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Did You Know That Barry Goldwater's Granddaughter Ended Up Nominating Barack Obama for President at the Democratic Convention?


The Atlantic has a nice little piece up about C.C. Goldwater, who, while not being a Democrat (yet), ended up delivering Arizona Democratic Party's nominating remarks for Barack Obama during the Democratic National Convention. Watch her halting performance below:

From the article:

[The speech wasn't] her first public foray into Democratic politics: In 2008, she came out in favor of Obama and against the Republican nominee from her home state, John McCain.

This might seem like a repudiation of the legacy of the man many credit with pioneering the Republican Party's shift toward an ever more uncompromising conservatism. But CC Goldwater—a filmmaker who in 2006 completed an HBO documentary about her grandfather called Mr. Conservative: Goldwater on Goldwater — sees it as consistent. Goldwater, 52, lived with her grandparents for part of her childhood in order to attend high school in Phoenix (she grew up in the small town of Sedona), but her sense of her grandfather was mainly nonpolitical. […]

Goldwater family: No longer in black & white!

"At the end of his career, he was seeing it too," she said. "He was saying things like, 'If I had to run 10 or 20 years from now, I might not get elected in my own party.' The Republican Party has changed into less than what I think Barry Goldwater would be supportive of."

CC's critique of the GOP, one her grandfather began to articulate late in his life as well, is a libertarian one. "He was very vocal about his fear of people like the late Jerry Falwell and the religious right taking over the party," she said. "He was concerned about the change in civil liberties and women's rights." […]

A few weeks ago, CC and her mother Joanne Goldwater, Barry Goldwater's eldest child, endorsed Richard Carmona, the Democratic candidate for Barry Goldwater's onetime U.S. Senate seat, saying he best represented Barry Goldwater's integrity and support for abortion rights.

As a non-Goldwater, non-Arizonan libertarian who is also pro-choice, I prefer Carmona's opponent, Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Arizona), despite his views on abortion. But even setting aside abortion (an issue on which I can understand the principles of those with whom I disagree), it remains vexing that so many advocates of fiscally limited government nonetheless cheer on restrictive state regulation of intoxicant-consumption, immigrant-hiring, marriage-recognition, and a host of other victimless activities. Democrats in 2012 want nothing more than to change the subject away from their own economic mismanagement and toward the alleged predations of the GOP against people who are not heterosexual white males. Sadly, if predictably, Republicans seem perfectly willing to play along.

Reason on Barry Goldwater here. On the testy relationship between Barry Goldwater and John McCain, read John Dean's discussion of same, which discusses a chapter from my 2007 book on McCain.

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  1. “The Republican Party has changed into less than what I think Barry Goldwater would be supportive of.”

    That makes perfect sense, but to suggest that he’d be at home in the Democratic Party is laughable at best and an indication that she’s a goddamned moron at worst.

    1. CC’s critique of the GOP, one her grandfather began to articulate late in his life as well, is a libertarian one.

      So libertarian, in fact, that she is supporting someone who nationalized the automobile industry and medical care!

      1. non-fiction not fiction randian jeesch

        1. fhhier adsf;lk dssdsdsd ik

          God damn cat get off the keyboard. And out of my house.

    2. It’s John Cole level of stupid. “Hey, the Republicans don’t believe in small government after all, and George Bush is a shitty president. I guess I’m a Team Blue Democrat!”

      1. Cole’s switch had a lot more to do with his comment section becoming dominated by leftists. I think he just decided it was easier to go along than have to articulate any self-principles at all.

    3. Exactly…she’s laboring under a false dichotomy, apparently.

  2. A few weeks ago, CC and her mother Joanne Goldwater, Barry Goldwater’s eldest child, endorsed Richard Carmona, the Democratic candidate for Barry Goldwater’s onetime U.S. Senate seat, saying he best represented Barry Goldwater’s integrity and support for abortion rights.

    Does having a strong opinion on abortion rot your mind or something?

    1. Not sure about the causal relationship, but clearly there’s a strong correlation.

      It’s an issue that, if someone EITHER pro-“choice” or “life”, has NO intellectual empathy with the other side, it means s/he isn’t doing any thinking.

      1. Yeah, that’s what drives me nuts. You couldn’t be much more in favor of legal abortion than I am, but I have found myself arguing the other side with people fairly often lately just because the constant demonization of people’s political opponents is really bothering me lately. People who oppose abortion are not generally in a secret conspiracy to disenfranchise women (yes, someone really said that to me) and people who favor legal abortion are not generally callous monsters with no regard for human life.

        1. As I told my girlfriend, just because I’m in favor of legal abortion doesn’t mean I think that it’s this wonderful, liberating thing that women should be jumping for joy to be able to go through. I’ve known women who have had abortions, and while they don’t necessarily regret the choice, it’s not like they go around bragging how wonderful the experience was–because the bottom line is that most abortions are typically done for convenience, not because there’s a health risk.

          And the biggest problem with this culture war abortion crap is that these women are judging a candidate solely on whether or not he or she thinks that abortion is wonderful, not whether they would be effective administrators or leaders. Feminism’s narcissistic “agree with me or else!” attitude has really poisoned the political discourse just as much as any random gay-bashing bible thumper.

  3. If she wants to provide personal insights into her grandpa, that’s fine and I think it very fascinating since Goldwater was one of the more interesting politicians you’ll read about, but it’s just plain retarded for the Democrats to try to claim him just because he supported legalized abortion and letting gays serve in the military. He wanted to abolish Social Security and Medicare among other things that would make him persona non grata for the Democrats.

    1. The 1964 CRA vote alone excludes him and all of his progeny from the Democratic Party for ever and ever.

      1. That too. Yeah, the Democrats would be real forgiving of that if Goldwater were alive today I am sure.

        1. ’tis a pity. He was supporting civil rights initiatives from early on at a time when LBJ was bragging to segregationist organizations that he was blocking those very efforts in the 50’s Goldwater put forth. Goldwater opposed the CRA out of the legitimate principle that private organizations are not constitution bound (the legitimacy of the CRA being based upon the 14th Amendment), and in all likelihood, that is exactly the part of the law that LBJ wanted more than anything as it expanded the scope of government authority. Two birds with one stone. Reverse his image as a segregationist and increase his power while appearing to be on the side of the angels.

          1. Granddaughter’s too busy emoting to actually bother trying to understand her grandfather.

            I blame Facebook.

          2. If you had forcibly desegregated all state run institutions and all those who got money from the state or did business with the state and made the states revoke all of their segregation laws, segregation would have died on the vine pretty quickly. Sure golf clubs and the odd motel in bum fuck nowhere would probably still be segregated. But those would have become pretty rare pretty quickly.

            1. More hardcore moronism over at the Atlantic comments:

              The truth about Goldwater is that he was all over the map ideologically.

              What a dope.

              1. If you are totally craven and without principles, principles in others looks like inconsistency.

                1. ANd when you have been convinced that either major party represents a consistent political ideology it is pretty hard to identify principle or consistency.

      2. Damn… I went to lengthy on my response. Great minds and all that…

      3. Yeah, I remember last week when Rand Paul was trending during his RNC speech ThinkProgress and a bunch of other liberal news outfits and figures were tweeting at their followers reminding them that despite being better on civil liberties and military spending than Obama, Rand was Satan because he didn’t like that one part of the CRA that prevented private businesses from discriminating against customers on account of race.

        1. But Goldwater, a guy who actually argued against passing the original bill, would be a Democrat if he were alive today.

          1. On the other hand, I’ve heard some make the case that JFK would be a Republican today.

            1. JFK’s a helluva lot closer to the current GOP than Goldwater is to the current Dems.

            2. My high school history teacher said the same thing. Then again, he had a talking Reagan action figure so grain of salt and all that.

        2. Punishing businesses and making sure the State is involved in every facet of life is more important to Democrats than civil liberties and wars.

          Not that I need to tell you all that.

        3. Am I wrong in thinking that the left supports forcing private businesses to not discriminate largely because they’re fully aware that 99%+ would not discriminate anyway? I suspect they know it’s almost a non-issue in this day and age, but seek to pretend it is to hold on to their power.

          1. The 1960s were the days of the cold war and the space race. A simple rule that you couldn’t do business of any kind with the federal government if you segregated (including declaring all segregated business off limits to Servicemen) combined with forcing the states to do the same thing under the 14th Amendment, would have destroyed segregation.

    2. I am sure the Democrats would embrace Paul Ryan if only he would come around on abortion and gays in the military. Yeah, that will happen real soon. And Goldwater wanted to kill those programs not just do something to keep them from bankrupting.

      But sadly most people don’t know anything about history and probably believe this shit.

    3. Her documentary about her grandfather is quite good.

  4. Lefties consider anyone who watched a Ronald Reagan movie a former Republican if will help their imbecile now.

  5. How funny that the granddaugther of the man who openly opposed the Civil Rights Act due to some of its excesses is now being lifted up and celebrated by the party who will not let us forget that before the CRA people were still walking around with men chained to leashes as if they were common pets or farm animals.

  6. …and toward the alleged predations of the GOP against people who are not heterosexual white males.

    Steve Sailor recently posted a list of interest groups/communities that are recognized by the Democratic party and Mitt Romney.

    Shucks. Heterosexual white males are in neither list.



    Mitt Romney/Republicans:

    Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders for Romney
    Black Leadership Council
    Catholics for Romney
    Energy Voters for Romney
    Farmers and Ranchers for Romney
    Former Obama Supporters for Romney
    Jewish Americans for Romney
    Juntos con Romney
    Lawyers for Romney
    Polish Americans for Romney
    Public Safety Professionals for Romney
    Romney Voters for Free Enterprise
    Veterans and Military Families for Romney
    Women for Mitt
    Young Americans for Romney

    Junto means joined, I think.

    1. Why should I care about this again?

      1. I wish it didn’t matter either. But identity politics will eventually lead to white heterosexual male interest groups.

  7. Every four years, we’re told that this year’s Republican candidate is a million jillion times more radical than some safely-dead or retired Republican.

    In 1964, it was Goldwater who was the warmongering radical who wanted to blow up little girls with nuclear bombs. Now Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are so radical that Goldwater would be simply shocked at the depth of their radicalness.

    If the country survives 20 years, we can look forward to the 2032 election where whoever the Republicans nominate will be ultra-radicals compared to middle-of-the-road moderates like the late Paul Ryan.

    Of course, by 2032 anyone who doesn’t want to create a clone army of pig-men to conquer Zanzibar will be tagged as a radical.

  8. “…so many advocates of fiscally limited government nonetheless cheer on restrictive state regulation of intoxicant-consumption, immigrant-hiring, marriage-recognition, and a host of other victimless activities.”

    Maybe it’s because many of these people have ancestors who hated the federal government because it first took away their “right” to own slaves and then took away their “right” to oppress blacks.

    1. Tony is a dishonest anti-Rand.

      Derider is annoying.

      You, however, are about the fall-down dumbest poster in existence.

      Everything you say is 100% wrong, 100% of the time. It’s amazing.

    2. Well, mine lived in Vermont, and their main problem was the federal government’s unyielding desire to not mind their own fucking business, and to piss on rural and small-town communities in favor of their socially dysfunctional urban constituents.

      But it takes all kinds, I guess.

  9. If the country survives 20 years…the late Paul Ryan.

    I understand Paul Ryan keeps himself in shape, at least partly, because he is from a family prone to heart disease. He’s only 42. He won’t see 62, you say. Or will he clone himself?

  10. The truth about Goldwater is that he was all over the map ideologically.

    This weirdly shaped peg won’t fit into either of these two holes!

    OMFG what dom I do now?

  11. I am looking at that picture… you know for 52 years-old she has a nice set of maracas.

  12. lol ok so who in the heck is she? NEver heard of her!

  13. “…[S]he has another, more personal reason for not supporting Romney. The decades-old conflict between the Romney and Goldwater families goes back to the 1964 Republican convention, when Barry Goldwater was the presidential nominee and George Romney, the governor of Michigan, helped lead a faction of moderates seeking to insert a civil-rights plank in the party platform. When they failed, Romney refused to endorse Goldwater, warning that the party was writing its death sentence with its extreme positions.

    “George Romney walked out on my grandfather in 1964 at the Cow Palace,” CC Goldwater says. “I’m not sure how I could support his son now. If my grandfather were alive, I think he’d say [of Mitt Romney], ‘His father was a real weenie. He left me hanging.'”

    So CC will not support today’s GOP because it is kooky and extremist, but the only examples we she gives are on abortion and homosexual issues. Of which the ground rules are so different on then when Goldwater ran now that abortion on demand is the federally enforced law of the land and people are successfully sued for not wanting to participate in homosexual “weddings”. She also continues a family feud against the Romneys for not supporting her grandfather when he was widely considered the extremist kook.

    Yeah, her point of view is worth listening to,…for a nanosecond.

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