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Prison Study: Equal Sexual Misconduct from Inmates, Staff


A new U.S. Department of Justice survey shows prison inmates are just as likely to face sexual misconduct by facility staff as from their bunkmates.

They should be just as worried about the folks on the other side of the bars.

A study released this month, based on surveys gathered in 2008 from former state prisoners, reports nearly 10 percent of inmates have experienced some sort of sexual misconduct while imprisoned. Of those, half indicated the misconduct took place at the hands of facility staff. One out of 20 former state prisoners reported a sexual incident with a prison facility employee. Only one out of five of these former prisoners said the sexual contact with staff was unwilling. The government, however, classifies all sexual activity between inmates and staff as nonconsensual.

CBS reported the study results as part of an effort by the White House to push all detention facilities to fight harder against prison rape. New regulations are afoot:

The new regulations are immediately binding on federal prisons. They include screening inmates for the potential of sexual victimization and using that information in housing and work assignments, requiring background checks on employees, keeping juvenile inmates away from adult inmates, and requiring evidence preservation after a reported incident and requiring termination as the presumptive punishment for staff members.

States who don't fall in line face a loss of 5 percent of their Justice Department prison money unless their governor certifies that the same amount of money is being used to be bring the state into compliance. Prison accreditation organizations also will be banned from getting federal grants unless they include similar anti-prison rape standards in their accreditation process.

Your eyes might boggle at the idea that background checks for employees and terminating employees for sexual misconduct weren't already binding regulations.

The study [pdf] has some interesting (and of course, horrifying) highlights worth going over. A full 79 percent of all reported misconduct between inmates and staff involved male prisoners with female employees, not the other way around. Half the inmates who engaged in sexual activities with staff reported being offered special privileges or favors. A quarter had been bribed or blackmailed.

The "don't drop the soap" fear is also still sadly valid: 34 percent of all bisexual male prisoners and 39 percent of all gay male prisoners reported being sexually victimized by other male inmates, by far the highest incident rates in the list of sexual demographics.


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  1. What does this post have to do with gay marriage?

    1. You seem pretty obsessed with Gay Marriage SIV, are you trying to tell us something?

  2. A full 79 percent of all reported misconduct between inmates and staff involved male prisoners with female employees

    The second I read the first paragraph where it said that 4/5 of these encounters were said by inmates to be consensual, I was not surprised when I learned the later portion.

    Inmates, whose only chance at companionship is with either fellow inmates or facility staff, would generally welcome facility staff since they will get a chance at female companionship instead of male.

    And admittedly, this might be the one thing I’ll give the Obama administration a kudos for. I’ve long been disgusted at the tacit societal approval of prison rape. Seeing that the administration considers it a serious issue is at least progress.

    1. Well if they don’t want to get prison-raped they shouldn’t have committed a heinous crime!

      /most people

      1. Are you kidding me? A burglar in Louisiana doin’ crack got LIFE! Heinous? NOT! Serve basic and minimal time? Yes.

        Christ, the beast-like authoritarians are a mold on planet earth… It’ll destroy humanity these bizarre fucks…

        1. A little html wit for you:

          Gojira (known as Jim) ended his satire with “/most people”

          the “/” in html means “end” as if you were to end italics or bold on a font. Ergo, Gojira was attempting at demonstrating what most people think when they see someone advocate basic 8th amendment protections for prisoners.

          This might be the only community of people I know of on the internet that don’t relish the idea of people whose actions they disapprove of undergoing Dante-esque punishment.

          Instead, we prefer to twist out monocles as we force the child laborers to fight to the death or their survival. /bemonocled insidious laugh

          1. Thanks for the help, but if I recall correctly, aren’t you Canadian?

            That makes everything you say worthless.


            1. Stop berating the Canuckstanians. If you were forced to live on the tundra, huddled together in mass on the nothern US border and suffering from permafrost brain, then… I don’t know… Fucking Canucks!

      2. “Well if they don’t want to get prison-raped they shouldn’t have committed an anus crime!”
        There…fixed it for you.
        You are welcome.

  3. Also, I suppose now is as good a time as ever to confide in my fellow HRers; my absence over the past few weeks:

    My father in law passed away last month, and I’ve been busy helping my brother in law take over and potentially wind down the family business. It’s been a process, and I’ve been preoccupied with my own job throughout this process. I’ve missed it here. It pains me to think of all the hilarity and lulz-worthy commentary I’ve missed out on over that span.

    1. My condolences Sudden.

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    you may find your perfect partners..

  5. I think the characters of OZ were just as worried about the folks on the other side of the bars. I remember one plot line involving a female guard that raped some inmates. Or am I wrong here?

    1. You’re spot on, and she was a sadistic bitch. Went after the Irish guy’s retarded brother.

      1. Fuck. I remember that know(cyril?) man that pissed me off.

  6. This is all we get tonight, Reason?

    How about an article on this?

    Chucky Shumer and John McCain engage in statist gay sex orgy

    1. I totally wanted to click this, but……

      1. There are no photos in this story, (:, it’s ok

        1. Ok, I lied, there is one of Chucky, but he’s fully clothed, although it is still pretty disturbing just like any photo of him…

          1. I can honestly say as a straight male that Chuck Schumer has a beautiful rack.

            Grab a mango boys, and dive in.

            1. I just hope that you have the discretion to put a bag over that ugly head first. Ewww

            2. Now I can’t unsee that image.

  7. OT:
    “Starting later this year, California’s cap-and-trade system to fight global warming will generate billions of dollars in revenue, as companies buy and sell permits to produce greenhouse gases.
    How should the money be used?”

    Well, there seems to be a gaping hole between what you (Moonbeam) promised in retirement benefits compared to what the state can possibly pay, so…………..1OIGTI.DTL

  8. Pittsburgh man arrested for making “threats” to law enforcement officers on facebook. From reading the article these supposed threats seem pretty innocuous, especially compared to the anti-cop bigorati here at Reason.

    1. We’re all a standard procedure waiting to happen.

      1. Or an ambiguous interpretation of the vague…

  9. ”The “don’t drop the soap” fear is also still sadly valid: 34 percent of all bisexual male prisoners and 39 percent of all gay male prisoners”

    Means that Heterosexuals are safe right … or for some stupid reason is Reason making male victims of forced sodomy bisexuals ?

    Being raped doesn’t make you gay Reason!

  10. I really do not find this surprising at all, do you?

  11. I think it is absurd that so many people are locked up in prison. Is there not so many other ways to punish people? How about instead of locking people up, we just fine them. Then use wage garnishments or something to collect any money they make in the future.

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