Has the "Violent Political Rhetoric" Panic Come to an End?


There's been a new development in the Andrew Joseph Dennehy case. If you don't remember who Dennehy is, read on:

Jack Chick explains the Illuminati.

The suspect accused of opening fire outside the Tulsa County Courthouse is not fit for trial, according to a mental health evaluator….

Dennehy told [psychologist Curtis] Grundy he feared Freemasons and the Illuminati, in conjunction with Satan, were trying to harm [him] and his parents. "They work for [Satan]," Dennehy was quoted in official competency evaluation documents.

As recently as a year ago, a conspiracy theorist opening fire at a government building would have inspired a wave of warnings about "violent political rhetoric." But Dennehy doesn't seem to have sparked the reaction inspired by, say, John Bedell. Is this just an outlier, or is it a sign that the media panic is over?