Romney on Immigration: He Would Do…Something


Mitt Romney, who is running for president, for Pete's sake, and can't have illegals, delivered a long speech on immigration this morning. The speech was billed as an opportunity for Romney to lay out important immigration policy details and also served as a response to President Obama's announcement last week of an executive order giving work permits rather than deportation orders to undocumented workers.

The short version? Romney wouldn't not do what Obama's doing. But he wouldn't do what Obama's doing either. He favors having a policy, but won't say what that policy might be. Maybe.

Really. That's pretty much the extent of it. 

Up until now, Romney refused to answer the question of whether or not he'd reverse President Obama's order. But in today's speech he attempted to answer that question…by continuing to not answering it. 

Via The Washington Post, here's the key passage from the speech:

Last week, the President finally offered a temporary measure that he seems to think will be just enough to get him through the election. After three and a half years of putting every issue from loan guarantees for his donors to Cash For Clunkers before immigration, now the President has been seized by an overwhelming need to do what he could have done on Day One. I think you deserve better.

Some people have asked if I will let stand the President's executive action. The answer is that I will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the President's temporary measure. As President, I won't settle for a stop-gap measure. I will work with Republicans and Democrats to find a long-term solution.

Clear as a pot of espresso, isn't it?  

But at this point it fits perfectly with the Romney campaign's M.O. when it comes to policy: Criticize Obama's plans, promise to offer a replacement, then decline to provide substantive details about what that replacement will be. He's used the same basic manuever with his tax reform proposal, his Medicare reform plan, and his proposed federal spending cuts. He's a master of the non-answer, of the policy dodge. He's for solutions! And reforms! And better policies! He just won't say which ones. 

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  1. I’d have more respect for Romney if he’d just say “I don’t know what to do.”

    1. That would be insane. BO and his allies would run that sound bite nonstop during every commercial break and newscast.

      1. You’re right. “Doing nothing is not an option.” It’s *much* better to pretend you know what you’re doing.

  2. The blank slate candidacy worked for Obama last time around. I don’t think it’s going to work as well for Romney.

    1. No, it won’t. His slate must be filled. With the following statement:


      1. Thus going back to the “what worked for Obama last time around” argument.

        Obama, however, will probably have less success with I AM STILL NOT BUSH, not that he won’t try.

        1. Who? You mean Reagan’s vice president?

      2. Romney can also use the phrase “one term president” to describe Obama. Michelle Bachmann isn’t using it anymore.

        1. He could use it in a different way. Term as in phrase.

    2. Mittens and B-Rock are both like Famke Janssen in that episode of TNG. Who they are depends on who they’re talking to. Until they get into office, at which point they crystalize into power-hungry paternalist warmongers

      1. When I talked to her she was a sweaty, beer swilling horndog!

      2. “I am for you, swing state voter.”

        1. Who was that, Phyllis George?

      3. Wow – TNG actually had an attractive woman on the show once? I guess in seven years, you’re bound to get at least one.

        1. So Counselor Troi is chopped liver?

          1. For a TV show with a million dollar budget (in 1990)? Pretty much.

        2. Ashely Judd was on a couple of episodes. Also, the chick who played Tasha’s sister was pretty in a Linda Hamilton sort of way.

          1. They had Lois Lane at one point.

            1. Okay, first of all, that episode was awful. Second, she didn’t even get a credit for her appearance. And third, the fact that you even knew that makes me sick.

              1. I rewatched the series (which I had never actually watched all the way through before) about six months ago. Kirsten Dunst was on the show as well, as a young girl.

                1. I would post a Pedobear ascii art here but Reason demands that I comment in English. Xenophobes.

                  1. Hey, I wasn’t going there. I was just mentioning that she was on the show.

                    It’s funny you should mention that, though, as I was thinking just a little while ago what a stupid and disgusting meme that is. It’s not funny.

                    1. I agree. ASCII art is an abomination.

                    2. I surprised it’s even legal.

                    3. There was somebody in a Pedobear costume outside of Sandusky’s trial yesterday. They showed a clip of him dancing around in front of the courthouse on the evening news; it was hilarious watching Darieth Chisholm attempt to read an explanation of what Pedobear was from the teleprompter, practically gasping half way through.

          2. She was better than the guy who played Tasha, true.

            I might have a jaundiced view because when I went back to watch the show not too long ago, it seemed to suck a great deal more than I remembered.

            1. You should try rewatching DS9. That was the high water mark for Star Trek in terms of both quality and hotness.

              1. Ron Moore. He did some other series, too, with similar results.

            2. Denise Crosby was in Lois and Clark too.

              1. Strangely, that’s not symmetrical at all.

        3. Also, Suzie Plakson, who played K’ehleyr, was ren-fest hot.

          1. She was also a renegade Andorian in Enterprise.

            Also, B’Etor had me going until I saw Gwynyth Walsh without the makeup on. Gak.

            1. She played a Vulcan crew member in an earlier episode. Didn’t catch that until the rewatch.

              1. Yeah, the one where Data gets possessed (again).

                He was always a pretty big possession liability.

                1. If we had Data-type androids and holodecks today, with their problems, they’d be banned. And rightfully so, I might add.

                  1. Androids would only be available to the Federal Government for use as undercover kill-bots in the Middle East. Holodecks would be banned because the MPAA would lobby against them.

                    1. In the serious, no kidding, department, consider the intellectual property implications of holodecks and replicators. I bet it turns out that Khan was an IP lawyer, and the Federation is actually owned outright by a small cabal of publishers.

            2. Also, B’Etor had me going until I saw Gwynyth Walsh without the makeup on. Gak.


              Should have left the makeup on!

        4. Olivia d’Abo, Teri Hatcher, Bebe Neuwirth, Data’s girlfriends in “In Theory” and “Ensigns of Command”, Wesley’s shape shifter girlfriend, Picard’s daughter in “The Inner Light”. And that’s before we start scrutinizing the possible Ido wardrobe malfunctions.

          Also, that chick from “Devil’s Due” wasn’t terribly attractive, but you know she’d be a fun date and afterward.

          1. Also, that chick from “Devil’s Due” wasn’t terribly attractive, but you know she’d be a fun date and afterward.

            Also, that chick from “Devil’s Due” wasn’t terribly attractive, but you know she’d be a fun date and afterward.

            Marta DuBois all nice, round, and bouncy!

            Shit! I’m channeling John!

          2. Olivia d’Abo

            I’ll be having a flashback in my bunk.

  3. Every answer he give is squirrelly. And likely to be changed in another couple of months.

  4. TEAM RED is different from TEAM BLUE. One of their main differences is the teams have different colors.

    1. So Romeny plans to continue Obama’s amnesty program? If not, then there is at least one difference.

      1. So Romeny plans to continue Obama’s amnesty program?

        Maybe he will, maybe he won’t. But this we do know for certain: “I will put in place my own long-term solution that will replace and supersede the President’s temporary measure.”

      2. Sounds like he plans to continue it to me.

        But it would defy the principal intellectual argument of the Republican party for him to say so (Obama is always wrong).

        1. Obama is not always wrong. He is fabulous when it comes to killing Al Quada and doing drone strikes Tony. I totally support him in that. You seemed to have an evolving position on it however. I am sure your taste for drones will end sometime around January of next year. Then it will be a fierce moral imperative to stop such things.

        2. Obama is not always wrong. He is fabulous when it comes to killing Al Quada and doing drone strikes Tony. I totally support him in that. You seemed to have an evolving position on it however. I am sure your taste for drones will end sometime around January of next year. Then it will be a fierce moral imperative to stop such things.

          1. I’ve always liked drones. What’s wrong with drones? Better than, say, sending hundreds of thousands of flesh and blood soldiers to occupy a country for no discernible purpose.

            1. Better than holding people in prison but not killing them?

  5. But at this point it fits perfectly with the Romney campaign’s M.O. when it comes to policy: Criticize Obama’s plans, promise to offer a replacement, then decline to provide substantive details about what that replacement will be.

    So you are telling me he is not a suicidally stupid politician. That is good to know.

    1. No fucking around, but Tony said almost the exact same thing when pressed about Obama’s lying, flipflopping, vague bullshit.

      1. John must be a shrewd politician, because I distinctly remember him swearing never to support that flipflopping RINO weasel Romney.

        1. I know you are stupid tony. But that is even stupid for you. Where do I say I am voting for Romney? I don’t. You just assume I am because you think everyone is as mindlessly stupid and political as you are. Basically there is nothing Obama could do up to and including murdering Americans that would cause you not to vote for him. Fortunately not all of us are like that.

          1. I would respect you more if you announced you did plan to vote for Romney. I eagerly await your change of heart on targeted killings should Romney get elected.

            1. Tony you are sock puppet so your respect means little. And Obama is Mr. Targeted Killer. It is the one thing he has done right. Hell, it almost makes me want to vote for the dumb bastard. Obama can do things no Republican could ever get away with thanks to the undying support of people like you.

              1. What Republican wouldn’t get away with a tough foreign policy?

                It’s almost a logical impossibility for Obama to do something that would make me support the other guy, because the other guy is guaranteed to be a) worse and b) more inept.

                1. Ah, so you are in favor of deporting people twice as fast?

                  The Republicans have far more intellectual consistency than Tony, as for example they quickly passed the trade bills when Obama asked. But Tony will reverse any of his held positions to favor his chosen party.

                  I still think I prefer Obama and a GOP Congress to other possibilities.

              2. You like targeted killings? Jesus, man your untouchable executive love is showing Mr. Woo.

      2. Except Romney’s not actually in office yet.

    2. Yeah, look I hate the Big O as much as everybody else, but if he does it, I sincerely doubt you’d give him a pass and chalk it up to not being stupid.

      If vague, unhelpful answers are all you’re looking for in a candidate, you must be a happy man every election day.

      1. The events and Congress drive what they do a lot more than campaign promises anyway. Honestly, I am not a big “we need a man who can make a plan work” kind of guy. It is just politics. And there is nothing wrong with being smart about it. Romney has no incentive to offer a detailed plan and take the attention off of Obama. So why should he do it?

      2. BO is in office, so him being vague is a very different matter.

  6. “I have a secret plan to …”

    Nixon: “…end the war.”
    Romney: “…address that issue.”

    1. Almanian: “…get some delicious fried perch for dinner.”

      1. Sudden: “…to bring about the singularity.”

    2. 35N: “… remove bikini tops via telekinesis.”

  7. It so heartens me to see the commentariat bringing the RomneyHate before were even finished administering the ObamaHate!

    You guys are the best!

    1. Meh. Same shit different piles.

  8. Romney is basically tied and just waiting for Obama to turn it over — and he will* — deep in the his own territory late in the game. don’t fuck up the snap and kick the field goal as time expires.

    Obama won’t know how to handle not being up big.

    1. Mitt Romey: The Scott Norwood of Politics?

    2. Don’t underestimate Obama’s ground game. Clinton did, and it cost her the nomination.

      Don’t miss your chance to throw the bomb. McCain did, by deciding not to oppose TARP.

      1. It was third and 1 while in field goal range. Opposing TARP would have been a hand-off up the middle. What McCain did was decide that a quick-kick was the best plan.

        1. 44 Power on 2, 44 Power on 2, ready.. break!

  9. Is it even legal for Obama to issue an executive order saying he who gets work permits? He has prosecuting discretion, but he’s also altering Federal law with the work permit thing,, something only Congress can do.

    1. Bingo.

      I’ve been meaning to ask, BTW:

      Why so serious?

      1. Are you serious? ARE YOU SERIOUS?

      2. I dunno, but I was considered the worst audience participant in the history of Cirque de Sole. I did not find their buffonery amusing.

    2. Legal? This word, I do not know what it means.

      1. Legal comes from the French, le gal, meaning “the bitch.”

        1. That’s fucking funny, true or not.

          1. French is above truth.

    3. OH! I’m sorry – I mistook RC for you. I do apologize!

    4. And to the topic, I do know that the president can issue Temporary Protection Status and stay deportation to illegal immigrants of specific countries, but that has historically only been in cases due to war, political repression, or natural disaster. I don’t see how he can declare it carte blanche for all illegals.

    5. “If the president does it it’s not illegal.”

    6. Is it even legal for Obama to issue an executive order saying he who gets work permits?

      Under Obama’s plan it will still be illegal to employ them, though.

  10. “I will only deport immigrants who are unattractive and unsympathetic, leaving the telegenic ones with tear-rendering backstories in the country.”

  11. OK wow so who comes up with all that stuff?

    1. LOL! That guy’s a total jackwagon!

  12. I’m tellin’ ya, Almanian – 2012! is lookin’ better and better, amirite?

    Jarts? in every back yard! A 1911 in every hand! Two Mustang GT Convertibles and four motorcycles in every garage! No, wait, that’s my garage – you get your own with the money we DON’T spend on government! How’s that sound?

    Almanian – 2012
    Write In – Right On – Right Now

    1. Candidate Almanian, what if I already have four motorcycles? Will your administration support my efforts to radically increase my garage space in order to accommodate four more?

      1. “You get your own with the money we DON’T spend on government! How’s that sound?”

        But I repeat myself…

  13. Would it have killed Romney to say that, regardless of the merits of Obama’s diktat, he has no choice but to immediately negate it on taking office because it is unconstitutional, that he takes the Constitution seriously, and that he is unwilling to violate it even to do things that he thinks are right?

    He could even go on to say that he would support legislation for dealing with children on a more humane basis than Obama, who has deported record numbers of children,* after all.

    Finish up with a solemn promise not to facilitate the arming of Mexican drug gangs, which policy of Obama’s has resulted in the killing of a couple of hundred Mexicans.

    *Since he’s the reigning world champion of deportation, I’m assuming this would be true.

    1. Yes it would. That very nuanced explanation would be chopped up into the most unattractive soundbites possible and put on a continuous loop on every MSM newscast.

      1. Any excuse will do, eh, Tulpa?

  14. Would it have killed Romney to say that

    Now, RC, I think we BOTH know the answer to that question, don’t we?

    Don’t we?

    RC…don’t we?

    Yeah – I thought so…

  15. OT

    So, this year I decided to plant a small garden. I have four hot thais, four habaneros, one banana pepper, two tomatoes, basil and a baby eggplant. I have a bunch of ghost pepper seeds but didn’t have enough time to start the seeds this winter. They take like three months before they’re ready for the outside.

    When this heat wave hit I was a might skeerd my plants would die, but they are thriving like motherfuckers. The thai plants are already covered in one inch peppers(the plants aren’t even a foot tall yet). It’s amazing.

    This is the best hobby. I’ve battled slugs, aphids, and a heat wave and am presently on top. Mastery of nature* for the win. I think next year I want to go big. Maybe have enough to make some tomato sauce, hot sauce, salsas, etc to last through the winter.

    *waits for hail storm to kill my plants


    I am totally fer realz getting a Almanian ’12 yard sign and bumper sticker made up. Neighbors will be confused as all get out, but fuck ’em maybe they’ll see the wisdom in a vote for Almanian.

    We need a slogan.

    1. “Almaninan 2012 – You could do worse!”

    2. I ripped out almost all of the landscaping in my front yard and planted a whole bunch of new stuff. It was a huge ordeal, but it’s great having a nice garden of my own.

      My brother is into growing vegetables and berries in a major way–does his own composting, has a large part of his yard devoted to the plants, orders crazy Russian tomato hybrids, the whole nine yards.

      1. If I had more time I’d totally take your brother’s route.

        One thing that I am going to do is make pepper bonzais. I found a site with instructions and it looks fun. They look really cool, too.

    3. Here’s your slogan:

      “Fuck Them, That’s Why”

    4. I have to wait until 2016 for my presidential run since I’m only 33. Does the Veep need to be 35 as well? I’d totally be an awesome Veep. Crazier than Joe Biden, Meaner than Dick Cheney, and I’ve never killed a hooker!

      1. Those are the kind of credentials that will take you places in politics!

    5. Legalize Tar and Feathers 2012!

    6. “I have four hot thais”

      Make sure they aren’t lady-boys.. or if that’s the point, party on.

      1. No worries there man.

        They’re hermaphrodites.

  16. What amazes me is that no one is asking Obama if he’s going to rescind the executive order after the election; they’re only asking Romney.

    I’d bet my eyeteeth that BO would rescind if he wins.

    1. He can’t, he didn’t issue an executive order. It’s merely a memo from Janet Napolitano telling the agencies to use their judgement and discretion as they already do.

  17. Yes, accept president Obama’s offer to come forward and be identified, so you’ll be easier to round up when president Romney reverses the executive order, for the crime of having been transported across an imaginary line by your parents several years ago.

    1. This is the position that Romney should stake:

      “President Obama behaved unconstitutionally in issuing an order that not only leverages prosecutorial discretion, but manufactures and actively issues unlegislated residence and work permits. I will likely rescind that order the day I take office. But stability and continuity are important as well. I can assure you that no permits already handed out will be invalidated and that no information gathered during this program will be used to pursue or prosecute any illegal immigrant.”

  18. As much as I hate to agree with GW Bush, his idea to secure the borders now and just keep all the illegals we have now is the most practical course of action. As far as increasing border security I have no problem with the National Guard being employed until we can recruit and expand our civilian agencies. I am against building an long fence across our borders for two reasons: First, fences can be cut or climbed and it can have negative ecological consequences like Austrailia’s ‘Dingo Fence’. Second, a fence used to keep illegal immigrants out can just as easily be used by an oppressive regime to keep its citizens locked in.

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