How Facebook Helped a Small Town Fight Back Against a Crooked Cop

Friends and family of a woman murdered by a bad cop used social media to get answers and justice.


Fifty-four-year-old Patricia Cook was shot to death on February 9 just outside a church parking lot in Culpeper, Virginia. The first two rounds, fired at point-blank range, tore into Cook's face and arm. Another round, fired as Cook was driving away from the shooter, entered her brain. A fourth round severed her spine and veered into her heart, killing her. A telephone pole brought her Jeep Wrangler to a halt. 

That week, local media in Culpeper (pop. 16,000) reported these few facts: Patricia Cook had been parked in front of Epiphany Catholic School for a long time and refused to leave. The school called the police. A Culpeper police officer confronted Cook. Cook rolled up the officer's arm in her window and punched the gas. The officer did what he had to do to stop the vehicle and save his own life. The Virginia State Police were handling the investigation.

Cook was a 54-year-old homemaker and Methodist Sunday school teacher who hadn't received so much as a speeding ticket since the 1970s. She enjoyed quilting and cooking for her congregation at Culpeper United Methodist Church. The Culpeper PD's story didn't sit well with Cook's friends and family, but for months, it was the only one they would hear.

"After about the third week of February there was nothing else in the newspaper, or any other bigger outlet, on the story," says James Jennings, the Culpeper resident who helped bring Cook's story to the attention of national media. "By the end of March, it had been completely forgotten."

Jennings, 56, is a former elementary school teacher and retired network engineer who's lived in Culpeper since 1994. He didn't know Cook personally, but says they shared some mutual friends. The week after the shooting, he read local media with a hawk's eye, waiting for more information on the case. None came. (Anita Sherman, managing editor of the weekly Culpeper Times, rebuts this claim. "The Culpeper Times has carried stories relating to the Cook case on: 2/16, 2/23, 3/15, 3/22, 4/5, 5/10, 5/17, 5/24, 6/7, 6/14, and 6/28," Sherman wrote in an email.)

Local residents flooded the comment boards of the Star-Exponent*. Under the guise of anonymity, they defended "Pat" Cook, and called for an investigation into the Culpeper Police Department. "Two weeks after the shooting, [the publication] stopped that," Jennings says of the message boards. "It deleted all the existing comments and all the existing discussion on that." The paper relaunched with Facebook commenting, requiring people to identify themselves. At that point, the message boards for the small-town paper went silent. "I think people were afraid to speak up," Jennings says, adding, "there are a couple of bullies in town."

Once the commenting stopped, it was like Patricia Cook had never existed.

The sudden absence of concern about how and why Cook died filled Jennings with guilt. "I felt like, boy, you know, here's somebody just needs to speak up and say something. And in town there was just a lot of pressure against people speaking up and saying anything. So finally I just decided that I had to do something about it. I'm a Christian," Jennings added, "and I just kept thinking of verses, 'I was hungry, you fed me. I was naked, you clothed me.' And then I thought, 'My life was taken from me, will you speak up for me?'"

Jennings created the Facebook page "Justice for Patricia Cook" on April 23. The About section reads, "Please consider joining our community, encouraging justice for the unarmed 54 year old woman who was shot by a Culpeper Police Officer, under questionable circumstances." Beneath that description are the following questions: "What if it was your wife? What if it was your mother, sister, daughter? Would you be willing to sit quietly and say nothing? What if you pulled the trigger? Wouldn't you want to see justice?" Jennings also created a petition on, calling for a special prosecutor to bring charges against the officer who killed Cook.

The page Jennings created caught the attention of regional media. Sissy Hicks, a resident of Culpeper, shared the page with her brother Donnie Johnston, a reporter with the the Free Lance-Star in nearby Fredericksburg. "His article did bring the attention we needed to get it off the ground," Hicks told me.  

On April 28, the Star Exponent ran a story titled, "Citizen seeks answers in Pat Cook shooting." On May 1, the local CBS affiliate WUSA 9 ran a story titled, "Citizen Wants 'Open Investigation' Into Officer-Involved Shooting Of Patricia Cook." On May 14, the Charlottesville-based alternative weekly The Hook reported on Jennings' petition, which had caught the attention of Albemarle Sheriff Chip Harding, a leading authority on using DNA in criminal investigations. "Culpeper silence: Citizens, top cop slam shooting inquest," read The Hook's headline. After nearly three months of government silence, Jennings had turned Patricia Cook's death into Virginia's biggest story in just two-and-a-half weeks. 

Before Jennings ever started his Facebook page, there was reason to doubt the official story promoted by Culpeper and Virginia State police. Kris Buchele, a carpenter who was working near Epiphany on Feb. 9, told WUSA9 the week of the shooting that "[Harmon-Wright] was not dragged and that he shot [Cook] before she drove away"; that "he didn't have his arm caught because the officer's left hand was on the door handle and right hand was holding a weapon"; that "he distinctly saw her roll up the window all the way before the officer shot out the glass and killed her." (Buchele was interviewed before Jennings' Facebook page was started, not after, as this article originally stated.) 

In other words, the official report initially parroted by Culpeper media and the Virginia State Police had some pretty big holes. 

After regional media began reporting the frustration highlighted by Jennings and others, the Fauqier County special prosecutor told media outlets in late April that a special grand jury had been convened, and that its investigation would be done by June. (The indictment came early: Harmon-Wright was charged with Cook's murder on May 29; his mother, a former administrative assistant with the Culpeper PD, was also indicted for altering her son's records to hide a history rife with police abuse and department reprimands.)

By June 21, the day the Culpeper Police Department concluded its own investigation and fired Harmon-Wright, eight regional media outlets, including The Washington Post, were filing daily reports about the Patricia Cook case.

The investigation into Harmon-Wright likely would have gone forward regardless of Jennings' creation of a Facebook page. It probably would have even concluded in his indictment without pressure from the media. This is, for instance, Sherman's take. "As far as Jennings Facebook page, he has caused quite a stir with it dividing many in the community and forcing them to take sides," she wrote in an email to Reason. "I wouldn't give him credit for pushing the process forward. It has moved at its pace and can be perceived as moving slowly or expeditiously depending on your perspective."

But there's more to the Patricia Cook story than just one woman's senseless killing. Everyone in town, and out, now knows that Harmon-Wright was hired despite objections from within the Culpeper P.D., and that he had a history of harassing Culpeper residents that his superiors failed to address. As a result, a conversation is happening in Culpeper about government transparency and police accountability. It's fair to say the town would still be shrouded in silence if Jennings hadn't spoken up in support of the Cook family, including Gary Cook, Patricia's devastated husband. 

"There is a fear of speaking up or speaking out against authority," says Jennings, who isn't done making noise. Now he wants the chief of police in Culpeper to hold a public post-mortem explaining why Harmon-Wright was hired despite objections from within the department.

"We should discuss, you know, what went wrong, and if anything related to procedures or hiring policies, things like that, contributed to the shooting," Jennings told me. "Every professional position I've ever worked in, when you have [a mistake], you try to step in afterwards and figure out what went wrong. Is it human error or what? And so far they just flatly denied or refused to do anything."

With every media outlet in Virginia watching Culpeper closely, Jennings just might get what he wants, and what Culpeper plainly needs.

*This article originally confused the Star-Exponent and the Culpeper Times.

Mike Riggs is an associate editor at Reason magazine. Follow him on Twitter

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  1. no one in the town of Culpeper knew why he did it

    Because he could.

    1. “I would have gotten away with it, too, if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids!”

    2. Read the article on the circumstances surrounding the hire. The guy was a lifetime biligerent drunk who admitted to a drinking and fighting problem while in the Marines. But he was hired anyway because his mother was the Chief’s secretary. Then after he was hired there was this

      A month prior to the shooting, Harmon-Wright was officially reprimanded for use of excessive force in a 2011 incident during which he forced his way into a residence on Garr Avenue without a warrant or probable cause, his gun drawn, and brandished the weapon at two occupants of the home, according to Fisher.

      He wasn’t fired for that. And he admitted to being drunk the day he shot her. So basically he was drunk and pissed off and finally killed someone.

      1. Did you think I was being sarcastic? I wasn’t.

        1. No I didn’t. This case makes me sick. Cullpepper deputized and enabled a psychotic asshole until he killed someone.

          1. The only thing unique about this incident is the psychotic, murderous bully was actually fired this time.

            1. Only because he killed the wrong person. They forgot to tell him to only kill people no one cares about. You can’t kill nice white women and get away with it. Just kill the niggers or the homeless men and you will be okay.

            2. Not only was he fired, but he was charged with murder!

              And Mommy got charges as well!

              1. I think mommy should have kicked son out on his ass years ago. Half the reason why this happened I think is that no one other than the Marine Corps ever told the little bastard no.

              2. Not only was he fired, but he was charged with murder!

                That’ll teach him!

            3. The filthy swine should have his face eaten off by rabid do0gs and then kicked repeatedly by every able-bodied male over the age of 18 in and around the vicinity of Culpepper.

              Got feckin’ bacon?

          2. Isn’t being a psychotic asshole a requirement for the job?

            1. YES

      2. he forced his way into a residence on Garr Avenue without a warrant or probable cause, his gun drawn, and brandished the weapon at two occupants of the home,

        Multiple felony charges in 5 . . .4 . . . 3 . . . .

        Oh, not really? And there’s no double standard, nosirreebob.

        1. And if the residents had rightly blown his head off, they would be in prison right now. Meanwhile, he walks away and goes on to murder someone.

      3. So what would have happened if the residents of the house decided to defend their home against this armed unlawful intruder and killed him? would they be up for capital murder of a police officer?

        1. You know it… They would be fighting off the lethal injection right now. Best case scenario they would do life with parole + 20 years because it was a cop.

          1. They never would’ve survived the arrival of backup.

        2. See: Ryan Frederick.

      4. There was never a article stating that he was drunk on the day this happened….if you have seen this then please let me know what site you saw it on

        1. He admitted to getting drunk since that fateful day Feb. 9 when he shot 54-year-old Pat Cook, of Culpeper, on a residential street.

          I misread that. You are correct there is no evidence he got drunk that day.

      5. Harmon-Wright was officially reprimanded for use of excessive force in a 2011 incident during which he forced his way into a residence on Garr Avenue without a warrant or probable cause, his gun drawn, and brandished the weapon at two occupants of the home . . .

        If he’d been killed by the homeowners while committing this home invasion, then the woman he murdered a month later would still be alive. But then we’d probably have two dead or imprisoned homeowners. Can’t win for losing, I guess.

  2. “Two weeks after the shooting, [the paper] stopped that,” Jennings says of the message boards. “It deleted all the existing comments and all the existing discussion on that.” The paper relaunched with Facebook commenting, requiring people to identify themselves. At that point, the message boards for the small-town paper went silent. “I think people were afraid to speak up,” Jennings says, adding, “there are a couple of bullies in town.”

    And some people on this very board question the value of anonymous commenting.

    Culpeper residents need to boycott that rag out of business.

    1. Hear, hear

    2. If you have nothing to fear, you have nothing to hide, right, “NutraSweet”?

      1. That’s true, Episiarch Henrietta Jerkoffovich.

        1. Just wait until everyone finds out your real name is Rupert.


          1. Your trident, sir.

          2. Or Ruprecht. I need more coffee.

        2. True story: I might as well out myself and admit that my real name is Jacob (my middle name is in fact James, hence, “Jim”).

          Anyway I minored in Russian in college for god only knows what reason, but since they don’t have a “J”, my name is pronounced, “Yakoff”. Much hilarity ensued.

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          2. Oh, man… You should not have let us nickname you “J.J.” What a mistake on your part.

            1. J.J. is…DYNO-MITE!

          3. I thought it was J?kob (Yakob)? That’s a fairly common name here.

            1. J?kob is the Hungarian version, too.

          4. “Yakoff”

            In Russia, name pronounces you.

    3. The culpeper residents were getting too nosy.

    4. the page didnt become silent there were still alot of ppl commenting even though you had to do it thru fb which wasnt a problem for me if u wanna comment then u shouldn’t be scared to show who you are.

      1. Says “sandy811.”

      2. If “u” have done nothing wrong “u” have nothing to be scared of, right?

      3. I don’t have a FaceBook page (on principle) so all commenting which requires FB account (like some/most? articles about Obama or Holder on Yahoo News nowadays) automatically excludes me.

      4. Sandy, for all intents and purposes it did. While it was anonymous, there were scores of comments. After they went to facebook login, all those conversations were deleted and there were only a handful of comments, that tending to be intimidating in nature.

        1. But why do u think they felt intimidated?This is a serious question.

          1. They felt intimidated because they were intimidated. I’ve had a couple of local supporters on our site who decided to drop off .. not because they had a change of heart, but because they were so stressed from what they called abuse. I knew when I started this that there would be some heat, so I haven’t allowed it to get to me. I’ve had a number of local people tell me they completely support and respect what I’m doing but can’t get involved and risk their relationships, or jobs. I’ve had people tell me that I’m destroying the town, and one individual said that if anything happened to the officer he would “personally hold me responsible” .. sounds intimidating to me.

    5. Right. The old comment board was better. Too much junk? Scroll past it. And it took a month to get back on. Lost my orange name, too. I hate those stupid emoticons or whatever you call them, but that was a definite πŸ™

  3. Man, is there anything Facebook can’t do?!

    1. Um…a successful IPO?

      1. ZING

    2. Have me as a user.

      1. yep. per facebook, 2/3rds of users are women.

        1. You left out “claim to be”.

      2. Yeah, yeah – Facebook bad. You’re very cool and contrarian for not using it.

        1. guys being guys dont care

        2. I like facebook. But really it is for old people. I have no idea why a teenager would use it. The whole value of facebook is that it is an easy way to keep in touch with friends who live far away. And teenagers generally don’t have that. Facebook is the ultimate busy old aunt cyber tool.

          1. Exactly – I’m 40. Plenty old enough to have a large friendship diaspora. In fact, most of my friends live elsewhere now. Only a few of us stupid shits (from college) are clinging to life in DC.

          2. I just deleted my account. All I ever did was unsubscribe to peoples’ game stories.
            If my mom wants to see pics of her grandchild she can friend my wife.

            1. I just deleted mine because I couldn’t stand another 6 months of Romney Great, Romney Evil, Obama Great, Obama Evil, depending on which Team you belong to.

          3. It’s a reasonably good system for invitations and so forth. Though there are alternatives.

            It is a lot useful for people who have graduated, moved away, and want to get/keep in touch with out of town friends.

  4. Remember how that official (related to a different story) said, “We’re a small town here, if there were corruption, we’d know about it”.

    I offer (again), that it’s precisely the small towns where corruption is the worst. Everyone is everyone else’s friend. The mayor plays golf with the police chief who went to the internal affairs head daughter’s wedding whose sister dates the DAs son.

    This is less likely in a big city, where often the department heads don’t even like eachother.

    1. Ain’t that the truth.

    2. That always struck me as ironic, since it’s so much easier to get away with, uh, hunting accidents and stuff, in small towns.

    3. The problem with that theory is that in big towns, the stakes get higher. It’s usually petty-ante crap in Mayberry. Get to someplace like Hosuton, and corruption gets measured in millions of dollars, not dismissed speeding tickets. Yeah, they may hate each other, but everybody’ll overlook personal dislike to keep the gravy train rolling.

      1. The problem with that theory is that in big towns, the stakes get higher. It’s usually petty-ante crap in Mayberry.

        I don’t really consider the shooting of an unarmed 54 yr old sunday school teacher penny-ante crap.

        But I do see your point in the larger picture of institutional corruption. But even that gets the attention of newspapers and rival power-brokers. Plus youv’e got all kinds of citizen institutions looking over everyone’s shoulders again. Big city corruption more often is accounting fraud and hiding figures in books. You get a big city police officer stomping a mexican kid and calling him names, you get 24/7 media coverage.

        The problem with the Culpeper type of corruption is that when an incident happens, it’s that old Harmon-Wright uh-actin’ out again. You pay him no nevermind.

        Guns went off… people got hurt.

        1. I’ll make you a bet: more violence is perpetrated against the citizens of Houston by cops, and with less acountability, than in Culpeper. Because here in H-Town, if the cops curbstomp somebody, the prevailing attitude is ‘he probably deserved it’.

          1. I can’t speak for Houston, but I can speak for Seattle.

            However, in Seattle it helps to be a minority getting curbstomped by a white (or lightskinned hispanic) cop. If you’re white, you probably deserved it.

        2. The city also contends Monetti was never kicked, and they hired an expert to do a frame-by-frame analysis of the video. That expert says it was a “swipe move,” which is a common police tactic.

          Is this a “swipe move”, too?

    4. I offer (again), that it’s precisely the small towns where corruption is the worst.

      Well, and Chicago.

      1. why don’t we quit arguing and admit all towns are capable of corruption no matter what the size is.

        1. Actually New Orleans is a good example of cops randomly driving through the streets, beer cans flying out the windows, shooting at random citizens. If you allow your big-city corrupt to go completely unchecked, you end up there, no doubt.

          why don’t we quit arguing and admit all towns are capable of corruption no matter what the size is.

          This is my main point. People in small towns think they’re immune to it. They’re so not.

        2. That is very true Ron..but i have an off the wall question…why is it when u type in says this could be hazard to your computer?

    5. so what the heck is so wrong with everyone being friends in a small town…i think it’s great that u have friends everywhere u look and being from a small town does NOT make it corrupt

      1. Well the upside of small town corruption, is you know which cops can be bribed, which ones will go all “Respect Mah Authoritah”, which ones will be content with stealing your stash and let you go, and that one polite cop who actually follows the law (how the heck he ended up in the police is anybody’s guess).

      2. Well, inbreeding can cause mental health issues. It would explain why this pig is such a fucking psycho. Maybe you should stop fucking your brother?

  5. The paper relaunched with Facebook commenting, requiring people to identify themselves. At that point, the message boards for the small-town paper went silent. “I think people were afraid to speak up,” Jennings says, adding, “there are a couple of bullies in town.”

    Three words: Fake Facebook Account.

    1. No, the residents got the message loud and clear. Slander the brave officers of Culpeperlandia and you’ll get deleted. Why both making a fake name if it’s just going to be deleted?

      1. Look, the media is the 4th estate and is totally a check on the government. Really. I mean, they say so; how can it be otherwise?

        1. To be charitable, the paper themselves might have been threatened. Of course, scream about it until your voice is bloody if that happens, not knuckle under. A small-town police force threatening a local paper wins you national scrutiny and a Pulitzer.

          Of course, good’ol’boy back-scratching is mush more likely.

          1. They rely on the department for that crucial police blotter section.

          2. Even if the paper was threatened, the y ARE the media…why wouldn’t they back down. If they reported they were threatened it would be the biggest newspaper seller they could get. Woman gets murdered and newspaper gets threatened to be complicit in cover up…that’s how you get a pulitzer. I doubt they were threatened. I think they just didn’t want to make them look bad because they are buddy-buddy and boot lickers.

          3. if u r not from culpeper than don’t talk about police depts

            1. I think all of us are saying a little prayer of thanks that we’re not from Culpeper.

            2. Now sandy, is that ANY police Dept. are all police depts? Also, if you can’t use American Standard English, Shut The Fuck Up!

              1. don’t tell me to shut the eff up…why can’t u just shut up and ill type in the way i want i don’t think that is hurting anybody but you Fatass

                1. LOL it is FATMAN Learn to spell cop-sucking BITCH. Again, learn American Standard English. It is the language we use in this country. It’s not hurting me. But it DOES make you look like and inbred moron.

                  1. But it DOES make you look like and inbred moron.

                    Ah, the inevitable stupid spelling mistake from someone complaining about another’s spelling and grammar.

                    You’re correct that sandy811’s bad spelling and grammar isn’t hurting you. However, you acting like an asshole is hurting you, and does make you look like a moron as well as makes you much less convincing to others.

                    1. asshole? couldnt you come up with something unique?HMM guess not

            3. Sandy, I’m the James Jennings in the article and you are a neighbor. We completely disagree on this issue but I reject the abusive comments that are being made to you. I believe that you are wrong, both factually and logically, but that is no excuse to call you names. This site is called REASON. Let’s use it to make our point. It’s not called . To be clear, Sandy, I think this is a national issue and others have a right to comment on it. They may not be from here, but they are human beings and have the right to express their outrage and what was clearly an unjustified shooting ( I’ve yet to talk to anyone outside of our town, face to face, who hasn’t said the shooting was entirely unjustified ). I’ve actually more people in Culepeper thank me for what I’m doing than condemn me. They don’t do it often in the media … I assume because they are afraid of the repercussions. I’ve been told by some that I am now very much hated in the town. I hope that isn’t the case, but if it is, my intentions were pure and I believe that I did the right thing for the right reason. That said, I firmly and categorically reject the vile and hateful comments about you and others that I read here. I want to see justice and change … not vengeance and destruction. I will continue to speak out against what, I believe, is a genuine problem in our beautiful town, but I will do so using reason … not belligerence.

              1. Mr Jennings I thank you for your post…yes it makes sense but i still have my opinion and you have yours.I guess we will agree to disagree lol….have nice evening and again thanks for your post, you are a very good man from what i know about you.God Bless. And we arent gonna be name bashing each other like ive done with some people on here. I think you are much more of a man than most on here.

                1. Thank you, Sandy. We are in agreement. If people have honest disagreement about things, then the smart thing to do is to respectfully explain our views and allow room for disagreement. Now our situation in Culpeper is tenuous at best. Assuming that this shooting was an anomaly, then there’s much more room for disagreement, but until there’s an open postmortem by the police, how can we be assured that this was an isolated incident? I choose to believe that the Chief of Police and Town Leaders are good people, as are most of the people of Culpeper, but I believe that they are making a dangerous mistake by not airing out all the details of this case. Not only does it hurt our image around the world, it raises the risk that it will be repeated. I respect your right to disagree with me. As Americans we should vigorously discuss important issues, but as humans we should do it with restraint and reason. I will continue to push for a fair trial and an open hearing of ( my opinion ) mistakes that led to this shooting. I do this, not because I want to hurt the town, but because I believe that town needs to be repaired. Thanks for your kind words. Even when we disagree, in town or online, I wish you nothing but peace and joy.

        2. Look, the media is the 4th estate and is totally a check on the government. Really. I mean, they say so; how can it be otherwise?

          I have it on good authority from respected journalists that if Harmon-Wright were acting with good intentions, our need to know the details of this case is merely the result of the disease that is twitter and facebooks.

      2. No, the residents got the message loud and clear. Slander the brave officers of Culpeperlandia and you’ll get deleted. Why both making a fake name if it’s just going to be deleted?

        Let them delete them then. The important thing is to keep the comments going. It’s just as easy to delete anonymous comments as it is to delete fake facebook comments.

        It just disappoints me that all it takes in this day and age is to institute facebook commenting, and everyone goes silent. Fuck that.

    2. there are a couple of bullies in town.

      Two guess on where said bullies are employed.

      1. One is on trial…

  6. By June 21, the day the Culpeper Police Department concluded its own investigation and fired Harmon-Wright

    Losing his 9 to 5 is great. Now how about the electric chair? Or the gas chamber?

    1. The indictment came early: Harmon-Wright was charged with Cook’s murder on May 29; his mother, a former administrative assistant with the Culpeper PD, was also indicted for altering her son’s records to hide a history rife with police abuse and department reprimands.

      Hope he gets put in general population and torn limb from limb.

    2. Look, Dabney Coleman made his life hell. Isn’t that enough?

    3. Nah, I think he’s learned his lesson.

    4. you guys are trying to be judge jury and executioner no one knows he’s quilty until the judge says so

      1. So, Sandy, how exactly are you related to Harmon-Wright? Or are you just a bootlicker by nature?

        1. That’s probably his mom.

        2. rbs i don’t give a rat’s a## what u think iam in no way related to this police officer excuse me ex police officer but unless u live in our town then you don’t know what goes on here…and most of our officers are very nice and respectful of culpepers residents. We still DO NOT know if he is guilty or not so until then is he innocent.And God be with the Good Old Boys

          1. .And God be with the Good Old Boys

            Got it. Bootlicker it is.

            1. Probably dick sucker. The drool just lands on the boots.

              1. +1 cum shot

              2. yeah Fatman you are probably the dick sucker since u seem so interested in doing it

                1. Did I hit a nerve Cop-sucker? Wipe off your face and you can have some ice cream.

                  1. I’ll wait and let u wipe your face first…did it taste good? To start with i never started replying to you…You just keep on replying to me so u must like my grammer….oh Fatman Im so sorry you are offended by me

                    1. I am always offended by cop-sucking BITCHES. Try to have a little sympathy for the Sunday School Teacher that this fucking psycho pig shot for no reason. Inbred creaturs like you make me sad for the future.

                  2. Me thinks Fatazz had met bubba a few times. Ick hehe

            2. Do you have a restraining order on grammar?

              1. Nested comments kicked my ass there.

              2. yep sure do lol u guys make me lmao

                1. That’s because you are an inbred retard.

                  1. Please, this article is about me and I ask that you not attack people like this. I don’t agree with Sandy ( and no, she isn’t Harmon-Wright’s mom ). She has the right to her opinion, even when it makes no sense. Use reason to educate her. Please. I didn’t put myself in harms way in my town to encourage hate speech. I don’t want it and neither did Patricia Cook.

          2. You know, Sandy, Patricia Cook was innocent too.

          3. God be with Patricia Cook’s family.

          4. You mean the Klan right. That is what most people I know mean when they say “good old boys”. Racist Cunt.

            1. I have never been racist in my life…i have friends of every color and i don’t find that color makes a person it’s how u treat other ppl that makes a person….so go on with your racist self….

              1. Well Harmon-Wright, or whatever the fuck his name is, sure treated the hell out of Pat Cook didn’t he. So keep suckin at that ole blue dick.

      2. Well, we know who Mrs. Cook’s executioner was, don’t we?

      3. Yeah, Pat wasn’t guilty until this shit-stain shot her. He should get the same level of “due process”.

  7. That cop was a bad apple. Glad he didn’t spoil the rest of the batch.

  8. It’s almost more egregious that the rest of the police, including the chief and the Staties, circled the wagons around this piece of human garbage after he murdered this seemingly nice lady. A dirtbag raging drunk is a dirtbag raging drunk, but what are the fuckwads that not only enable him, but encourage him?

    1. Had the State AG and the general public not been involved, that guy would not have been fired much less charged. His real mistake was killing someone that someone cared about and couldn’t be credibly framed with a crime. Had he killed a known criminal or a homeless person, he would have gotten away with it.

      1. If there hadn’t been a witness he still would have gotten away with it.

        1. That’s why you need to have a camera/gps locator in your car. $230 can be a lifesaver…and if it isn’t a lifesaver at least it’ll take down the scumbag who killed you…

    2. Enablers and encouragers I’d say.

      1. Or, perhaps, accessories.

        1. Your classic Blackstone definition is certainly . . . suggestive.

          “An accessory after the fact may be, where a person, knowing a felony to have been committed, receives, relieves, comforts, or assists the felon. Therefore, to make an accessory ex post facto, it is in the first place requisite that he knows of the felony committed.

          So far, so good.

          In the next place, he must receive, relieve, comfort, or assist him. And, generally, any assistance whatever given to a felon, to hinder his being apprehended, tried, or suffering punishment, makes the assistor an accessory. As furnishing him with a horse to escape his pursuers, money or victuals to support him, a house or other shelter to conceal him, or open force and violence to rescue or protect him.

          Worth taking to a jury, I would say.

        2. What kind of accessories usually go with a dirtbag? I’m not sure I’d be able to pick out the right jewelry.

          1. Your no talent love object got a new tattoo!


            1. Ke$ha is what results if Geppetto carved a daughter out of a crushed double-wide and the Blue Meth Fairy made her into a real girl.

              1. The tattoo artist looks like a complete dip.

              2. I guess I must be underestimating how much money there is in the white trash demographic.

                1. They may not have much money individually, but there is a shitload of them, so in the aggregate there’s a lot of money in the trailor park set.

              3. That was beautiful…

            2. I have no doubt in my mind she does and will, so that tattoo is perfectly accurate.

            3. She already has a tattoo of an anchor, skull and crossbones and a cross on her wrist.

              That’s a lot of tattoos for a wrist. Also very original.

            4. I’m having Ke$ha tattooed on my taint as we speak.

              1. Ouch! (Shudders) I just threw up a little in my mouth.

    3. Police departments function based upon public trust.

      If that means covering up a pattern of excessive use of force, a general disrespect for the community, alcohol abuse, and the occasional murder, then so be it.

      If you treat the politically connected one way, you can get away with treating everyone else like shit.

      This cop’s mistake was that he had a witness.

      Otherwise he would have gotten away with it.

    4. You answered your own question: fuckwads.

    5. It is more egregious. This is the source of my dislike for the Dunphy’s of the world. When one of their own violates the rights of citizens they are sworn to protect and violates the sacred trust that the public has given them, they circle the wagons, hide evidence, obfuscate, deny, and finally “acknowledge the need for more training.” Because you need training to know not to shoot unarmed Sunday School teachers or to not “beat the Mexican Piss” out of people like Dunphy’s buddies in Seattle.

      1. Hey yeah, Where is that fuck-stick asshole Dunphy. Why hasn’t he come on here to tell us all how this guy followed procedure and all that bull shit?

  9. Mrs. Wilson and Patrick were home from work because it was Columbus Day. But Chris was on his way walking to school. Somebody apparently thought Chris, who was late getting to school, looked suspicious and called police.

    Chris tells 9News Now that he saw a white car creeping along, and thought he was being followed. He didn’t know it was an undercover police officer. He said he ran and hid because he was scared.

    Court documents show that the officer was Brittany Jenkins. The document says Jenkins and Harmon-Wright knocked on the Wilson’s home and entered with their guns drawn.

    A white kid walking to school in broad daylight? Call fucking SWAT!

    The story is disjointed in that on-line reporting sortof way. It doesn’t explain how murder-cop got from hiding kid to raiding his house. Although, hiding from a creepy dude following you in a car is a crime now, apperently.

    1. Holy shit. He did that for truancy?

  10. Did I miss it somewhere or did they ever come up with a motive for him killing the lady? In other words, why did he have his hand on the car door and on his gun? Was he going to assault her?

    1. Good questions. Maybe she refused to be raped, so piggy had to shoot her?

    2. He went to reach for her ID and she pulled it away from him, then rolled up the window on his arm/ catching his fingers in the window, when he asked her to stop she “punched” the gas just like the article says, into uncoming traffic, with her sun screen in her windshield preventing her from seeing where she was driving, the same sun screen she put in her windshield after she was asked by the school to leave.

      1. The only eye witness disagrees: “[Harmon-Wright] was not dragged and that he shot [Cook] before she drove away”; that “he didn’t have his arm caught because the officer’s left hand was on the door handle and right hand was holding a weapon”; that “he distinctly saw her roll up the window all the way before the officer shot out the glass and killed her.”

      2. That’s the motive that they came up, yes. It seems to have come into question, though, as it’s contradicted by an eyewitness.

  11. I hope you have your vomit bag close to hand:

    It remains unknown why Mrs. Cook was in the school parking lot Feb. 9, but police were dispatched for a report of a suspicious person after school personnel observed the housewife peering into the windows, according to a local parent.

    Some have questioned how Harmon-Wright got his arm or hand pinned inside the manually operated Jeep window. Hawes said manual windows could be rolled up much more quickly than an electronic window, “and in a manner strong enough to hold a man fast.”

    “(Harmon-Wright) was caught, however, and (Cook) was engaged in an alternating brake and accelerate cycle designed to cause him harm,” the officer’s defense lawyer said in Wednesday’s email. “Similarly, during his 50-yard ride on the Jeep’s running board, the guy did yell and scream at her to stop, and he did put his hand on the door handle in order to open the door (which the suspect had locked). At some point, he did remove his hand from the door handle, pull out his gun and shoot the glass. But it wasn’t until all else failed that he extricated himself by stopping the threat with finality.”


    1. It’s the defense attorney’s job. Sometimes the client is so fucking guilty that all you can do is some up with some sickeningly laughable tall tale.

      1. And as chief of police your job is to pretend to believe the lie, else your own credibility is on the line for hiring the guy and covering up who knows what else.

    2. I think Sandusky had a more credible defense.

      1. If loving kids is a crime, then slap my ass and call me guilty.

        1. I’m curious, Jerry, because no mention seems to be made of it. Exactly what was the racial breakdown of your victims?

        2. +1 NAMBLA membership

    3. Mrs Cook was also inside the school the day before and asked to leave..which she did but was back the very next day peering through the windows and then putting a sunvisor up so no one could see her….hmmmm wonder what that was all about….nobody seems to care why

      1. Enlighten us Sandy, why was she at the school? Of course, we will never actually know because she is not here to tell her story.

        1. DID i say i KNEW why she was at the school….if you know so much then U enlighten me as to WHY she was INSIDE the school? She had no kids there and when asked to leave she didn’t say why she was there…something was not right…and I Dont care who says different she had NO reason for being in the school…..

          1. DID i say i KNEW why she was at the school

            No, you just slyly implied that she was there for some malign purpose.

            if you know so much then U enlighten me as to WHY she was INSIDE the school?

            Asking her would be helpful. Except she’s dead and all.

            She had no kids there and when asked to leave she didn’t say why she was there

            Got transcripts of this conversation, or are you just blowing it straight out of your ass?

            something was not right


            Good drone. Faithful drone. Obedient drone.

            and I Dont care who says different

            Thus ends even the pretense of rational discussion.

            she had NO reason for being in the school

            Her husband and pastor have a different theory:

            Cook says he doesn’t know why his wife was in the parking lot of the Epiphany Catholic School. Their couple’s pastor at Culpeper United Methodist Church thinks she may have been there searching for work with children because she loved her volunteer role teaching Sunday school at their church.


            1. well when asked to leave the school why didn’t she just speak up and say I was wondering if you were hiring? But No she didn’t say anything

              1. Again, do you have the transcript of that conversation or are you just blowing more cop cum out of your gob?

              2. well when asked to leave the school why didn’t she just speak up and say I was wondering if you were hiring?

                Some people are shy by nature and need to work up the nerve to do things. If that were the case, there’s nothing sinister or unseemly about her walking around the building.

      2. Good thing she was murdered then.

        1. It was for the children then. OK I guess that makes it all better.

          Why do the rest of you hate children so much?

          1. I love my children very much and would be very concerned if some stranger were lurking around there school…most of the schools in our county and town lock the doors after all the kids are in don’t know why this one didn’t do the same thing…..would u want someone wondering around your kid’s school???????

            1. See Loki, you don’t love you children because you aren’t sufficiently paranoid and prepared to kill “someone wondering around your kids school” on site.

            2. You know, Sandy, Patricia Cook was innocent too.

            3. My daughter’s preschool locks the doors, yes.

              But I think I just might pull her out of there if they started shooting non-parents who tried to get in.

            4. Wandering around a school = deserves to be shot. Good to know.

              It’s also comforting to know that you’ve bred and have passed on your special brand of vapid stupidity to the next generation.

              1. myself and my daughters are all very well educated and it’s not called breeding thank you my kids all have highly educated jobs…so don’t even try to take that road because you would quickly lose… stop slandering and name calling…i have never once called u anything bad but if that’s what you want then i can as easily as you do that..but the Lord doesn’t like ugly

                1. “myself and my daughters are all very well educated”

                  Not on the subject of ellipse abuse apparently.

                2. The he must hate you bitch. You have an ugly fucking soul and I will sleep well dreaming you burning in hell.

                  1. First of all don’t call me bitch..betcha wouldn’t say that to my face..Bitch…female dog….and i have a beautiful soul and God loves me so i will never burn in hell…Because you see Iam a christian through and through maybe it’s U Fatman that better be worried about burning in hell….I’ll pray for you.

                    1. Like hell you will. How about you pray for Pat Cook you fucking lying piece of shit. Your a “christian” like Hitler was a “jew”. A “real” christian wouldn’t be trying to give cover to this murdering piece of shit. But then you are his mom or just the bitch that sucks his dick so, whatever.

                    2. Whatever you aren’t even worth my time anymore fatman because i can see that you don’t believe in God. And yes I will pray for your fatman soul. Oh and real christian believes in a man’s innocence until proven guilty.BTW I have never even met the man before.So have a nice day..

                    3. OH noes, I have offended the poor cop-sucking BITCH. Americans believe a man is innocent until proven guilty, christians, ala the Inquisition, believe that guilt/innocence can only be determined by god or through “the ordeal”. Look it up. I love God. I just hat retarded people like you that think they know what God wants.

                    4. No see there you are wrong…if you WERE a christian you can’t hate….God doesn’t hate and it’s one of the worst sins in the bible

            5. I love my children very much and would be very concerned if some stranger were lurking around there school

              Good thing you love your kids, because I don’t. All children are in need of slapping, just in case they are up to something you didn’t catch them doing. And despite propaganda to the contrary, your child is in more danger from the teachers and staff at the school than Joe Random Stranger walking off the street and snatching a kid. Personally, I hold anyone who wants to hang around other people’s children to be strange, but that’s another topic.

              most of the schools in our county and town lock the doors after all the kids are in don’t know why this one didn’t do the same thing

              Can’t have the inmates, I mean, STUDENTS, believing they are free, can we?

              would u want someone wondering around your kid’s school?

              Any someone in particular?

            6. I love my children very much and would be very concerned if some stranger were lurking around there school

              Sounds like, from multiple witnesses including the police department in Culpeper, you should be highly concerned if Office Harmon-Wright were lurking around your children’s school. He’s the known alcoholic with a history of violence, after all.

      3. I don’t give two goddamn shits why she was there. In this country, the United States for America (since you seem to need to be reminded), we have a fucking Constitution where the whole “innocent until proven guilty” and “trial by a jury of your peers” business is outlined. It says nothing about “summary execution by cop”.

        You don’t like it? GTFO. Bootlicking scum.

        1. No, KK, she knows all about innocent until proven guilty. It’s just in her world it only applies to cops.

          you guys are trying to be judge jury and executioner no one knows he’s quilty until the judge says so

        2. i can voice my opinion as much as you and u can’t MAKE Me GET OFF oh and by the way God don’t need no damn he can walk on water……

          1. That’s funny coming from someone who keeps telling us we can’t comment about this story because we do not live in Culpeper.

            1. You know NOTHING about what goes on in our tiny little town

              1. I can guess. Apparently cops can do whatever they want without fear of reprisal. Or at least they used to be so. You seem upset that it’s changed.

                1. not in the least

              2. i can voice my opinion as much as you

                1. so go ahead voice!!!!!

              3. To people outside your little clan, this kind of talk is extremely creepy.

              4. I know the fucking pigs their KILL fucking Sunday School Teachers for no apparent reason.

            2. I used to live in Marshall, it’s close and even smaller than Culpeper.

          2. Fuck off Mary.

          3. I’m just throwing your own fascist authority-fellating cult’s favorite meme back in your face.

        3. Kristen, Kristen, Kristen. Due process is so archaic and unsuited to the problems of our modern world. In order to keep up with the rest of the world, we must deal with possible crimes through “Drone process” internationally, and summary execution based on factors of department policy, use of force continuums, and officer safety, domestically.

      4. And why the hell does that matter? Unless you believe that the proper penalty for trespassing is summary execution.

        1. What is the protocal for “suspicous activity” on school grounds?

          1. It isn’t summary execution, I know that much.

            1. No its not, BUT most times when something goes on at a school, there is lock down, no movement and questions asked. Little weird to me when she continued to sit there then put a sun screen in her car , preventing from being seen. Then doesnt want to cooperate with the officer either…things that make you go hmmm and not just point the finger at the man that was there protecting the children.

              1. If she was sitting in her car, what possible danger could there have been to the children inside the building? You think she was just going to run in and grab a kid or something?

                1. Who knows what she was planning or NOT planning, im trying to see both sides of it. Just strange that someone who is asked by the school to please leave, and then doesnt leave…then hides from the view of the school officials, she obviously was not making good decisions before the officer was called out. Something was off with this woman. IF none of the above had happened, Id be more inclined to think otherwise, but for now…I will sit on the fence until it ALL comes out in the wash, trust and believe there is a lot more to the story. =)

              2. Things you don’t know: Was she armed? What was actually said to her? What was her actual response? What do witnesses at the school say? Were any children in actual danger? Was anyone actually hurt? Until you can answer those questions, which is impossible now, you are advocating killing innocent people simply for making you feel uncomfortable because they are somewhere you do not think they should be.

                1. True and the same applies to you as well. YOU dont know either, so until then…you cant say the officer was in the wrong. πŸ˜‰

                  1. Unless the officer had a reasonable belief that his life or the life of somebody else was in IMMEDIATE danger, he was wrong. Whatever she may or may not have been planning to do is completely and utterly irrelevant.

                    1. Janice, just so you know, the world of Minority Report has not yet begun. We do not arrest people, and we certainly do not kill people, for the crimes they may be thinking about doing in the future.

                    2. I agree with you. I however believe his life was in danger, and so were the lives of others when she Punched the gas and was driving down the public road. Agree to disagree…I guess.

                    3. You’re still ignoring the witness and have yet to give us a reason not to believe him. Just saying “real credible, lol” is not a reason.

                  2. I know a few things Janice. A woman was killed. The police officer responsible has a history of violent and drunken behavior. The sole disinterested witness directly contradicts the police version of what happened. Unless you have a very good reason why I should not give his story more weight than the police, I will continue to believe him. Added up, this looks a lot like an unjustified killing.

                    1. Dude, you are a saint. How can you stay so reasonable talking to these cop-sucking shit stains? It makes my blood boil.

                    2. Because rbs must be more of a man than you fatman

                    3. He is just more tolerant of cop-sucking BITCHES than me. He may be “more of a man” I don’t know.

                    4. That’s because RBS seems to be a man and not a little boy throwing a tantrum, Fatman. He seems level headed and respects others opinions even if he doesnt agree. Maybe you should learn from his postings and the way he conducts himself in a public forum. πŸ˜‰

                    5. Reading a person’s opinion without pointing out its asininity does not necessarily equate to respect for said opinion.It’s perfectly possible to offer a rational counterpoint to your statements while simultaneously refraining from ad hominem. RBS seems capable of doing this. It doesn’t mean that he respects your opinions; just that he argues logically.

                    6. Dude, Fatman, I believe it’s because RBS isn’t a secret cop-lover like you. Your arrogant asshole ad hominems are clearly intended to discredit people who are shocked and horrified by the actions of Officer Harmon-Wright.

                      Your arguments could never possibly persuade anyone who doesn’t already agree, as I do, that this woman was brutally murdered. In fact, they could only persuade people (emotional people, yes, but most people are) of the reverse.

                      Since you claim not to be stupid, I must simply conclude that you are secretly on the side of the cops here and trying to alienate the undecided and get them to take the cops’ side.

                    7. NO, I hate the fucking po-po. However, I do enjoy baiting cop-suckers. Is it childish? Yes. So what. Nothing we say here is going to change the minds of either of these cunts so fuck them. Why waste my time being logical and articulate when they will ignore every counter-argument with “for teh childrenz”? Read some of the stupid shit they have written. I can’t convince them so I amuse myself.

          2. Summary execution, clearly.

  12. David Brooks would be against this poor followership behavior of Jennings.

    1. And he would also say Mrs. Cook clearly deserved to be killed for not being a good little follower, too. Amirite?

      1. You are right! Man, I post and missed all the fun.

  13. It would’ve gone the other way if it had been a guy that had been arrested for something, anything minor once in his life. But shooting this middle aged woman was just so over-the-top that the cover-up (barely) didn’t stick.

    1. I agree. That and there being a witness to it. If this had been the town thief or neardowell, he would have walked.

      1. Had there been no witness he’d still have his job.

        1. Had they succeeded in their massive efforts to discredit the witness, he’d still have his job. And they really tried, too.

  14. Back when the “trapped his arm” story was still workable, the husband said it was impossible because the Jeep had manual windows.

    Guess who thought the husband was lying. Go on… guess.

    1. Tulpa la copper cock gobbla?

    2. *yap* *yap*

    3. So its not possible to trap an arm in a car window because it has manual windows? bahahahaha!

      1. It’s only possible if the person being trapped allows it to happen. Because unless Superman or The Flash is rolling up the window at superhuman speeds, it’s not exactly difficult to remove your arm as a manual window is being rolled up.

        1. Agreed, but I keep in mind that the vehicle was moving…hard to get your arm out of a window that is being rolled up while the vehicle is in motion..awkward position to say the least.

          1. That brings up the question of why he stuck his arm in her car in the first place. He did that before the car started to move.

          2. It wasn’t moving until his arm was “trapped” according to his testimony. Fail, try again cop-sucker.

            1. and you know what, it isn’t hard to get your arm out of the car. Just stop moving and the car will move away from you. Cop is a lying, murdering piece of shit and you must be his mom or some other cop-sucking whore.

  15. Any bets on whether or not his mother was romantically involved with whoever decided to hire this psycho?

    1. I hear taking the police chief’s DICKtation is helpful in smoothing along any problems in the hiring process.

    2. Why don’t you ask sandy811? She’s the only one here who knows what goes on in their little town.

      1. I’ve already theorized that she’s actually the officer’s mother. Altough she claims not to be related to him, I suspect that Culpepper, VA is one of those towns where everyone’s related to everyone else in some way.

        With each high and mighty post she makes about how “we don’t know anything about what goes on in her town” the banjo music gets a little louder.

        1. If u are gonna talk about culpeper then learn to spell it right c u l p e p e r oh and by the way i have NO SONS

          1. If you are going to correct Loki’s spelling you might want to take a look at how you butcher the English language whenever you post.

            1. And I don’t remember pulling your chain RBS

          2. In the rest of the world “pepper” is spelled p-e-p-p-e-r. Since I’m not from your little podunk shithole of a town (thank God), I wouldn’t have known that you inbred cockstains have decided to spell it wrong this whole time.

            1. No actually it’s not spelled wrong u fucktard…..and thank God you arent from my town….And we are not inbred but starting to believe that u might be a little bit Loki

              1. Serisouly sandy, when you fuck your brother and get pregnant, that IS inbreeding.

                1. hmmmm bet you wouldn’t say that to my brothers

                2. OMG Fatman, you did your sister?? WTF

      2. ha ha ha very funny i needed that laugh tday

  16. Why was this woman driving around the parking lot days before, why was she peering into the windows of the school where she had no children, why didnt she leave when the school officials asked her to leave, why did she then go sit in her car and put a sun screen in her windshield so she couldnt be seen, why oh why did she PUNCH the gas into a public road with a sun screen still in her windshield? Why didnt she just do as the officer asked her, why did she flee after being told to stop…wtf is wrong with this picture. Thank God the officer tried to deroute the moving vehicle before some little kid got ran over. booyah!

    1. Why’d you make a new account, sandy811?

      Why’d she hit the gas with a sun screen? I don’t know. Probably because a crazy guy was shooting at her for no reason. If someone was trying to shoot me for no reason while I was in my car, I’d likely hit the gas first and ask questions later.

      1. Why didnt she just leave when she was asked to by the school officials? And why was she scoping out the school days before? Kinda creepy if you ask me. New account? Hardly!

      2. Why didnt she just leave when she was asked to by the school officials? And why was she scoping out the school days before? Kinda creepy if you ask me. New account? Hardly!

        1. Why didn’t she leave? I don’t have a clue.

          Why do you keep insisting that the (assumed) fact that she was trespassing means that the officer was justified in killing her? Despite what our President says, we usually still do give people trials before we execute them. And I’m pretty sure that trespassing isn’t one of those crimes we execute people for.

          1. I dont think trespassing justifies anyone being killed, it was the events that followed….and that witness..yeah hes real credible. Lol But thats another story.

            1. What about the witness makes you question his credibility?

            2. Why is the witness non-credible? He’s the only person in this story who doesn’t have a stake in what happens. His view is far more credible than anyone else. Especially that of an officer with a history of brutal behavior.

              1. I dont think an eyewitness that changes his story is credible, first he says the same thing that was reported, now its a totally different story.

                1. I dont think an eyewitness that changes his story is credible, first he says the same thing that was reported, now its a totally different story.


                  CULPEPER, Va. (WUSA) – State police say Kris Buchele changed his story about what he saw Thursday morning when a five-year Culpeper police officer shot and killed 54-year-old Patricia Cook. Buchele says he told state police and reporters the same thing…then and now… that the officer’s arm was not stuck in Cook’s window and he was never dragged.


                  1. WRONG…this was his first story..

                    According to eyewitness Kris Buchele, whose father owns a building directly behind the school parking lot, the officer was talking to Cook in her Jeep, when she began to roll up the window and pull away. The witness said the officer’s arm was in the window as Cook was rolling it up.

                    1. He claims he never changed his story, the police claim he did. By the way, who’s being sued by the victim’s widower, again?

                    2. Kudos to you Janice lol at least you tell it like it is

                    3. Thanks, Sandy! Whew..some of these posters are just barf worthy, one or two can actually debate being civil. Kudos to those!

                    4. Gee Janie, AC has a linky, where is yours. Link or it never happend inbred cop-sucker.

                    5. Poor FATMAN cant find my link… πŸ™

                    6. No, I did find it farther down. It is just not credible. When the piggys say the witness changed his story and the witness says he didn’t…I HAVE to believe the witness. He ain’t got a dog in this fight. The pigs got a “brother” to protect and a big lawsuit settlement to try to avoid. They will lie their mother-fuckin asses off to get that shit under control.

                    7. In the window is not the same as “trapped in the window by the pressure of the glass having closed on it”. The idea that someone being dragged by the left arm, could draw and fire their weapon is completely implausible. The witness statement is likely taken out of context.

                  2. Surely if he said that, there would be some video or audio evidence of him saying it (and by it I mean the original version that they claim he changed). Since that has not been forthcoming, clearly the police are lying. Big surprise.

            3. Yeah realll credible

              1. Why is he non-credible?

              2. OMG we agree again. I guess Im you and you are still me. Lol

                1. Just answer the question. Why is his credibility an issue?

                  1. RBS- he changed his story! To me, someone that says one thing, and now its a totally different story is not credible.

                    1. “He changed his story”.

                      Citation needed, Janice.

                    2. LOl Funny Andrew…but c’mon…

                    3. Since you are the one claiming he changed his story, show me where he first agreed with the official version. Even so, changing his story to a version that will undoubtedly make his life much more difficult in the near future does not necessarily ruin his credibility.

                    4. The State Police claim he changed his story, it was all over the news here. I dont know exactly what his first version was, but it was said, that it was totally different than the new version. Maybe I can search online and find something more factual for you, on the witnesses first story. =)

                    5. I’ll help you, Janice. Here’s a story where the police claim that he changed his story:…..yid=190763

                      I’ll note that the man, who has far less reason to lie than the police department, claims his story has been consistent.

                    6. Thanks for the link, now I’ll provide mine where he says that his arm was in the window as she was pulling away and rolling the window up.…..r-1678923/

                    7. I don’t know if this is your first time at Reason but you might want to search the archives to figure out why most of us are hesitant to believe the official State Police report, particularly regarding an incident that makes them look bad. That being said, I appreciate your willingness to discuss this like adults.

                    8. This was According to eyewitness Kris Buchele, whose father owns a building directly behind the school parking lot, the officer was talking to Cook in her Jeep, when she began to roll up the window and pull away. The witness said the officer’s arm was in the window as Cook was rolling it up.

                      Now he says…his arm was NOT in the window but on the door handle…To me this is a major difference, and makes the witness not credible.

                    9. The police claimed the witness changed his story. The witness claimed his story stayed consistent.

                      The witness has less reason to lie than the police do. And as RBS said, please search the Reason archives for the reasons those of us who read this site on a regular basis are not very quick to believe the police department’s story.

                    10. Oh okay, so this is a site for those that dont like cops? Just wondering why your site was sent to the local newspapers FB page…the impression given was this story made LA’s headlines. Sorry….

                    11. No, this is not a site for people who “don’t like cops”. This is a site where there are many discussions of misdeeds by officers, including this one. This is a site where it’s pointed out when officers lie for their own benefit.

                      Many people, including yourself, seem to think that an officer’s word is automatically worth more than that of a non-officer. I’d suggest that nearly every regular reader of this site disagrees.

                    12. You would be wrong about me Andrew, I have fallen victim to a cop lying in court..that is when my eyes opened that not all cops are good. Where is the proof that in this case the officer is lying? We have ONE eyewitness who changed a key part in his story. Like I said, I am here because this site was linked to our local papers FB page. I had no idea, as well as others that this was a site about the discussions of misdeeds by officers, or officers that lie. This was the caption on the FB status of the local paper “Online magazine based in L.A. weighs in on Culpeper police shooting case.” …..sorry for the intruding…

                    13. Wow, so you have been fucked over by the pigs, and seeing this fuck-stains previous history and you STILL are willing to take his fucking work for it. You are a world class retard and should abstane from procreation for the betterment of mankind.

                    14. Bwhahaha Your daddy should have flushed you while he had the chance, fatman. πŸ˜‰

                    15. And the best part of you ran down your mama’s leg cop-sucking whore. Bwahahaha

        2. So you’re still going with kinda creepy = summary execution?

      3. oh and by the way i didn’t make a new account thank you mr. who thinks he knows everything….

    2. janice i totally agree with you…

      1. Well that’s a shocker.

      2. So sandy, is your “Janice” personality the one that’s related to the “officer” in this story?

        1. Please..I have no relation to this officer, nor Sandy. @@

          1. he thinks he knows everything!!!!

        2. dont even know her just agreed with everything she said..u are such a shit for brains

          1. You are just a master of the English language, aren’t you, “sandy”?

            I just find it incredibly ironic that you find this thread, you find nobody else that agrees with you… and all of a sudden, “Janice” shows up to agree with you! What are the odds, right?

            1. So you must be everyone else that agrees with your points?

              1. I’m actually every poster on this thread. Including you. And sandy.

                Or maybe you’re just trolling. Not sure.

      3. Lol Thanks Sandy! I mean “me”!! Too funny.

        1. Jeebus, Do we have ANOTHER crazy fucking bitch stalking this site now? Sandy/Janice, take your meds. Visit your son, or whatever the pig is to you, in jail, suck his dick, have fun.

          1. I don’t think so. I think they are following this story because they have some skin in the game, family of the officer maybe, and this one just happened to pop up the newsfeed.

            1. Eh, it’s possible they’re just the types who believe the police can do no wrong. There are plenty of them out there.

            2. No RBS, no family nor friend of mine. I do live in Culpeper tho and have been following the story since day 1. I also have wondered, the day this story broke, a man was seen fleeing the jeep…now he is in prison and have heard nothing more about this. Just so many unanswered questions, before I convict anyone of this unfortuante loss of Ms. Cook.

              1. What is the man in the Jeep in prison for? Who saw him fleeing?

            3. No not at all no family in the pd either one of my friends on fb sent me this thread so i thought i’d ck it out..but just seems like a bunch of losers on here excluding janice

          2. Nope, just wild copsuckers popping in. Better run them off before Dunphy shows up for a good bootlicking.

            1. I dont scare , AC! Please, run off by words…pffft

              1. I dont scare , AC!

                Fear is subjective. And I’m glad you have no objection to being a wild copsucker.

                1. Lol careful AC, you have something on your chin…hehe

                  1. Lol careful AC, you have something on your chin…hehe

                    That would be hair. And better hair than that pair of cop balls bouncing off of your chin.

            2. I don’t scare easily either…just remember sticks and stones may break your bones but i bet this size 7 boot up your ass would hurt like hell

              1. Physical Threats. Internet tough-grrl. Now we know you are a cop or cop-spouse. You think it is OK to shoot someone for trespassin and you make violent threats in response to verbal disputes. Definately a pig. Keep suckin those cop dicks you stupid inbred BITCH.

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  17. SandyJanice, you still haven’t managed to explain why trespassing deserves summary execution.

    1. For the children.

  18. The city of Culpeper’s website is:

    The Culpeper Chamber of Commerce is:

  19. I for one am tired of all this “justice” and “due process” bullshit. The cop is obviously guilty. An investigation and trial is a waste of The People’s resources. Why can’t we drag him to the nearest tree and lynch him? Liberty is dead.

  20. O.K. Iam tired of this thread I have better things to do than to read about inbreds,racist,and just plain bs.Hope all of you on here have a great week,and I will pray for all of you.God Bless

    1. The badge-licking troll has left the building. Buh bye!

    2. Please don’t talk about me with your imaginary friend. Thanks.

  21. A few clarifications about this article and my involvement with this case and my facebook page and petition. First, I never claimed that I “moved this forward”. I simply did what I believed was the morally right thing. I give credit to the Special Prosecutor and the Special Grand Jury for doing the right thing in investigating and indicting this officer. Second, the witness, Kris Buchele, and another witness came forward long before I started my page. As to the editor of the Culeper Times comment that she had articles on all those dates, I will have to go back and verify her statement. Her most recent editorial was nothing but propaganda, in my opinion. Her weekly paper is a minor influence in town. I was commenting primarily about the Star Exponent, which is the town’s main paper, and coverage by news media in Northern Virginia. My primary goal with this was to provide public pressure, as insurance, to counter voices that seemed to want to see the issue buried. I’m grateful that the Special Prosecutor and the Special Grand Jury made sure that didn’t happen. As the indictment was the primary goal, the petition having been delivered and closed, the focus of our Facebook page is now simply to post articles related to the case. As I live in the County, I’ve called for someone in the town to take the lead in pushing for a public postmortem. So far, no one has volunteered. If they do, I will provide my support.
    James Jennings

  22. That cop deserves to die. Someone (friend, family member, or just any member of the public) should kill him…there can be no rogue cops like this, and they need to suffer immediate and personal consequences for killing citizens.

    Seriously, if anyone sees something like this go down, and you’re armed – kill the cop who did it on the spot. You will be doing a public service.

    1. And if you’re not armed, run the fucker down with your car like you would a snake in the road.

    2. The cop, like all cops, deserves the same rights and due process as the rest of us. Not more, as cops always think, but not less, either.

      1. In this case, yes, it seems like the cop is most likely guilty of murder. I especially assume that because a prosecutor and grand jury is generally very, very reluctant to charge a police officer with murder, so I assume that the evidence is quite strong. I think that my bias there is justified.

        However, I don’t think that justifies dispensing with due process.

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  24. Social media is the big weapon to find against the corruption.

  25. The officer does have a history of drinking, bein aggressive. A couple of years back his mother working for the police force as assistant to the Chief took it to try to remove some of the bad things in his record. She no longer works there. Here is a link to a news story of him pleding not guilty and also to the side of the link are related stories.…..ricia-cook

  26. This cops BIG mistake was that he committed his crime in an affluent area. Cops have rampantly been murdering citizens for 50 years…. in lower class neighborhoods where people can not afford attorneys and do not know the law.

    It is fitting in a way that what the voter has demanded (tough on crime cops) has been deposited on their doorstep.

  27. It makes me sick someone who holds himself out to be a protector of the innocent has committed an act. A police officer who we are told is our friend, Officer Helpful, there to serve.” Give me a break! Everyone in that community bares responsibility. Who were the idiots that hired this guy? Hold accountable, the mayor, the city council, particularly those in HR that are so wrapped up in their own importance and reputed value. Well, you have done it this time you have brought shame and disgrace to yourselves, community, well done chumps.
    Continue using the faulty devises upon which you so heavily rely. Continue serving those who placed you in your positions of trust and authority in this manner and watch what happens to you and cohorts. You in your own little make believe world, you who have developed such “reliable and foreseeing tools,” to determine the qualifications of a candidate for authority and trust. You who would screw you neighbor “literally and figuratively,” out of wife, home and money. Reflect upon your pitiful souls and ask God for forgiveness. You have failed and the only honorable thing to do is to resigned and let someone who is able to look into the soul and judge accurately the contents of that soul.
    I have no doubt that Officer Harmon ? Wright will be prosecuted. But it comes too late for Patricia and others who may have been victimized by Officer Harman ? Wright, an unconcerned Mayor, Council, and HR department.

  28. “After about the third week of February there was nothing else in the newspaper, or any other bigger outlet,…..-3_11.html on the story,” says James Jennings, the Culpeper resident who helped bring Cook’s story to the attention of national media. “By the end of March, it had been completely forgotten.”

  29. “After about the third week of February there was nothing else in the newspaper, or any other bigger outlet, on the story,” says James Jennings, the Culpeper resident who helped bring Cook’s story to the attention of national media. “By the end of March, it had been completely forgotten.”

  30. The local Culpeper Newspaper, The Culpeper Star Exponent, posted an editorial today praising the town leadership and the police department in their handling of this incident. They express sadness that the officer, a husband and father, was not jobless … without a word about the husband who has no wife, the brother who lost his sister, and the mother who lost her daughter. Go to the website and politely let them know that this kind of propaganda is horrible for the town’s image. Demand that they hold a professional postmortem and bring back accountability and responsibility. The town must hear from the public. They say that the “silent majority” completely supports the police. Be polite, and don’t be threatening but let them know.

    James Jennings…..r-2029196/

    1. The phrase above meant to say “now jobless” rather than “not jobless”

  31. 6 months ago, Patricia Cook was going about her business, taking care of her husband, singing in the choir, baking and helping with children’s Sunday School. She had no idea that her life in Culpeper, VA would soon be over. In a few days, she would be quietly sitting in her car, in a church school parking lot, when an armed Culpeper Police Officer would approach her, and shoot her twice, through the driver’s side window and then 5 more times through her rear window as she fled for her life. She was not armed. She had no criminal record and was known by all as a quiet and gentle person. The officer in question had numerous violations in his personnel record for use of excessive force and poor choices. Mrs. Cook’s husband is now a widower. The officer has been indicted on 4 counts, including murder. He is currently out on bail and has been terminated from his job. Many in our community have moved on to other things. Very few here have spoken up for Mrs Cook or the loss that Mr Cook and others experienced when her life was taken from her violently on February 9. The town continues to refuse to address the errors which led to the shooting. Please help me to keep a light on this terrible injustice. Come to our Facebook page and let us know that Mrs Cook has not been forgotten and that the world is watching Culpeper and waiting to see if the community does the right thing in response to this act of violence.…..9186116293

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