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Deadly Hug Shooting Under Review, Obama Also Outsources, Doctors on Lance Armstrong's Team Banned: P.M. Links


  • He looks excited. Possibly a little too excited.

    The case of the deadly hug in Detroit is under further investigation. Firearm experts say they don't see how a properly holstered gun on an off-duty police officer could have accidentally discharged during a party, killing a 24-year-old woman who was hugging the officer from behind.

  • In today's Obomney news: Gov. Mitt Romney is attempting to turn the tables on the "outsourcing" attacks levied by President Barack Obama's reelection campaign. Romney called Obama the "outsourcer in chief" for putting money into energy companies that manufacture products outside the United States.
  • The International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague has handed down its first sentence, giving Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga 14 years in prison for using child soldiers in his civil war rebel army.
  • Two doctors and a trainer who worked with Lance Armstrong on the United States Postal Service racing team have received lifetime bans from the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency for alleged violations. The agency claims the three developed and administered performance-enhancing drugs to riders. Armstrong still faces the possibility of losing his Tour de France titles.
  • Arati Prabhakar, who worked for the venture capitalists behind Solyndra, has been named chief of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It's not clear whether she was directly involved with Solyndra.
  • Egypt's high court and military is sticking to the decision to disband the nation's parliament, even as President Mohamed Morsy (of the Muslim Brotherhood) reconvened it for less than an hour Tuesday. Crowds gathered to support Morsy, but the protests were peaceful.
  • According to a government report, firms being paid tens of millions of dollars to track down Medicare fraud often have financial connections or are doing business with the very companies they're being asked to investigate. The study found nearly 2,000 potential conflicts of interest.
  • Journalists, bloggers, and writers from around the world are invited to enter the 2012 Bastiat Prize for Journalism, which will honor commentary, analysis, and reporting that best demonstrates the importance of freedom and its underlying institutions.

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  1. …often have financial connections or are doing business with the very companies they’re being asked to investigate.

    Then they’re familiar with their subjects. What’s the problem?

    1. It’s a value-add!

      1. Synergy, baby. Everybody wins!

        Well, everybody who matters.

  2. Romney called Obama the “outsourcer in chief” for putting money into energy companies that manufacture products outside the United States.

    Thank Gaia we’re debating the substantive issues of the day.


      1. Are you kidding? That’s a gift to the People’s Commentariat.

  4. …giving Congolese warlord Thomas Lubanga 14 years in prison for using child soldiers in his civil war rebel army.

    I remember when mentors were lauded for their apprenticeship programs.

    1. I receive many plattitudes from local chimney sweeps when I sell them my facotry child laborers that have become sufficiently emaciated to climb up and down chimney stacks.

    2. Good…let the hate flow through you…

      OK, remember you need to raze two villages by Wednesday, and your business case on improving our human-trafficking operations is coming up.

    3. That was before the push for higher education for all children. We can’t have these kids going to trade school or apprenticeships.

    4. Personally, I’d like to hear from General Butt Naked.

  5. Democratic representative Jesse Jackson Jr. hasn’t shown up to work in Washington in a month, due to health issues the nature of which the family refuses to release details on. Speculation is rampant that he might be in drug or alcohol rehab.

    1. RACIST!

      1. He didn’t say ‘crack’ or ’40 oz. malt liquor’.

        1. Or ‘menthol cigarettes’.

            1. PURPLE DRANK!

            2. Purple drank.

              1. Damn it!

    2. We need to find out what his problem is and send the same to the rest of Congress, Administration and Courts.

      1. Find a *keg* of what his problem is and distribute it…

    3. Nah. Really bad case of the crabs. He didn’t want anyone to claim Bill Maher is more black than him, so he’s been bangin’ a lot of ghetto hos lately.

    4. Jesse Jackson Jr. Medical Mystery Still ‘Inappropriate’ To Ask About, Says His Father

      How can it be inappropriate to ask why a public servant isn’t showing up to work?

      1. The fact that you even have to ask proves your inherent racism. 40 lashes for you.

        1. “40 lashes”


  6. So I’m thinking about getting a handgun and my CHL once I get the cash for it, and before Oregon(!) because less gun-friendly, but really have no idea what to look for. Do you fine gents have any suggestions?

    I was thinking of a 1911, but am open to all suggestions.

    1. If you’re seriously thinking of carrying all day, a 1911 is not your friend. I do it, but I’m old and grumpy. I hear nice things about the SW MPs.

      1. Except when they accidentally go off when hugged from behind… by a woman on her knees… or someone else.

    2. I have a walther PPS. It shoots great, but i have yet to carry it on a daily basis (no CHL yet).

      1. I’ve found the PPS is a little too big for pocket carry, but is my every-day carry with an inside-the-waistband holster – so thin it just disappears, and it’s a terrific shooter for a compact single-stack.

    3. What will your carrying pattern be? All the time? Where will you be carrying?

      If it’s going to be all the time, in all weather, including hot weather with no jacket, you’re going to want something light and small. Here are what I carry:



      1. My carry is a pf-9, but I fucking hate the double action. I’d rather have a small gun that has a safety instead.

        1. The last thing in the world I want is a safety on an “oh shit!” gun.

          1. I’m cracking up at the stroke that sentence would give an anti-gun person, especially out of context. Nice.

          2. The last thing in the world I want is a safety on an “oh shit!” gun.

            Even a grip safety?

            1. Even a grip safety. If revolvers weren’t too fat, I’d prefer a hammerless revolver.

              1. Chiappa Rhino

                Slim, for the full-figured Seattleite on the go.

                1. Still too fat, much like you. And I’m going to wait for it to get a few years on it and see what the resulting shakeout is. Being an early adopter in guns is…not the wisest thing to do.

                2. I still can’t decide whether I think those are the most hideous or coolest-looking things ever.

                  Today I’m going with cool.

              2. You seen that rhino? not hammerless, but very slim for a revolver.

          3. Frame-mounted safeties that unsafe downwards with a closing-hand motion are fine with me, because “squeeze hand to fire” is pretty natural, but fuck slide-mounted up-to-unsafe ones.

          4. How does a gun without a safety work? Will it go off with a simple trigger pull or do you have to cock it first somehow or pull the trigger twice?

      2. Apropos of your carry habits, if you’re a big caliber man/woman, I just picked up the Springfield XD .45 which is getting generally rave reviews.

        It’s glock-like, but with a couple more safeties than the Glock. The XD has the grip safety, but the one I picked up has no manual safety. There is a model with a manual safety available, though.

        It’s a polymer, very lightweight and in a fairly compact design for its caliber, but might still be a little large for full-time carry.

        1. Cool, I’ll check it out.

          1. I think it’s a good cross between a glock and non-glock– if you now what I mean.

            Serious Glock afficianados are intrigued and liking it, but Glock skeptics like it because it has, you know, some safeties on it.

            Reliability is tops, and I’m a little sensitive about reliability because I just came from a very flakey Colt 1911 from the mid-90s, which wouldn’t feed anything.

            1. Don’t know how available they are anymore, but for another excellent not-a-Glock, I’ve really loved my Steyr M (40). Trigger safety as well as external that you can turn off with the trigger finger, and weird trapezoid sights. Feels very similar to a Glock 17

      3. PF-9? Fuckin’ fiat of guns.

        1. And if I had to carry my car in my waistband, a fiat would be a better choice than a cadillac, wouldn’t it?

    4. Mrs. Dean carries a Kahr 9mm. Purpose-built for carrying, and a fine gun. You’ll want to run a few hundred rounds through it to loosen and settle the action, but you were going to do that anyway.

      RC hasn’t been carrying due to his hospital job (carrying is absolutely verboten in hospitals, for reasons that no one has been able to explain to me). When that is in my rearview, I’ll probably get a Kahr, too. I’m generally partial to .45s, but I’d want to shoot one first in a small carry gun before I committed to it.

    5. That was supposed to be ‘becomes’ in my OP, oh well.

      I appreciate the recommendations, for my own research however, what kind of models (of guns, not women, I already do that in my special ‘me-time’) should I be looking at for an all-day carry?

      Are there specific manufacturer’s I should stay away from (or I should gravitate towards)?

      Thanks. I’m very new to this. (Obviously)

      1. My links are for all-day carry guns. Reading is good.

        1. Ruger’s clones of those two Kel-Tecs, the LCP and the LC9, are worth looking at too. Kel-Tec has some great ideas, but their execution can leave a bit to be desired; a lot of people have to send their handguns back to the factory for a free fluff-and-buff job to get them to run reliably, but the company doesn’t seem to understand that they wouldn’t have that problem if they’d just do it in the first place and charge and extra $20 instead. The Rugers have a better reputation in that regard.

          Anyway, besides the PF9/LC9 and Kahrs, the pocket 9mm market has really been taking off lately. I’d look into SW’s new MP Shield too. There’s always the traditional MP compact and the Glock 26 to consider as well, but they’re a bit bigger and thicker than the newest offerings.

          1. The fluff and buff shit is annoying with Kel-Tec, but once it’s done you’ve got a great gun. I tried Ruger’s knockoffs and didn’t like them as much. Plus, I got my Kelt-Tec for fantastic deals at gun shows.

          2. Pretty sure I bent the frame on my P3AT. It stopped firing reliably, sent back for work, fired semi reliably for a few mags, and then really started failing. I should take it to a gun buy back and get a ruger.

      2. I personally alternate between a Springfield 1911 and a Browning Hi-Power with Milt Sparks leather. My back-up/laziness/too-fucking-hot-out gun is a Kel-Tec P3AT. I used to religiously carry the 1911/BHP but Arizona weather has eventually worn me down. I’ve heard a lot of people bitch about Kel-Tec QC but mine has worked just fine. Sure, it’s not a powerful gun, but it requires zero effort to always have around, so it’s always around.

        See if you can rent a gun you’re interested in at a local range before you buy it–it’ll probably cost you $10-20 at most.

        Don’t cheap out on a holster and decent belt–my personal favorite stuff is Milt Sparks, I have some VM-2s, a belt, and some other leatherware. You’re not going to listen to this advice and you’re going to buy a crappy holster and belt, then a better one, then finally get a real one and in the process you’ll acquire a “holster drawer” full of worthless crap. Don’t worry, it happens to most everyone.

    6. SW J-frame revolver for carry. Utterly reliable and perfectly intuitive to use.

      I prefer the shrouded hammer model 638.
      There is a lighter alloy version. Look for a pre-lock model if you can find one in good condition.

      1. I was going to suggest the same. Small and light due to only holding 5 shots, but still fires .38 . Plus it is a revolver so very reliable and little can go wrong with it.

      2. Fucking ampersand-eating squirrels.

        I refuse to recommend the plastic revolvers but for pure utility you might want to look into them. Much cheaper than titanium/scandium alloys.

        1. I was skeptical of the polymers for years, but I’ve softened my stance, and I just picked one up.

          I think there’s been enough time, science and engineering to alleviate any fear about reliability and toughness. If they’re good enough for the Iranian police and Croatian Army, they’re good enough for me.

        1. Nice. I want one.

    7. Have you considered the Super Shorty?

      1. I love those. And I still don’t have a shotgun. But I’m pretty sure that my money will end up going to a ksg.

    8. I carry a 1911 variant, but I also like the CZ 2075 RAMI which is a nice compact pistol that shoots and conceals well. You can get it in. 40 and 9mm.

      1. Anybody carry a Sig P-238? I’m contemplating one of those.

        1. I had the cash in pocket and there was a rainbow titanium P-238 in the case for less than I’d seen anywhere.Before I even expressed any interest in the little Sig the gun store clerk sneered it was only for carry in ass-less chaps and then launched into the foulest string of homophobic derision of the rainbow titanium finish and Sig Sauer for ever offering such an abomination. I figured he didn’t deserve any of my business.

          1. then launched into the foulest string of homophobic derision of the rainbow titanium finish and Sig Sauer for ever offering such an abomination. I figured he didn’t deserve any of my business.

            You should have snapped it up immediately, referencing his tirade for the reason of purchase.

          2. I can certainly understand not wanting to give money to a store like that, but really, the other good option there is to buy it and then ask the guy what he’s doing later on that night. 😉 (I guess that only works if you’re also a guy.)

    9. My buddy has a springfield armory 1911 and it’s the shit. His has the bevelled barrel so that the feed ramp and throat smoothly allow defensive type ammo without jamming.

      He carries all the time and is not a large person, but it is a large gun. He has only killed once in a hug related homicide.

      The walthers mentioned above are nice. The pp’s are nice guns; feel good in the hands. My dad has an old ppk James Bond gun and I don’t think that we ever jammed it. It’s old, worn in, but taken care of and shoots like a dream. Good size to carry as well.

      And don’t listen to Episiarch, he buys his guns out of the trunk of a car from some spic pimp out of Everett. Probably has a chinese cap gun with a kel-tec sticker on it.

      1. It says “Kel-Tac”. That’s close enough!

        I don’t understand how people carry full size guns. Where the fuck are you carrying it? Today I’m wearing shorts and a t-shirt. I have to put the gun in my waistband. Even my PF-9 would print, so it has to be the P-3AT. I couldn’t possibly carry anything big.

        1. Sounds like you need a purse, Epi.

          In seriousness, though, I completely agree. I mean, I wear chick clothes so I couldn’t hide anything of any size anywhere on most days (not that I could carry anything anywhere at all here in Chi), but I still don’t know how dudes are going to comfortably carry a 1911 or something without printing.

            1. Yeah, I’m sitting in a chair all day. I walk to work and have no where at work to stash my gun, so it stays on me. That thing would be digging into my back so fierce it would be like getting kidney punched.

              1. You can shift it forward from 3:30 to 3:00 when sitting and that’ll remedy it. At least with my body. Walking extended distances with an IWB holster does indeed suck though.

          1. No, no, purses are NutraSweet’s thing. He just says it’s his wife’s, but he’s lying.

            It’s not just printing. How are you going to sit comfortably all day with a 1911 in the front of your jeans?

            I have a CZ 97B, which is a .45 and basically CZ’s 1911. It’s a monster. Carrying that thing anything other than open carry is inconceivable.

            1. No, no, purses are NutraSweet’s thing. He just says it’s his wife’s, but he’s lying.

              It’s okay to admit the truth. Fine leather goods are a fine thing. You deserve it.

              And since you’re a hipster, you just have to wear tighter pants than most of the other guys around. Which, as long as they’re not girls’ jeans, is 100% legit.

              1. Well, I am wearing this right now. But no women’s jeans, just women’s shorts. Short shorts.

            2. Look, needles, BSL tester, insulin, alcohol wipes and an emergency candy-bar have to somewhere. Unlike you, I can’t store it all in my cavernous asshole.

              1. If you’d just follow that asshole stretching regimen I told you about, you could too. You’re just lazy.

          2. but I still don’t know how dudes are going to comfortably carry a 1911 or something without printing

            The only way it can be done in my opinion is with a good shoulder holster and some sort of loose upper-body cover. Winter time is easiest, because you have a jacket on.

            As a former 1911 owner, if I wore a loose fitting, open shirt with tee-shirt underneath (I have dignity) the 1911 was fairly unobtrusive under my left arm (for cross draw).

            But once it got hot enough where that configuration didn’t work, the best you could do is your waistband in the small of your back, but a sharp eye will see the butt of the gun in your tee-shirt if you bend over at all.

            1. And the last thing in the world I want is some hyper-ventilator calling SPD on me because they saw my gun. I am extremely concerned about printing.

            2. Unless you live somewhere where open carry is illegal or it’s otherwise very important to have a gun not be suspected, I wouldn’t worry overmuch about printing. People tend to be pretty unobservant and won’t even notice an openly carried gun much of the time. Of course, if you look less like an off-duty cop and more like a tattooed greasy-haired meth freak, your mileage may vary.

              1. I used to carry illegally sometimes in NYC. I have “never, ever fucking print” ingrained deep in my brain.

                1. Yow. I bet.

              2. People tend to be pretty unobservant and won’t even notice an openly carried gun much of the time. Of course, if you look less like an off-duty cop and more like a tattooed greasy-haired meth freak, your mileage may vary.

                In Washington, open carry is explicitly legal, but implicitly illegal.

                There’s a provision in Washington Law that says if anyone anywhere sees you open carry and feels causes concern or is alarmed by your weapon, you can be stopped and removed from the area.

        2. You would shoot somebody whilst wearing “shorts and a t-shirt” how….uncivilized.

          I think people just get used to doing things a certain way and no amount of logic or reason will see them change their ways. You could point out a 1000 advantages to using a pocket gun, but you’ll get shot down(HAR HAR) with, “Yeah, but I don’t like ’em.”

        3. Inside the waistband, strong side, just behind the 3 o’clock position. I wear lots of shorts and t-shirts. It may print a little, but not enough for anybody to identify it as gun. I also wear lots of short sleeve button down shirts that are fuller cut to go over my gut without being tight. Plenty of room under those for the 1911.

          It’s eminently possible. My only real grips is that the 1911 is heavy. Sometimes I’ll carry the wife’s if she’s not, because she has the alloy frame on a Commander length.

          I’m also convinced that if I carried every day, it wouldn’t bother me. But since my employer won’t budge on it, and only grudgingly accepts I can have it in my car, I only carry on nights and weekends.

    10. I have a Beretta Tomcat .32ACP, that fits in a pocket holster. Makes daily carry comfortable, and you can drop it in your shorts pocket on hot days. Decent power with .32 round.

      I’ve got a Kimber Ultra CDP II .45 too. Pricey, but worth it.

  7. Try three: I’m going to win today’s “what they were doing instead of passing a budget” contest.

    A couple dems get a bug up their ass about Jeeps.

    According to The Detroit News, out of 402 formal complaints regarding 2005-2010 model year Wranglers, NHTSA found that there were “two possible relevant crashes, one of which alleged nonfatal injuries.” Jeep sold a total of 542,134 Wranglers during those model years.

    That didn’t stop our kindly overseers for wanting to look out for the safety of us poor clods.

    1. In other words, they were busy finding ways for people to snatch money from the evil corporations while at the same time guaranteeing those corporations a continued existence via public loan guarantees and bailouts.

    2. I have a ’97 TJ with 36″ tires and a 4″ lift. I don’t go over 55mph in it. Everyone who owns a Jeep knows the death wobble is from after marketing the hell out of the damn thing.

      1. Everyone in the Jeep community knows that DW is directly tied to the track bar, be it the bushings or the bolt holes wallowed out from Jeep using 14mm rather than full shouldered 9/16″ bolts. The initial DW will then cause other components to fail at a much faster rate.

  8. People complain about multinational corporations not paying taxes, it looks like multinational governments are also in on the deal. Here the EU says that its retired bureaucrat can avoid national taxes and only pay a low EU tax on their earnings.

    Eurocrats Told: Keep Dodging Taxes


    The World Bank and the IMF also have special tax deals so they don’t have to pay national taxes. No wonder they keep on telling nations to raise taxes, they don’t pay them.

    1. What a fucking disgrace

  9. Romney called Obama the “outsourcer in chief” for putting money into energy companies that manufacture products outside the United States.

    Whereas Mittens will only dole out bags of taxpayer cash to good old fashioned red-blooded ‘mericun cronies. Good to know.

  10. The infamous right-wing media at the Washington Post and ABC News find that Romney and Obama are now dead even in their latest poll. And that’s among registered voters, not likely voters.

    1. These fucking polls. Half of them are telling me Obama is comfortably ahead in swing states, the others he’s dangerously behind.

      1. Nobody really *wants* to vote for either of them, that’s why.

      2. Makes you want to consume “news” media don’t it? Well not you, but people.

    2. And that’s among registered voters, not likely voters.

      I see what you did there.

      1. What’s their methodology for polling the deceased-American community, anyway?

        1. Find out ethnicity and registered party prior to death and extrapolate the results?

        2. Count how many there are in Illinois and put them in the Democrat column?

  11. [Detroit Police Chief Ralph] Godbee vowed the department would fully investigate Miller’s death.

    “To the family of Adaisha Miller, the deceased, on behalf of the Detroit Police Department and me being a father myself, I offer our sincerest condolences by what all apparent preliminary investigation indicates is a very tragic and unfortunate incident,” Godbee said.

    “We will conduct a complete and above-board investigation of this incident before coming back to you to reiterate this was an accident and have you move along.”

    1. http://www.freep.com/article/2…..dyssey=mod

      Mom says she wasn’t on her knees performing an exotic dance because she didn’t know the officer…

      Police say the officer may have allowed the trigger to be manipulated while in the holster?!?

      1. Normally, being quick on the trigger when getting a blowjob is a good thing.

      2. She only dances around on her knees with officers she knows?

        I am so confused.

  12. The biggest problem in the Lance Armstrong case, in my opinion:

    USADA, which participated in the federal investigation, isn’t part of the U.S. government and isn’t a judicial body. Newspaper stories tend to shorthand it as a “quasi-governmental” entity, but that’s not accurate. USADA is a private non-profit corporation hired to manage the anti-doping program for American athletes who hope to participate in the Olympics as well as various local, regional, national, and international competitions.

    USADA says it has direct authority over thousands of citizens, with the ability to deprive them of property rights, ruin their reputations, and even conduct warrantless searches and seizures. It argues that it can use the courts to compel people who have nothing to do with sports to testify in its private proceedings under threat of perjury, to surrender evidence or other documents, and to name names. It insists that it doesn’t have to follow the usual rules of justice guaranteed by the Constitution. What’s more, it has been actively expanding its powers.

    1. Lance Armstrong is a huge dbag but I figured he would have been caught by now.

      1. I liked his cameo in Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, though.

        “Quit? You know, once I was thinking about quitting when I was diagnosed with brain, lung and testicular cancer, all at the same time. But with the love and support of my friends and family, I got back on the bike and I won the Tour de France five times in a row. But I’m sure you have a good reason to quit. So what are you dying from that’s keeping you from the finals?”

      2. Armstrong is an ass, but fuck those USADA fuckers in the fucking ass.

    2. Well, to be sure, anyone can use the courts to compel people to testify, produce documents, etc. Its called a subpoena, but its only available if you have actually filed a court case.

      Not sure where USADA thinks to gets the authority to exercise the same power as a court, or as a litigant without the bother of actually filing a case.

    3. If I were Lance, I’d tell the USADA to go and fuck themselves. The UCI is the governing body for the TdF, and the USADA has no real jurisdiction. Sure they can keep him out of USATA Triathlons, but he could always participate overseas and also tell them to pound sand.

      This has been, is and will continue to be a witch hunt. The man has taken so many chemo drugs, there’s no telling what kind of response his body has had and what kind of positive results will come out of the chemical reactions. That said, he has never, ever had a confirmed positive test for performance enhancing drugs and has always complied with the testing requirements of cycling’s governing body.

      Fuck the USADA.

    4. Fuck those fascist fuckin assholes. Lance should tell em to go pound sand. If he did, he got away with it as far as I’m concerned. Shoulda busted him while he was “ridin dirty”. Tough shit now.

    5. I don’t get it. Everybody, literally everybody in cycling dopes. Lance passed all their tests, every time, though. So fuck ’em. It just drives them crazy that he’s about the last champ who hasn’t been caught.

  13. even as President Mohamed Morsy (of the Muslim Brotherhood)

    Is it a rule that African nations’ leaders have to have their names spelled more than one way? Qaddafi/Kaddafi/etc. and now Morsi/Morsy?

    1. I think its Arabic which has no one set of rules for converting it to English, so you get different results depending on who is doing it.

      1. Why can’t words just be pronounced the way they are written? Seriously, “??????” should be so easy to come to an agreement on.

      2. Would Morrissey be a good variant spelling?

        Morrissey – Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want


          1. I show one of the Egyptian President’s concerts and *I’m* the homo?

            His other hits include “Please, God, it’s been a whole week since I last beheaded someone.”

            1. Just make sure you don’t sully Johnny Marr’s name with all of this shit. That man never harmed a soul.

      3. Written Arabic has no vowels, per se. Thus, when doing transliterations, it’s a free-for-all.

  14. OT: Drudge continues his mastery of minimalist circa-1992 web page design by putting his site in black and white under a headline story about the NAACP’s racist attack on Romney as “too white.”

    1. I noticed that too but it started earlier in the day before the too white story. Was he leading up to that?

  15. Squirrels ate my comment (I think)…

    So I read Sugarfree’s review of HBO’s the Newsroom in this a.m.’s links, and I I’ve noticed that HBO spends a nontrivial amount of its air time retailing leftist fairy tales. It seems to me that HBO’s entertainment appeal used to be a bit wider, so is it a normal business model for a company with wide-ish appeal to angle toward a niche market? Or perhaps HBO has always been the way it is now…

    1. Lies! I have been on here all day and never saw any A.M. links posted…

    2. O Rly? Because I watch a lot of HBO and none of what I watch is a “leftist fairy tale”. So, besides The Newsroom, what else is a leftist fairy tale?

      1. Isn’t Veep on HBO?

        1. Veep is pretty anti-government in the way it depicts the horrible, selfish, egomaniacle people that run Washington. It’s eseentially the anti-West Wing in that regard.

        2. I believe so. So is True Blood, Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Treme, Curb Your Enthusiasm, and The Ricky Gervais Show. As of a few years ago it had The Wire, Entourage, and Flight of the Conchords amongst many, many others.

          1. Duly noted.

        3. Serious is correct, Veep is a shotgun blast against every politician. They are cagey about Selina’s party, but she reads as a liberal.

          1. She has to be a Democrat. Prior to becoming Veep she was a Senator from communuist Maryland and her big pet project is a clean jobs commission.

            1. “Has the President called?”

              Yeah, Maryland is the tip-off.

      2. From the Earth to the Moon?

        1. I really liked that one.

      3. True Blood is pretty leftist, but only in so far as the opponents to vampires and other supernatural creatures are stereotypical Bible Belt GOP types, but if you are going to draw a vampire right as gay rights struggle, you can’t help but draw that parallel, really.

        1. Yeah, but that’s all Alan Ball. He did it in Six Feet Under too.

          1. No, you’re a towel.

        2. I never thought it was possible for vampires to get any gayer, but it seems they did.

          1. No, it peaked out with Anne Rice. At least Ball’s vampires can have sex with women instead of moan on about the tedium of eternal tweedom.

            1. And Ball’s vampires don’t go to high school.

              1. I just hate mopey in general. “Boo-hoo, I’ll never see the sunrise again. Wah-wah, I’m an outsider.”

                You’re immortal, strong, fast, with no material needs and a cheap and plentiful food supply. Shut the fuck up, already.

            2. I’ve mentioned this before, but one of the best vampire things ever was Fred Saberhagen’s The Dracula Tape. For those who don’t know, it’s the original Dracula told in first person by the count himself. As a mostly wronged goodish guy who bites necks occasionally.

              It’s really well done.

          2. Just sucking necks gets boring after awhile.

            1. If sucking makes you bored, the Twilight series should have *died* of boredom by now.

        3. It’s sort of a terrible analogy. If it came out tomorrow that gays were actually all (by physiological requirement) cannibals, and that they had only stopped killing and eating humans recently because someone had started cloning meat, I’m not sure how down I would be with the whole gay rights thing.

        1. But nobody watches that, right?

          1. I watched it when Gillespie was on… and it reminded me why I never watch it.

            1. Seriously; that man is a terrible person.

    3. With the exception of GoT geeks, does anyone other than hipster trash with more trust fund money than brains actually pay good money for HBO? That might answer your question. IOW, it’s not a niche market given their viewer demographics.

      1. Hipster?!?

        1. If the shoe doesn’t fit, don’t wear it.

          I know a lot of regulars on here are always talking up GoT and aren’t hipsters, which is why I made the distinction between GoT geeks and hipsters.

          The two terms may or may not be mutually exclusive, and I recognize there may be a few HBO subscribers who don’t fall into either category, but I’m guessing not many.

          1. Maybe HBO has a lot of shows about pizza.

          2. If you look at the list I posted above, you will see that there is a lot of great/fun stuff on HBO. Boardwalk Empire is excellent.

            Hipsters don’t watch HBO. They don’t have the money, and since things on HBO are popular, hipsters would shy away from them anyway.

            I wonder what hipsters do watch.

            1. They don’t have the money

              Since when?

              1. Since when have hipsters ever had money?

                1. When they’ve received student loans?

                2. Since the were born to rich parents. How else are they going to afford swanky apartments and overpriced secondhand clothes?

                  1. And $10 mayo…

                    1. God Fucking Dammit!!! This is three times today.

            2. Documentaries.

            3. I wonder what hipsters do watch.

              I’m sure they watch shit like Thunderbirds Are Go reruns and Degrassi: Whatever The Fuck Incarnation Is Going On Now…ironically, of course.

            4. I wonder what hipsters do watch.

              Are you insane? Hipsters don’t have televisions. That would be so fucking bougie.

              1. Well, they could watch ironically.

          3. No no, Epi IS a hipster. You’re right there.

      2. Lolwhat? Hipster programming on HBO boils down to Bored to Death (which I find pretty funny, but I have hipster experience) and on its face Girls (which I haven’t watched and have no intention to watch).

        HBO seems to just play movies and has some good TV shows.

        1. You don’t get it, Ska, it’s a KULTUR WAR thing. Someone told TEAM RED KULTUR warriors that TEAM BLUE KULTUR warriors love HBO (even though tons of people love HBO, including libertarians), and so now they have to hate on it. You see, KULTUR WAR is more important than enjoying excellent TV.

          Understand now?

          1. Christ, quit manning the ramparts already. Just an observation on my part. I like some of HBO’s stuff, but don’t have time to invest in the series they run. The programs I do sample seem to swing one way. The documentaries are a mixed bag.

            Hell, I even like the first few episodes of Girls. (Uh oh — I may have set myself up for a lifetime of HR abuse)

            1. Maybe you should watch the good shows on HBO, instead of what seem to be the terrible ones (I haven’t, and won’t be, trying The Newsroom or Girls).

            2. You are despicable sir. The only reason to watch Girls was to see any of them (besides Hannah, the only one who ever did) get naked. I can’t believe I invested 10 weeks into that show…

            3. It actually gets better in the last half of the season. More Adam.

        2. Girls might be the most unwatchable thing ever on HBO (if not television in general), although The Newsroom might be giving it a run for its money.

      3. I think HBO has some good stuff. I subscribe so I can watch occasionally. I’m sure there is a more economical way to watch the stuff I like, but frankly I am AV-challenged and until all the other options are as simple as plugplay; this is just easier.

      4. I used to like having HBO for boxing matches that weren’t PPV, but because of how the last few big PPV fights have gone down, I’m losing interest in the sport fast. Still, HBO’s fights and commentators are pretty good and call them like they are (Lederman really sticks it to Floyd Mayweather)

        1. Boxing is officially dead. Put a fork in it.

        2. No, no, Pacquaio really deserved to lose. How could you claim it was all a fix?

        3. Boxing sucks and has always been fixed. UFC is where it’s at now.

    4. HBO is a chick network like Lifetime or “O”.

    5. Bullshit — didn’t they run a show portraying a cruel, pompous, incompetent little shit of a ruler who, though no one would risk admitting it, was not legally eligible for the job he held due to his birth?

      HBO is fair and balanced.

      1. *Clap*Clap*Clap*

        Well played, sir.

    6. HBO spends a nontrivial amount of its air time retailing leftist fairy tales.


      Does not compute. *head explodes*

  16. Armstrong still faces the possibility of losing his Tour de France titles.

    They’ll have to catch him first.

    Journalists, bloggers, and writers from around the world are invited to enter the 2012 Bastiat Prize for Journalism, which will honor commentary, analysis, and reporting that best demonstrates the importance of freedom and its underlying institutions.

    I nominate ol’ Pro Lib, myself, and Dylan for yesterday’s Obamacare thread, which have been described by some as “Perhaps the three best opening comments to any thread. Ever.”

    1. Maybe they can take Armstrong’s titles and give them to the surely pure as the driven snow second place finishers.

    2. “The Era of Big Freedom is over.” I likee.

    3. I always like this one. And where did he go?


    1. And if not, so what.

    2. I had no idea what I was missing while it took me 4 years to find a girl who would swallow.

    3. I could have really used this information 5 months ago, dammit.

    4. Did they control for a general ability to tolerate nasty and unpleasant sensations? Or is this just correlation used for ulterior motives?

      1. Sssssshhhhh.

    5. I have to call complete bullshit on this, as well as on all girlfriends of Auric Demonocles for the first four years of his oro-sexual life.

      1. It’s weird, because I haven’t found one that doesn’t swallow since.

    6. Hmm, maybe I should consider another child.

  17. It’s not clear whether she was directly involved with Solyndra.

    Sheesh, why not just ask her? It’s not like she’s Obama or Holder.

  18. So, I have to say, the new commenting system at Jezebel, while at first inscrutable, has been awesome, as now they can no longer easily ban people who disagree with them trolls.

  19. “Arati Prabhakar, who worked for the venture capitalists behind Solyndra, has been named chief of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA). It’s not clear whether she was directly involved with Solyndra.”

    It’s spelled DERPA.

    1. I enjoy walking to my destinations.

      1. Even a few years ago, I remember reading (in credible sources, mind you) about DHS preparing to have vans that could drive around and performing scanning on streets or in houses. So, good luck with that.

        1. I think they’re already in NYC and Houston.

      1. So “data” is what they’re calling semen these days.

    1. They’re apparently mystified at why politicians care more about the votes of people who will actually change loyalties when they’re getting shit service, rather than loyal submissives.

    2. “But all the guys *I* know are liberal! My husband hates Mitt!”

      1. That was my take-away as well: “How can that be? No one I know voted for Nixon!”

    3. That was worth it to see the “if you write in or vote third party you are voting for Romney” comments. I hope the TEAM RED types here can see how fucking retarded it is when they do it the opposite direction.

  20. DEFIANCE, Ohio – Karl Kissner picked up a soot-covered cardboard box that had been under a wooden dollhouse in his grandfather’s attic. Taking a look inside, he saw hundreds of baseball cards bundled with twine. They were smaller than the ones he was used to seeing.

    But some of the names were familiar: Hall of Famers Ty Cobb, Cy Young and Honus Wagner.

    Then he put the box on a dresser and went back to digging through the attic.

    It wasn’t until two weeks later that he learned that his family had come across what experts say is one of the biggest, most exciting finds in the history of sports card collecting, a discovery worth perhaps millions.

    The cards are from an extremely rare series issued around 1910. Up to now, the few known to exist were in so-so condition at best, with faded images and worn edges. But the ones from the attic in the town of Defiance are nearly pristine, untouched for more than a century. The colors are vibrant, the borders crisp and white.

    “It’s like finding the Mona Lisa in the attic,” Kissner said.


    1. I’d be willing to bet my right arm there’s a government bureaucrat trying to find a way to confiscate this collection right this minute.

      Anybody want to take that bet?

      1. Failure to include the cards in the estate tax when the grandfather died?

    2. Man finds 13 100 year old
      Old Crow whiskey bottle in attic.
      The quality is uncertain as is the value of the find.


      1. Only one way to test the quality…

  21. “Crowds gathered to support Morsy, and the protests were peaceful.” Fixed that for you.

    1. “Crowds gathered to support Morsy, and the protests were peaceful.” Fixed that for you.

      That’s only because they couldn’t find any Western female journalists to rape.

    1. OT: whether he should release more financial information about his wealth.

      Is that teenager from earlier in the day writing for Reuters now? Mitt should release more financial information about his finances.

    2. I’ll put long odds on Condi Rice. It would have the Dems climbing the walls. And I think she could be good on offense, too. But she’s too close to Bush and therefore a liability.

      Its too bad, because I’d love to see her wipe the floor with Biden in the VP debates.

      Instead he’ll pick Jindal or Ayotte or Pawlenty because they’re “safe”.

      1. It’s honestly beyond me why in these people’s minds…I get that Tim Pawlenty isn’t much of a liability, but what is he going to do for me?

        1. It is less easy for the opposition to demagogue a “safe” pick. Think about the insane invective that continues to be heaped on Palin.

  22. […]
    And libertarians who object to a draft could opt out. Those who declined to help Uncle Sam would in return pledge to ask nothing from him ? no Medicare, no subsidized college loans and no mortgage guarantees. Those who want minimal government can have it.

    Let’s Draft Our Kids

    1. What’s the vomiting equivalent of “I’ll be in my bunk”?

      1. I believe it’s ‘SPLOOOGE!!!’

      2. Barfman is the expert, I’ll defer to his judgment.

    2. And libertarians who object to a draft could opt out. Those who declined to help Uncle Sam would in return pledge to ask nothing from him ? no Medicare, no subsidized college loans and no mortgage guarantees. Those who want minimal government can have it.


      By the way, it worked for us New Englanders when we refused to participate in the War of 1812.

      1. It’s just that somehow, when they say, “Those who want minimal government can have it,” I, you know, don’t believe them.

        1. It’s just that somehow, when they say, “Those who want minimal government can have it,” I, you know, don’t believe them.

          Aww, don’t be like that, baby! Ain’t no love, like Big Pimp Daddy Government’s love.

        2. The general dishonesty here is that they first undermine or destroy non-state institutions that libertarians could theoretically use, replace them with inefficient but coercive state institutions, and then generously allow that we are free to go without the state institutions if we please.

          If would be as if they nationalized food production and all arable land, and then offered that we could avoid whatever onerous abuse they wanted to heap on us, but only if we were willing to give up state-provided food. Worse, many of them make such an offer and truly, deeply believe that they’ve actually proved something about hypocrisy, or the truth of our innate need for them.

          “Government is good at one thing. It breaks your legs, then gives you a crutch and says, ‘See, without us you wouldn’t be able to walk.'” — Harry Browne

          1. They’re the hypocrites. They could start a health insurance non-profit that charges rates that increase with income. They could start a retirement savings program that does the same thing. Everything they want government to do they could try to organize voluntarily. But they don’t. Because they don’t want to help the poor. They want power.

    3. Would we be left alone even if we wanted to make, sell or use drugs and non-registered guns, allow prostitution and organ sales and build bomb shelters without permits? Would our past Medicare taxes be refunded?

      1. No, the only thing you’re getting in that deal is getting out of the draft. You still have to pay taxes and submit to a million pages of terrible legislation. It might not be that bad of a deal for an 18 year old though. No 18 year old is going to collect a dime in Social Security or Medicare.

      2. Would you get to go to schools where tuition rates weren’t jacked up to insane levels by federal largesse, or get a job where you could be tested on merit rather than degree without your employer risking a discrimination lawsuit. They’ve already rigged the game so you’re fucked highly disadvantaged without them.

        It’s a shit deal. The appropriate counteroffer is killing everyone involved with establishing such a draft. Literally, and very personally. Not just the jackboots that enforce it, but the fascist progressive authors that made the intellectual case for it. Make John Brown look like fucking Ghandi.

    4. I’d like to think, along with large-scale gun confiscation and suspension of elections, that a non-military draft (read, slavery) for kids would be one of the few things that would immediately trigger a revolution. I’m less hopeful about a military draft for a war of choice, and I don’t know that even I could get too worked up about a draft where America was being conventionally invaded.

      1. If America was being conventionally invaded they wouldn’t need a draft. The only thing they would have to draft is more bureaucrats to handle the ten million volunteers waiting in line to sign up.

        1. Maybe. The way things are heading, I can imagine a situation where an invading army would be viewed as a liberating force, however briefly.

    5. Hey! Hey! Hey! this guy is an American Hero!

      “Thomas E. Ricks, a fellow at the Center for a New American Security, is the author of the forthcoming book ‘The Generals: American Military Command From World War II to Today’.”

      Hey shit head when you’ve laid your life on line as many time as this had THEN speak up!!!

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        CharlesWT|7.10.12 @ 6:58PM|#

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