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TSA Agents Spotted Working at Florida Paul Ryan Campaign Event


Via infowars, but backed up by other sources, here's your government-creep image of the day. Check out these bored-looking Transportation Security Administration (TSA) agents spotted at a Paul Ryan campaign event by a Florida political blog. That August 18 event, by the way, took place at an enormous retirement community. So we've arched from horror stories of Grandma getting groped or shamed at the airport, to the potential gropers coming straight to where Grandma lives; or at least where she considers her options for November 2012. As the Florida Examiner set the scene:

At 7 a.m. they opened the gates and then we had to go through a screening process with Secret Service and TSA members before we could access the 'secure' area, which was the area where we could get right up close and personal to our special guest. 

What the Transportation Security has to do with elderly potential Romney-Ryan voters is not clear. The slow progression of the TSA into port and bus station security is one thing —logical, though a bad sign — but their presence at a campaign event is baffling. Is this what TSA chief  John Pistole meant when he told USA Today back in 2010 that he wanted "to take TSA to the next level"?

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