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Bill Maher Finally Notices That Obama's Drug Policies Are Awful


Via Mediaite and Reason 24/7, the occasionally-self-described-libertarian-at-least-on-drug-laws host of Real Time, Bill Maher finally noticed that President Obama is a "dismal failure and a liar" on drug policy. The newly minted Huffington Post live has served a purpose already it seems.

Of course, Maher, also managed to forgive Obama on this one about five seconds after condemning him. It's okay, as long as the man manages to do something his second term (which his people have coyly alluded to as maybe being on their agenda, if — if — people of the U.S., you make the right choice in November).

Watch the clip below:

Maher said after the whole "dismal failure and liar" part:

"Now, we all understand why the first black president couldn't get into the White House and immediately go, 'Hey, let's spark it up.' I'm hopeful in the second term when he has nothing to fear in the future, he can be honest about this issue the way that he finally became honest about gay marriage and certain other issues. He's come around."

"I'm hopeful in the second term, when he has nothing to fear in the future," Maher continued, "that he can be honest about this issue the way he finally became honest about gay marriage."

"My hope is," he concluded, "that in the first year he's going to admit, 'Yes, pot should be legal.'"

It's nice that Maher criticized Obama with fairly harsh language, but last time Maher debated Reason.com editor in chief Nick Gillespie, earlier this summer, Maher was noticeably hesitant to call that drug war liar, Attorney General Eric Holder, "bad." But maybe Maher's optimism, even towards the man who has been a "liar" on Maher's pet issue, explains why he donated 1 million dollars to Obama's reelection campaign. This is the best way to forgive a politician who has violated all of their supposed beliefs, as well as the voters', everything they really believe is being stifled by opposition. The bad that they do is because of the world we live in, where a black president would be run out of office for trying to end the drug war. It's not Obama's fault. He'll prove himself the atheist pothead of Maher's dreams, if only we give him four more years.

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  1. No, I can’t be first. It is not allowed. Someone else take it.

    1. Like Cincinnatus, it is not a roll of my choosing but hoisted on me by the momentum of events. Or, lack there of.

  2. “Watch the clip below:”

    No, i really just cant stand even 2 seconds of that smug, self-absorbed asshole.

    1. Yeah. My reaction was, “Make me.”

  3. Read the article over at HuffPo. Got this little nugget from the comments section:

    kfreed ? an hour ago
    Well, Bill… once Romney/Ryan get elected and tea party Republicans subsequesntly eviscerate whatever is left of the working class… at least we can all get high, right?

    Pot, at this moment, isn’t necessarily a top priority on anybody’s radar… except for Ron Paul zombies, “libertarians,” and those being led around by the nose by these lunatics.

    By all means, get on your congress critters to propose federal legislation to legalize MJ if that’s your main concern in life. Why isn’t Ron Paul going after it instead of spending all his time spreading Alex Jones consoriacy theories?

    WTF? I know I shouldn’t read the comments, but I just can’t help myself.

    1. Their piss shoots a fine angry stream, but the thought process involved is a lazy, vaguely defined mist. Mystical, even.


      TEAM BLUE schmuck becomes essentially a TEAM RED drug warrior schmuck and belittles someone trying to get MJ legalized as it being the “main concern in life”. You can’t parody these partisan shitheels, they do it themselves. What utter scum.

      1. TEAM BLUE schmuck becomes essentially a TEAM RED drug warrior schmuck

        Well to be fair TEAM BLUE wants to ban tobacco, fatty foods, soft drinks, Salt, Sugar, etc so it isn’t like they are really against the Drug War in principle.

        1. You missed my point. It is that the language used by either TEAM when disparaging the other TEAM tends to boil down to the exact same shit. At the end of the day they both go “stupid potheads”, or say something homophobic or misogynistic, or whatever, but it’s all the same shit because they’re all doing the same thing.

          Understand now?

          1. I’ve been told by a reliable source in another thread that hating both teams makes you a member of another team.

            1. That logic is irrefutable. I’m totally on TEAM BE RULED.

              1. We’re just all thankful you’re not on TEAM DEEP DISH.

                1. TEAM DEEP is the stupid party, which is why ProL is on it. I am of course on TEAM THIN, the evil party.

              2. nice anagram of blue red there epi.

                1. nice anagram of blue red there epi.

                  That honor belongs to our beloved ProL.

                  Our only thanks to Epi is to why we can’t have nice things.

                  1. touch (insert ‘e’ with accent aigu here due to fucking squirrels)


          2. Okay.

            I mean TEAM BLUE is just as willing to go “Love it or Leave It” and “Support the Troops” as TEAM RED is.

    3. I find kfreed’s spelling mistakes hilarious.

      1. Being constantly angry and jealous of rich people causes brain damage, RBS. Which explains virtually every poster on HuffPo, DU, Kos, et cetera.

        1. I think it’s just the TEAM thing that makes people stupid. See Hot Air, TNR, Tony, John…

  4. “He said he won’t hit me again. He’s said it before, but I know in my heart he really means it this time.”

    1. Its just that goddam Romney and the goddam Republicans make him so angry.

      1. Exquisite

      2. Ending unemployment one jive translator at a time.

    2. “Hit me again O! And this time put some stank on it!”

  5. Prediction: If Obama wins (I feel sick just saying that) Maher will blame the Republicans in Congress for Obama not pushing for legalization.

    1. I’d blame Biden for not pushing for legalization.

  6. “C’mon Billy, kick the football. This time Obama’ll hold it for you.”

  7. Maher is basically what I call a “coke and hooker” libertarian. He wants those things to be legal because those are the things that interest him. But he doesn’t give a shit about economic liberty or civil liberties as long as the Right People are in charge. He’s basically Shrike in that regard.

    1. Hookers and blow ought to be the first plank of the libertarian platform. We’ll get around to “fuck off, slavers” later.

      1. The only reason hookers and blow arent legal is because of the slavers.

        Fuck off, slavers is the ONLY plank needed.

        Solve that and all the rest fall into place.

        1. I’m talking recruiting here. Once we get people on board, we’ll walk them through the principle of it.

          1. Im a a believer in the deep end method of learning to swim.

            Also, I dont see the point in “crossover” beers.

            1. I defer to the gentleman on his birthday.

            2. Examples?

              Samuel Adams Nobel Pils? Not bad, but I think it would fit the definition.

              Sierra Nevada, anything?

              New Belgium Triple.

              Wait, I’m naming shit I like . . .

              Well, got a Stone Arrogant Bastard waiting in the fridge, and that definitely ain’t a cross over.

    2. “Liberty for me, but as for you, I don’t give a shit.”

      I know many people like this.

      1. They all seem to congregate in the Dem party.

        1. Only because the GOP opposite is “I don’t need rules, rules are for all those other people who need to have something to control their base impulses.” They are the same sentiment.

          1. Maher’s teh same way. We have to have rules because people won’t behave if we don’t. They won’t care and be compassionate unless we force them.

        2. Uh, no. SoCons love their liberty but hate it for drug users, homos, etc. That sounds GOP to me.

          TEAM RED and TEAM BLUE hate liberty equally. If you think otherwise you’re a fool.

          1. I’m going to lay down a challenge for the Romney Derangement Syndrome sufferers on my FB list: Find one difference between the Stupider and Eviler Party’s candidates.

            I can guarantee you that if someone thinks they’ve found a “difference” in either GWB III or Mittens, I can find the quote from the other saying the exact same thing.

          2. If I think otherwise I’m a fool? That doesn’t leave me many options. I’d hate to be considered a fool by such an authority on the subject as Episiarch…

            TEAM RED and TEAM BLUE hate liberty equally!

            1. Yes, yes they do.

        3. I don’t know. When my aunt paid for the girl my cousin to knocked up to have an abortion back when we were in high school, I thought it a bit incongruent with her being an activist on the other side of that issue.

          1. Don’t you just love that? The same thing happened with the neighbor girl whose parents were very Republican. She was impregnated by a black(!) upperclassman when she was a sophomore, and suddenly the whole family changed their tune on abortion.

            In fact, her dad is one of my biggest cheerleaders on FB when I post libertarian propaganda.

            1. Yep. I don’t think my aunt was really into it except to be around her friends from her church that were into it, and church is the center of her world.

            2. I don’t have the statistics, and I’m too lazy to look them up. But, I would guess that most women who get abortions are from white, middle upper/class families, many of whom would be considered “conservative”. Many conservative patriarchs may rail against abortion, but when they learn their daughter has been defiled by some gorilla, they make all the necessary arrangements for an abortion.

              1. Warty’s not a gorilla, he’s more closely related to a bear than an ape.

              2. Actually no.

                From Guttmacher:

                WHO HAS ABORTIONS?

                ? Eighteen percent of U.S. women obtaining abortions are teenagers; those aged 15?17 obtain 6% of all abortions, teens aged 18?19 obtain 11%, and teens younger than age 15 obtain 0.4%.[6]
                ? Women in their 20s account for more than half of all abortions; women aged 20?24 obtain 33% of all abortions, and women aged 25?29 obtain 24%.[6]
                ? Non-Hispanic white women account for 36% of abortions, non-Hispanic black women for 30%, Hispanic women for 25% and women of other races for 9%.[6]
                ? Thirty-seven percent of women obtaining abortions identify as Protestant and 28% as Catholic.[6]
                ? Women who have never married and are not cohabiting account for 45% of all abortions [6]
                ? About 61% of abortions are obtained by women who have one or more children. [6]
                ? Forty-two percent of women obtaining abortions have incomes below 100% of the federal poverty level ($10,830 for a single woman with no children).[6]
                ? Twenty-seven percent of women obtaining abortions have incomes between 100?199% of the federal poverty level.* [6]

                1. Hmmmm. Interesting. Thanks for posting.

              3. Not even close.


            3. Her boyfriend’s name didn’t happen to be Eliot Sloan, by chance?

            4. When a high school mate got knocked up by a black dude (in a town with no black dudes), the family loved that child like no other. It was the most precious thing to them.

              It’s the difference between hollow lip service to the party line, and actually believing what you preach.

        4. Nah, plenty of Repubs, too.

          Hell, that’s what the entire WOD is.

          “I gots my booze, fuck you, hippie.”

          1. “Hands off of my guns and cigs, but fuck you on gay marriage and marijuana.”

    3. By economic liberty you, of course, mean Gilded Age levels of wealth inequality and no social safety net.

      1. Precisely. Economic liberty means each person can make as much money as they can in an honest, non-coercive way. It means you have the liberty to do this as well! Now this social safety net, how does that come about? Oh yeah, in a dishonest, coercive way. So which do you prefer Tony? Honesty and peace? or dishonesty and violence?

        1. Then why do you guys rip on Warren Buffett and George Soros so much?

          Let them make a fortune, I say. And if they want to piss it away trying to defeat SoCons or legalize drugs let them.

          1. I’ll gladly rip them for their hypocrisy, or their political views. I however, fully support and encourage their liberty to earn money as they see fit. So what was your point?

            1. Why do you hate capitalists?

              1. Wow. You’re not usually this blatantly stupid.

          2. We don’t rip on them for making money dipshit. We rip on them for making money, exploiting the fuck out of the tax code* and then having the audacity to say that people should pay more in taxes. And then go on to lie about the taxes their secretary paid vs. their salary.

            *there’s nothing wrong with trying to keep as much of your money as possible, just as long as you agree to letting everybody else do the same.

        2. And if you’re born mentally ill to crackhead parents, just try harder!

          1. Yes Tony, you should try harder.

          2. Except that “crack babies” as such don’t really exist: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crack_babies

            Excerpt: “Fears were widespread that a generation of crack babies were going to put severe strain on society and social services as they grew up. Later studies failed to substantiate the findings of earlier ones that PCE has severe disabling consequences; these earlier studies had been methodologically flawed (e.g. with small sample sizes and confounding factors). Scientists have come to understand that the findings of the early studies were vastly overstated and that most people who were exposed to cocaine in utero do not have disabilities.[1]”

            Source: http://www.npr.org/templates/s…..=126478643

          3. T o n y| 8.15.12 @ 4:26PM |#
            “And if you’re born mentally ill to crackhead parents, just try harder!”

            No, shithead. Try again.

        3. Or fuck off and die! You know, freedom!

          1. Now, you’re getting it.

            Physician, Tony, heal thyself!

          2. T o n y| 8.15.12 @ 4:26PM |#
            “Or fuck off and die! You know, freedom!”

            Yes, shithead. Please do.

          3. Freedom means you don’t have a claim to my person or property and I have no claim to yours.

      2. It’s a good thing for libs that nothing good came from the period from 1890-1920, so they can rail against such an unassailable evil as “mommy, that bad man has more candy than me!”

        1. I like palatial landmark homes as much as anyone, but you gotta weigh the good with the bad.

          1. T o n y| 8.15.12 @ 4:25PM |#
            “I like palatial landmark homes as much as anyone, but you gotta weigh the good with the bad.”

            Shithead, you should try that once. Just once.

      3. Yes, Tony, because there was no middle class during the Gilded Age and everyone not named Rockefeller, Carnegie, Astor, or Vanderbilt was starving and dying in the gutters.

        1. At least the Gilded Age was gilded and not brazen.

          (This line is stolen from a source I cannot recall; apologies to the injured party).

      4. Also, it’s no longer a “safety” net when everyone gets encompassed in it. At that point it’s more akin to a fishing net, or a cobweb or something.

        1. Yes, at some point a “safety net” can become a hammock.

      5. T o n y| 8.15.12 @ 4:08PM |#
        “By economic liberty you, of course, mean Gilded Age levels of wealth inequality and no social safety net.”

        No, shithead. Try again.

    4. He’s a Democrat that likes smoking pot, to turn the phrase around.

  8. He’ll stop beating me once he gets that promotion reelected. It’s just that things are so stressful at work right now during the reelection campaign. He’s really a decent guy, I just know it.

    Sure thing, Bill. You keep believing.

  9. “My hope is,” he concluded, “that in the first year he’s going to admit, ‘Yes, pot should be legal.'”

    Way to aim for the stars. It’ll be great to have a president that says pot should be legal but does nothing about it.

    1. “It’ll be great to have a president that says pot should be legal but does nothing about it.”

      Like the coward who says gay marriage should be legal, but let’s leave it up to the states to decide the issue themselves.

      1. Last time I checked, marriage is a state level law.

    2. It’ll be great to have a president that says pot gay marriage should be legal but does nothing about it.

      Fixed that for Tony and he still won’t understand that Obama is just paying him lip service.

  10. “Now, we all understand why the first black president couldn’t get into the White House and immediately go, ‘Hey, let’s spark it up.'”

    Jesus Christ that’s racist.

    1. Are you sure he wasn’t talking about Billy Jeff?

    2. Maher’s entire schtick is based upon the imagined moral failings of others. That is why he is the ultimate shithead.

    3. No, no, no! Maher knows that the rest of you people are racist, so Obam has to be double-secret racist-resistant.

    4. “Now, we all understand why the first black president couldn’t get into the White House and immediately go, ‘Hey, let’s bomb Libya.'”

      “Now, we all understand why the first black president couldn’t get into the White House and immediately go, ‘Hey, let’s run guns to Mexican gangsters.'”

      “Now, we all understand why the first black president couldn’t get into the White House and immediately go, ‘Hey, let’s close Gitmo.'”

      “Now, we all understand why the first black president couldn’t get into the White House and immediately go, ‘Hey, let’s end our pay to play government.'”

      “Now, we all understand why the first black president couldn’t get into the White House and immediately go, ‘Hey, let’s pass a stimulus to keep unemployment below 8%.'”

      Shit Bill, there are plenty of other things “we all understand” about President Obama. You should try them out.

      1. Except he didn’t close Gitmo.

    5. My reaction exactly, Scotticus.

      A truly racist statement, worthy of Joe Biden himself.

      1. Jo Biden Anagram:

        I Need Job

        True story.

  11. I’m still waiting for the day when
    “Bill Maher Finally Notices That He is a Talentless Hack”

    1. That would require self-awareness and reflection that narcissists like Maher are incapable of. But he really has the intellect and wit of a smartass 17 year old, not sure why people think he’s particularly incisive or funny.

    2. I kind of hope it goes like Bill Hicks hoped for Jay Leno.

  12. I won’t watch the video because FUCK Bill Maher, but does the interviewer ask Bill to explain why he’s been WORSE than Bush in regards to Drug War? Does he ask him to explain why Holder has been so shit-crazy over busting medical marijuana dispensaries?

    I could maybe/not really get his point about a “second term” if the evidence didn’t so heavily lean in the other direction after his first.

  13. I try to imagine a world where the cops don’t cruise around pulling cars over for burned out license plate lights in hopes of the big shakedown drug bust. I can’t.

  14. He’ll prove himself the atheist pothead of Maher’s dreams [insert your description of the perfect president here], if only we give him four more years


    1. Well plenty of libertarians deluded themselves into thinking that Obama was liar about being a big government statist so…

  15. Was Maher ever well received in the libertarian movement? Until it became clear that he was a big government statist that is?

    Considering he is an atheist who likes coke and Hookers he should be a perfect fit for reason.

    1. There’s a continuum from Dennis Miller to Bill Maher.

      1. I find it interesting that 9/11 caused the two of them to go in the opposite directions.

        1. Miller may have turned rightish, but not nearly full-bore dogshit-crazy rightwing.

          Maher, OTOH, is mere cunt-hairs from far-leftistism.

          1. We really need to coin a new phrase for that. Unshaved vaginas are a rarity.

            1. Throwback Vaginas?

    2. I’m an atheist who likes coke and hookers hurdlers and I think Maher is an ass.

      1. I’m officially accomplishing nothing else at work today.

        1. Then I have accomplished my goal. Who else have I successfully distracted?

          1. Me.

          2. Good god, man. Infinitely well done.

          3. Ummmm…..I love her.

            I watched that video another time that you posted it, and only watched the happy bouncy bouncy. That, of course, is fantastic, but I missed the part later one when you see her ass.


        2. The fact that she destroys everyone else in that race makes her so much hotter.

          1. So very, very true. But the proper statement is “that much hotter”.

      2. Well I’m mainly wondering why Reason is hostile to him but not to Vidal and Hitchens. Is it just because Maher is too lowbrow, too much of a Democrat shill and mean to Reason?

        1. I don’t recall Hitchens toadying to anyone. He pretty much ruthlessly eviscerated everyone who disagreed with him regardless of their affiliation. And also admitted he was wrong about being in favor of invading Iraq.

          1. And also admitted he was wrong about being in favor of invading Iraq.

            When? Where?

            1. Ah. No. I am wrong. I had misread some reporting of his specific criticisms of the conduct of the war as a total repudiation.

              1. Hutchens was one of the few, if not the only hawks whose arguments for the war I could stomach. Even if I disagreed with him, I always got the feeling he was honest in his debating.

                1. Meh. Hitchens.

      3. That a video of the Australian chick?

        1. The hot hurdling Australian Tigger chick? Yes.

      4. I’m glad I’m not the only person here to see that. She’s now one of my favorite Olympians.

        1. Except that wasn’t the Olympics. Oops.

    3. Except for the part about whining that the wealthy avoid being stolen from.

      1. Did Vidal and Hitchens *not* think that?

  16. Maher is still an ass.

  17. Confession: I first became aware of libertarian ideas because I watched Maher’s original Politically Incorrect show on one of the main networks. So, in a way, I have Maher to thank for eventually leading me to reason.

    Please don’t hate me.

    1. I got here because of Ayn Rand, so nobody’s perfect.

      1. Don’t worry, Hugh, I hate you too.

        1. I don’t hate Hugh. I feel sorry for him.

          1. I both pity and hate him. It’s so hard not to.

          2. That’s the nicest thing anyone has ever said about me. *sniff*

      2. Heinlein then Milton Friedman then Rothbard.

        1. Beware, this one is pure.

          1. Only because he went from Friedman to Rothbard. If it was the other way then HERETIC!!!!!!!

        2. For me it was working with homeless teens. Government interference is stifling.

      3. I got here because of Ayn Rand, too, so I pity, hate, and fear you.

        1. I have no idea how I got here.

          1. I don’t even know where I am.

          2. I got here in a sedan chair carried by members of the 99.9999%. Walking the entire block might have messed up my top hat.

            1. Becoming a libertarian? You didn’t do that, someone else did.

              1. And I only came to after losing an argument on the drug war about 15 years ago (alcohol vs weed)…then my dumb ass got involved after getting drunk and finding another libertarian in the bar.

                It was a dark and stormy night. The Fox an Hound beckoned.

                I felt like Louis in Interview and the guy who converted me was LaStat…yet I never saw him again and I roamed for years thinking I was the only one. So when I happened across one in a bar and neither he nor I had received the appropriate instruction in the secret handshake we (drunk) decided to get involved…ruined my life ever since.

    2. Go to hell! Die! Scum!

    3. I found Reason.com through Slate.

      1. I found it through The Agitator, which I found through StopTheDrugWar.com, which I found through erowid.org, which I found because I googled “how to grow mushrooms.” What can I say? I like mushrooms.

    4. Did you know a black man got him fired from that show? Specifically the CEO of American Express. Maher may have some unresolved issues about that given how often he burst out with accusatory and irrational thoughts on the subject of race.

    5. Instapundit with his links to Reason articles. The comments here made me come back since I would (and still do) have lots of laughs reading them.

      And a quick thank you to everyone here for making me challenge my own political beliefs. It’s been an interesting journey.

      1. Yeah, I don’t which sites originally linked me to this place, but at the time I still considered myself a Republican who wished the R’s would focus on economics and not on cultural issues. In my defense, that was pre-Bush II, so I hadn’t quite been beaten over the head with the fact that R’s were generally indistinguishable from D’s on spending.

    6. TOTSE – LP.org – Hammer of Truth (remember that excellent site?) – LRC – Reason.

    7. I grew up reading Reason (on dead tree, of course). My dad’s ambition for me was to become another Virginia Postrel.

      1. Mum wanted me to be Dylan Thomas.

      2. Things were better back then.

        1. Ah, first drink of the day.

      3. My mom subscribed to Reason when I was younger, before I even knew the word “libertarian”. And my upbringing had a lot of talk about freedom and stuff, nothing explicit, just enough talk on enough subjects that I highly value personal freedom. Reason Magazine was the clincher.

    8. No philosphers or economists or politicians or fiction writers got me into libertarianism. I only know about all this stuff because of my mom.

    9. I watched that too. I think I started off as a classic hookers and blow libertarian. Then I read this series called the Sword of Truth. Basically a fantasy vehicle for Objectivism. Eventually led me here and to reading Atlas Shrugged.

    10. I became a libertarian during my eight years in the Army.

      Nothing will make a man hate socialism and authoritarianism as much as living in it.

  18. So let me see if I understand the theory here. Obama has been utterly awful on Drug War policy because his obdurate (and let’s face it, nakedly racist) opposition would set a lowercase t on fire on the lawn of the White House if he followed through on his sort-of promise to maybe not be as awful as he could be on pointless marijuana prosecutions.

    But, BUT. If we elect this lying failure to a second term, he will be able to shed his worries about re-election and opposition and become the compassionate, reasonable drug reformer we all projected him to be in the heady days of 2008.

    So if we declare him President-for-Life, he’ll have no concerns about the legal or political repercussions of anything he does, which logically means he will not only end the War on Drugs, but also reform all of the terrible policies currently wreaking havoc both domestically and internationally by the US government.

    1. Hey, now! Only white people can be racist! Leftists say so, that’s why!

    2. Well, you’ve convinced me, Hugh. Obama for Dictator!

  19. Maher is not a libertarian. He’s a left-libertine. They are not the same thing. Whether or not he understands that distinction is beyond my ken.

    1. Libertinian?

    2. You assume that Bill Maher is sentient. Idiot.

    3. The LP Purity Test is so tough few pass it.

      400 or so tops.

      1. It would be easier for Mary Stack to fit through the eye of a needle.

        1. I lol’d.

          Oh and fuck off shrike (didn’t feel like replying to both posts)

  20. Maher is only a “libertarian” in the sense that he doesn’t like Republicans and the Socons.

    1. A SoCon is the opposite of a Libertarian. Even Ron Paul relinquishes privacy in exchange for policing the uterus.

      1. Re: Palin’s Buttwipe,

        Even Ron Paul relinquishes privacy in exchange for policing the uterus.

        The connection between privacy rights and abortion is as tenuous as the connection between privacy rights and robbery, or privacy rights and murder, or privacy rights and rape. Abortion is murder, whether you do it in the privacy of your pit or in public. So just for starters, your indictment is fallacious.

        Second, Paul has never said that the uterus needs “policing” or anything of the sort. He has only said that a) it is not the business of the Federal government to criminalize abortion and b) it is not the business of the Federal governemnt to DEcriminalize it.

        1. OM you and I should tackle the abortion topic next time Reason needs hit counts. Should be good.

  21. Of course, Maher, also managed to forgive Obama on this one about five seconds after condemning him.

    “Just because I’m being pricipled doesn’t mean I cannot be a hypocrite!”

  22. And progressives make fun of SoCons for having faith. What a laugher. Yeah, that guy who just lied to us about everything that he said he would do in his first time around, actually, that he didn’t even TRY to do. Well, if we just elect him again, he will do it for sure this time, even though he’s not even talking about it doing it anymore.

  23. “I’m hopeful in the second term, when he has nothing to fear in the future,” Maher continued, “that he can be honest about this issue the way he finally became honest about gay marriage.”

    See, we just didn’t give him enough time. He was ‘fearful’ in this first term, so he started a couple of wars, stuck the country with a medical plan that will bankrupt it, threw thousands in jail for smoking dope, *didn’t* close Gitmo, etc.
    In his ‘second term, he might actually do what he promised 4 years ago!
    Imagine what Obozo could do with a *THIRD* term! Why, he might grow a brain-cell and stop killing people and the economy!
    I’ll pass on the opportunity to find out.

  24. Sometimes you jsut have to throw your hands up in the air and shout, Whos your daddy!


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