A.M. Links: Obamacare a Presidential Re-Election Tool No Matter What, Berkeley Recommends Rolling Back Police Powers, Uruguay Wants to Sell Its Citizens Marijuana


  • but not enough to make our own signs

    President Obama's re-election campaign plans on using Obamacare on the campaign trail no matter what the ruling from the Supreme Court is.

  • Lt. General William Caldwell is accused of thwarting a Department of Defense investigation into corruption within the Aghan forces with which he worked. A letter from Jason Chaffetz to Leon Panetta alleges the Lt. General opposed the investigation because he wanted to preserve his first-name-basis relationship with President Obama.
  • The city council in Berkeley, California wants to roll back some post-9/11 police powers, recommending the local police department's ability to share information with state and federal authorities about suspected terrorists as well as its intelligence gathering activities be limited.
  • A federal lawsuit filed against a New Jersey hospital challenges the federal Defense of Marriage Act. "They're not seeking money, they're seeking to get the rights every other married couple has," said Jeffrey Norton, one of two lawyers representing the couple. "They're trying to change the system."
  • An elderly bus monitor whose bullying at hands of middle school students went viral has received more than $120,000 in donations. She wants to return to work, but on another route and with an apology from the students.
  • The government of Uruguay wishes to be the exclusive drug dealer for its countrymen, sending a bill to Congress that would let the government sell drugs to citizens who would have to register to buy. "We're shifting toward a stricter state control of the distribution and production of this drug," [Minister of Defense Eleuterio] Fernandez said. "It's a fight on both fronts: against consumption and drug trafficking. We think the prohibition of some drugs is creating more problems to society than the drug itself." (H/T Charles Masoner).

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  1. President Obama’s re-election campaign plans on using Obamacare on the campaign trail no matter what the ruling from the Supreme Court is.

    Better for their perpetual victimhood status if it gets overturned by the racists.

    1. Yup – rally the troops to get him a second term so he can appoint justices who vote the right way.

    2. Exactly.

    3. This claim of his is as big a bunch of bullcrap as his claim that his stepfather’s father was killed in Indonesia while fighting Dutch colonialists. America despises the health care law and will be thrilled if it gets thrown out, and Obama knows this.

      1. I don’t think he does.

        Leftards believe that America really loves Obamacare but they’ve been brainwashed by secret foreign kkkorpurashuns.

    4. Obamacare a Presidential Re-Election Tool No Matter What


  2. First of the Fist Men!

    1. Spoiler!

  3. Any chance Obama is aware the Obamacare ruling is coming today and so did the Executive Privilege thing yesterday knowing it would be buried after today’s news?

    And if so, what does that indicate about what the ruling will be, if anything?

  4. Re: Busmonitor Bullying –
    So this is what Stimulus III looks like!

    I saw this yesterday on Reddit and refrained from donated because, I guess, I’m a terrible person.

    1. Yes you are. But even if you had, money would not be enough to prevent an outrage such as this again. Oh Mayor Bloomberg, when will you take these children away from their parents and teach them how to be nice?

      1. I blame the violent videogames that obviously taught them to other fellow souls so viciously. Where could they have learned such effective taunts, if not from Monkey Island?!

      2. Damn kids were hopped up on soda.

        1. And Flintstones chewables.

          1. “I have a name. It’s ‘Barney.'”

    2. Now if the kids had been wearing crucifixes or other gang items, then the school authorities would have stopped the bullying.

  5. “We’re shifting toward a stricter state control of the distribution and production of this drug,”

    At last, the fullest realization of the libertarian-left alliance.

    1. Still beats prohibition.

      1. So you trust the government to maintain a steady and unbiased supply? I am quite sure they would not abuse their power over addicts…

        1. That’s a good question. We could end up like… that ancient group of drug-manipulated Middle-Eastern assassins. I don’t remember the name.

          1. Hash…something something…

          2. Jem’Hadar?

          3. The Sith?

    2. Hahahaha +7

  6. …sending a bill to Congress that would let the government sell drugs to citizens who would have to register to buy.

    Sending a bill to our Congress? Call it Medicare Part D and you got a deal.

    1. Go down to the local ABC store/headshop.

  7. Re the bus lady: School district officials are investigating and have said punishments will be handed down, MyFoxBoston.com reports.

    Used to be that kids that acted like that would be kicked off the bus for awhile. Parents that have to take their own time and resources to haul their precious to and from school had a way of making their extreme displeasure known. As for this lady, I can see why she’d want another route, but screw the apology. It is meaningless when given under duress, as it doubtlessly would be.

    1. Hate crime.

    2. I was a horrible person to our bus drivers for about a year as a kid. I feel really bad about some of the shit we pulled and got away with.

      1. Well that’s an obvious disqualifier for your vice presidential bid!

      2. In 5-7th grade we were savages. In 8th grade I moved to Texas the year Brooks Dunn blew up and was tortured with “Boot Scootin Boogie” twice a trip for the entire year. Me and the bus people are even. And I still get the urge to torch school buses when I hear that song.

        1. Insert ampersand between Brooks, Dunn.

        2. All middle-scholl kids are savages. I say this from experience as a former teacher. I don’t know what they were thinking putting an old lady on a bus with a bunch of them.

          1. This. She’s lucky she didn’t get a used jockstrap jammed over her face.

          2. Should’ve given her a gun.

        3. They are savages. My father-in-law drove a school bus until he retired last summer. He didn’t take any shit and the kids were scared to death of him (he is a towering man with a booming voice. 6’7″ and around 280lbs.) Hell, the first time I met him I thought he was gonna throw me through a wall for bangin’ his daughter.

      3. My bus driver looked like Dolph Sweet and had forearms like Popeye. Pretty sure he was Korea vet. If the kids got too rowdy he would stop the bus, get up and come stare at you until you shut up, pissed your pants or both. I loved that guy.

        1. We had an old petty officer – two kids tried to sneak a cigarette in the back – he stopped the bus right in the middle of the route, walked back and grabbed both by the collars, took ’em to the door and marched them out, then drove off.

  8. House Committee Approves Sweeping, Warrantless Electronic Spy Powers

    A House committee on Tuesday reauthorized broad electronic eavesdropping powers that largely legalized the Bush administration’s warrantless wiretapping program.

    The House Judiciary Committee, following the Senate Intelligence Committee’s lead last month, (.pdf) voted 23-11 to reauthorize the FISA Amendments Act. The legislation, expiring at year’s end, authorizes the government to electronically eavesdrop on Americans’ phone calls and emails without a probable-cause warrant so long as one of the parties to the communication is outside the United States. The communications may be intercepted “to acquire foreign intelligence information.”

    1. I suppose it is a bit wishful to think that the Obama might live up to his hype for once and kill this thing.

      1. Probably. When has Obama ever been against something that expanded his own power?

      2. Obama is incapable of living up to his hype. In fairness, no one could live up to that ridiculous standard but it is doubly delicious to watch him fail since he stoked the flames of culthood.

  9. How could we think to invite the DOD IG [the Pentagon inspector general] in during an election cycle?” Caldwell allegedly upbraided subordinate officers who favored an outside inquiry in fall 2010. Caldwell, supposedly in an “emotional” state, yelled, “You should know better!”

    That alone makes him unfit to clean toilets on extra duty. You are there to do a job and keep your people alive while doing it dipshit. My God the Army has promoted some disgusting creatures into its top ranks.

    1. My God the Army has promoted some disgusting creatures into its top ranks.

      The surest sign that it’s part of the government.

    2. I would expect that from a staff officer at the Pentagon, where the whole point of your job is working the political angles and the bureaucracy.

      But this guy’s in the field, right? Not cool.

      1. This guy has a combat command and an important one. His people are out risking their lives every day training Afghan forces, some of whom are home building their suicide vests to bring to work the next day. And he is worried about the election.

        1. come on, John. The service has always had political generals. Colin Powell comes to mind. Then, there are soldiers’ generals, whom the troops would pretty much take bullets for.

          1. That is correct – I have served under leaders I would have cheerfully died for…and a couple whom I would have slipped poison in their coffee, given the chance.

            1. I would have died for Ordierno. Interestingly, everyone I ever knew who worked for Petreus would have gladly poisoned him. The worst was a certain general at ARCENT who recently retired and shall remain unnamed. Senile asshole is really too weak of a description.

              1. I would have gladly mutinied against the BG I had over me in Iraq…Petreaus was fine in what I had to do with him (not much, true) and Odierno was pretty damn good. We have three BGs in the ILARNG that are absolutely maginificent – stuck with two desk jockey MGs above them. Gah.

                1. John,

                  some of the best officers I have known have been Guard guys. There were some Guard units in Iraq that were fantastic. It drives me nuts to hear shitbag active duty people diss on the Guard and the Reserves and act like anyone who is not active duty must be inferior.

                  1. That is slowly going away – considering the number of deployments we in the Guard side of the house get (3 for me). Guard units are much better at interaction with civilians – because we are civilians first, soldiers second (citizen-soldier is in the correct order, I think). In Afghanistan I used to fear going out with RA, but loved it when I was with the Virginia or Illinois or Indiana Guard.

          2. Yes, and can you see Pres. Lincoln calling Gen. Grant “Sam” or Pres. Davis calling Gen. Lee “Bob?” Their troops took lots of bullets for them.

      2. Fluffy,

        Whether they are in the field or in the Pentagon, they are politicians in uniform; always. Hackworth called them “perfumed princes” for a reason. The rotten commissioned officer corps (circa 1991) was the reason I got out.

        1. And it has only gotten worse.

          1. And it has only gotten worse.

            That was my worry. It was puke-inducing when I left. I feel sorry for the enlisted that their commissioned officers are such as we have.

            *I am not saying every commission officer sucks as there are good ones. Unfortunately most of the good ones are not promoted, that falls to the “princes.”*

            1. There are lots of good comissioned officers. And they either get fed up and get out or get completely fucked over by some scum sucking asshole climber and end up retiring as LTCs or Majors. Really to make 06, you almost have to be a craven ass kisser. All it takes is one bad boss who can’t stand to have anyone disagree with and hates competent people and you are done. So to make 06 means having the ability to thrive under people like that. And that pretty much requires being one of them.

              1. About 50/50 I should think now – you have to have some that can fight – but we end up being put in the case with the “in case of emergency break glass” sign on it. The ass kissers and politicians get the rest of the slots. It will get worse once the current conflicts wind down and the Powerpoint Rangers and apple polishers start to take over again.

                Thank God I am retiring in 10 days.

                1. Odd how they know to promote the ass kissers but keep them in jobs where they can’t do too much damage isn’t it John?

                2. Congrats! What’s the retirement plan?
                  Beaches and pina coladas? Ukraine?

                  1. Single malt whisky and civilian work at a Swiss multinational.

                    Not a bad ending for a guy who started out as a private in the Infantry.

              2. There are lots of good comissioned officers.

                Agreed, that is why I stated it at the bottom. I didn’t want to paint with too broad a brush, but the commissioned officer corps was for the most part horrible during that time frame.

                1. There were a whole lot of Cold Warriors who I served with/under that I am sure would have folded like cheap cots if they ever got in an actual combat situation….so I know what you mean.

              3. Really to make 06, you almost have to be a craven ass kisser. All it takes is one bad boss who can’t stand to have anyone disagree with and hates competent people and you are done.

                Bob Coram brings this up a lot in his biography on John Boyd. Boyd and acolytes like James Burton should have had much more successful careers than they did, but due to various factors (Boyd being a loud-mouthed asshole even though he was usually right, and Burton cock-blocking the Army’s boondoggle weapons programs) they were usually cut well short of where they could have ended up if they had just been better ass-kissers.

        2. I was a command driver for a while so I got to see a lot of officers up close. I got the impression most of them would cheerfully stab their mothers in the back if it would improve their chances of promotion.

        3. I got to interview Hackworth when I was in the news business about a book he had written. It was a lot of fun; he was quite engaging when the red light was on and equally interesting during commercial breaks and after it was done.

          1. I emailed him once when I was a Captain. And he wrote back. At least via e-mail, he was very engaging and nice. I was really impressed. That guy should have been a general.

    3. The Army doesn’t promote to O-7 or higher, congress does.

      Well technically congress promotes everyone from O-1 on up, but they just rubber stamp the force recommendations. But for O-7 on up, it’s direct to congress.

      1. Yes and no. Congress generally goes with the Pentegon unless there is some reason for them to be pissed off at the guy. For example the JAG who was in Iraq during Abu Garib never was approved for a star and the 101st Division Commander who was in command when the guys beat the gay kid to death in the barracks never got a good command after that or the 4th Star that he was on track to get.

        1. Yeah but the records reviews (at least for line officers, the Jag/Chaplain/Medical crap I don’t know about) for senior officers aren’t done at the Pentagon, they’re done at Congress. There’s no PRB for O-7 or higher, only the LL review.

          I mean I guess they’re reviewing documents that are written by Pentagonians, but there’s no recommendation from DoD to LL for who to promote. Well none officially. Or auditably.

          1. At the 07 level it is all a big shadowy mafia. The President and the SEC DEf and the service Chiefs decide that more than anyone. Congress doesn’t really make the picks. But they can and do veto them occasionally.

  10. Lt. General opposed the investigation because he wanted to preserve his first-name-basis relationship with President Obama.

    I wonder if he would have done the same for the sake of his nickname-basis relationship with President Bush.

    1. Probably. Generals are bipartisan ass kissers.

      1. Admittedly, I was pretending to make a point in an effort to get my Bush uses nicknames joke out.

        1. You did a heck of a job.

          1. Thanks, but please.. call me Brownie.

            1. Better than Pooty or Pooty-poot or whatever GWB called the Czar.

            2. please.. call me Brownie.

              That’s extra.

  11. Cities Bet They Can Curb Traffic With Games of Chance

    Instead of buying lotto tickets, participants in the Singapore program shift their commutes to off-peak hours to earn credits, which can be traded for chances to win cash. Participants earn one credit per kilometer traveled by rail, and three credits per kilometer for rail trips made during the hour before or after morning rush hour (7:30 to 8:30 a.m.). They can pick one “boost day” per week, when each kilometer traveled by rail earns five credits.

    1. That’s not a bad idea. Being Singapore, I figured they would just randomly pull people off peak hour trains and cane them to fight congestion.

      1. A “fine” idea!

      2. I bet it was Eduardo Saverin’s idea.

        1. So you think the Winklevoss twins moved to Singapore?

  12. The Internet managed to accuse a sneaker of being racist. It is wrong. This is why.

    1. When liberals see restraints they think “oh scary black man”. But never forget, it is everyone else who is racist.

      1. No, I think it’s more that when they see shackles, they think “slave”, not “restrained criminal”. And in the American, “slave” pretty much historically ties to “black man”.

    2. I’m baffled by that one.

      First, I assume that the intent of the design is to mimic prison shackles, not slave shackles. The OG prison look was (and I guess still could be) fashionable, but slave shackles haven’t been used in nearly 150 years.

      And isn’t it only demeaning to blacks if blacks wear them? I mean, if some white kid has them on, how is that demeaning to blacks? And if a black kid has them, isn’t that because he chose to wear them?

      Fucking race hustlers.

      1. The only thing worse than being racist, RC, is being insensitive.

  13. “My Husband Has Been Pursuing Ads on Craigslist Casual Encounters”

    My husband and I have been married for six years. This past September I found he had responded to casual encounter ads on Craiglist. The emails said he wanted to “watch” and he “hadn’t gotten up the nerve to cheat on his wife.” I confronted him with this and he said nothing happened and he was “just bored” and “he’s a grown ass man and can look at what he wants.”

    In January of this year I found he had a secret email account where he had posted on Craiglist saying he “was looking to watch and touching was ok with him if it was ok with them.” I confronted him again and got the same answer as before. Last week I found history on his phone that he was looking at local Craiglist ads when he was out of town. Again, same answer: “Nothing happened and I’m a grown ass man and can look at what I want.” He also said no one ever actually goes through after emailing back and forth with those ads.

    1. The saddest part of this letter is the lat line: I don’t know what to believe. I want to trust him but I am very hurt. Should I believe nothing is happening?

      1. Yes. Something is happening.

        I’d either be the worst advice columnist or the best.

        1. LOL. That was pretty much Wendy’s response, with some explication after that.

          1. Yes. Something is happening.
            Let me explain: you’re an idiot.

      2. What is even more sad is that I doubt her husband ever got anything but a bunch of spam. Doesn’t he know that anything “free” on the internet will immediately be taken over by spammers?

    2. I like Wendy better than Prudie. Prudie occasionally gets caught up in maintaining her progressive cred, but Wendy is usually pretty straightforward (as she was in this letter).

      1. Did you read the Prudie last week about the guy whose father is still paying alimony to his mother 20 years after the divorce? The kids are grown. And the guy was still paying alimony to the woman. And apparently he was getting old and didn’t have his high paying job anymore. And the women was going to have him thrown in jail for nonpayment. Prudie told the guy to stay out of it. I was appalling. If my mother did that to my father, I would never speak to her. This is not child support but alimony. Can’t this women get a fucking job?

        1. Yeah, I was pretty taken aback by that too. It sounded as if the father for some reason decided to be quite generous with the mother in the divorce settlement, and his reward for that was the mother being an utter bitch when push came to shove.

          1. I wrote her about that. Yoffe was very defensive about her answer. She basically acted like alimony was the same as child support. Not quite.

            1. She can be quite re-gressive when she wants to.

      2. But she gets some crackerjack problems. From this week:

        * I want to date my homophobe room-mate
        * Women buy lipstick in recessions, Greek men buy longer schlongs

    3. He’s a “grown ass man” who is about to be a “broke ass man” when she divorces him.

      1. And pretty well deserved, too.

    4. Should’ve let her man do it in the butt. It’s her fault, really.

    1. They’ll still fuck it up.

    2. …endorsed the concept of a four-team seeded playoff…

      Four-team? WTF.

      1. Yes. The four superconferences each get a spot, seeded by the BCS.

        Suck it, Boise State!

        1. Joke fail. I forgot the Big 12 still technically exists and there’s no way the Longhorns get frozen out of anything.

          1. WVU trolls have been pushing that concept all spring but with B12 (renamed BigMath on one board) instead of ACC in the “Big 4”. This was the source of the bullshit FSU and Clemson to the BigMath rumors.

            1. FSU and Clemson are going to go to the Big 12. They can’t stay in the ACC because playing in such a lousy conference is killing their football programs. And the SEC has made it clear they are not going to take any teams already within the existing footprint. Why take FSU when you already have Florida? So they have to get out and have nowhere else to go but the Big 12. By 2015 expect those two and Notre Dame, who has to join a conference but won’t join the Big 10 because it wants to keep its NBC contract, to be in the Big 12.

              1. ND refusing to join the Big 10 is one of the dumbest things ever. An absolutely perfect fit (hell, they already play half the conference every year anyway) that gets torpedoed by the money interests of the school. Non-profit my ass.

                1. They won’t join the Big 10 because the Big 10 won’t let you have your own network contract. It is that simple. The Big 12 does.

              2. John, that might be the stupidest thing you ever wrote.

                FSU and Clemson arent going anywhere.

                FSU is why the ACC is lousy, they havent pulled their weight in a decade. And, if you look at something objective like Sagarin ratings, ACC isnt lousy. It isnt the SEC, duh, but it consistently is better than the B10, for example.

                If Notre Dame HAS to join a conference, which they arent going to, but IF, they will join the ACC. No seriously. They never play Big12 teams, they regularly play ACC teams. They have played Pitt more than all Big12 teams combined.

                But, you say, wouldnt they join the Big10? Possibly, but that bridge might be burned to badly. And, it turns them into a regional school. They dont want to play only midwest teams. ACC gives them a selection of games in the NE, SE and mid-Atlantic. Big12 gives them Texas and empty states.

                I dont think ND is going to join up, but if they do, it wont be Big12.

                1. robc:

                  I actually blame Miami and North Carolina more than FSU. Yeah, we sucked during the the first decade of the new millenium, when Mickey Andrews wouldn’t realize that he couldn’t just recruit the 12 fastest DBs in the world and call that a defense. But, Miami is supposed to be the evil empire and North Carolina was on their way up under Mack Brown when the conference formed and have been middlin to poor ever since.

                  1. I actually blame Miami and North Carolina

                    Miami I will give you. Duke has won an ACC title (1989) since the last time UNC won one (Either 1979 or 1980, the other is NCSU’s last title). Expecting anything other than 4-4 in conference play from the smurfs is insane.

                2. FSU is lousy because of the ACC Rob. If you are a kid in Florida, why on earth would you go to FSU and play loser teams like the Carolina schools every year, when you could go to Florida or Georgia and be just as close to home and play in the SEC? FSU football died when it joined the ACC. It took a while. But eventually going from an independent that was on TV playing the likes of Nebraska and Notre Dame and Miami every year to playing in the ACC against loser competition took its toll.

                  They have to get out of the ACC. The ACC doesn’t generate enough TV revenue for it to compete with Florida in facilities. And any team that plays in the conference is by definition a second rate school. Ideally it would like to go to the SEC. But the SEC won’t take them.

                  And Notre Dame will never join the Big 10 because the Big 10 won’t let it keep its NBC contract. And the ACC isn’t even a factor for Notre Dame. Rumor is that Notre Dame will be joining the Big 12 for all sports but football as soon as next week. Football will follow after in the next couple of years.

                  1. FSU national titles before joining ACC: zero

                    FSU national titles after joining ACC: two

                    FSU jumped UP when they joined the ACC. They went from great teams just outside national title hunt, to fucking unstoppable national title contender beast (I can even tell you the specific game it happened – fucking Charlie Ward). Then Richt left and Bowden went all nepotismy and they crashed and burned.

                    1. FSU national titles before joining ACC: zero

                      That is decieving. The first one was the first year FSU was in the ACC. So they won that one with talent they recruited while independent. The second one was in 1999. As I said, it took a while but the ACC destroyed FSU. The ACC is horrible. They have put out some of the worst BCS teams ever to play in BCS bowls.

                      And FSU was not unstoppable in the 1990s. They barely beat Nebraska in 1993. And NU won more national titles in the 1990s. FSU was actually better in the 1980s than they were in the 1990s. They just had the misfortune of playing Miami every year.

                    2. They played Miami every year in the 90s too.

                      In the 80s, FSU had 4 top 5 finished and 7 top 25 finishes in the AP. In the 90s, 10 and 10.

                      Also, your facts are fucking wrong. No surprise there. The first FSU title was in their SECOND year in the ACC.

                      1993. They started ACC football play in fall of 1992. The Charlie Ward turning point game was fall of 92. 4th quarter vs GT, when Bowden said “fuck it, lets go shotgun 100%” and Ward scored 3 TDs to pull off the comeback.

                  2. Rumor is that Notre Dame will be joining the Big 12 for all sports but football as soon as next week.

                    That rumor comes from the hills of WV. Its so fucking false. Notre Dame’s AD has already been making jokes mocking it, its so bad.

                    1. No it is not. That rumor is right out of Austin Texas Rob. ND is going to join the Big 12 it is just a matter of time. And as time goes on the ACC is probably going to die and football will become the Big 10, SEC, Pac 12 and Big 12 in four super conferences.

                    2. That rumor is right out of Austin Texas Rob

                      No it isnt. It started with “The Dude at WVU”. The Austin sources picked it up from him.

                      The Dude has been 100% wrong on everything all spring. Idiots keep falling for his “Ive got insiders” shit. It would be great performance art if it wasnt so idiotic.

                      The Dude is notorious for having multiple accounts and responding to himself with info that “verifies” what he is saying.

                  3. The ACC doesn’t generate enough TV revenue for it to compete with Florida in facilities.

                    The SEC and Big10 are the only conferences that can do that for them. The Big12 MIGHT (the new contract numbers keep dropping the closer it gets to getting signed) pay more than the ACC, but its negligible and comes with two costs:

                    1. Increased travel costs (projected at ~the amount the B12 outpays the ACC)

                    2. Lack of exposure. The ACC traded money for tv eyeballs. They arent stuck with games on FSN regional. The olympic sports get better exposure. The ACC baseball tourney championship game (Jackets thumping Canes! Go Beesballs!) was on ESPN2. Was the Big12 title game nationally aired? No it wasnt.

                    How much is that worth to GT and Miami baseball? Way more than they could have sold the game for on the open market.

                    ESPN will be showing about a dozen ACC lacrosse games on E1/E2. Plus infinity games on the U. This has fucking value to the ACC and they are getting it due to the nature of the contract with ESPN.

                    P12 basketball killed themselves a few years back when they went for money over exposure. No one wants to go to a school that isnt on ESPN regularly.

                    If the SEC came calling, FSU would be out the door in 5 minutes. And I would help them pack. But they arent going to the Big12. It makes no fucking sense.

                    1. we’re missing a point in the expansion talk – different leagues have different motivations. The SEC took Mizzou and A-M to expand football into some large TV markets. The ACC went basketball, unless someone thinks the Syracuse football program was worth it.

                      The ACC is a hoops league, always has been and that is where FSU chafes. The Noles are a natural fit for the SEC, but Tallahassee does not equal KC, St. Louis, or Houston. For the SEC, another gain is TX elevated for football recruiting. The league already has FL.

                    2. Pitt and Cuse were football moves (Miami wanted Syracuse last expansion, but UVA threw a hissy fit). Yes, Syracuse is down now, but they solidify the eastern seaboard.

                      I remember Syracuse being a football power, its not that long ago. Obviously, they both are solid in basketball (Syracuse especially) too.

                    3. just saying ACC motivations are different from SEC. I think each played to its strengths while hoping for some ancillary benefit for other sports. FSU joined the ACC to 1)upgrade the league’s football status and 2) to improve some of the school’s other programs.

                      Different conferences have different gravy train sports. Expansions largely reflect which game wags what league. Logical world for me is SEC trades Kentucky for Clemson, South Carolina for FSU, perhaps Arky for GA Tech given the Jackets extremely long history with SEC schools.

                    4. Pitt and Cuse were football moves

                      Rob, think about what you just said. For the ACC Pitt and Cuse were a step up. That says all you need to know about ACC football.

                    5. John – you have a reading comprehension problem. I never said, Pitt and Syracuse increased avg football value, just that it was a football move.

                      They were best 2 available football programs in the NE corridor.

                      And, according to the cfbdatawarehouse rankings, Pitt and Cuse are the 19th and 38th best football programs of all time. FSU is #21.

                    6. I remember Syracuse being a football power, its not that long ago.

                      The only way they get it back is if Big East football completely collapses without WVU and Pitt. UConn and especially Rutgers are too entrenched in Syracuse’s old recruiting territory.

                      If the rumor that won’t go away happens (the Big Ten taking on Rutgers), I think it’s the final nail for Cuse football.

                    7. Is Rutgers going to be able to keep that up without Schiano?

                      And I thought his primary recruiting ground was Florida.

                      And guess where Syracuse gets a game every other year now (plus occasionally another)?

                    8. He expanded into Florida but RU’s primary ground is always going to be NJ and he did a much better job of keeping the northern NJ kids home when they used to get split between BC and Cuse (the latter getting 75% of that split). Rutgers hasn’t been as successful in FL since Miami left, but their rivalry with USF has kept some exposure down there.

                      NJ is a really underrated place for football recruits because Rutgers has always sucked, but the kids never stay home. If Rutgers gets a fence up around their home range (the entirety of metro NYC) then they can do some real damage.

                      I don’t know what’s going to happen without Schiano; decent recruiter, great leader, great in-game defensive coach, clueless offensively. It’s as if Rex Ryan coached in college and didn’t cuss.

                    9. Also, FSU is defending ACC basketball champs. They are a basketball school now. πŸ™‚

                    10. And two wins away from winning the CWS.

                    11. By which I meant to say: suck it Florida!

                3. But, you say, wouldnt they join the Big10? Possibly, but that bridge might be burned to badly. And, it turns them into a regional school. They dont want to play only midwest teams.

                  Well, they only want to play the same schedule they’ve been playing for the last 40-50 years–the service academies, a few Big 10 schools, USC, and a “name” school or two.

                  The only thing that will get ND to join a conference is if conference membership is a requirement to get into the dance.

          2. Not a Boise State fan, but a three-game playoff (If my math is right)? Again I say WTF. Part of the fun of March is the fact that a Cinderella can happen. At least make it an 8 team playoff.

            1. once it becomes eight, and it will, the clamor will start for 16, followed by 24 where the top eight get byes in the first round. It’s like a virus.

              1. Agreed. They will never have a system where everyone is happy. I don’t see how this is any different that what they have now.

              2. I think it will stop at 16.

                Ten conference champs (now that the WAC appears to be dead) + 6 at large, with first two rounds on campus sites.

                It fits and works. 24 will cost teams a regular season game, so that isnt gonna happen.

                1. never use absolutes with the NCAA, robc. If it rings the cash register, the organization will do it. Disagree about the loss of a regular season game with 24 since it would not be clear going in which teams would be the at-larges.

                  1. They would have to cut a week off the regular season to fit it in. Some argue that for 16 team, but I dont think necessary. But would be necessary for 5 rounds.

                    1. I get your logic, but I’m not the NCAA/BCS. Also, nothing says they can’t start the season a week early, late August as opposed to early Sept. Rational thought does not apply with these folks.

                2. Ten conference champs (now that the WAC appears to be dead) + 6 at large, with first two rounds on campus sites.

                  Honestly, the easiest (and most tyrannical, I admit) way for the NCAA to do it is to institute 16 conferences along regional lines–none of this SDSU playing in the Big East bullshit. The conference champions play in the dance, and if the bowls still want to operate, they can invite anyone else they want.

        2. Who’s going to pick the teams? Who is going to seed them?

          No one will ever complain about anything ever again.

          1. That is just it. Look at the basketball tournament. Sixty eight teams now and the Monday after selection Sunday is still national whining day every year.

            1. So what, no one cares about the whiners once opening Thursday comes around.

              Let them have their 72 hour whine.

          2. I think it is the 3 highest ranked conference champion, plus the next highest ranked team, regardless of conference.

            SEC was fighting that (I don’t know why, if it had been that way the last 7 years they would have still had all their teams participate, and would even have still had the LSU-Bama re-match last year) but I expect they’ll relent soon.

          3. People complain about not getting into the BB tournament, but nobody seriously claims that a team with a real chance to win was left out. That is why this new FBS system will fail. It’s only a matter of a few years until an unbeaten team gets left out–again–or a really strong one-loss team is left out, and the same calls will start up again. A legitimate playoff needs to include the teams that have a real chance to win. I would go with 8, because for the last ten years or so, the number of FBS teams with 0 or 1 loss (before the bowls) has averaged right around 8.

            People seem to foget that there is already a playoff in FBS–a two team playoff. The problem is not that there is no playoff, but that teams with a solid claim to being the best are left out. 4 teams will not fix that.

            1. It’s only a matter of a few years until an unbeaten team gets left out–again–or a really strong one-loss team is left out

              that’s why four is a starting point. Your argument can be taken a step further – the year there is a micro difference, if that, between #’s 4 and 5, the clamor will begin. That year is sooner rather than later.

              1. It was a couple of years ago, when the season ended with 5 undefeated teams.

                2009: Alabama, Texas, Cincinnati, TCU and Boise St. All conference champs too. Florida was #5 in final BCS standings with 1 loss also.

                That they are designing a system that doesnt handle all of recent history is insane.

                So, yes, will be at 8 very soon. Second contract will be my guess, so about 5 years.

      2. Baby steps.

        It will be 8 and finally the appropriate 16 within a decade. Once the gravy train starts pouring in, it wont be stopped.

        1. I don’t think so. I bet it stays at four for a long time. And frankly I don’t want anymore than four. 8 or worse yet 16 would totally devalue the regular season.

          1. 16 could have been great a decade or even five years ago. With all of the conference shuffling that happened since, I’m not sure that model would work (it sure doesn’t help that I barely know where the fuck any team is anymore).

            It’s about time I quit college football and take up major junior hockey. Less bullshit and no asinine rules attempting to hide the fact that the players are anything but minor league professionals.

            1. I almost agree with you, NCAA football is getting to the point where cost/benefit is tipping more to the cost side.

        2. robc gets the day’s prize. Exactly what I have been saying for years. In the NCAA, there is never such a thing as enough. The hoops tournament has been creeping beyond 64 teams the past few years; baseball’s post-seasons gets bigger and bigger. Same will happen in football.

          Bigger question is, will it actually stop in football when the field hits 16? At least one of the lower divisions that already has 16 is expanding its tournament.

          1. D3 (or is it D2) has been 32 for years.

            FCS just expanded to 20 and now to 24, but that is do to a number of conferences deciding to step up and play real FCS football and demanding autobids now.

            But they play a week shorter season because of it.

            1. some proper realignment, as outlined in a post above resolves a scheduling issue. For instance, FSU and Tech in the SEC means their rivalry games are now league match-ups, not out of conference. Of course, it takes away the chance to fatten up against UT/Chattanooga or FL Atlantic, but dems da breaks.

              1. Tech left the SEC for a good reason (that still exists, actually). And when we did try to return, were vetoed by uga and the mississippi schools.

                ACC is where we belong. We are a football school in a basketball league, but beyond that, we fit well. ACC’s “problem” if it can be called one, is that it is a collection of private and small state schools with high academic standards.

                Part of the reason that FSU wont be going to the Big12 is that they lose out on the academic research dollars that they have come into by being in the ACC. Like with the Big10, there is shared research done on the academic side that isnt done with non-member schools.

                FSU’s academic rep has shot up being affiliated with the ACC. They lose that if they leave.

  14. The thing I don’t understand about the bus monitor story is…what the fuck does her job consist of?

    If she’s so powerless that she has to sit there and take that abuse from those kids, what possible function could she have on the bus? If she can’t protect herself, how can she protect the other kids?

    1. Purpose?!

      It’s a union job, right?

    2. Probably to help a kid who gets sick or help kids get off the bus in the event of an accident. In the schools’ defense they are in a tough spot. If they try and supervise the little animals parents are sending them, they get sued for daring to correct the little darlings. If they say to hell with it and just leave them to their own devices, they get sued for negligent supervision. They really can’t win.

      1. Government employee union jobs? Don’t have purposes like other jobs have purposes.

      2. They can quit and go get a productive job. I’d call that winning.

        1. In the worst economy in 70 years? And there is such a market for elderly women out there. I don’t blame anyone for taking any job they can get right now.

          1. All the old people around here (SW Baltimore) are employed by fast food places. Some fast food places even have more old people serving than teenagers. Which is an interesting dilemma because while the old people are more polite and pleasant, the teenagers are faster.

            1. Old people in the front, teenagers in the back. An cross-generational mullet of staffing.

      3. Even in the dark ages when I was in grade school there were usually two adults on the bus: the driver and someone else. Not always, but it wasn’t infrequent either. I don’t know if they were a monitor as such, but they were there.

        1. Trust me: they were probably monitoring you.

        2. I guess I must be so old now that I’m pre-Dark Ages, because every bus I rode had the driver and that was it.

          And the drivers were like the crazy South Park bus driver – “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!!!”

          No one thought to hassle the driver, because we were too busy bullying each other.

          1. And the drivers were like the crazy South Park bus driver – “SIT DOWN AND SHUT UP!!!!!”

            Wouldn’t you be like that if you were stuck in that job?

          2. Maybe they were gassing us or something, but we had a nice driver lady and no one bullied anyone. But I still hated riding the damn bus. Bo-ring!

            1. My kid is demanding to ride the bus because it goes right by our house.

              We live too close to the school, though.

              He wants to ride it because his little kindergarten girlfriend takes the bus.

              I’m like, “Obeying the teachers, thinking the DARE cops are cool, and talking to girls is no way to end up the libertarian kwisatz haderach, dude. I had higher hopes for you.”

              He’ll be in middle school before he rides an actual bus. Good luck with the rude awakening you’ll get on the first day of sixth grade, kid.

              1. Playa has a kindergarten girlfriend? Day-am son.

                1. “the libertarian kwisatz haderach”

                  I am in awe of that concept.

                  1. Geez, Fluffy… if you’re not careful, your offspring will have a mind of his own, which is going to play havoc with Barry’s Vision of America down the road.

              2. Sorry Fluffy, there’s no way your spawn can be the libertarian kwisatz haderach if you keep sending him to public school. Even if he resists, the reflexive bowing to authority that is part and parcel of gubmint schooling will inhibit the full manifestation of his libertarian powers.

    3. When I went to school the monitors were students from the highest grade the bus transported. This was 10 – 20 years ago. In fucking New Jersey, the home of bending over backwards to throw money at public schools without regard for how its spent. And that way is probably more effective than hiring a powerless old lady. It’s a make work job, like a crossing guard.

      1. Luxury.

        I had to walk/bike (then drive) to school. Seriously, we lived right on the dividing line and the bus driver carded. It’s not like the fucking bus was fool or anything.

  15. President Obama’s re-election campaign plans on using Obamacare on the campaign trail no matter what the ruling from the Supreme Court is.

    Of course he plans to use it; ObamaCare has his name on it. Might as well try to turn it into a silk purse. There’s no running away from it.

    1. I’m not sure it’s a bad idea to run on it since it should be fairly clear to everyone that the idea of having someone else pay your doctors and hospital bills is is very popular.

      I’m not sure where anyone gets the idea that Obamacare is unpopular because “the people” see it as an unwaranted use of state power.

      It’s unpopular because people realize it isn’t going to make “healthcare” free.

      1. I think the individual mandate is incredibly unpopular because people realize it isn’t the rich people who will be getting into trouble with the IRS for not being able to afford to pay the penalty if they don’t buy insurance.

        The mandate forces a penalty on relatively poor people and the middle class to buy insurance that, for whatever reason, they decided they couldn’t afford.

        No amount of Obama BS can change that fact. He should BS it, though, becasue that’s all he can do. He can’t run against the signature legislation that, as far as the voters are concerned, bears his name.

        1. Forgot to close that tag!

        2. The mandate is all about making poor people bear more of their health care costs.

          1. Like I say, people don’t want to have to pay for insurance any more than they want to have to pay their doctors bills.

            They want free shit. They believe they can have free shit. And by god, the won’t be happy until they get free shit.

            To get elected in America (and everywhere else) you have to promise free shit. That’s why both candidates are promising free shit.

            It’s really not a mystery.

          2. The mandate is all about making poor people bear more of their health care costs.

            No, it’s about making young and healthy people pay more for sick and older ones.

    2. Correction: Obamneycare. Neither can run from it.

      1. Then I guess you will be voting for the guy who thought up the the program had one that actually survived judicial scrutiny. I didn’t know you were such a Romney fan.

        1. Our shrike proudly votes for Democrats – he *claims* it’s because there’s no one else to vote for other than Republicans, but it’s really because shrike is a liberal with a jizz-infused copy of Dreams From My Father stashed under his bunk bed.

          1. He also claims to revere Barry Goldwater… but then, so did Hillary Clinton.

    3. Obamacare is a teabagger meme! Its real name is Pee Pee Caca. /prog

  16. A-level student predicted to achieve top grades is escorted from college by police after ‘refusing to stop REVISING’


    1. I am a hard-working and dedicated student and this could have such an impact on my future.

      Hopefully he is a good student and will learn that it won’t have an impact on his future. Unless, I suppose, he’s looking to get into a field of work obsessed with academic credentialism.

      1. No one in this story covered themselves with glory: the kid for being an insufferable PITA, and the school for giving an attention whore what he wants most in the world.

    2. Seriously, that is one ugly person. And his wig sucks, too.

      1. Most Manga characters that look more real than that guy.

    3. Can anyone more familiar than I with Britspeak please explain to me what “revising” (in the context of this article) means?

      1. More evidence that we are separated by a common language.

      2. I think it’s similar to krumping.

      3. “Revising” means studying for your exams

        1. WTF??

          1. They also use “tuition” where we would say “tutoring.” A vile and barbaric people.

            1. I know the Canadians, at least, “write” their exams rather than “taking” them.

              I’m not sure about the rest of the Queen’s peoples.

              1. We do exams. When I say that in this forum, i keep hearing it in Beavis and Butthead voices

        2. Now that’s just dumb.

        3. Thank you, ifh.

          I don’t recall ever hearing it used that way in Australia, is it?

          1. Also what Ice Nine and Fluffy said. πŸ™‚

          2. I think so, but it’s not particularly common. When I was a student during the last Ice Age, we usually said swotting or studying for our exams, and the small ones in my family only say (IIRC) studying

            1. Well, the last time I lived in Australia was 1963 and I was fifteen years old.

              I also lived in Tasmania and I’ve since learned that Tasmania is somewhat different than the rest of the country. Or it was, at any rate.

              1. True fact: I knew someone from Tasmania who was in a school-class of 30 kids – and 28 were related to each other

                1. So it’s the West Virginian of Australia?

                  1. Even better than WVa – its shape has led to “Map of Tassie” being a euphemism for a particular patch of hair, and it has the best contemporary art museum in the country run by a retired gambler obsessed with sex and death who describes himself as someone who “sometimes obscures insecurity by acting like a prick. Usually, however, he’s a prick because he feels like it.”

                    1. WV just has lots of concrete named after a dead racist, so I think Tasmania wins.

                    2. I knew there’d be someone with a Tasmanian joke here eventually. Hardeharhar. πŸ™‚

                      Like the bloke whose father threatened to disown because the girl he wanted to marry from the next valley over was a virgin. “If she’s not good enough for her own family she’s certainly not good enough for ours.”

                      That museum is on the former property of a family we knew. His heir managed to bankrupt the family business but not before establishing Tassie as a premier wine producer.

                    3. That comment was to ifh. As to T’s comment above mine, the Tasmanians manged to exterminate the native population if the island over a period of about sixty years. Tassie pols were also among the biggest promoters of the White Australia Policy. I’d have to say they’re pretty competitive in the dead racists category.

                    4. Just out of curiosity ifh, what state do you live in?

        4. I’m guessing Community Colleges in England are a bit different than ones in the US also.

          1. Since A-levels, IIANM, are the final step in secondary education before qualifying for university, I suspect they are too.

  17. “If the Defense of Marriage Act allows employers and insurance companies to have a double standard that affords us less benefits than other married couples, then it should be struck down,” the women said. “No couple willing to make the commitment of marriage should be treated as second-class citizens.”

    The commitment of marriage. Ugh, you marrieds sure do like your drama. You made an agreement with each other (and, fingers crossed, with the state) that can easily be broken. Get over yourselves.

    1. It assumes that everyone has the same definition of marriage. She may think she is married but others would disagree. It is called freedom and it works like that sometimes.

    2. Probably not smart to bring their test case against a Catholic institution.

      (1) It will fight like a starving wolverine.

      (2) It can roll out a First Amendment defense that a secular hospital can not.

      I’m not sure how DOMA even comes into play. The operative bits are:

      Section 2. Powers reserved to the states. No State, territory, or possession of the United States, or Indian tribe, shall be required to give effect to any public act, record, or judicial proceeding of any other State, territory, possession, or tribe respecting a relationship between persons of the same sex that is treated as a marriage under the laws of such other State, territory, possession, or tribe, or a right or claim arising from such relationship.

      This wouldn’t seem to apply, as these are New York residents married under New York law working in a New York hospital. There is no “other state” and no full faith and credit issue.

      Section 3. Definition of marriage. In determining the meaning of any Act of Congress, or of any ruling, regulation, or interpretation of the various administrative bureaus and agencies of the United States, the word ‘marriage’ means only a legal union between one man and one woman as husband and wife, and the word ‘spouse’ refers only to a person of the opposite sex who is a husband or a wife.

      I’m not seeing any federal action, either.

      So what’s the DOMA angle?

  18. Sounds to me like they know what they are doing Wow.


    1. which “they” would that be, anonbot?

      1. It’s two steps forward, on step back with Anonbot’s growing sentience. We need him to deliver more pwnds, like telling Kim Dotcom to lay off the pizza. I think that was his zenith so far.

      2. The kids on the school bus, obviously.

  19. the Obama campaign is prepared to defend the president’s signature legislative accomplishment, regardless of the outcome.

    Yeah, what the heck. After contempt of congress, what’s contempt of SCOTUS?

  20. Zombie plague moves north in FL.

    And I have to drive to Tampa tonight to catch a flight.

    1. I work in Tampa and live about 20 miles south. I haven’t seen any uptick in zombie activity around here. Of course, zombies are like gators-it isn’t the one you see that you have to worry about.

  21. Kennedy has nice legs.

  22. Many of the allegations against Caldwell come from Air Force Col. Schuyler Geller, who served as Caldwell’s command surgeon when Caldwell ran the NATO Training Mission-Afghanistan (NTM-A).

    There it is. Never let another branch into your confidence.

  23. http://www.rightwingnews.com/s…..2-edition/

    20 hottest conservative women in the new media. I am not getting the Dana Loesch love. She is nice looking for an over 30 mom. But she can hardly compete with girls just out of college.

    1. The worst offense is Michelle Malkin at #2. There’s no way she’s in front of 3/4 of the women on that list.

      1. I have never found Malkin attractive. And the same with Coulter.

        1. Ann Coulter? you mean Skeletor? she’s hideous. I’ve never found her adam’s apple or man hands attractive!

        2. I don’t see Malkin and Coulter as anywhere near in the same league.

          Malkin is atrractive but as Brett says she doesn’t belong in third place there.

          Ann Coulter is to the bone ugly. And unpleasant as well, IMO.

        3. I’m pretty sure Steve Smith wouldn’t even fuck Coulter.

          1. He’s sarcasmic’s ideal woman.

    2. Lucy is way fucking hotter than all those chicks. No this isn’t fucking beta groveling so fuck you. Just the facts.

      1. Lucy is way fucking hotter than all those chicks.

        This Lucy?


        Stop smoking crack beta-male groveler.

    3. SE Cupp is oddly attractive.

      Maybe its because she claims to be a rationalist which is rare for a conservative.

      1. It is hard to meet the high rational standard set by places like Feministing and the people who believe Europe is dying because of austerity.

        1. Are you implying that Europe is dying because of their loss of faith?

          Then you should be pro-Muslim immigrant then.

          Europe will survive the debt crisis but will struggle with demographic trends.

          1. No retard, I am implying Europe is dying because it is broke and created a totally unsustainable social welfare system. You know reality.

          2. This is the archetypal Shreik comment:
            “I say you believe this bizarre conservative strawman, so therefore you should be against this other bizarre conservative strawman. Christfag.”

            1. Free minds and Free Markets.

              I live that credo.

              1. free to sample the drug-laced kool-aid, yes.

              2. I’m sure your mind is worth every penny, too.

              3. “I live that credo”

                Then why vote for Obama?

                [no, not suggesting a vote for Romney is good, either. Shut the fuck up, ahead of time.]

    4. Also, Number 16: Finger off the trigger! Especially with a closed breach.

      1. I saw that, too.

        Instant credibility-killer, IMO.

    5. That’s the best they’ve got?! Pretty sad. And, definitely what Brett said.

      1. It is media not Hollywood. And there are some very attractive women in there. Some are just okay. That said, when you compare it to what the liberals have…

    6. Who is Jedidiah Bila? Whoa.

      1. What terrible parents name their daughter Jedidiah? Does she go by Jed?

    7. Mary Katharine Ham at #8? She’s top 3 easily. Monica Crowley would need a latex catsuit to beat her (and I wish she would!)

    8. It’s like the Gold Gloves: being famous is more important than being good.

      1. So you’re saying Malkin is the Timothy Bradley of conservatism?

    9. Horrible compilation. There are about 3 anchors from FOX that outshine all of them. And there’s a Maggie Hoover (I think) who is hotter than almost all of those women.

      1. It’s only “new media”, however they define that. I guess if you have a particularly active twitter account you’re in the running.

  24. BERKELEY — The City Council has decided to move forward with police reforms that favor civil liberties over state and federal intelligence gathering that ramped up after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks.

    Apparently Berkeley wants to go it alone. Say good-bye to federal dollars.

  25. Tim Pawlenty is now the frontrunner to be Romney’s running mate? Seriously? Pawlenty is about as exciting and interesting as a Minnesota lutefisk.

    1. Romney doesn’t want a running mate with more charisma than himself.

      1. Then he’ll have to start considering candidates outside the animal kingdom. Specifically, trees and rocks. And many trees and rocks are more charismatic than Romney.

        1. So Bawbwa Walters would ask “If you had to pick a VP, what kind of twee would it be?”

      2. “I have chosen for my running mate… this inanimate carbon rod!”

        1. That would be a huge mistake…everyone knows the inanimate carbon rod would steal the show.

    2. Romney must figure that all he has to be is boring and acceptable to win. And he is probably right.

      1. Yes, just avoid looking incompetent. Which means never taking a risk.

        1. I actually think it’s ok for government to avoid taking risks…and so, let the candidate demonstrate they are risk averse in their selection of VP.

          1. Good point.

      2. Yeah, about the only real advantage to picking a guy like Pawlenty is that he’s so damn plain and boring that Saturday Night Live and the late night scriptwriters in Burbank will have a really hard time getting a lot of comedic mileage out of the guy.

    3. A lotta guys might find lutefisk exciting.

    4. Given the way this campaign is going shape up, Romney needs an attack dog. Ideally, one with a relatively mild-mannered demeanor, who can latch onto Obama’s ankle with a more-in-sorrow-than-anger affect.

      Not sure if Pawlenty’s that guy.

      1. OTOH, someone who fades into the background at the VP debates while Biden chews the scenery and machineguns his feet might be surprisingly effective.

  26. Flying jetskis.

    God I hope the sell a billion of these to the douches who seem to own 2/3rds of all jetskis in the world.

  27. For those of you involved in the Star Trek captain schism.

    1. This is old. And there is no schism. Kirk’s the better captain by far.

      I could go through the whole litany, but I can settle it with just one point:

      Kirk knew it was gonna be a long mission. Three years! Out there in the middle of nowhere? How’s he gonna keep morale up?

      The answer: mandatory mini-skirts.

      Pure. Genius.

      1. Picard proved he was the better captain by passing the leadership challenge of resisting the temptation to smack the smirk off of Riker’s face, day after day after day.

        1. Yep, I am Team Picard also. Esp if you think about it a being a grunt on their spaceship. Who would you want as a captain, someone who is rash and impulsive, or someone who is thoughtful about what a mission entails. It seems to me the overall survival rate is a lot better with Picard.

        2. That doesn’t prove Picard was a better captain.

          Kirk could punch anybody in the face at any given moment in time. I mean, he’d try to reason with you first, but if that didn’t work for some reason? He could punch anybody in the face at the drop of a hat!

          That’s what you need in a great captain.

          1. By punch in the face, you mean judo chop on the neck, right?

            1. Yer outta yer mind.


              Kirk could stand toe to toe with anybody–certainly anybody on board the Enterprise.

              That’s why he was the captain! Because he could kick all of their asses.

              1. I always thought it was odd that Spock wasn’t the captain.

                He was the smartest, he was physically much stronger than a human, he could do that nerve pinch thing, and since Vulcans are so much longer-lived than humans, Star Fleet would get more from their investment if they promoted their Vulcan officers.

                1. Because you’ve got to make split-second decisions with only gut instinct, you green-blooded walking computer!

                2. Jeez, they had a whole ship full of Vulcans, and they flew right in to a giant amoeba and died. All of them.

                  Jim Kirk kicked it’s ass the correct way: with explosives.

                  1. Spock was not the captain because he was the perfect staff guy. Spock had no charisma like Kirk. Kirk was the guy who came around and slapped everyone on the back and made them feel great about being on the ship and doing their jobs. Spock was the hatchet man. To bad cop to Kirk’s good cop. Spock was the supremely organized rational staff guy who kept everything running while Kirk kept everyone feeling good and made the big picture decisions. It is a classic leadership team.

                3. But he was half-human, no? Not 100% Vulcan, he was possibly susceptible to a lot of human shit, just like Kirk.

                4. But he was half-human, no? Not 100% Vulcan, he was possibly susceptible to a lot of human shit, just like Kirk.

    2. WRONG. Best captain was this guy. He was the hypochondriac friend in Jimmy Kirk’s Day Off.

    3. I find DS9 entertaining in large part because Sisko sometimes screws it up big time.

    4. I like Star Trek.

    5. Kirk was a “tin-plated overbearing, swaggering dictator with delusions of godhood”. Picard, on the other hand was French and therefore a pussy.

      1. It was bad enough that Picard was French he also talked like some kind of flaming Pommie bastard.

    1. Larry Ellison has always had that Bond-villain thing going for him.

      1. He is the software version of Steve Jobs (and was big pals with him).

        And relational DBMS is more innovative than anything Apple made. There is just no consumer appreciation for RDBMS.

        Both are genius though.

        1. If they’re so fucking brilliant, why do they support a party that hates them?

    2. When I was down in the US Virgin Islands, I saw a small island for sale for just over a million bucks.

      It wasn’t huge, but it had room for a moderately sized house (i.e. not a cabin) and a small forested area.

      Very reasonably priced, I thought.

      1. Two questions:



        1. Good question. I didn’t really get a look at it. But it was close enough to the main islands to stock up on water and generator fuel, etc.

        2. taxes? Or do you actually own it?

  28. “a kakapo named Sirocco took a shine to zoologist Mark Carwardine and began vigorously coupling with his scalp.”

    1. That was an interesting series, but it needed more Stephen Fry.

      1. Or maybe Stephen Fry isn’t that knowledgeable without his QI elves.

        Whatever the issue was, he mainly stood around and said “Awww, how cute.” I shudder to think that he might be the English male equivalent of Kristen Bell.

  29. More on the war on sex offenders

    Louisiana passes law requiring sex offenders to list status on Facebook.

    I’m sure they don’t require any distinction between what they constitute as sex offenders, like the guy who got caught peeing outside. He’s dangerous, you know! IT’S FOR THE FREAKING CHILDREN!!!

    1. Well, it’s not as if new parents have ever had a self-absorption deficiency.

    2. At Cornell we had an entire herd of holey cows.

    3. That tattoo screams father of the year.

      1. The preggo tits look pretty nice, though.

        1. That is the most retarded set of tattoos I have ever seen. yeah, I really want multiple grim reapers down my arm. What a loser.

          1. “Dude! I want, like a grim reaper, and it’ll like, be on a motorcycle, and the motorcycle will be fucking, like, on fire and shit! And I want it two feet tall in the middle of my fucking chest!”

    4. If this hadn’t been a story about sonograms, I would have thought this was a picture of her intestines


    1. FWIW there are 22,000 people on scotusblog’s live blog right now.

      1. I’m one. Knox v. SEIU is another blow to unions. If I am understanding correctly, even “agency shops” must now have an opt-in rather than opt-out for the portion of union dues that don’t go directly to local operations, as well as special assessments. So no more auto-filling the SEIU’s lobbying warchest.

        1. shit — they just upped it to 70k

    2. No Obamacare decison today, via scotusblog.

    3. Jeebus, Fluff! I still can’t breathe right.

      Not. Fucking. Funny.

    4. I hate you. BUT WHAT A RUSH.

  31. Please tell me somebody looked.

    1. You’re worse than Britta, now.

      1. Fluffy is the opposite of Batman.

    2. I did, GDI. _

    3. you are a bad person…shame on me πŸ˜‰

    4. You couldn’t link in a Rick Astley Youtube video?

    5. You sent a chill down my spine. Asshole.

    6. You bastid!!! I about choked to death on my coffee – yeah, I looked.

    7. I didn’t realize until just now how disappointed I’ll be if Obamacare is upheld.

      1. Haha. Me too; I had this sick feeling in my stomach as went to look.

    8. Nah. No way they release it today.

      Maybe, maybe, tomorrow, if they want to drop it into the Friday news hole, which I expect will be chin-deep with administration news dumps tomorrow anyway.

      Otherwise, last day of the term.

      1. They are not in session tomorrow RC. So it can’t be then.

    9. I didn’t, but only out of laziness. I was… going to get around to it.

    10. You are dead to me, Fluffy.

    11. CUNT.

    12. I will hunt you down and kill you like the animal that you are.

  32. So, it turns out that Diablo 3 is awesome. Goodbye, cruel real world…

    1. Thankfully, my desktop died before Blizzard resolved its server issues, so I have already detoxed.

    2. Really? Everybody else has been saying it sucks.

  33. in good court news, the SEIU got bitch-slapped: “the First Amendment does require an opt-in system in some circumstances [for union dues]: the levying of a special assessment or dues increase.”

  34. Judge throws out three charges against Sandusky:


    Closing arguments today, and the jury starts deliberation this afternoon. I wouldn’t be surprised if he beats some of the charges given the state troopers contradicted each other and admitted to asking leading questions of some of the witnesses. I don’t think he beats all of them.

    1. If this monster gets acquitted on all charges, I swear I’m leaving this country. I can’t even imagine for a second there’s any possibility that will happen though.

      1. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the coverage at pennlive and the CDT. I don’t see how he beats them all. I think he’ll beat some of them as there are problems with the prosecution’s case with respect to a few of the accusers.

        Keeping Sandusky off the stand was a good move for the defense. According to what I’ve read, this means the prosecution can’t enter into evidence the unaired portions of Sandusky’s interview with Costas, parts of which are pretty damning for Sandusky.

        I also think Sandusky has grounds for an appeal. The judge allowed what looked to me to be hearsay, but that only affects some of the charges.

        Disclaimer: These are just my opinions based on the news coverage, which isn’t as good as being at the trial. I’m also not a lawyer, so I’m basing my belief of judge making a mistake on the hearsay testimony on my layman’s understanding of what hearsay is.

  35. @ Lord Humungus

    Are you a Laibach fan? Side-splitting excerpts from old interviews have been collected here. Eg Laibach on their concerts:

    Purpose: to provoke maximum collective emotions and release the automatic response of the masses;

    Consequence: the effective disciplining of the revolted and alienated audience; awakening the feeling of total belonging and commitment to the Higher Order;

    Result: by obscuring his intellect, the consumer is reduced to a state of humble remorse, which is a state of collective aphasia, which in turn is the principle of social organization.

    1. never was really a big Laibach fan, though I had a roommate in college who was, so yeah, I’m familiar with ’em.

      1. I think it was collectively decided Gubert Einer Nation is the commentariat choice for a national anthem if we can ditch The Star-Spangled Banner. But I’m sure we have dissenters.

        1. Bah! Devo all the way:

          Freedom of choice
          Is what you got
          Freedom from choice
          Is what you want

          1. Sorry, SF, but Frank Zappa’s “Central Scrutinizer” tops the Devo reference:

            This is the CENTRAL SCRUTINIZER…it is my responsibility to enforce all the laws that haven’t been passed yet. It is also my responsibility to alert each and every one of you to the potential consequences of various ordinary everyday activities you might be performing which could eventually lead to The Death Penalty (or affect your parents’ credit rating). Our criminal institutions are full of little creeps like you who do wrong things…

  36. An elderly bus monitor whose bullying at hands of middle school students…

    You mean middle school students are douchey little fucksticks? Let me show you my shocked face.

    Middle school kids are some of the biggest douchenozzles on the planet. It’s amazing that any of them grow up to become actual functioning human beings.

    1. The reason we have middle school is to keep middle school kids for terrorizing innocent grade school kids and to keep high school kids from delivering to the middle school kids the beatings they richly deserve.

      Basically the little bastards have to be quarantined from the rest of the youths.

    2. Exactly. 12-year-old boys need to be closely supervised and beaten regularly, and never, never, left alone to form feral packs.

      1. Actually my mom taught middle school for years and years, and she said the 6th graders a fine. It’s the 7th and 8th graders that need to be beaten regularly.

        1. You were 12 in 6th grade? RETARD.

          But yes, when I think of middle school, I’m only thinking of 7th and 8th grade. They need so many beatings, so often.

          1. Yeah, it seems to peak in 8th grade.

            And I wasn’t a retard, damnit. I was just way ahead of my time when it came to wearing helmets.

      2. This. Lord of the Flies underplays the dangers of 11-13 year old males creating their own society.

        1. Actually there was someone on NPR some time ago talking about how middle school was the worst idea any education planner ever came up with.

          Something to do with isolating kids at the most unsocialized age in an environment with no older children to keep them in line and no younger ones to learn to feel any empathy for. It just creates a situation that brings out the worst in them.

          I’m not normally one for psychobabble but this sounded kind of plausible.

    3. If only they had been forced to pledge allegiance to their school superintendent, and to Barack Obama…


    This time I am not kidding.

    1. They went two for two today.

      1. Looks to me like a court that little by little is starting to move in a libertarian direction. Leftists everywhere must be shitting their pants right now.

    2. That’s overstating what they ruled just a bit.

    3. Eh. It was pretty narrow. It didn’t limit the FCC’s power to legislate in scope, just time. As in, the FCC can no longer issue vague regulations on vulgarity and decide post facto whether those regulations have been broken.

      1. Baby steps….baby steps.

  38. The Nazgul fucking pussed out:

    “Because the Court, resolves these cases on fair notice grounds under the Due Process Clause, it need not address the First Amendment implications of the Commissions indecency policy.”

  39. Proof that English girls are the least attractive.

    Though the Greeks are a close second. Also, if those are the most attractive women at the Euro tournament, I have no need to visit Europe again while I am single.

    1. Get passed the dopey glasses and I think the German girls win in an upset.

      1. Nah, there’s only 3 Czech republic girls vs. 4 from everyone else but Britain (7!) to make it a fair contest.

        1. And I’m pretty sure 1 and 3 from Germany are the same chick.

    2. Why did they only show three Czech girls and the rest four? And two out of the three are stone-cold hotties. The third one was thrown in to try game the curve.

      1. Great minds, mate.

        1. To be fair to John, they women are way too lacking in cellulite here.

    3. The Polish chick at the bottom wins the whole contest IMHO; otherwise I’m going with Czech overall.

      1. She looks like a cheap whore. I will take the blond from Spain on the far left.

        1. The leftmost German for me, please.

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