Police Misconduct Map Shows Who's Been Thin-Blue-Brutalized Near You


I don't know about you, but I actually do sometimes wake up in the morning and think to myself, "I wonder who the local cops beat the crap out of yesterday?" Yeah, I'm a real treat before my coffee. Well, we won't get that kind of real-time reporting on police brutality until cops start overtly boasting of their misdeeds — and Arizona's own Sheriff Joe gets a little closer every day — but we can now see incidents of misbehavior near us by checking an interactive map that plots reported incidents and links to further information guaranteed to tighten your sphincter every time you see flashing lights in the rearview mirror.

See what's happening near you!

The National Police Misconduct Reporting Project is a new project of the Cato Institute, which took over from Injustice Everywhere when David Packman ran out of the personal bandwidth to keep his very valuable one-man site going (the old URL now redirects to the new one). Drawing on Cato's depth of resources, Tim Lynch created the map mentioned above by merging incidents compiled in 2009 and 2010 by David Packman into Google Maps. It's not an exhaustive representation of bad-cop, no-doughnut phenomena — stuff slips through the cracks — but it's a helpful, and chilling, representation of the range and distribution of incidents. It's especially chilling if you live in one of those areas where the little red dots cluster so tightly that you have to really zoom in to distinguish them. Lynch helpfully offers the word "rape" as a search term to ease your perusal.

Remember: flashing lights in the rearview mirror!

Close to home, for me, I found a Flagstaff officer who hit his girlfriend at the Country Thunder country-western concert (it's sort of like Lilith Fair, but with lots and lots of pickup trucks) and a Yavapai County sheriff's deputy who assaulted his girlfriend's nine-year-old daughter.

Find the map here.

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  1. The map might be little more useful in an equalized population density projection.

    1. Also, I’d like to see one for Canada.

      1. “Mountie reprimanded for unjustified use of force for referring to detainee as ‘a hoser.'”

        1. I suppose I should be grateful that you didn’t say “Mountie reprimanded for inappropriate use of police horse.”

          1. We take that as a given, since we only know of mounties from watching Dudley Do-Right.

            1. Projections based on the performance of the RCMP’s intellectual elite can hardly be deemed representative.

    2. How about revealing the source of these statistics. Lawsuits are the only records that I am aware of. These records are the tip of an iceberg.

  2. I like this one

    US DHS, US, USA 2010
    False Arrest, Allegation

    US DHS detains ex-NYPD cop twice, added to no-fly list because of ’77 arrest while undercover to infiltrate FALN


  3. Myrtle Beach, SC, USA 2009
    DUI, Charged
    Myrtle Beach SC police captain on personal paid leave after arrested in North Carolina on DUI charges

    This one is appropriate as they are constantly having DUI checkpoints around here.

  4. Nothing in my neighborhood. You have to go all the way to Burbank or UCLA to find an incident.

    1. Here’s my town’s:
      Wheaton IL cop suspended 6 days w/o pay for crashing into house after falling asleep behind wheel of police cruiser

  5. Which red dots belong to Dunphy?

    1. Bainbridge Island, WA, USA 2010
      Sex, Lawsuit
      Bainbridge Island WA cop subject of suit by lawyer claiming she was dry humped while searched then falsely arrested [3]

      1. Dry humped is a technical term now

        1. No, term of art.

  6. Minneapolis Parks, MN, USA 2010
    Sex Minor, Charged
    Minneapolis Parks MN police captain already charged w/child molestation gets 14 new charges for 150k child porn pics [0]

    1. That man deserves a long paid vacation to think about his crimes.

  7. The closest to me:

    Newport News VA cops investigated by FBI on allegations they beat and performed roadside cavity search on son of ex-cop

    1. Jeez, it must be a habit around here:

      Hampton VA police sued by man who claims officers strip searched and sodomized him with an object in public on side of road

      1. Ass raping is apparently a favorite indoor outdoor sport among cops.


        I have often wondered how Steve Smith’s kind occasionally manage to go straight and live in normal society rather than roaming the woods. Now I know, they become cops.

        1. So-do-my is such a funny word
          Unless its being done to you

          -To Billy Joel’s “Honesty”

        2. From Scruffy’s link:
          “One Milwaukee officer, Michael Vagnini…”

          You can’t make this stuff up.

  8. From nearby:

    Raid, Fired

    Texas Alcohol Beverage Commission fires 3 agents and discipline 2 others over gay bar raid that left man w/head injury

    Also of interest:

    Mineral Wells TX police officer on trial for stealing a 12 pack of beer during DUI traffic stop, says he didn’t mean to

    1. The TABC are the lowest scum imaginable. These are the people who at least a few years ago were arresting drunks in bars because they might drive.

  9. Only 4 incidents over the last three years within a 60 mile radius of my house.

  10. The snorg “meh” girl is staring at me again. It’s making me paranoid.

    1. Hottest models, worst poses.

      1. She’s got a camel toe going on, if I’m thinking of the same ad

        1. I can’t remember if it is the brunette with the huge boobs or the skinny red head with her jeans undone. I sadly am not getting a snorg ad right now.

        2. Camel toe and aviator shades . . leaves me a bit “unsettled”.

          1. A little too close to those “Top Gun” beach volleyball fantasies for you?

          2. I am jelly.

            All the ads and trackers and other garbage Reason uses forced me to install blocks.

            I don’t mind ads and trackers….but when they make the site crawl to a standstill I put down my foot.

            1. At work, I must use IE7 and cannot block ads. At home, I never see the snorg girls.

              1. Your loss!

              2. Oh, you too? Why we can’t update our browser on some sort of reasonable time frame is beyond me.

    2. The redhead with the “genes” shirt is the best snorg-girl.

  11. Two near me. One was the murder of a confidential informant who got flipped to get probation on a possession charge. The police had to pay restitution to the family and are basically barred from using CIs in that manner anymore. The second was a kidnapping and murder by a cop who is being tried.

    So, not great, but at least no “fuck you, that’s why” copsplaining going on.

    1. I didn’t realize “Wired” was a documentary.

    2. You live in Tallahassee, right? Is that the Rachel Hoffman case?

  12. Cheltenham, PA, USA 2010
    EF, Lawsuit

    Cheltenham PA cops sued by man saying he was beat and strip searched, cops ripped by judge for filing retaliatory charges


  13. One by me where a State Trooper got arrested. Awesome! Anywho, shows that derision about ‘flyover country’ is misplaced.

    1. The Ohioan constabulary may not be as brutal, racist, and corrupt as the elite coastal storm troopers, but they’re working on it.

  14. My area is good…of the three i looked at at least the officers in question got fired (resigned) or were arrested.

    And yes it is sad that it is a good thing rather then being normal with no cop crime being good.

  15. One of the dots near me is actually for a department in a neighboring state but with the same name, so they aren’t necessarily 100% accurately placed.

  16. I have some interesting dots near me, but after that browser crash, I’m not really going to pursue it.

  17. Is it really miscondict to punch people at Lillith like events?

    1. Yeah, I can imagine being a little difficult to get allmens rea -ed up and stop yourself.

      Cocktail forks in the eye all around!

  18. I am not great at working on a home pc, but I am competent.

    Could someone please tell me the mechanics behind this map as I would like to generate one for England.

    I have a lot of time on my hands to do this.

    If however one has already been set up for England, and if anyone knows of it, please tell me the link for it.

    This is of great interest to me.


  19. Pasco County, FL, USA 2009
    Wrong Arrest, Settlement
    Pasco County FL settles lawsuit for $18k to black woman mistakenly arrested on warrant filed against white woman

    Brooksville, FL, USA 2009
    Bias, Allegation
    Brooksville FL police accused of singling out black pastor/jail guard in store full of white people during robbery call

    Hernando County, FL, USA 2009
    DV, Charged
    Hernando County FL deputy charged with domestic battery after altercation with wife during party at their house

    Port Richey, FL, USA 2010
    Drugs, Sentenced
    Port Richey FL police officer sentenced to 3yrs prison in plea deal after caught selling drugs while on-duty

    Seems like around me that as long as you’re white and not married to a cop you won’t have very many problems.

  20. We get the classy ones:

    Walkerton, IN, USA 2009
    DV, Charged

    Walkerton IN police officer charged with misdemeanor battery for punching daughter in face spitting on her

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