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Video Shows San Antonio Cop Beating a Handcuffed Pregnant Woman [UPDATED]


San Antonio cops attempting to arrest a 22-year-old pregnant woman on a prostitution warrant claim they had to use force because she fought back. But a cell phone video obtained by FOX News in San Antonio shows two officers penning down a screaming woman in handcuffs while a third officer slugs her repeatedly. 

FOX interviewed San Antonio Chief of Police William McManus about the arrest. McManus defended the officers and said the woman's size--she stands just over five feet tall, and weighs just over 120--doesn't make a difference. When FOX offered to show McManus the video that contradicts his claim that the officers used justifiable force, McManus said he didn't need to watch it because "what's on the video, my understanding is that's what the officer reported." 

Watch the video here (warning, the screaming is horrendous): 

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UPDATE: "Sources tell Fox San Antonio that Rios underwent a routine pregnancy test, and that she was never pregnant. Chief William McManus says he's seen the video of his officers hitting Rios, but he says his officers did everything by the book."