Militarization of Police

Playing SWAT On a Drug Raid Gives Texas Blogger Self Esteem Boost


Your terrible drug war-friendly editorial of the day can be found over at Texas' Victoria Advocate. Blogger Adriana M. Acosta has written a stirring account of how much fun it is to get dressed in SWAT gear and play drug raid. She is very timid and shy, see, so playing hero-cop is a big deal.

First, some background from the blog where Acosta goes on a ride-along with cops:

As most of you already know, I joined the law enforcement academy a few weeks ago. I mostly joined because I have always been interested in knowing how law enforcement operates. I also thought it would be a good opportunity to explore what they do and write a few stories from those experiences. 

But though she gains new respect for cops after this experience, the real moment of self-actualization came when Acosta got to put on SWAT gear.

The night started off with officers describing the gear, the cost, what they carry and how they use it. Then the night got even more exciting when they said they would be simulating a drug bust and house break in. When they first walked in yelling, "Sheriff's office, get on the ground!" holding guns and then firing—it was thrilling for me. Then they asked for volunteers. Oh surely I can't do that, I thought.

Two volunteers went before me, I stood in the front of the class observing what they were doing, how they were putting their gear on.

"Adriana, go next," said Lt. Baker.

"Me, oh no, that's OK," I said in a shy voice. Although my inner self was jumping up and down for joy because I really wanted to wear that gear and hold that gun.


"Sheriff's office, get down!" I said.

I pointed the gun to the targets, shot a few shots and then it was all over…. I am not a real officer and I know I will never be an officer, but that night shed some light on what they do to protect us civilians.

Sound familiar? There are definite rings of Fox reporter Troy Hayden's little boy-glee over Maricopa County's SWAT team. The two of them should report play together!

Acosta is less dangerous to the world even than a local Fox reporter, she's probably not even worth a blog post of critique, but good Lord, instead of creepy enthusiasm, she's also creepily self-deprecating about her inability to do such a noble thing as be a member of a SWAT team. Firing guns is fun, and Acosta, contrary to self-description, is not even a reporter or a professional-quality blogger. Still, one moment of questioning would have been nice, even for such a minor, mediocre reporter; one moment to consider the real-world ramifications of what she was parroting by practicing drug raids.

Acosta is also the editor of the Bay City, Texas weekly Matagorda Advocate, which is pretty much a great reason to cheer for the demise of the press. 

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  1. Did she get to shoot at a stuffed dog and hold a simulated press conference about how the address may have been wrong but procedures were followed?

    1. An appropriate first comment. As soon as I read:

      I pointed the gun to the targets

      I assumed they were dog silhouettes.

    2. I don’t know why we are obsessing over an obscure blogger when everybody knows the real villains are high school yearbook editors.

  2. When they first walked in yelling, “Sheriff’s office, get on the ground!” holding guns and then firing – it was thrilling for me.

    I bet it’s thrilling for the person being commanded to get on the ground, too. Probably in a different way, though.

  3. that night shed some light on what they do to protect us civilians

    I would bet that less than 1% of all SWAT deployments have anything to do with protecting anybody.

  4. This article is an example of the success of the anti-drug propaganda spewed by our government, as much as we might mock it. Even if she’s smoked weed before and has laughed at the “I learned it by watching you!” commercial, she hasn’t a single thought regarding the morality of delivering overpowering, sudden, and potentially deadly violence to people over what they choose to put in their bodies. There is no questioning of using SWAT teams to perform raids. Nothing. And that’s what the government wants. Because drugs are bad, mm’kay? And because having ever-increasing power for the government is good, mm’kay?

    1. She doesn’t give two flying shits about liberty or what rights individuals have in terms of what they put in their bodies.

      I am not a real officer and I know I will never be an officer, but that night shed some light on what they do to protect us civilians.

      She knows -and how!- that whatever it is that SWAT teams do, even if some innocent people are killed in the process, is all to protect us. IT’S FOR OUR OWN GOOD.

      Why can’t you see that they just want to protect us EPI? That and shoot dogs, but mostly to shoot dogs.

      1. I should have watched more S.W.A.T. and less CHiPs, I guess. But Ponch and Jon were just so much fun!

        1. Simon and Simon was where it was at growing up for me. WAYYY more fun than Ponch and Jon.

          Seriously, dude’s name was Ponch. I think it was even Poncharelli in full form.

          Simon and Simon also had the best opening theme song, and to quote Gutfield, if you disagree with me you sir are worse than Hitler.

          1. Look, tough guy, I liked Simon and Simon too, but the ultimate theme song goes to Hardcastle and McCormick. You idiot.

            1. You’re both wrong.
              La la la la la la

              1. wtf kinda comment is this to leave?

                My little sister? loved this show back in the 80s. She was murdered a few years ago RIP lil sis

                1. That sounds like a typical youtube comment. Better than the ones on Joan Jett videos arguing that Kristen Stewart is a better guitar player.

              1. I thought everyone was a fool, and I see one person knows where it is at.

          2. Rick Simon was a GOD. I still want me a Power Wagon.

        2. I thought it was hilarious when I heard they hated each other IRL.

          1. You mean like Kirk and Scotty?


            1. You mean like Kirk and Scotty everyone else on TOS?

              **Fries Episiarch with lightning bolt**

    2. I’d be willing to bet assistant DAs have a higher recreational drug use rate than the general population and yet high -five each other when they win a drug case or get some schmuck to take a felony conviction when they would have possibly negotiated down to adjudication withheld(like if he showed up with a real lawyer).

      I’m extrapolating from plural anecdotes so it should be a safe bet.

      1. One is a coincidence. Two is a pattern. Three is a trend?

        1. I thought Three was a MORAL PANIC!

          1. Three is Enemy Action.

    3. No, it’s got nothing to do with propaganda. It’s pure adrenaline.

    1. Well, crap. Well, I’m not getting out of this without showing one of you Honey Boo Boo for the first time:

  5. Semi topical:

    The state Department of Health has charged two naturopaths with unprofessional conduct for operating an “assembly line” practice of authorizing medical marijuana at last year’s Hempfest.
    During Hempfest, the two naturopaths saw a combined 216 patients and recommended marijuana for 214 of them, according to the DOH charges against Bearss and Magiasis. The charges accuse the naturopaths of stretching the definition of “intractable pain” ? one of the qualifying conditions under the state medical cannabis law ? and of failing to explore other treatment options, as also required.

    “This assembly line type of practice failed to meet the standard of care because individualized treatment options were not adequately rendered to the patient,” according to the charges.

    So uhh, yeah, Medical Marijuana advocates found out that because Marijuana is now… medicine, that the state kind of frowns on certain “prescription” practices.

    And as an aside, while yes, I’m sure that MM has some medicinal uses for things like nausea and other things… what are the chances that 216 random patients walk in off the street and whoopie-doo-dawdle, medical marijuana happens to be just the thing for 214 of them.…..criptions/

      1. The Guild of Calamitous Intent?

      2. Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges, aka, Clown School

    1. I am curious why two of the patients were turned down.

  6. Way OT:

    Loughner pleads guilty to Ariz. shooting

    I know we had a brief discussion on this yesterday, but I’ve still got lingering questions… especially about his defense:

    His plea came soon after a federal judge found that months of psychiatric treatment for schizophrenia made Loughner able to understand charges that he killed six people and wounded 13 others, including his intended target, then-Rep. Gabrielle Giffords
    “He’s a different person in his appearance and his affect than the first time I laid eyes on him,” said Judge Larry A. Burns, who then accepted the plea agreement and added that he found it to be in the best interest of everyone involved.

    So if at the time of the shooting (the arrest, actually) Loughner wasn’t even able to understand the charges against him, and the judge admits openly that he is a “different person in his appearance and his affect than [shortly after the shooting” wouldn’t that suggest that his defense should have been pushing for an insanity plea?

    I admit I may be seeing this too simplisticly, but here’s a summary analogy I’ll try to make:

    Crazy person is crazy, doesn’t know difference between right and wrong (general legal definition of insanity)

    Commits heinous crime.

    Is arrested and everyone agrees that he doesn’t know difference between right and wrong.

    Pump him full of anti-psychotics (against his will- different debate/discussion for later)

    1. …contd

      Medication brings him back into normalcy, he’s now able to understand difference between right and wrong, hence understand the charges– he is in essence “a different person”… and so now he’s guilty of premeditated murder.

      Wouldn’t his state of mind during the commission of the crime play some part in his defense? Can they take your state of mind ex post facto and retroactively apply motove and thought process to a mind that didn’t exist in manner and kind when the shooting took place?

      1. Please let there be a reality TV show involved!

      2. If Loughner plead insanity he would get the death penalty.

      3. You’re forgetting the part where they pump the crazy person full of anti-psychotics, AFTER which the crazy person carries out his heinous criminal act.

  7. Stop Resisting!

  8. “When I held that gun in my hand, I felt a surge of power… like God must feel when He’s holding a gun.”

    1. “like God must feel when He’s holding a gun.”

      wow..just wow. That is nuclear-level stupid on multiple levels.

      1. I am pretty sure that’s a Simpsons quote.

      2. Uhm, It’s a Homer Simpson quote.
        So yes.

      3. Homer Jay Simpson, indeedily do, neighborino.

  9. Well, I mean, it is fun to shoot shit and play soldier. She’s got that much correct.

    1. It is! I went to a range weekend before last. But that’s not the same damn thing.

      1. What’d you shoot? You seem like a revolver kind of broad.

        1. I heard Lucy shot this.

          1. Lucy shot the sheriff, you idiot.

            1. Warty, if you haven’t seen this, you’re welcome.


              1. Well, I like non sequitur boobs best of all.

                1. Hey this is the time I could post it. Besides…boobs.

          2. Oh man, is that what happened to those strangers who went up old Rocky Top, looking for a moonshine still?

        2. Her twitter feed showed a wheel gun similar to Malcolm Reynolds’.

        3. You know how to sweet-talk a girl, Warty.

          1. I’m just funnin’. I know you keep a derringer tucked into your garter.

            1. “Them derringers is powerful weak.”

  10. Ms. Steigerwald, maybe I’ll have to RTFA, but it seems to me you’re picking on someone for…being a normal human being assigned to an exciting 1st person role in a story. Damn it, who wouldn’t get caught up in the excitement of such a thing? And what reader doesn’t want to get caught up in it too?

    People, there are times when you just have to put out of your mind policy consider’ns — take time out — and get swept up in the excitement. Haven’t some of the most ardent anti-gunners gotten enthusiastic about shooting when they’ve been immersed in it?

    Maybe some time after conveying the excitement to a reader, you’d get back to such consider’ns — not in the same piece of writing, please. If I went with some crowd to take part in y report on fag bashing, nigger lynching, rounding up some Jews for extermination — or cock fighting, dog fighting, etc. — some time later I’d think, well, that was a mean thing to do. But for a while I’d suspend disbelief in its wrongness and just get excited. It’s just human nature. People crave excitement.

    1. And child molesting! Don’t forget child molesting!

      1. And nigger child molesting! LOLZ IM EDGY I SAID NIGGER

      2. Whatever. Anything mean works. Don’t you want to be bad sometimes? Even if you strive to be good most of the time?

        This was a major point made by The President’s Analyst — a truth it made fun of while acknolwedging.

        The psychoanalyst who was to be the president’s remarked as to how he wished all his patients could get rid of their frustrations by actually killing people. By the end of the movie he’s doing it himself.

        1. Don’t you want to be bad sometimes?

          ALL THE FRICKIN’ TIME! OK, OK, look, nobody tell my wife, OK? But yesterday, OMG I can’t believe I’m saying this, but yesterday when my wife wanted to watch The Daily Show and I was still watching Flip This House, I told her, OMG, I told her, “This show is almost over.” AND I MADE HER WAIT! BWAA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

    2. Were you deprived of oxygen at birth?

      1. Leave poor Robert alone. He was probably deprived oxygen at birth.

      2. Is temporary anoxia good for developing clarity of vision? Then I guess I was.

      3. I was. Apparently no ill effects.

    3. It’s the excitement that makes you this big of an idiot, right?

      1. No, I think it’s the idiocy that makes him this big of an idiot.

    4. I am picking someone who is a blogger and an editor of a newspaper who is making policy declarations that are killing, and are imprisoning thousands and thousands.

      You don’t get to write about this and say it helps you be sure that cops are protecting us all on these raids. It’s not apolitical and it is not okay. Going to a shooting range, seeing a movie, that’s fine to be excited by explosions, but if you’re writing and making declarations, I am going to criticize you when you’re a thoughtless statist.

      1. it reads like a bad small-market May t-v sweeps series. I would like to think no self-respecting news director would let the editorializing and conclusion-drawing go, but I’ve been out of the biz for a while.

        A story on training or on procedures is legitimate; most folks never get to see that. Patting your readers on the head like little kids is not journalism.

        1. A story on training would be legitimate, but in my experience they’re either vague and raw-fun-excitement-raid! or they’re actively saying that these procedures are protecting us all.

          A cool, restrained, detailed, skeptical look at this sort of thing would be nice.

          1. A cool, restrained, detailed, skeptical look at this sort of thing would be nice.

            is that still allowed? If it were done, I half expect the media watchdogs to regard it as edgy.

      2. In other words, you’re picking on that person because of a hat she wears, a role she plays. Apparently that means she’s not allowed to have human rxns y write about them for money.

    5. Robert| 8.7.12 @ 8:27PM |#
      …”you’re picking on someone for…being a normal human being assigned to an exciting 1st person role in a story. Damn it, who wouldn’t get caught up in the excitement of such a thing?”

      Uh, someone with a gram of ethics? Someone with the mental age higher than 5?
      ‘Oh, boy! What fun! Let’s threaten people who might well have done nothing with our high-powered weapons and shiny badges!’
      Infantile comes to mind, as do other terms.

      1. You can have all the ethics you want, but you need to give them a rest some of the time, or they get tired — along with the rest of you.

        1. I’ll give them a rest when my money, property, and rights aren’t involved in someone else’s “fun”.

        2. Robert| 8.8.12 @ 10:22AM |#
          “You can have all the ethics you want, but you need to give them a rest some of the time, or they get tired — along with the rest of you.”

          Ignoramus or spoofer; you decide.

  11. Wayne Allyn Root really made the rounds today. I heard him on a crappy local talk show going on about young Barry Soetero the drug addict, coke head, dope-smoker etc. The LP really missed out not nominating him in 2008 or 2012.He doesn’t pass any purity test but he has the drive to eclipse Ed Clark’s record in popular vote percentage.Root knows no bounds in shameless self-promotion. Hell, I could actually vote for him.

    Is Gay Jay wheedling his way onto any local radio talk show that will have him? If so, how many per day? Is he even campaigning at all?

    1. WAR is almost as good as Bachmann, huh? Why don’t you take Robert to your next cock fight?

      1. He must be Cesar.

        1. lol

          The best part was when the host introduced Root as “former Libertarian Party presidential candidate” and Wayne said “yes that’s right”.

          1. eh, sadly, he was a VP candidate.

  12. …but that night shed some light on what they do to protect us civilians.

    Who does she think she was commanding to “get down”?

    1. Non-humans, you know…perps. Mopes, Skels, Subjects, whathaveyou.

  13. i find these “look at how silly these OTHER journalists are” articles to be kind of funny and ironic. it’s the “i am so much more mature than THIS journalist” thing. face it. some journalists LOVE cops and some HATE cops. neither is particularly beneficial to the cause of “objective journalism” if such a thing can be said to exist, and in my opinion, it probably doesn’t

    that aside, this chick sounds like a typical cop groupie(tm).

    as i have said before, there are few jobs better than cop, rock star, or firefighter, when it comes to picking up groupies.

    real raids aren’t QUITE as fun. as i have said, i had three of my partners shot on one my unit did several years back.

    she doesn’t have to worry about getting shot on a fake raid. or getting second guessed by armchair experts when she is forced to make a split second UOF decision that could haunt her her entire life.

    her cavalierness with the gun, etc. is kind of chilling, i admit.

    1. To be fair, people who are painfully shy generally don’t know how to behave in front of a group. Given an opportunity to play dress up as an authority figure with nothing to do but read the script and act like you’re not really terribly uncomfortable, well, that’s going to make a shy person just giddy. She’s acting out the role of someone who knows how to behave in front of other people AND they have to respect her. Of course she’s gushing about it. Right or wrong isn’t the teeniest concern.

    2. i had three of my partners shot on one my unit did several years back.

      All collateral damage?

      1. ?

        guy started shooting.

        my 3 partners survived.

        he didn’t

        as is often the case w/ballistic vests.

    3. and we have the obligatory, inside-the-beltway mocking of “a local Fox reporter” because no one from any other affiliate or network, for that matter, has ever been guilty of blind worship of authority.

      1. Of course they have. But that particular Maricopa County reporter was with a Fox affiliate and was terrible.

        1. the reporter could have been with any affiliate and the story would have been the same. Come on; you know that.

          It just reads as a gratuitous shot because Fox is an easy target for police boot-licking. Just like ABC was easy pickins for its Aurora/Tea Party error.

          1. Yes, but the specific network was Fox, so I said Fox. Writers are supposed to be specific. Not naming the network wouldn’t make any sense, regardless of how you read it.

          2. Or, you know, when you’re actually bootlicking and gushing about it, that makes you an even easier target.

            1. this is good common sense officer sAfety tactics.

              if i am going to lickboot OR gush… i wait until the raid is over.

              start gushing during a raid and people might slip and fall

              1. since this was a fake raid and Adriana knew she would be carrying AND using, it seems the gushing long before anything began.

                1. *the gushing STARTED long before….


                  1. isn’t that a country song “after the gushing”?

  14. OT:

    This picture of Mt. Sharp on Mars makes me sad.…..t-look.jpg

    That could be just another day in Central Asia somewhere.

    This is a more recognizable “real place” than anywhere on Mars we’ve been to date. It makes me sad that there’s no colony domes visible in the distance. Yadda yadda yadda libertarian disclaimer.

    1. I don’t know why we don’t try to de-stabilize Phobos’s low orbit in order to study the effects of 7km impactor on a solid object…You know, for “science”.

      1. But, as I think of it, you probably couldn’t do it without a megaton-range nuclear device. Just the thought of launching such a device would scare people away from implementing the study.

      2. The danger of that is Captain Murphy declaring Martian Law.

      3. We’ll get Michael Bay right on it.

  15. U.S. actor Sean Penn joined President Hugo Chavez at an election rally in Venezuela on Sunday, bringing a dash of Hollywood to the campaign as he rode with him atop a truck past cheering supporters.

    Penn is a friend of Chavez, who hopes to win a new six-year term on October 7. The campaign has turned into the toughest fight of the president’s political career.

    Read more:…..z22ulCut7d

    1. so Hugo’s feeling better?

    2. I’ve been to Iraq you know.

    3. Quickly! Close the border!

      1. You bet! Keep Sean Penn out!
        As an added benefit, he might not show up on TV or movies for a while.

  16. Adriana M. Acosta works in Ron Paul’s congressional district.

    Additional trivia: I went to a really boring useless meeting with a client in Victoria, TX and the only fun thing was watching a drug bust from about 30 feet away when I went outside to smoke a cigarette.The cops pulled over a car with 2 women and 2 men. One chick immediately told the cops she bought drugs for the other people and where they were hidden. The three were arrested and they let the informant go. I assume she kept her “cut” and any money she made on the deal as they didn’t even search her.Up until that point Victoria had seemed like a nice town.

  17. Feminist thread in which they openly discuss disarming and killing white males for being “entitled”. And yet, no word from the SPLC on these guys at all.

    1. TERRORISM!!!!!

    2. TERRORISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    3. I tried to say, “TERRORISM!!!!!!!!” but the server squirrels think it’s spam. Fuckin squirrels.


    4. Big props to whoever “William” is in that thread because that guy has the patience of a saint to even tread into those waters for a debate.

      1. i think his posts are great. he makes excellent points – all content, no derp derp

        1. That’s the only way to handle such situations. You’ll never convince your insane opposition, but if you stay calm and respectful you might have a shot at convincing the lurkers.

    5. Also, I read most of this thread and didn’t really see that espoused to the extent you imply.

      1. How about this one:

        Angie unduplicated 8.7.2012 at 8:16 am | Permalink
        To reference the actual post, I hear a bunch of talk about gun control and mental illness, and not one damned word about white male entitlement control. I own a throwaway in case I need it specifically for white male entitlement control, and, yes, I have had to use one in the past.

        1. It is then quoted and responded to several times. No one seems to take issue with it.

          1. next thing you know they will have somebody post about how a cop should die in a fire.

            this shit’s getting real!

            1. I post things like this in response to the article posted here awhile back that said feminists were allies to libertarians. No one has ever claimed that libertarians and cops were natural allies.

              1. wow. i wasn’t aware of that article. that’s laughable. you may not think cops “are your friend” but we are 100X more sympatico with the libertarian cause on average than the average feminist.

                spend ANY time at feministing or around feminists and that becomes crystal clear.

                i see a lot more cops with a “live and let live” libertarian cant and a STRONG support of the 1st and 2nd amendment (less so on the 4th, sadly) than i would ever see amongst feminists

            2. Also “a cop” vs “white males”. The specific cops referenced in the articles posted here usually should die in a fire. The public would be better off.

              1. i don’t see that, sorry. i see a lot of “what really happened” shootings that may or may not be justified, a few truly egregious cop actors, and a lot of “whatever” like some cop who was schtupping on duty.

                that aside, i think this feministe thread is awesome. i’d love to have william, and even some of the (imo 100% wrong) feminist posters here. they would certainly add to the diversity.

                william also makes many of the same points i make about the disparate demographic nature of violent crime victim. this ties in to how instigators of violence (justified or not) against same minorities are FAR more likely not to be cops and cops are far more likely to be the protectors.

                i just think it’s a great thread, and thanks for linking it.

                and again, william is great

                1. Totally agree. Would love to see some more feminists posting in here. Then I can have the same arguments I have with my gf on the internet.

                  1. My favorite is the “financial abortion” conversation. It always ends with the feminist saying: “Well then maybe he just shouldn’t have sex.”

                    1. I had a similar conversation like that once.

                      I put forth that in the situation of pregnancy, under current laws regarding abortion, child support, and custody a woman has more power than a man since a woman can decide to have an abortion and a man has absolutely no say in it. For putting forth this line of discussion I was called a misogynist.

      2. I guess I’m desensitized to it since I here that shit all the time.

        I recently had a discussion with someone who shut down saying “I’m definitely not going to spend too much time arguing with a white dude about this though.”

  18. Has anyone commented on the fact that the simulation of a raid involves firing the weapon through the targets? I mean, the targets certainly couldn’t have pulled a weapon or shot first, right?

    1. The ‘targets’ were dog silhouettes.

    2. you do realize on stuff like this they frequently use pictorial targets depicting…

      for example…

      people pointing a weapon …

        1. i have yet to see one of those, but works for me.

      1. Sure, but the blogger made no mention of the part of the exercise where she had to evaluate the target. Must have been too excited.

        1. Like I guess what I noticed is that she was told before the exercise started that she was going to get to fire the gun. Do they never practice scenarios where none of the people in the house are bringing the heat?

  19. I only see a Red X instead of a picture. Why?

    1. what you should see is your front sight in tight focus and everything else blurry.

      1. He was referring to the jpeg in the post, not a target picture…

    2. I can see the picture now. Odd.

  20. CANBERRA, Australia ? Australia’s hotel industry has been rocked by a court’s ruling that a prostitute was illegally discriminated against by a motel owner who refused to rent her a room to work from.…..rostitute/

    1. Australia: Hotels get in trouble for preventing illegal activity.

      USA: Hotels get in trouble for not going out of their way to prevent illegal activity.

      It’s a mad world, my masters.

      1. Prostitution was not illegal there.

  21. Even though it is very late, I cannot help but register my awe at Lucy’s uncanny ability to find some of the worst writing on the whole of the intertubez. Holy crapping Christ, unless English is not this woman’s first language, she should be ashamed of herself. It’s not OK to pretend things like this:

    I felt like the blueberry girl from Willy Wonka the Chocolate Factory, you know the little girl that turned blue after eating that blueberry candy and they had to roll her out of there?

    are sentences if you’re a native English speaker older than, say, 12 or 13. This woman’s writing makes my head hurt as much as her thought- and content-free LEO-worship.

    1. And I may have uncovered a clue as to why her work is so shockingly sub-par:

      I am a recipient of the Inland Press Association Minority Program.

      I’m not saying all affirmative action recipients are incompetent but in this case there seems to be a correlation.

      1. If only that was the Inland Press Institute Minority Program

    2. I have a gift.

    3. Also, it was not blueberry candy. It was gum that simulated a 3 (5?) course meal with blueberry pie for desert. She cannot even get her facts rights.

  22. “Sheriff’s office, get down!” I said.

    I pointed the gun to the targets, shot a few shots and then it was all over….

    So this is the “Standard Procedure” that we keep hearing about, eh?

    Never a question as to why you might need a bunch of assault rifles to confront a few potheads. Never a question as to why potheads need to be confronted in the first place.

  23. Never question those who give you the power to kill people, or else they may not give you the opportunity to kill people without consequence.

    It’s all about killing people. Killing people is fun!

  24. The Fainting Couch Store called.
    They’re selling Clutching Pearls now!

  25. I am not a real officer and I know I will never be an officer, but that night shed some light on what they do to protect terrorize and kill us civilians, and our pets

    My Gawd, what a sheep. She left out the instructional part:

    And look over there, that’s fluffy! Kill fluffy!

    1. Oh, I forgot, and there’s granny, draw tasers!

  26. I just like how the simulation always includes shooting at the “targets”.

  27. Steigerwald,

    Great HitRun; post on Adriana’s story.

    It showcases your fantastic hater skills set without really accomplishing anything – that takes skill I tell you.
    What is the best way to fight the gov’t bodies out there than to direct your anger at a reporter instead of at the actual institutions who you view as the the real threat?

    Fight the good Libertarian fight and continue to be irrelevant.

    Hey, at least you can increase your ego with hate, right? You go girl!


    1. Hey good job white washing the comments on the story, can’t have any dissent on there dirtying up you state-worship, amirite?

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