Democratic Convention 2012

Time Magazine Pens Love Letter to Joe Biden, of All People


Oh hey, (old) Newsweek, too!

This week will provide an ongoing demonstration project of how the media establishment treats the two major political parties with two largely separate filters. For example, the latest issue of Time has a piece on the vice president with a subhed that claims–and I am not making this up–that "Joe Biden's Heart is the Democrats' Killer App." As you read the following excerpts, imagine Time giving similar treatment to Dick Cheney, Dan Quayle, or vice president George Bush:

Biden is Dixieland swing, Obama is Miles Davis. Biden's a banana split, Obama is grapefruit sorbet. Biden's a bubble bath, Obama a dip in a Minnesota lake. […]

How far this team has come in four years. Obama's hope-and-change campaign of 2008 was a symphony, not a PowerPoint, and its motto–"Yes we can!"–was more a yearning than a thought. When Biden joined the ticket, he was the seasoned statesman, the venerable Washington hand who reassured swing voters that it was safe to trust the new guy and follow their hearts. […]

Does he go too far sometimes? Did his ma call him Joey?

For some curated Reason examples of Biden going "too far," on issues that matter more than ticket-balancing, click this link.