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Reason Writers on CNN: Matt Welch Criticizes Bloomberg's Soda-Cup Ban on Out Front With Erin Burnett


Last night, while Nick Gillespie was appearing on NBC Nightly News to talk smack about Nanny Bloomberg's latest brainfart, I went on CNN's Out Front to expand on why it just might not be government's role to criminalize 17-ounce cups. Around four minutes:

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  1. http://parenting.blogs.nytimes…

    Read it and weep for America.

    1. And the comments are a sea of stupid, except for this classic.

      One of my four children is a bourbon addict. Dinners present a small battle every time, because while the other children may or may not choose bourbon, and may or may not finish it, this child chooses bourbon every single time and drains the cup (often before dinner is served) every time as well.

      Are you serious?

      Say no, mama. End of story.

    2. I am trying to figure out how to convince the author and the commenters in that article to shoot themselves in the head.

  2. Coke and Pepsi spent $9 million lobbying last year. Another way to look at it is that they spent $9 million in extortion money so their businesses wouldn’t get burned down.

    1. I liked how she connected their lobbying efforts to their income, calling it a return on investment. Right, they only made that money because of their campaign contributions.

  3. i raised my kids to drink water later, some coffee in HS. neither one drinks soda now declaring it too sweet. both are student-athletes in great shape. this is a parental responsibility.

    1. Read the NYT thread above. It is one whinny pathetic mother after another demanding the government raise their kids for them. If you can’t tell your kid no on the subject of food, what can you tell them no about?

      1. “what can you tell them no about?”


    2. Oh yeah, and you too o3…go shoot yourself in the head.

    3. Oh yeah, and you too o3…go shoot yourself in the head.

      1. u mean a double tap?

        a double tap?

  4. If only people would act exactly the way Erin Burnett wants them to, we’d have a perfect society.

  5. Erin Burnett is hot.

  6. I love how smoking bans entered the conversation after Burnett allowed Matt to speak.

  7. I watched the Reason video as well about this same topic. What I found discouraging was that even though there were people who disagreed with the ban, they seemed to concede Bloomberg’s right to even suggest it, with lines like,”Well, health is a concern so I think he’s trying to do something, but I’m just not sure this is the right move.” Not too many were saying,”Why should politician’s even think this has anything to do with their role? Get him the fuck out of my face and off my body!”

  8. Even if you agreed that the sugary drinks are bad for health, how is legislation over sizes going to do anything about it? Only an outright ban would completely solve the problem, making sodas and sugar completely illegal across the country. Yep, the solution is a war on sugar. Oh wait….


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