New Youtube Video Asks: 'What if President Obama had called a real marijuana user?'


Echoing what Mike Riggs wrote on September 4, this newly-crafted video continues to savage the lazy, mocking, September 3 video where Barack Obama "calls" his favorite lying, lapdog actor and former Associate Director of Public Engagement for his campaign, Kal Penn. The gist of the official video is, if you missed it, is that a wink at stoner culture will get their vote, actual fact of the president's marijuana policy be damned. 

After two days of Democrats patting themselves on the back for loving women and gay people and America the mostest, while ignoring or lying about marijuana, spending, and drone wars, more of this kind of critique, please. Whoever the hell Sidepocket Images is, they're better at critiquing the president than most members of the mainstream media. This video is well worth watching in spite of the ending that urges people to tell the president to "earn" their vote by fixing drug policy.

By the way, as Reason 24/7 noted today, Obama's theme for the night is "promises kept."