Reason Writers Around Town: Shikha Dalmia on Republicans Falling in Obama's Immigration Trap


Republicans are hopping mad over President Obama's recent executive order to hand temporary work permits instead of deportation orders to undocumented aliens brought to this country as children. "But the more they hop, the madder they'll look," notes Shikha Dalmia in her morning column at The Daily, "exactly Obama's intention." If Republicans want to close the 40-point lead that Obama has over Mitt Romney with Hispanic voters, something that in Romney's own words could spell "doom" for Republicans in November, they'll have to get past all their huffing and puffing and do something constructive.

And they can begin by stop asking dumb economic questions like the one posed by the obnoxious Daily Caller reporter when he interrupted the president's remarks.

Read the whole thing here.

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  1. They could begin with a strategic campaign of self-immolation, but they won’t do that either.

    1. the gop has already self-immolated in driving-off 2/3ds of women (the largest voting block), like 70% of hispanics (the fastest growing voting block), plus the under 30 youth vote which is the future.

      1. Right, because all those groups are doing so well the past four years under Obama..oh, wait..

        1. please u utube it when u tell them how the gop’s got their backs!

          1. Are you trying to make some kind of point, there, orrin?

            1. my 9:41 point is clear.

              my 10:03 point is for entertainment purposes only.

      2. You hope.

      3. Yes, the women must be so pleased that the Obama administration has, according to “Doonesbury”, let rape flourish unpunished in the U.S. military. Screw that, the women are more interested in some clumsy comment by Rush Dildo.

        1. the many state-level gop actions take precedent over some radio blohard.

  2. Repbulicans should be hopping mad at Obama’s unconstitional expansion of executive branch authority by claiming a power to seletively enforce laws. Regardless of what the particular law in question is about.

    1. Why should they? They loved it when Bush did it.

      1. Really?

        No Republican ever disagreed with anything that Bush did during his entire 8 years in office?

        1. unconstitutional expansion =/ disagreed

  3. Hands and brains in an economic pie? Shikha, you wrote in haste.

  4. “Why do you favor foreigners over American workers?”

    This is standard union Democrat fare, though, also.

    Or are there no such people left?

  5. And they can begin by stop asking dumb economic questions like the one posed by the obnoxious Daily Caller reporter when he interrupted the president’s remarks.

    “Stop asking questions!”

    “Wingnut reporter!”

    “You must respect our President!”

    Why does Shikha write for an ostensibly libertarian magazine?

    It harkens back to Nick and Radley writing the “why are the obstructionist Republicans holding up Obama’s worthy nominees”?

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