, here's Reynolds' interview with LP nominee Gary Johnson, back when he was running for the top slot as a Republican (original air date, October 7, 2011):