Watch Live: Anaheim Protestors Refusing to Disperse


Journalist Tim Pool is live streaming a protest in Anaheim this evening connected to Saturday's shooting and community response. His stream can be found here. As I watch the feed close to 9 p.m., police are ordering protestors to disperse or be arrested. So far protestors are refusing. Officers appear to be moving in to take some sort of action.

Update: Police appear to be firing pepper balls into the crowd. Protestors are throwing rocks in response.

Update, 9:10 p.m.: Police are now advancing on the crowds.

Update, 9:25 p.m.: Pool is filming a woman who has been hit multiple times on her legs by rubber bullets or bean bags. She says the police refuse to call an ambulance for her.

Update, 9:30 p.m.: The crowds appear to have mostly dispersed.

Update, 9:35 p.m.: Disneyland's evening fireworks show makes the place sound like a war zone.

Update, 10:15 p.m.: Pool was fired at by the police while trying to show his press pass.

Update, 10:55 p.m.: Pool shows a Starbucks with several windows shattered. He doesn't know whether it's due to the protestors or police firing on protestors.

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  1. Now would be a good time for the Anaheim police to go on strike.

    1. Crap. People keep beating me to the lines I come here to say.

  2. Nice hole in the woman’s leg. Looks like they got her several times with the rubber bullets.

    One jerk commented “the were warned, they got what they deserved.” Political expression deserves a violent response? Nice.

    1. Apparently some asshole threw a bottle. After that, I reckon the cops have got their excuse to just go to town on anyone in the vicinity. Any near-adult male in the vicinity of a bottle thrower can be assumed to be a bottle-thrower, or whatever.

      1. So how long until they pull out the water cannons with purple dye?

      2. It wouldn’t be the first time police infiltrated a protest for the purpose of manufacturing and excuse to open the who can.

        1. *an excuse AN excuse

          I hate when that happens.

  3. Those rubber bullet wounds look like the hurt.

  4. Banana Republic ain’t just a cool place to shop.

    1. May I please opt to live in the Republic of Tea?

  5. The cops already won the narrative by declaring the unarmed victim who threw crap they can’t find onto the roofs of buildings as he ran away “a known gang member”.

    Of course, they could have won it for good if the police union came out and said that if it actually went down as it appeared, they couldn’t in any good conscience do more for the cop than ensure that due process is followed. But that will never happen in our lifetimes.

    1. Bull Conner would have been so lucky to have lived in our times. Imagine how the civil rights marchers would have come across if Selma cops employed modern agitprop techniques on our compliant public of whom a cult like sense of deference to all things cop is how many seem to define their own happiness.

      I remember within a year after 9-11 some new TSA policy was put into effect and the reporters asked passengers in line how they felt about it, and the people interviewed displayed an unnerving to watch sense of giddiness and enthusiasm to comply with the instructions that expanded delays.

      It may have been the reporters selected whom they interviewed on that basis, after all they are really no better than Soviet era Pravda doing nothing more than reading official reports to the masses on most days, but still, Goddamn.

    2. The reports stated that the man the police killed was known as “stomper.” That indicates that he may very well have been a known gang member. Having said that, even known gang members and sundry other scumbags have a right to due process….

      1. Maybe the cops just wanted that nickname for themselves. Didn’t want the victim to come after them for trademark infringement.

  6. I heard the fireworks.
    While Disneyland celebrates.
    Protestors get shot.

    1. Violence haiku. very nice.

  7. It looks like it’s already over. All the livecast is showing are cops and small fires.

  8. Ooh now they’re shooting Tim.

    1. Looks like I went to bed too soon.

  9. Tim claims the officers just shot at him with the non-lethals. He ran. Stream is choppy.

  10. His partner is pinned behind a UHaul when she had her press pass out… officers had guns drawn. Assume non-lethals loaded?

  11. Tim claims cops are now firing “indiscriminately”. Tim was able to convey he had a press pass at one point and they lowered their guns.

  12. Video is choppy but audio is good. Tim still claiming cops are shooting at him and/or people/cars around him.

  13. According to Tim, police have separated press from protesters.

  14. I heard the fireworks.
    While Disneyland celebrates.
    Protestors get shot.

  15. Tim reports that the officers are literally firing indiscriminately (non-lethals, impact rounds, rubber bullets etc) at anyone on the street– no warnings.

    1. What, no barricades? Pikers.

      1. What kinda idjits go toe-to-toe with the gendarmes without constructing barricades? Our rabble has truly hit rock bottom.

        1. If they really wanted to accomplish something, they’d actually be acting like Bloomberg claims they are acting and bring out a metric fuckload of AR15s.

  16. That’s the problem with kids today. They need to learn the old ways

    Old World

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    1. Based on the topicality of the link, I believe bots are now capable of passing the Turing test.

  18. Anaheim butts up against Fullerton: My goodness, these two “police departments” are populated with some really awful, violent punks.

  19. Great example of bias;
    Police appear to be firing pepper balls into the crowd. Protestors are throwing rocks in response.
    If it had been written as;
    Protestors are throwing rocks. Police appear to be firing pepper balls in response. You would all be having a cow about the bias (although honestly that is probably more accurate).

    And any first-year journalism student knows the best way to write it would be simply;
    Protestors are throwing rocks. Police appear to be firing pepper balls.

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