Follow Today's GOP State Convention Chaos in Real Time


In Oklahoma, where the convention is going on in a parking lot after a supposedly illegal adjournment. The chat stream on the right-hand side of that feed features some on-the-ground comments. Just as with the Occupy Movement, Paulistas are buying pizzas for their brethren from across the land.

And in Arizona, where I can't say I'm sure what's happening.

See the comment thread in this Daily Paul piece, which has lots of ongoing commentary re: Oklahoma.

The last page of a long Ron Paul Forums thread full of reports from the ground about Oklahoma. Helicopters have arrived, they say.

There is much Facebook chatter involving physical fights between Romney and Paul supporters at the Oklahoma convention floor, and the Romneyites just shutting down the convention (as happened in Nevada in 2008 when Paul people got too close to taking over),

Paul folk supposedly boo Josh Romney in Arizona.

#OKGOP on Twitter brings much gossip, etc.

Updates likely as more reports come in. Please feel free to us the comments thread for same as I won't be able to mind this all weekend.

Ron Paul's Revolution, my out-soon book on how the Paul movement got to where it is today.

UPDATE: From Oklahoma news site "Red Dirt Report":

"Not for sale! Not for sale!" and "Follow the rules! Follow the rules!" That is what was being chanted by Republican delegates and attendees of Oklahoma Republican State Convention, as it moved out into the parking lot of the Embassy Suites in Norman late Saturday afternoon

In a voice memo [Red Dirt photograper Maria] Mentesana sent to us, one attendee explained to her that the convention was adjourned illegally and proper protocol was allegedly not followed by the party leadership. 

"We had to move it outside and adjourn it … we were electing delegates for president," explained one man.

In the background chants of "Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul!!" filled the air. ….

Axxiom for Liberty's Kaye Beach also kept us up-to-date on developments as day turned to night and a civil rump convention was conducted in the hotel parking lot…..

Red Dirt Report attempted to reach Oklahoma Republican Party Chairman Matt Pinnell Saturday night and we were unsuccessful. If we do hear from Pinnell, we will be sure to add his comments as well

…..The rump convention adjourned at a little after 9:30 p.m. Freedom and liberty is alive and well in Oklahoma, despite the actions of some at the convention. The Daily Paul and UStream audiences really came through on this one. Thanks so much!! We have learned that Scott Mitchell on News 9's Sunday morning program Your Vote Counts will be discussing this incident and showing pictures taken by our crack photographer Marie Mentesana.

What actions of what meeting will end up being treated by the national GOP as the "real" results in Oklahoma remains to be seen.

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