War on Drugs

Bill Maher Finally Notices That Obama's Drug Policies Are Awful


Via Mediaite and Reason 24/7, the occasionally-self-described-libertarian-at-least-on-drug-laws host of Real Time, Bill Maher finally noticed that President Obama is a "dismal failure and a liar" on drug policy. The newly minted Huffington Post live has served a purpose already it seems.

Of course, Maher, also managed to forgive Obama on this one about five seconds after condemning him. It's okay, as long as the man manages to do something his second term (which his people have coyly alluded to as maybe being on their agenda, if — if — people of the U.S., you make the right choice in November).

Watch the clip below:

Maher said after the whole "dismal failure and liar" part:

"Now, we all understand why the first black president couldn't get into the White House and immediately go, 'Hey, let's spark it up.' I'm hopeful in the second term when he has nothing to fear in the future, he can be honest about this issue the way that he finally became honest about gay marriage and certain other issues. He's come around."

"I'm hopeful in the second term, when he has nothing to fear in the future," Maher continued, "that he can be honest about this issue the way he finally became honest about gay marriage."

"My hope is," he concluded, "that in the first year he's going to admit, 'Yes, pot should be legal.'"

It's nice that Maher criticized Obama with fairly harsh language, but last time Maher debated Reason.com editor in chief Nick Gillespie, earlier this summer, Maher was noticeably hesitant to call that drug war liar, Attorney General Eric Holder, "bad." But maybe Maher's optimism, even towards the man who has been a "liar" on Maher's pet issue, explains why he donated 1 million dollars to Obama's reelection campaign. This is the best way to forgive a politician who has violated all of their supposed beliefs, as well as the voters', everything they really believe is being stifled by opposition. The bad that they do is because of the world we live in, where a black president would be run out of office for trying to end the drug war. It's not Obama's fault. He'll prove himself the atheist pothead of Maher's dreams, if only we give him four more years.