Cops Shoot Dog During Foot Chase; Petition Started for "Justice for Monkey"


a dog named monkey

Police officers in Lake Charles, Louisiana shot and killed a family dog named Monkey while chasing a suspect, according to an online petition calling for the police department to fully investigate the incident.

According to the local NBC affiliate KPLC:

It happened yesterday at a house on Hodges Street in Lake Charles where the dog named "Monkey" was allegedly shot multiple times.

The shooting reportedly occurred when the dog began barking at police who were chasing some suspects.

Lake Charles Police spokesman Mark Kraus says they are investigating the shooting. 

And from the petition:

"Monkey" was more than a pet she was as close to a family member as anyone or anything could be. Monkey was shot by a Lake Charles Police Officer or Officers. She was shot multiple times after she ran out a gate that was left open by a suspect being chased by the officers. Now our beloved monkey is gone because she was considered a potential threat to the officers. If anyone knew monkey they know she was not any threat to anything. 

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UPDATE: Details of the police chase from KPLC, via commenter Jerry

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  1. They thought it was a pit bull.

  2. At least the police did get the suspects: http://www.kplctv.com/story/18…..3-arrested

    1. Would have probably slammed the door in his face.

    2. The police: They always get their dog!

  3. i new a monkey to and i call it Monkey he was not a dog he never hurt nobody dam the pigs

  4. This will go exactly nowhere.

  5. Pigs, monkeys, dogs, it’s all too Chinese Zodiac for me.

  6. So are we reintroducing the Friday Balko Nut Punch?

    That’s like two weeks in a row. I’m already short on ice packs cause of this heat. Cut a dude some slack, wouldya?

  7. So when that dog misbehaved did they…spank him?

    1. That’s your job, sage.

      1. You said “job”.

        1. Sorry. That’s your compulsion, sage.

  8. that girl look sad is that a wolf so close

    1. We like your new handle, Orrin. And, all real words! Fantastic.

    2. Thanks for the input, Mary!

  9. The cops have “heavy hearts” so it’s all better now.

    1. Last time I heard “heavy heart” used:

      “Ma fellow Americans…I come to you with a heavy heart, and 23% support among ma fellow Americans…”

      Lyndon Baines Johnson

  10. Don’t touch Ice Nine. You’ll turn into Ice Nine and everything you touch will become Ice Nine.

  11. Well if it didn’t want to be shot it shouldn’t have resisted.

  12. Of all the dog shootings this one is one of the more infuriating, since there is absolutely no reason to think the cops couldn’t have avoided the dog if they thought it was attacking. It’s not like they entered a house and were trapped in a room with an attacking dog, they were already running.

  13. And it didn’t happen in a fenced-in yard either, since they said the dog had left the yard.

    1. All the more reason to shoot it. It could have menaced people on the street.

      The cops did right on this one. They showed remorse.

      Rule #1 when you kill some meth addict you catch in your living room: “I’m sorry officer, I wish I could take it all back! He was probably just trying to feed his family”

      *crying while peeking through fingers to see if you’re having the desired effect.*

      1. Another story said that the dog was in its fenced-in back yard, but got out because *the police themselves* opened the gate while chasing their suspects. Sorry, Paul, but that isn’t consistent with “doing right.”

        1. Welcome to Hit Run!

          With time and practice your understanding of snark, nuance, and humor will only improve.

  14. Just what we need, another Trayvon Martin thread.

  15. Every time I see these, I die a little inside. Of course I love my wife and family more than our pets, but I do love my dogs almost as if they were my kids, and I really am not sure I’d be able to hold back if I saw something like this happen to them. My instinct would be to immediately attack the cops.

    1. Bagging a dog and human in one day. Go ahead, make their day.

      1. wolf almose kill girl good cop

        1. Uh oh! Mary is deteriorating!

          1. It’s the syphilis, heller.

    2. My instinct would be to immediately attack the cops.

      Reason has been trying to gin up ire about police brutality for years by switching to the dog angle. You’d be dead before you made three steps, and no one would weep. Well, I would weep, but a fat lot of good that would do.

      If Monkey the dog, wagging his tail with his tongue hanging out can’t turn the tide of police brutality, a dead human who had a generally negative opinion about the cops is gonna get bupkiss.

      1. it’s gonna take them shooting a kid. Let’s face it, if your dog dies Tuesday you literally can get a new one Wednesday. Can’t generate a new child that quick. And I have had dogs, so this is not anti pet. Had to put a couple down, too, due to old age and infirmity, and it sucked. But I cannot imagine doing that with my kids. Cop shooting kid; that will be the only narrative since cop-shoots-dog is not working beyond here.

        1. There was a story a few years ago about a bullet that had been in a gun held by a SWAT team member penetrating an innocent woman holding a baby. Nobody outside of a few subversive enclaves such as this batted an eye.

          1. Guns went off, people were hurt.

        2. That’s happened already:


          1. DETROIT ? A sleeping 7-year-old girl was shot and killed when an officer’s gun went off while Detroit police were searching a duplex for a suspect in the slaying of a teenager, a police official said.

            A primer cap within a bullet which had been sitting in a department firearm combusted, igniting the powder within. Expanding gases caused the projectile to exit at a high rate of speed through the long tube extending from the chamber where the cartridge rested, quietly, disturbing no one.

            The bullet traveled in a trajectory consistent with the end of the orifice in the firarm with the final resting place of the 7 yr-old girl. The bullet, impacting the girl entered her body causing damage to her internal organs.

            The girl died from lack of oxygen to the brain.

            1. You’ve read “Politics and the English language” haven’t you?

            2. You’ve read “Politics and the English language” haven’t you?

            3. Nicely done. You’d have a future writing press releases for the cops except a) you probably have some morals and scruples, and b) the other press release writers would become jealous of your skills and that’s not allowed under union rules.

        3. okay, cops shooting kids, on multiple occasions. Because it is discouraging to think that that, too, would go relatively unnoticed.

          1. I’m cynical. I think it will go unnoticed.

        4. Sorry, pets are NOT fungible. Yes, you can get another one, but it is not the same.

      2. Plus, Jimbo’s ugly.

    3. I am in 100% agreement with you. I cherish my stupid dogs far too much for my own good. It’s extremely hard for me to read these stories because they prompt such an intense, nearly uncontrollable rage within me.

    4. Why aren’t you out at KaboomTown, Jim?

  16. Environmentalists are down. Prepare to be disturbed.


    We all love our dogs and cats, but really, when you think about it, pets are a major producer of excess carbon. One of the best ways to reasonably enjoy your pet and reduce your overall Carbon Footprint is to determine in advance how long your pet should live. As a family, set a date when your pet will be euthanized. One great way to teach children the value of pet euthanasia is to turn the occasion into a family celebration. Let’s say you’ve set March 10, five years from now, as your pet’s euthanasia date. For the next five years, celebrate March 10 as your pet’s special day, with a family party and perhaps a visit to your pet’s future burial spot. Teach your children to think of the occasion as a birthday in reverse.

    1. well this should be fun: the environmentalists vs. the animal rights folks. Which liberal constituency wins out. Just think, if the enviros get their way, we are one small leap away from the ability to teach children the value of elder euthanasia”.

      1. Envornmentalists win. The PETA people have creeped just about everyone out.

        Plus, it’s well documented and established that the environmentalist movement doesn’t like humans, you think them not liking Monkey the dog with this tongue hanging out is going to get traction?

        When a movement that would have my daughter euthenized for the carbon offsets if it came to a popular vote within their own ranks can’t spark outrage, animal rights doesn’t stand a chance.

        1. PETAs been anti-pet for long while now. It’s one of things that normal people hate about them. The enviros going anti pet will be the position that finally moves them to the fringe.

    2. That HAS TO be a parody. On the domain homepage they have an anti-animal testing banner, too.

      And seriously, who boasts about having an associate’s degree in marketing from a community college on their webpage?

      I especially liked the advice about breathing slower to reduce your carbon footprint.

      1. I especially liked the advice about breathing slower to reduce your carbon footprint.

        Yeah, that’s got to be parody. Because that doesn’t reduce your carbon output. At all.

        1. Or maybe they think that carbon is transmuted to boron if you don’t breathe it out too quickly.

        2. Schfuck me. I just read the web page. I think these people are serious.

          1. Fuck, my head hurts. Is it real? I can’t tell. If it’s parody, it’s genius:

            ?Stop Having Children

            I know! I know! Children are as cute as all get-out, but have you ever really considered how much carbon one child puts into the atmosphere? Over a single lifetime, the amount is practically immeasurable. One of the best all-around things for the environment would be fewer people in the world. Until governments wake up and start passing “one child per-family” laws, the best way you can help reduce the collective Carbon Footprint is through voluntary sterilization.

            1. It’s genius.

              “Carbon Credits (Out of stock. On backorder)”

              Check out the disclaimer at the bottom of the Contact Us page.

              1. Yep, good catch. My aging eyesight couldn’t read the disclaimer on that tiny font… blew it up… awesome.

                1. Dang, I thought I were the only one dat saw dat*!

                  *see below

            2. It’s parody

              Baby Credits (On Backorder)

              SKU #212928)

              Due to conditions in Liberia, Baby Credits are temporarily on backorder. Check back soon for availability and pricing.

              Price per Unit: Market Price

      2. you may be right. This: http://webservices.websitepros…..BBAFDE8C16 is the comments page. Some of it is priceless.

      3. Read the bottom of the page;

        Disclaimer: A carbon credit is a generic term for any tradable certificate or permit representing the right to emit one ton of carbon dioxide or the mass of another greenhouse gas with a carbon dioxide equivalent (tCO2e) equivalent to one ton of carbon dioxide. The hydration equilibrium constant Kh (at 25 ?C) of carbonic acid is [H2CO3]/[CO2] = 1.70?10?3: Hence, the majority of the carbon dioxide is not converted into carbonic acid, but remains as CO2molecules not affecting the pH. It is an amphoteric substance that can act as an acid or as a base, depending on pH of the solution. Do you always read the small-print? Usually the folderol in the disclaimer is boring as hell! Daphne Tremayne is a fictitious character in the book Biodiesel: A Novel by George H. Monahan. That’s not really a picture of her. In fact, everything at this website is satirical. Instead of wasting your time surfing the net, why not spend a few bucks and read Biodiesel: A Novel available on Amazon.com. Come on, cheapskate! Stomp down a big Carbon Footprint and buy your copy today! Don’t wait for the movie. Move it., slowpoke! Why aren’t you on Amazon.com right now buying the book?

    3. Another idea is to become morbidly obese. You know how much carbon is sequestered in 200 lb of body fat?

      1. Lack of activity will reduce your breathing rate… to a point.

      2. How much carbon is released by your decaying body?

        1. Not your decaying body, Tulpa. I just re-read that. I meant one’s decaying body. If I learned anyhthing from my British mother, it wasn’t proper grammar.

        2. None, if you shoot yourself out into space.

          1. Using a space ladder?

    4. Do you always read the small-print? Usually the folderol in the disclaimer is boring as hell! Daphne Tremayne is a fictitious character in the book Biodiesel: A Novel by George H. Monahan. That’s not really a picture of her. In fact, everything at this website is satirical. Instead of wasting your time surfing the net, why not spend a few bucks and read Biodiesel: A Novel available on Amazon.com. Come on, cheapskate! Stomp down a big Carbon Footprint and buy your copy today! Don’t wait for the movie. Move it., slowpoke! Why aren’t you on Amazon.com right now buying the book?

    5. Why doesn’t this apply to humans, too? Shades of Soylent Green.

    6. Sounds like how the Aztecs would host a young man or woman for a year, paying for banquets in their honor on feast days and clothing them in finery for a year – until the day that the “guest” walked up the temple steps to be sacrificed in ways designed to produce the most tears possible.

  17. Poor dog. Poor owner. Thoughts and prayers from another Monk E.

  18. Sounds like some pretty crazy stuff man. I liek the sound of that.


  19. This happens about once every day or two so ewhere in the U.S. te police department will “investigate,” and conclude its fficers behaved properly. The may–or may not–promise policy review” or “additional training,” but as soon as the public eye has turned away, they will forget all about their promises.

    This is a serious problem, and the police will not reform themselves. The impetus must come from the courts or municipal governments.

  20. This is another one of those things the upper class liberals don’t really care about. They live in good neighborhoods, so the problems of terrible public schooling and police brutality are remote enough to safely ignore.

  21. LOOK at that elderly, pot-bellied, not-especially-large dog! What sort of gutless pantywaist of a cop would feel at all threatened by such a harmless-looking beast?!

    This rash of dog shootings is pissing me off.

  22. Ans: 8=====)

  23. Politics aside, murder my dog and it will be the last act you ever take in this world.

  24. As bad as this is, the cops did express regret and sympathy for the family. They are probably coonasses. The culture there is very different than the redneck towns where the cops shoot the dog and either say ‘fuck you’ or just dont say anything and leave.
    I believe their regret is sincere.


    Monkey was more then a dog to me I remember going to my cousins house and I was riding my rip stick and nikki Chris’s other dog was about to attack me and I yelled help and monkey came running out the house and got in the other dogs face and made nikki back down and monkey made sure Nothing had happened to me she came check me for any bites……….she will be missed she was never a bad dog nor did she ever hurt any one she didn’t deserve to die that way……..

  26. Once again we will end up seeing an “investigation” that will turn out to be nothing more than a joke and they’ll probably promote the cop and give him a bonus. Cops never ever speak up for what is right when it comes to their own. Sad to say but we see it all the time over and over and over. To be a good cop you have to enforce the law AND apply the same treatment to everyone and yet they don’t do that. Just like how the church protected molesters. It’s pitiful and we have to demand justice and also pray that people wake up and cops realize they shouldn’t be so willing to shoot someone or something and they need to be willing to demand justice even if it is a cop that needs to be arrested and charged. My thought and prayers are with the family of the dog…. And for all of us in a nation where we pay armed people to have a badge and run around above the law.

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