As Goes New York, So Goes San Francisco; Stop and Frisk Coming to the West Coast, Edgy!


never understimate the staying power of a bad idea

Apparently unimpressed with the newfound notoriety the NYPD's stop and frisk policy has gained, San Francisco's mayor Ed Lee appears poised to bring the policy to the home of Haight-Ashbury. From the San Francisco Examiner:

Lee, a former civil rights attorney, recently told The San Francisco Chronicle that he's examining "edgy" tactics such as the New York Police Department's "stop and frisk" policy. But civil rights groups say such methods lead to racial profiling.

"The mayor is very frustrated with the level of gun violence, especially in the southeastern part of our city," his spokeswoman Christine Falvey said Thursday. "We can't keep doing the same thing. We need to get better results and the mayor has clearly stated to the community that he is willing to try something edgy, something controversial. However, he's not willing to infringe on anyone's civil rights."

He's even talked to Mike Bloomberg!

Though the NYPD's stop and frisk polices have lasted at least a decade, opposition to it gained new political traction this year; one New York state senator linked it to the Trayvon Martin shooting and the process of politicization reached an apex when Chris Matthews compared the Congressional investigation of a federal gunrunning operation and documents demanded of Eric Holder to the dehumanizing and pervasive policy of stop and frisk in New York City. Now the policy's coming to San Francisco, another liberal bastion. For safety! Don't ask questions.

Reason on Stop & Frisks

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  1. Is that Chin Ho as Kam Fong, or is it vice versa? Talk about casting against type.

  2. Look, Ed. Poor people are supposed to be props for the right people to look “compassionate” about. But actual poor people are scary. The police should hound them out of Liberaltopias like NYC and SF so that hipsters can safely play at being poor without having to worry about mixing with miscreants.

    1. Yeah, you pretty much nailed it.

      1. News Flash, – Judge Roberts has just ruled that Stopping and Frisking is really a tax on people who don’t have political connections and so its Constitutional

  3. Classic Chris Matthews reference. Not only is he a foolish lib like most in the media, I watched him on Jeopardy about 4-weeks ago during the “celebrity” rounds.

    Matthews not only knew next to nothing about any of the categories (which were in his field!), he often answered without any semblance of a question-an automatic incorrect for those of you who don’t have Jeo-Parties often.


    1. “he often answered without any semblance of a question”

      So just like when he conducts an interview, huh?

      1. Hahahahaha love it Brett!

        Wait, liberals never put words in people’s mouths

        (you want poor people to die…)

        1. To be fair, this joke would work even better if it were about O’Reilly.

          1. Totally agree. That’s the luxury of despising libs and Neo-cons.

            I can’t remember the last time I watched the ‘Neo-con Factor’, haha.

            Hannity could be included on the list with Olbermann and the other usual offenders.

  4. “Lee, a former civil rights attorney…”

    Yeah, not so much. Maybe to understand this in context it should have read:

    “Lee, a Progressive and former civil rights attorney…”

    The context being he’s a lefty fascist and fuck you that’s why.

    1. Civil rights Attorney is a highly compartmentalized thing.

      He could be suing people who got their feelers hurt when someone called them an ugly name.

      Stopping and frisking to stop icky guns doesn’t fall into that “civil rights” compartment.

  5. if *THEY* were true lub-rahls then teh crazy gun fiends would be…


  6. Is this stop and frisk policy the result of popular demand? Does it involve leather clothing?

  7. Totally OT, but I hope the Adobe Flash Player team dies in a fire slowly. Fucker crashes on Firefox like a North Korean rocket. Please, please, please Flash Player team, suck a tailpipe, pick a fight with drugged chimp, but for the love of all that is holy, at least quit your day jobs, cut off your fingers, and never sully a keyboard with your shitty code ever again.

    1. Holy shit dude. You and I are so simultaneous!

      I took a PC tech ticket yesterday (’cause those fuckers wouldn’t take it).. one of my users needed flash 11. I spent almost an hour trying to get the installer to run, it would go to 7% and crash.

      We investigated anti-virus blocking it, opened up full security on the browser…

      The way we got it is we ran a special uninstaller, removed the old copy, manually deleted every folder related to Flash, then clicked on a link to an ‘offline installer’. Finally worked.

      Yeah, when Adobe stopped offering discreet install files, everything went sideways.

  8. The mayor is very frustrated with the level of gun violence, especially in the southeastern part of our city,”

    Wait, stop the fuck right there. Doesn’t California have some pretty tight restrictions on guns?

    1. Carrying them, yes. Although they still allow open long gun carry, I think. But I think its not particularly hard to purchase and own a gun. Also, criminals are not likely to worry about that.

      1. So is this mayor attempting to catch people open-carrying a long gun?

        Or can we perhaps conclude that California’s restrictions on carrying concealed handguns… what are the words I’m looking for… something that indicates a non-functioning process…

      2. Also, criminals are not likely to worry about that.

        Pretty sure that was his point.

        I get it Paul.

  9. “The mayor is very frustrated with the level of gun violence, especially in the southeastern part of our city,”

    You mean the part of the city where all the drug gangs are, dipshits? Yeah, it’s totally the guns’ fault for this.

    This level of stupidity makes me want to contribute to gun crime statistics sometimes.

  10. See, that cat knows exactly what is going on. WOw.


  11. You know what pisses off progressives? Telling them that fascism is actually a left-wing philosophy (albeit less radical than communism). What is the relevance to this story? No idea.

    1. How does that piss them off?

      They feel that fascism comes from the right, therefore it does.

      The truth has never gotten in the way of their emotions.

  12. Stop and Frisk in a city where public nudity is legal?
    I see interesting possibilities.

    1. Are you with the TSA? (c’mon, it’s a natural mistake)

  13. Stop and ‘Frisko

    Sorry, couldn’t help myself

  14. If you leave your house you’re subject to constitutional rights violations, (stop and search) if you stay home you’re subject to constitutional rights violations (SWAT served warrants, probably the wrong house)What friggin country is this?

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