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Watch Rep. Jared Polis Shred DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart


This is the most intense grilling of a DEA administrator by a House member I've ever seen. In it, Rep. Jared Polis (who we nominated as a potential libertarian successor to Ron Paul) asks DEA Administrator Michele Leonhart if heroin is worse than marijuana. Leonhart tells him that's "a suggestive question," and Polis rips her a new one: 

Via Wonkette

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    1. I applaud the congressman for asking these questions, but with the luxury of time to think, I wished he followed up with his main point when she blamed congress for making the drugs illegal: “if you can’t tell me pot is worse than meth and coke, then why is pot a schedule 1 drug and metch scedule 2?” The assignment of drugs to schedules is within the DEA’s discretion.
      And where are the questions about kids getting locked up for 4 days with no food or water without ever being charged with a crime?

  1. Heh, reverse nut-punch.

    Wow, that woman is really dumb, how did she get to be head of DEA? Oh, never mind.

    1. Is she really that stupid or is she high? I mean she’s having problems enunciating her words and her eyes are half open.

      1. My thought exactly.

        Top. Women.

        1. She wasn’t expecting to have it pointed out that the emperor has no clothes.

      2. She’s high on POWER.

    2. Heh, reverse nut-punch.

      We call that a Rosie Jones.

  2. Serious question: How do people in the room keep from screaming or laughing?

    1. I know I was unable to do so.

  3. DEA head: “drugs are bad”.

    1. Mmmmmm-kaaaaay?

    2. mmkay

  4. She’s like a retarded robot.

    “These drugs are illegal because they are dangerous…”

    No, they are illegal because Congress passed laws making them illegal. Does she realize she’s talking to members of Congress?

    1. I think she would fail the Turing test.

      1. hahaha

  5. A while back I was buying weed from a guy who had a Fairey Obama poster up in his apartment and when the federal medical marijuana raids under Obama’s watch started really rolling, I brought this up to him a few times and he repeatedly denied it and refused to believe it.

    Because Obama had promised, you see, and if Obama promised then obviously all these news stories are forgeries intended to make him look bad, or something. He got so obnoxious I stopped giving him patronage. I wonder if he ever pulled his head out of his ass.

    1. I wonder if he ever pulled his head out of his ass.

      Doubtful. Many of the people who were full on Obama-philes in ’08 still are. I’m shocked by how many people I see with Obama ’08 and Obama ’12 stickers on their cars. It’s almost like they enjoy getting beaten.

      “Hit me again Barack, and this time put some stank on it” seems to be the typical mindset.

      1. When I see cars with Obama ’12 stickers I know to shift into defensive driving mode because in all likelihood they are too fucking stupid to drive a car without causing mayhem on the roads.

      2. “Hit me again Barack, and this time put some stank on it”

        That’s the funniest thing I’ve read today.

        1. I find Jim Carrey generally insufferable, but “Hit me again Ike, and put some stank on it!” might be the best line he’s ever delivered. Actually “Liar Liar” as a whole isn’t terrible I suppose.

    2. Why should he give a shit? The crackdown on MMJ gave him job security. Business is booming for street dealers and their product has never been better.

      A toker relative of mine from out-of-state was singing the big O’s praises the other day(“Black guys gotta have their weed, man!”), and then I pointed out that most of the CA dispensaries were closed. That seemed to shut him up.

    3. You should give the DEA an anonymous tip that he’s selling to medical marijuana patients. Maybe prison would change his mind about Obama, and even if it doesn’t, at least he wouldn’t be able to vote anymore.

      (I don’t actually think you should report him. That would be a really shitty thing to do.)

  6. Is gargling razor blades worse than marijuana?

    1. Absolutely. But it’s not nearly as addictive.

    2. Is it illegal? Duh, then no it’s not.

  7. This almost made me come in my pants. But what did the next congressman rent seeker do? Throw her soft ball questions?

  8. That really was quite awesome.

  9. Mmm kay?


      But, hey, at least my “Your comment has been reported as spam” cherry has been popped.

  10. Good friggin’ god woman, ANSWER MY FUCKING QUESTION!

    1. She feared the follow up question if she answered honestly.

  11. “These drugs are illegal because they are dangerous…”

    Yeah, just ask Charity Bowers. She took a .50 caliber bullet to the head from a Chilean Air Force fighter plane as she sat in her missionary mother’s lap during a plane flight. Of course, the plane wasn’t doing anything illegal, but it looked suspicious to the fighter pilot, so mother and infant daughter were sacrificed because drugs are dangerous. And no one was prosecuted for this murder of two innocent souls.

    1. My bad, it was a Peruvian Air Force fighter, under the direction of the CIA.


      1. Meh, eggs, omlettes, means justifying ends, etc, etc, nothing to see here, move along…

      2. I like to bring that and the recent one in the Honduras where the Honduran Amry (at the DEA’s behest) machinegunned a boat with two pregnant women in it up to ardent drug warriors. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that innocent people are getting killed to try to stop somebody in America from getting high.

        And the fact that we’re doing all this and it DOESN’T FUCKING WORK is just icing on the cake.

        1. If Ron Paul is Mittens’ VP candidate, I’d love for him to bring up these two examples in the debates with Biden. And then say “defend that, you miserable cork sucker”.

  12. Do people who testify at congressional hearings leave their brains and souls in a coat-room outside? And do they get them back?

    1. No. They just lie.

    2. Look into those eyes, those lifeless doll’s eyes and tell me there’s a soul waiting in the coat room.

      No, the undead can only be put to rest, for the good of themselves and us.

  13. I believe Leonhart was saying it was a “subjective” question, not a “suggestive” one.

    I am frankly baffled by her inability to answer a straightforward question. It’s like she’s a retarded automoton. “Does not compute. All drugs are bad. Exterminate!”

    Good on Polis for holding her to the task.

    1. Looking back, I see Drake came to the exact same conclusion. Hah.

  14. Michelle Leonhart – retarded, cunt, or retarded cunt?

  15. Michelle Leonhart: Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. Drugs are bad. I AM ANSWERING AS A POLICE OFFICER.

    Fuck the police.

  16. Subjective question, not suggestive.

    But this was brilliant.

  17. The real culprit in this appears not to be Ms. Leonhart, who deserves the grilling nonetheless, but the ridiculous scheduling of marijuana as a controlled substance. Shouldn’t we be targeting lawmakers who support marijuana as a Schedule 1 drug under the Controlled Substances Act?

  18. Are all people who don’t take drugs this lard-witted?

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