Does the Anti-Mohammed Film Exist? Does the Producer Exist?


In a gentler world the man on the right would be playing Jesus and the ambassador to Libya would still be alive.

Apparently I'm not the only one who finds the film Innocence of Muslims a little too bad to be true. It's unclear that the film — which was the cover for apparently coordinated attacks on the U.S. embassies in Egypt and Libya that left four peope dead, including Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens — even exists. The film's alleged maker may also be an invention. 

At The Atlantic, Jeffrey Goldberg looks for the real "Sam Bacile" and finds bupkes. He does, however, get an interview with Steve Klein, a Riverside, California, insurance salesman and consultant on the purported film:

Klein told me that Bacile, the producer of the film, is not Israeli, and most likely not Jewish, as has been reported, and that the name is, in fact, a pseudonym. He said he did not know "Bacile"'s real name. He said Bacile contacted him because he leads anti-Islam protests outside of mosques and schools, and because, he said, he is a Vietnam veteran and an expert on uncovering al Qaeda cells in California. "After 9/11 I went out to look for terror cells in California and found them, piece of cake. Sam found out about me. The Middle East Christian and Jewish communities trust me."

He said the man who identified himself as Bacile asked him to help make the anti-Muhammad film. When I asked him to describe Bacile, he said: "I don't know that much about him. I met him, I spoke to him for an hour. He's not Israeli, no. I can tell you this for sure, the State of Israel is not involved, Terry Jones (the radical Christian Quran-burning pastor) is not involved. His name is a pseudonym. All these Middle Eastern folks I work with have pseudonyms. I doubt he's Jewish. I would suspect this is a disinformation campaign."

At, Sarah Posner notes discrepancies in the reporting of Bacile's age and background, as well as conflicting stories of the movie's provenance:

But before the July 2012 upload of the film trailer to YouTube, under the user name Sam Bacile, you'd be hard pressed to find evidence of the existence a California real estate developer online. What's more, if whoever made the film actually spent $5 million on it, the expenditure hardly shows in the content, acting, or production values. Amateurish doesn't even begin to describe the 13-minute trailer on YouTube.

Something notable about the production value is that it doesn't just appear amateurish but suggests the trailer is a collection of scenes cobbled together from different sources. Some of the ADR clearly changes the dialogue rather than just looping it. At one point a character writes "BT" twice as an abbreviation for "Islamic terrorist." The obvious green screen is actually the least jarring thing about the trailer, because it at least suggests a straightup religious satire made at a level of production comparable to, say, an episode of Kingsley's Meadow. My first impression of the trailer was that it was a Rickroll by somebody who noticed that "anti-Muslim film" was trending. The lack of any opening information, title, credits, or indication that there even is a complete film is not helping me walk back that impression.

It's bad enough that people think this is worth committing murder over. For me the real outrage is that in two days Innocence of Muslims has gotten a million times more publicity than Home Run Showdown will get until the end of time. But both of these injustices will be more infuriating if the film doesn't even exist.

Update: Buzzfeed also speculates that the film doesn't exist and puts together a highlight reel of the stuff I described above. CNN has some details on a possible U.S. response

Update 2: Gawker's Adrian Chen tracks down a cast member who says big chunks of dialogue were overdubbed. (For example, the script apparently reads "Master George" whenever "Mohammed" is dubbed.) There's also a statement from the "entire cast and crew" that reads, "The entire cast and crew are extremely upset and feel taken advantage of by the producer. We are 100% not behind this film and were grossly misled about its intent and purpose. We are shocked by the drastic re-writes of the script and lies that were told to all involved. We are deeply saddened by the tragedies that have occurred."

NEXT: Sebelius Politicked on Public Time

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  1. Those guys looked stoned.

    1. Ed Wood’s Plan 9 From Allah. It’s so bad that it’s good (except that people got killed, of course).


    Matthew Lillard? How hip and ironic!

    1. I know nothing of, Matthew Lillard, but Dean Cain is the ultimate badass.

      1. Probably should have added a /sarc to that comment…

  3. Well Cavanaugh, let this be a lesson for future screenwriting projects: troll, troll and, when you think you can’t troll anymore, troll some more. Piss off the right people, and it will be a mega hit.

    1. Just one scene of kids shoving their bats up Mohammad’s ass, and it could have been a whole different story.

  4. We won’t know until right-wing know-all Steven Colbert tells us.

    1. Don’t wait standing up.

  5. I knew Sam Bacile. Sam Bacile was a friend of mine.

    And, son, you’re no Sam Bacile.

  6. If you are not going to provide a link to the film at least give us one to Home Run Showdown.

    You are managing editor. Make that happen.

  7. How the fuck did enough people in countries half way around the world hear and get upset about a movie that no one can find? This smells fishy.

    1. Your mom smells fishy.

      1. So true, dude, but but it’s because of what you put inside her. She says you desperately need a bath and to change your diet.

        1. His little fireman only smells like that because he was inside my mom the night before.

          1. My mom is a bigger whore than your mom!

            1. I have you know they call my mom the Dragon Lady due to the leathery skin on a bone mass whose depletion looks reptilian. Geriatric fetishes around the world adore her/

              1. Dude, when I said my mom was the bigger whore, that didn’t just apply to her whoring.

    2. The “protestors” had grenade launchers and attacked in coordinated waves…oh yeah and it happened on 9/11.

      The Libya attack has nothing to do with the film.

      Most likely it was a convenient smoke screen.

    3. The Islamic world is filled with unemployed fanatics who traffic in rumors and conspiracy theories and aren’t allowed to get laid or drunk. No wonder they can get ticked off about nothing on a moment’s notice.

  8. an expert on uncovering al Qaeda cells in California





    He later explained, “I’m not licensed to operate elsewhere”

    1. “I’m completely insane, which makes finding terrorists really easy.”

  9. If it’s a “hoax”, in the sense of being a trailer for a non-existent film, the question remains: Who made it and why? Was it simply the work of pranksters? Or of someone trying to arouse interest in their work for funding purposes? Or is a Conspiracy! plausible — Intelligence operatives from Russia or China, or an Islamist/terrorist group like al Qaeda make a trailer (with the unwitting help of guys like Klein) to stir up trouble in the region, or to provide a pretext for trouble they’re actively working to stir up.

    1. You forgot the CIA, duh.

      1. They’re too busy with network and cable news outlets.

    2. “If it’s a “hoax”, in the sense of being a trailer for a non-existent film, the question remains: Who made it and why?”

      How many million clips on YouTube elicit this same question?

      1. I thought “pranksters” or “someone trying to arouse interest in their work for funding purposes” covered them, but I guess we could add “efforts at artistic expression akin to sculpturing with one’s own feces”.

        1. Except that sculpting with one’s own feces makes you a shoe-in for a fat NEA grant.

  10. I for one welcome our idiot religious fruitcakes.

    Are muslims simply more gullibly reactionary than most superstitious fools, or simply more violent, or both? Given that this site attracts the connoisseurs of their fellow citizens’ gawd-addled stupidities, I would like to ask if the crowd also finds gross differences in divinely-inspired irrationalities. The difference in their propensities to violence between christians and muslims appears to be more than a subtle nuance.

    1. Yup. When one politician described American Christians as ‘bitter clingers’ I did not see any official condemnations of ‘While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others’ as no one expected any violence to come from it.

      1. He was denouncing *Hilary voters.*

        1. Okay, so the irony here is so many orders of recursion deep it would be impossible for even the most modern Lisp based interpreter to parse through the necessary ellipses.

    2. Obviously there are gross differences. Christianity outgrew most of its violent propensities ages ago, and it’s inherently more of a peace and love, live and let live thing than Islam. Islam is newer, rawer, a more explicit means of top-down social control, far more conformist and intolerant of dissent, and on and on….

  11. They spent the money on the Donkey.
    A specially trained donkey from south of the border, if you know what I mean.

    1. Woman + Donkey = BT

      BT – Donkey = Woman

    2. I don’t recall the Donkey ever moving.

  12. OK, so here’s the timeline:

    Pseudonymous accented dude splices together a bunch of poorly acted scenes – early 2012
    Somebody uploads this nonsense – July 2012
    …nothing happens – August 2012
    The US Ambassador to Libya is murdered – September 11, 2012

    How can anyone look at this and say those are connected?

    1. Yeah it is a smoke screen.

      My guess is at any given time you can find at least a dozen criticisms of Islam on youtube.

      This one was picked because it was probably the most recent.

      Weather it was picked by the Islamists, our state department or the incompetence of our own media is in question….but my guess is the Islamist’s chose it and the media and state department are eating it up.

    2. Yeah, it’s definitely a little suspicious to say the least.

    3. Click on the statistics of the you tube film.

      It had virtually no views until after attacks.

      One would think a video that caused attacks in Egypt and Libya it would have been viewed by more then a handful of people.

  13. Yes, Tim, if this film got an ambassador killed you think you?re getting a scoop because the guy is hard to find?

    Can we have a Reason article about the right to criticize Mohammed, and perhaps some criticism, and your name and address with it?

    1. Islam got the ambassador killed. Are you assholes really seriously playing the victim card?

      1. ??? Unless I’m misreading him, I’m pretty sure he was calling (possibly tongue-in-cheek) for Tim to criticize Mohammed, and I think the punchline is that Tim would then be a wanted man. I really don’t see how his post is playing any victim card.

        BTW, religions don’t kill people any more than guns do

        1. Clarify: The mindset of Islam got the ambassador killed.

          But, I likely misread the sarcasm aimed at Reason. In the context of previous actions of the staff in years past it does look like sarcasm. In the context of just what TC wrote above it looks like, ‘put up your dukes, infidel!’

          1. I just really have a problem when people blame outside forces for an individual’s actions. Whether it’s video games, guns, movies, Christianity, the mindset of Islam, or whatever. That entire city is Muslim and that entire city didn’t raid the compound. Those individuals did. Somehow, the mindset of Islam didn’t cause everyone else to do it, but it did cause them? While we can discuss motivations, I think the blame/cause should always be put on the individuals responsible. BTW, as more evidence comes in, it seems very possible, if not probable, that this was a planned terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11, using the movie as cover to blame it on a riot

            1. That entire city is Muslim and that entire city didn’t raid the compound.

              A society could not function if everyone in that society acted to a heightened, excitable degree to the basest of ideas incubated by that society. There is a point where the feedback of sociological needs will not allow that to happen under most circumstances. But lets not kid ourselves. Islam has destructive, vile beliefs at its very core about forcing everyone to submit to the tenants of the creed in order to achieve the ‘Peace of Islam.’ The entire region would be better off if they mass converted to atheism and converted the Koran to toilet paper. I’d say Christianity or Buddhism would be acceptable alternatives, but these people have a tendency to take everything too far. Only the most apathy inducing atheism would allow them to rise above the existential shittiness of the Mindkiller that is Islam.

              1. Take the creed out of the trappings of religion as it is a subject matter we are taught to be more sensitive to the feelings of others than we should be. Let’s call it tsarism for the purpose of discussion. It isn’t difficult to make an argument that the serfs were trapped under this system. Forced to live and abide by its peculiarities. a vile system that destroys and waste talent if not born in the wrong station in life. While this is true, you’ll find an odd phenomenon. Before the revolution, just a few years before in fact, if you said the above about the tsarist system to your typical serf he would have been insulted. The same is true with Islam. Every religion works on the adherent born into it and creates a mentality unique to itself; in our times, Islam is the religion that creates a serf like condition in this process. When I criticize Jesus or the faith to a Christian, and hardly a week goes by that I don’t, the person I’m speaking to shrugs it off and still tries to be my pal. Christians are annoyingly clingy that way. Doing the same with a Muslim is unthinkable. Their minds are not free because they are still under the lash of an unforgiving tsar.

                1. if not born in the wrong station in life

                2. BTW, regarding the offense taken when discussing religion, I would agree that Muslims do get more offended, and especially on a global scale, but I do know some Muslims that I’ve witnessed have conversations with others (I don’t like to discuss religion with other people) where the other person criticized Islam. And while they were more upset by it than say the average Christian or a Jew would be, they didn’t get super pissed off and remained friends with the other people. Which ties back into my point that ultimately the actions are the fault of the specific individuals, and that while the culture over there, of which Islam is the central part, may promote/tolerate stuff like this to some extent, whereas our culture doesn’t, the blame ultimately must fall at the feet of the people who did it

                  1. ^That comment is supposed to go below the other one

              2. I’m not saying that Islam is the same as any other religion, at least in its present form. I would agree that it’s more backwards and barbaric in many ways. That’s not my point. My point is that the fault ultimately lies with the people perpetrating the act, and despite all the flaws in Islam that may make its adherents more likely to do things like this, the blame still has to fall on the individuals responsible. I saw pictures today of people in Benghazi holding signs condemning the terrorists, apologizing for their actions, saying RIP Christopher Stevens, etc. So not everyone there is a bloodthirsty animal despite being Muslim. And let’s not forget that many countries in this part of the world, such as non-coastal North Africa, Arabia, Afghanistan, etc, the pre-Islamic societies we aren’t exactly peaceful and civilized. Islam may be holding these people back in a way, but it’s far from the only problem, or the only reason terrorism occurs there. Just yesterday, someone here made a comment to the effect of people here being naive and PC and that Muslims are at war with us, and have been committing terrorist attacks against us at least since the RFK assassination. This person is apparently unaware that Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian Christian.

                1. There is a difference of scale in many respects. The hardcore Christian believes in magic tricks and maybe 1 in 100 million would kill for the creed, say kill an abortionist. The hardcore Muslim believes in killing over slights. The ones would actually do so are of a considerably smaller ratio.

                2. have been committing terrorist attacks against us at least since the RFK assassination. This person is apparently unaware that Sirhan Sirhan was a Palestinian Christian.

                  I’ve seen that misunderstanding before. Struggles in the Middle East in the mid twentieth century had a much stronger tendency to be secular in nature. The after math of a post colonial disorder with classes (army officers, monarchical factions, students and social radicals) in competition. The irony compared to other areas, South East Asia, Central America, even the Europe of the Red Army, Basque separatist and the IRA, it wasn’t that distinctively violent. You’re correct, most of the adherents of Islam in that time and the last several centuries made their peace with the burden of history. Now, however, we are seeing a reformation that is going in the opposite direction of the Christian reformation. It is post modern and it rejects reason. It asserts and strengthens itself through grievance.

                  1. That’s about it for me this evening. I was up too early. Loved this discussion.

                    1. I agree with a lot of what you said. I’m not one of the total hardcore blowback proponents that thinks the only factor at play is US interventions. But I do think that it’s naive to think that the US governments meddling in the region over the decades has not fostered the growth of the Islamist movement and allowed them to recruit new members and gain sympathy from the general population. And I would largely agree with the sentiment of your first post about the difference in scale between Christians and Muslims.

    2. Yes. Really. Maybe Tim could write it under a pseudonym, and then Reason can have a contest where people compete to be the first to find and publish his real name on the internet.

  14. So does this mean Romney can send in drone strikes on Trey Parker and Matt Stone for their play about Mormons?

    1. It’s not their first offense.

      See Orgasmo. No really, see it. It’s funny as shit. Then there’s the Mormon episode, and the Super Friends.

    2. Great band name — “Mormon Drone Strikes”

  15. The real question is, what does movie critic extraordinaire Alan Vanneman think of the film?

    1. It’s spelled Anal.

  16. I’m Bacile.

    1. Phonetically OK, but you spelled it wrong.

      1. No Sam did. Because the squirrels ate his accent aigu when he tried B?cile.

  17. The best fraternity prank ever!

    1. No kidding, from the article it sounds like its nothing more than an ironic hipster film.

  18. So, whoops?

  19. As I’ve pointed out in an earlier thread, one of the dudes in the film has already been identified as a gay porn star with the stage name of “Titus”.

    Just track him down and ask him what it was all about.

    (Please let it have been a Muhammad-themed porn)

    1. I’m not able to bring that up with the Google. Do you have a link, or just an encyclopedic knowledge of his work?

      1. HM, have you seen his “O” face?

        1. Compare the face and the tatoos on his chest to the guy in the trailer.

          Oh, and above link nsfw.

  20. Emir al-Bundi: Today, my faithful followers, we are outraged at the latest insult against Islam.

    Howdi al-Arya: You mean the Baconator they sell in infidel lands?

    Fordi al-Ibut: No, our great leader means something about dogs, those dirty mongrels.

    Emir al-Bundi: No, although those are all good ideas for future reference. I mean that we are deeply offended by the insults to Mohammed (PBUH) on YouTube.

    Fordi al-Ibut: Which video are we offended by, o great leader?

    Emir al-Bundi: Let me see…[click click click] oh, yes, here’s one, The Adventures of Mohammed and My Pet Goat.

    Howdi al-Arya: Seen it. Only gave it two stars.

    Fordi al-Ibut: Shut up, the Emir is speaking!

    Emir al-Bundi: Until the infidels behead the production staff of that video, our rage will be unappeased and we will bomb the American embassy in Crapistan!

    1. al-Bundi
      looks a lot like
      AL BUNDY

      SO FAKE!

      1. Peg finally drove him around the bend. A sad case.

  21. Guys is this “Springtime for Hitler”? Sell greater than 100% of the equity in a film, put a small portion of the capital into a trailer, then close.

    1. Well he’s screwed now, because everyone will want to see it.

      1. Which happens to Springtime.

        1. Really?

          Next you’re going to tell me that Max Bialystock goes to prison!

  22. movies can make people do strange shit

    recall the director of cannibal holocaust was actually arrested and charged with murder based on a SCENE IN THE MOVIE. the authorities were convinced it was real. (granted, this was italy. a country where they can indict you for criticizing the police (they did this to amanda knox’s parents) and whose “justice system” is absurd)

    even us more modern sophisticated internet era peeps still have that “if i can see it, it’s gotta be true” reflexive nature, so this shit doesn’t surprise me. it’s kind of awesome… except for the dead people

    1. Totally like The Dead Pool?

  23. The comments on the NYT article of the murders are fucking sick.

    Virtually all of them are a variation of “I’m all for freedom of speech, but . . .” and all in with Bacile and that loonie in FL should be tried and prosecuted for hate speech.

    I weep for our future.

    Some tasty bits:

    Bacile is a coward who should be arrested and charged with murder.

    It is not clear to me why Sam Bacile and Terry Jones are not being prosecuted for engaging in hate speech. It is one thing to criticize, something totally different to incite. This film is almost the literal equivalent of shouting fire in a crowded movie theater.

    Sam Bacile and Terry Jones have shouted fire in a crowded theater. That crowded theater is the 7 billion person world we live in, connected via the internet. We can no longer let US personnel serving overseas be put in danger due to the irresponsible actions of these people. At the very least, a lawsuit against them should be allowed to proceed.

    JFC, we’re fucked.

    1. almost every time the left trots out the tired fire/theater meme, you know it’s going to be some bogus excuse for unconstitutional censorship, or in this case PROSECUTION FOR MURDER???

      also, for the moron who wrote this shit

      1) IT’S NOT shouting fire in a crowded theatre. it’s FALSELY shouting fire.

      2) that meme comes from a case (schenck) where that example was used as justification to prosecute a WAR PROTESTER. iow, the war protester’s actions were analogized to that action, and that was the justification as to why his speech should be criminally punishable. the irony i could cut with a ladle

      3) schenck was superseded ANYWAY by brandenberg

      there is no way, shape of form, that anything in this trailer could ever be a subject of a criminal case.


      these comments don’t surprise me

      i recall many people at DU saying bill orreilly should be charged with murder or “incitement” because he referred to dr tiller as “tiller the baby killer” (he was actually repeated a moniker the guy had already received, iow reporting ON it, but even if he had)… and then tiller was killed

      therefore, he’s guilty of incitement

      fuck these speech fascists

      1. They never seem to bring up that the analogy came up as an excuse to put someone in jail for distributing fliers in opposition to a military draft.


    (note : lakewood is the city where 4 cops were slain by maurice clemons while sitting in a coffee shop. clemons remained at large and tried to ambush a seattle cop after setting him up with a bait stolen car, but the cop was vigilant, used good officer safety and capped clemons as clemons reached for his waistband. GREAT job on his part, and great ofc. safety tactics)… this guy was STEALING from the dead ofc’s memorial fund. you can’t get much lower than that. maybe stealing from orphans…

    note also for the “double standard” crowd. they chose to prosecute this cop federally, so he could get much stiffer charges than the state could offer. i have NO problem with it, this guy is the scum of scum, but it is *a* example of a cop getting a harsher penalty than likely a noncop would get for a similar offense. again, FUCK him. i don’t care if he rots in jail.…..09476.html

    1. Skeeter Manos, 35, has been charged with second-degree identity theft and forgery in Pierce County. According to prosecutors, Manos, while working as the treasurer of the Lakewood Police Department Guild, stole the identity of a certified public accountant and forged documents in his name.

      The latest charges stems from a March 2011 request by the guild for an audit into the guild’s spending. In July 2011, the results of the audit prepared and signed by a CPA were posted on the guild’s website.

      When the guild’s president contacted the cited accountant to request copies of the group’s tax returns, the accountant told him he had not prepared tax returns for the guild since 2005, and had not dealt with the guild at all since 2007. The accountant added he had not prepared or signed the 2011 audit.

      Earlier this year, Manos pleaded guilty to wire fraud in federal court, admitting to having embezzled from a fund set up to benefit the family members of four Lakewood officers gunned down at a Parkland coffee shop in 2009. He was sentenced to 33 months in prison, and ordered to pay in restitution $112,000 to the officers’ families and $47,000 to the guild.

      1. He was looking after the money while the master was away.

        1. i went to a benefit concert for those guys. pretty sweet. duff mckagan’s band (the bassist from GnR) played. they are awesome “loaded”. as well as queensryche.

      2. A cynical man might point out that the reason this particular cop is getting the book thrown at him is because he made the huge mistake of stealing from other cops. But not me.

      3. Looks like Manos has been handed his fate.

  25. For example, the script apparently reads “Master George” whenever “Mohammed” is dubbed.

    Yippee-ki-yay, Mr. Falcon!


      1. I like the TV version of Repo Man’s use of “melon farmer” myself.

        1. I call bowl scum on that. Managin’ a pop group…ain’t no job for a man.

          1. Apparently Alex Cox oversaw the TV dubbing and tried to add more comedy by using absurd safe for TV profanity replacements.

            1. An honest question: did they bleep out Moroni’s profanities in the TV version of Johnny Dangerously?

              1. You’re fargin’ well right!

                1. Those corksucking bastages! A bunch of fargin iceholes.

              2. I saw that in the theater with some friends when I was a teenager, and we were dying with laughter at how they got that into a PG movie. We were calling each other “farging iceholes” and “corksuckers” for weeks.

    1. If I had only known they were going to call a child rapist, murder spree bandit with a God complex a child rapist, murder spree bandit with a God complex, I would never had let myself get involved!

  26. It was originally scripted as Innocence of the Mormons, but Mitt threatened to ban it in Boston, so they dubbed Muhammad over Joseph Smith.

    1. Before that it was Innocence of the Rastafarians but it was Banned in DC.

  27. So, actors who are so hard up they’ll work on a piece of shit like this are not so hard up that they would have refused to work on it if they knew what it was about?

    I think it’s more likely they knew what it was about and figured it was so bad it would never see the light of day, and that they’d take the money of anyone idiotic enough to bankroll it. But they miscalculated.

    1. No, I don’t think whatever bullshit money they got for that was worth getting Van Goghed over it. I’m guess they are all sad pandas today.

      1. Yeah, I guess so. They probably didn’t see this coming.

        Still: I think the fatwas won’t be lifted on account of “we got overdubbed.”

  28. Last night, Smith was playing EVE Online, on his sign out, “This time he said ‘FUCK’ and ‘GUNFIRE’ and then disconnected and never returned.”

  29. I just watched 2mins 40 secs of the trailer.

    I am now stupider than I was before.

    1. You stupid cork soaker!

    2. I watched it a little. But I got my real kicks watching the comment thread pour on and on and on. For teh LULZ. Hilarious.

  30. If Muslim extremists fall for this transparent a false flag operation, they’re stupider than Americans by a damn sight.

  31. So people are mad at pastor Terry Jones for no good reason?

  32. Does it really matter?

    Why are so many people missing that point, that religion should be able to criticized, whether by actual films or fake ones, without people rioting and then governments caving into people who are rioting.

    The proper response to this is to start making real films that mock Mohammed. And keep making them until they realize it’s no big deal.

  33. Weren’t the earliest reports saying the film was funded by Egyptian Copts? And then the story changed to the backer being an “Israeli Jew.” I wouldn’t be shocked if it was Egyptian Muslims.

    1. If true, we should Team America the Pyramids perhaps.

      1. Wouldn’t that be giving Mohammetards what they want? They’re the ones who want to destroy ancient cultural artifacts because they’re blasphemous.

    2. Oh and don’t forget those mysterious “100 Jewish donors”.

      1. Yeah, this has “false flag” tattooed around its nipples.

  34. Word police have warrant out for “Bupkes” impersonating yiddish word for ‘goat shit’

  35. And here we all thought only teh tee-baggers knew about astrow-terf tactics! What a great plan! Use social media to spread word of something to be pissed off about, organize a protest of the infidels’ embassy, then crash the party with grenades and AKs so it doesn’t look planned. That’s some real grassroots action right there!

  36. Isn’t this the classical representation of the dismissal of Oliver Wendell Holme’s classic, “You don’t have the right to yell ‘fire’ in a theatre”. The libertarian position is (if I’m not mistaken) that your rights go hand in hand with responsibilities. Sure, you’re welcome to say it but if someone gets trampled to death, you could be found culpable.

    So, the preacher is free to distribute his picture but he can be held responsible for the outcome.

    Did I get this right?

    … Hobbit

    1. So your free to plaster the guy’s real identity all over the internet, but if he gets killed as a result, you’re culpable.

      I think I have it right.

    2. No, you did not get this right.

      1. My comment was in response to Hobbit, not Hazel

    3. So, the preacher is free to distribute his picture but he can be held responsible for the outcome.

      No one is responsible for the criminal acts of third parties. Criminal activity cuts off any chain of causation or responsibility.

  37. OF COURSE the actors are going to say they didn’t know what was going on.

    Anyone who participated in making the film was risking his life.

    1. And that’s why this Islamic offense machine needs to be taken down. It’s bullshit.

      I agree with a poster upthread. The internet needs to be flooded with these kinds of parodies until the Islamic underwear becomes a little less bunched.

  38. I watched 2.5 minutes of this with the sound so low I could barely hear it and I was expecting Chris Eliott to walk through, sort of like “The Big Muslim City” episode of “Get a Life” (which is finally out on DVD next week).

  39. Just watched the Mohammed movie and its really terrible both in quality and point.

    I have seen more offensive clips on Family Guy.

    Something is definitely out of place with this production and the middle east reactions but not anything unique.

    Lets see what happens in the next few weeks, because this will not pass by that quickly.

  40. has “outed” the apparent identity of “Sam Bacile.”

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