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Republicans Seek More Scalps from "Fast and Furious" Probe

Issa wants all 14 critiqued in report gone


Republican lawmakers want more heads to roll over Operation Fast and Furious after a report faulted multiple agencies for letting the failed anti-gunrunning probe get out of hand—as they cited a key section that appeared to contradict testimony by Attorney General Eric Holder. 

One Justice Department official has resigned and another has retired in the wake of the inspector general report. Another 14 officials were forwarded for possible disciplinary action. 

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, said at a hearing Thursday where Inspector General Michael Horowitz testified that "all 14" should leave the department. 

Other lawmakers suggested senior officials—particularly criminal division chief Lanny Breuer—should at least face discipline. Further, they hammered the point that the IG report appeared to contradict Holder's testimony earlier this year in which he said wiretap applications did not reveal that gunwalking tactics were being used. 

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4 responses to “Republicans Seek More Scalps from "Fast and Furious" Probe

  1. Resign? These malignant fucks should be rotting in a dark cell, or preparing to ride the lightning. What a fucking joke.

    Fuck this shit. Until Eric Holder is serving life without parole or executed, this won’t have been taken seriously enough.

  2. Did anyone actually expect a high-ranking administration official to get punished? Please.

  3. “More scalps”? Maybe they could get Elizabeth Warren to help with that.

  4. So retirement is supposed to be like punishment? As taxpayers, we get to pay for his fat pension and health care benefits for him and his family forever. And he doesn’t have to show up for work anymore. That sounds tragic.

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