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New Surveillance Video Contradicts Cops' Story About Beaten Bronx Teen


charges dropped thanks to all the videos

In January, NYPD cops arrested 19-year-old Jateik Reed, accusing him of possession of marijuana and cocaine and assault of a police officer.  Cops said Reed attempted to dump his drugs before head-butting one cop and punching another. Predictably, surveillance video now appears to contradict the police's account of narcotics.

After the teenager was arrested, his mother, a friend of hers and Reed's 16-year-old brother went to the precinct station to complain. They were arrested after cops say Reed's younger brother swung at them. Police denied allegations of brutality against Reed until video surfaced indicating police brutality, compelling the District Attorney to investigate.

kicking him while he's down

Cops will now also have to explain where the narcotics came from if not out of Reed's hands. Police officers'engagement with Jateik Reed stems from the city's "Stop and Frisk" program, where cops stop largely minority youth looking for guns and drugs. Guns are virtually illegal in the city, and while whites are as likely as non-whites to use narcotics, in Michael Bloomberg's New York City minorities are almost exclusively targeted.

Bonus police brutality points:  In the new footage, a female cop also walks up to Reed while he's already on the ground and handcuffed and kicks him.

Below, the original video that contradicted police claims that Reed assaulted them:

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  1. Threatening to mace someone filming you beating someone: New York’s Finest.

    1. Was I wrong about that, was that mace?

      1. Doh, yeah, you’re right, on second viewing he pulls it from his left side and shakes it. Please resume standard police brutality arguments.

        1. Although I won’t put it past one of those morons to think shaking a gun before using it made the bullets go extra-fast.

          1. If only we could convince them that the only way to know if a semiautomatic is loaded is to hold it up to their eye and pull the trigger.

            1. They could be swayed by the argument that revolvers only give you 1 in 6 odds of losing at Russian Roulette; a Glock 17 gives you 1 in 17 odds. That’s provably better!

              1. You laugh but some kid in Houston tried playing Russian roulette with a semiautomatic back when I was living there.

                1. Thereby supporting Darwin’s theory of natural selection.

                2. Does the fact that I laughed at this make me a bad person?

          2. We need to get DaveW to teach them firearm safety.

    2. They are trained to respond with violence to anything that appears remotely threatening.

      Creating evidence that would contradict the standard lies that officers put into police reports is indeed threatening.

      So yeah, it is unsurprising that the natural response is violence.

      1. Cops are more likely to commit crimes than people who are not cops.

        1. Kid could have run away if his pants weren’t down around his knees.

          1. Can’t outrun Motorola.

  2. Does anyone else have a problem with the officer pulling a gun on the guy holding the camera at 00:31?

    1. No, absolutely not. Standard procedure. use of force continuums and standard operating protocal


      1. Don’t worry — he has a badge. He’s certified safe by the High Prince Bloomberg and his subordinates.

        1. studies show that people love cops. these things never happen at all. but this guy should be punished. this doesnt refute my first claim at all. Ive been consistent this whole time.

          fuck sloopy

          1. ::wiggles fingers::

            Where is Supercop SPD to come on here and tell us that this isn’t standard operating procedure, when the overwhelming amount of evidence out there suggests just that.

            And it should read fuck sloopy and the rest of the reason bigorati. I don’t deserve all of the credit for his blind hatred.

            1. Oh, I forgot about the rampant anti-America’sFinest bigotry prevalent at Reason.

  3. The same place the come from in a good portion of these busts, the cops themselves. Think about it. Once the police start stopping and frisking every young black kid they see, you don’t think drug users are not going to catch on and stop carrying small amounts of drugs on them whenever possible? Sure, they will still carry sometimes. But they are going to be a hell of a lot less careless about it once they know they are can be stopped, frisked and arrested at any time. Yet, somehow the number of drug arrests didn’t go down. Odd that isn’t it?

    And this whole program is the result of a Supreme Court totally out of touch with the real world. In the ivory tower of the appellate court cops frisking suspects for their safety sounds so reasonable. In the real world, such an authorization becomes an excuse to randomly search and terrorize the population.

    1. Why does John hate the children? Does he not know that marijuana is like 60x stronger than the marijuana from the 1970’s and is a gateway drug to even harder drugs like heroine and cocaine! Why would you want to stop cops from acting in your childrens best interest? Are you some kind of monster?

    2. John, I know you and I have had some pretty substantial arguments in the past on a wide variety of topics.

      However, I would be a lot more comfortable if you were on the Supreme Court than any of the other justices – including Thomas.

      1. Thomas sold out a very long time ago. I’m unsure as to why people lionize the man.

        1. Not completely, his concurrence in Heller was fucking awesome.

          1. Which was pretty much neutralized by his opinion that with was OK to strip search a little girl in a principal’s office because she might have an Advil.

            1. Which descends naturally from his view that children are chattel and don’t have rights until they grow them between 18 and 21.

            2. Oh, I completely agree, which is why I want Thomas bounced out on his ass.

              1. Replace him with Justice Andrew Napolitano.

                1. +9

            3. Thomas has his moments of brilliance, but I agree, the bad stuff that comes from him really offsets the good he has to offer on the court.

            4. Hey, maybe the Supreme Court justices just like the idea of strip-searching children in general.

              1. There are an inordinate # of Catholic men on the SC, so you may be on to something.

                1. He’s the least worst of the bunch.

        2. Because compared to the others he seems like a saint?

  4. Let me assure you that the biggest gang in New York is the NYPD. My solution was to live on the Upper East Side, in the mayor’s neighborhood, policed by the 19th precinct. If you have money, they are very polite to you. If you don’t…

    1. Look like you do!

    2. What Bret said. So I guess you know the 19th Precinct because they stopped, frisked, and beat the shit out of you a few times.

      1. Not really getting your point, John, but they did pull me over for turning west off of Madison between 3 and 6 one time.

        1. I was implying that you don’t have money and didn’t look like you belonged on the Upper East Side and thus were not treated so well.

          1. That’s absurd, John. I am the embodiment of the Upper East Side. I look like an asshole.

            1. That just means you are a pretender. The trick is to look like a pretentious asshole.

              1. See, that’s where you show your ignorance of New York culture, John. That’s the Upper West Side you just described. Upper East Side is straight up asshole, no pretentiousness needed. Hence why I lived there. Plus, I got to see Abe Vigoda taking his dog out to take a shit.

                1. Fair enough. and I have to admit, watched Abe take his dog out for a shit is pretty good perk.

                2. , I got to see Abe Vigoda taking his dog out to take a shit.

                  Liar. Abe Vigoda died years ago.

                  1. Didn’t Abe Lincoln drive a stake through his heart? Or was that David Niven?

                  2. DON’T TALK SHIT ABOUT FISH

                    I also used to eat at the same diner as Steve Landesberg.

                    1. I loved that show. I can’t believe it is not on syndication anywhere. Best cop show ever.

                    2. DON’T TALK SHIT ABOUT FISH

                      What kind of dog was it? He strikes me as the type that would own one of those obnoxious little teacup dogs, carrying about New York City in a satchel.

                      At least he would if he were still alive.

                    3. From the Wiki: Abe Vigoda (born February 24, 1921) is an American movie and television actor who appeared in such movies as The Godfather and Good Burger. Yeah, those are the two movies I’d put together. Fucker was in Cannonball Run II and Jury Duty, dammit!

                    4. It was some stupid little dog. Listening to Dietrich talk about something completely banal while eating a tuna sandwich and some matzoh ball soup was more interesting.

                    5. I wouldn’t have been able to resist the temptation of yelling out “Tell Mike I always liked him, it was business not personal” every time I saw him and his little dog.

                    6. “Wojciehowicz, just like it sounds.”

                3. Plus, I got to see Abe Vigoda taking his dog out to take a shit.

                  I can take a shit without taking my dog with me.

    3. My solution is to stay the fuck away from NY, period. Worked so far.

      1. Well, be careful. The NYPD has apparently decided that its jurisdiction extends beyond NYC, what with their covert ops in NJ and, as I recall, gun trafficking investigations even further afield.

        1. ‘Cause if you’re not cop you’re little people!

        2. Well, I stay the fuck away from New Jersey, too.

      2. obamacare mandates will force everyone to visit NYC once per year. it’s in there, but I’ll be damned if i reveal what article-section-part-subpart…

  5. “Cops will now have to explain where the narcotics came from if not out of Reed’s hands. “

    See, I borrowed that out of the evidence locker for personal consumption. Then I saw an opportunity to recycle it, figuring I could just steal more as I went off shift.

    Also, please quit using smart apostrophes so I can quote you without fighting the spam filter. kthxbye.

    1. Is that what does it? I tried to quote the same thing and I kept getting the 50 character reject message.

      1. Yeah, its almost always the punctuation. And since there was only one bit, it was easy to find this time.

      2. The spam filter rejects “smart” punctuation that modern word processors like MS Word put into text. This allows the website to reject blocks of text that were written somewhere else and then pasted into the comment box here.

        It is an anti-troll feature with some significant collateral damages.

        1. The two triggers that I have had problems with are quotes and apostrophes.

        2. Thanks. I will remember that. I get that damn thing all of the time.

          1. You were AWOL when the problem first cropped up and we discovered the cause.

            Good to see you back again.

            1. Thank you. I actually had to do some work for a bit.

              1. Do you think they’ll ever find where you buried MNG?

                1. Never Pip. It involved a chain saw and a garbage skow headed for the Grand Banks.

        3. I hate “smart” punctuation out of principle.

      3. Jesus Fuck, it’s like no one ever reads the comments complaining about how hard it is to post shit and the reply comments explaining how to fix it. Which is hard to believe considering such comments make up about 30% of the comments around here anymore.

        1. Beats getting hundreds of comments from the gamboler.

    2. smart punctuation huh

  6. Surveillance Video Contradicts Cops’ Story

    Isn’t this ‘dog bites man’ at this point?

  7. Also, it is apparently “LEO Appreciation Day” in Tallahassee. The LEOs are celebrating by closing down all the roads to get downtown. (Not as big a problem as it sounds, we’re only talking about six blocks by six blocks. Unfortunately, I happen to work in the middle of that area.) Thanks assholes.

    1. The authoriTAYZ gotta show they powuh, don’t they?

      1. In Tallahassee, it’s Authoritahs showin’ their Pahr.

    2. What other professional group demands so many public displays of appreciation? Teachers, who are also public sector employees, comes to mind.

      1. Teacher’s don’t muscle into pretty much every parade. Nor have a wailing wall downtown listing the names of their dead.

        1. And when a teacher dies, you don’t get thousands of teachers from all over coming to the funeral and generally causing problems.

          1. And not all teachers work for public schools.

      2. Few things are more antithetical to a free republic than the days-long flagellations that accompany a KIA officer’s funeral.

        The Norks probably studied up on them to get ready for their last Great Leader, He Dead celebration.

        1. I wonder if you could sick the Westboro Baptist people on them. God hates fags so he kills cops maybe?

        2. Agreed. A few months ago a local cop was killed when he lost control and crashed his car during a chase. A local loudmouth cop fellating radio DJ put together a a huge cop motorcycle rally for him, and the route went right past the main intersection leading out of my neighborhood. I was stuck in traffic trying to leave my neighborhood for over an hour waiting for those assholes to ride past.

          1. the lakewood four who were shot and killed by that scumbag clemons…

            they had a benefit concert for them at snoqualmie casino. duff mckagan’s band “loaded” played, as did queensryche

            you are 100% correct on this. the hagiographies are incredible.

            here’s one. i knew steve from the gym. he was a good boxer and helped me with that aspect of my training


    3. Marshall Ledbetter died for you!

    4. Biden’s in Nashville today, wreaking traffic havoc. That guy could just walk around downtown and nobody would skip a beat (Music City pun).

  8. Compare this to, say, New Hampshire, or Wyoming, where a cop can’t do shit even if you’re carrying a loaded gun openly, and you are well within your rights to refuse to identify yourself, or hand over the gun, or provide any personal information whatsoever.

    Precious slivers of liberty. They’re becoming scarcer.

    Fuck the God-damned NYPD.

    1. WA is the same thing.

      works great. i totally support open carry. works well here in WA

  9. New Surveillance Video Contradicts Cops’ Story About Beaten Bronx Teen

    You don’t say.

  10. OK, I have to call bullshit on this story;

    We know that in a certain county in Washington state, this sort o f behavior would not be tolerated, and thus this is not, repeat, not(!) a systemic problem!

    1. what isn’t a systemic problem?

  11. Police procedure will be modified to have officers to look around for surveillance cameras so they can destroy any video that may contradict what they put into their report.

    1. They could bring up experts from the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office to show them how it’s done.

  12. Are there any semi-fit police officers in New York city? It’s bad enough that they’re a bunch of thug neanderthals… however sloppy, stupid, fat, and lazy is no way to go through life. On the positive side, they probably would have beat the kid to death if they weren’t out of breathe after four swings. Silver linings!

    1. I work in Times Square. One day last week I went out to get lunch and there wre half a dozen SWAT cops hanging out in full battle-dress – and they were so fat and out of shape it was a joke.

      If they were there to inspire confidence then EPIC FAIL.

      1. how do you KNOW they were swat?

        fwiw, in every agency i have seen, swat has some pretty tstrict requirements.

        we have a few female officers who have yet to make it, and one is a decent compettitve MMA fighter, and in great shape.

        most agencies, for the average cop, i would agree.

        of course SWAT is requirted to maintain fitness but is PAID to workout on duty.

        i would wholeheartedly support this, but the unions and the admin would fight it for different reasons.

        an article in FBILEJ years ago showed that physically fit officers were
        1) less likely to incur civil liabilty
        2) less likely to use high amounts of sick leave
        3) less likely to get complaints (force, rudeness, whatever)
        4) less likely to suffer critical injury
        5) less likel to commit suicide

        etc etc

        the admin would fight it because it would cost too much. the union would say it was an additional restrction on cops and would beed to be negotiated heavily..

        but i would 100% suport both body cameras, and a physical fitness standard. and note the fitness standard must be gender neutral

    2. Tip for everyone out there: When you’re filming LEO, you definitely need to go widescreen.

  13. Please, people, let’s let the cops complete their internal investigation just like they’d do for us if we said we needed to complete an internal investigation before they could arrest us for assault and battery.

    1. Investigator: “Did the little puke deserve it?”

      Cop: “Fuck yeah! That and more!”

      Investigator: “Seems to be justified to me. Where’s my rubber stamp?”

      1. your idiocy is astounding. do you truly think that iiu rubberstamps shit?

        i mean do you ACTUALLY believe that.

        it’s so mind numbingly absurd, but i realize taht many people here have a creationist ike conviction in their beliefs that IIU’s routinely look the other way at bad cops.

        as in my agency, where several cops in the ast 5 yrs have been reinstated after an INDEPENDENT arbitrator investigated, shows that IIU was overzealous.

        1. Blah blah blah sarcasmic blah blah blah.

  14. Hey, whatever happened to that ‘Nothing else happened!!’ tool that used to post here? Do you suppose he got his ass kicked by the police? That would be some sweet irony, right there.

  15. The solution to this epidemic is to outfit every officer with an EMP device. Not only will it disable their dashcam, but it will also kill any other recording of their beatdowns. Then they can take the stand, in their shiny uniform in a courtroom filled with their brother officers in the same uniforms and tell the jury exactly what happened. The jury won’t be swayed by that at all.

    1. Seriously, they are already to the point that every soldier on the battlefield can wear a video recorder with real time feed back to headquarters.

      The debate of LEOs using those is going to be hysterical. Logically it makes perfect sense. You get picture perfect preservation of things like accused’s statements and such. And it is great for officer safety. As soon as an officer gets in trouble, the big eye in the sky knows about it.

      But no way will the cops ever want such a thing. It would catch them on tape every time they fucked off, ate a doughnut on company time, planted evidence or kicked someone’s ass just for the fun of it. Watching them jump through their asses to prevent a technology that any honest cop should want is going to be priceless.

      1. You know John, this bears repeating.

        1. lol

      2. Like in Dallas where they placed cameras in the cruisers, only to have so many cops caught speeding and committing other infractions, that the union eventually got them removed?

    2. Seriously, they are already to the point that every soldier on the battlefield can wear a video recorder with real time feed back to headquarters.

      The debate of LEOs using those is going to be hysterical. Logically it makes perfect sense. You get picture perfect preservation of things like accused’s statements and such. And it is great for officer safety. As soon as an officer gets in trouble, the big eye in the sky knows about it.

      But no way will the cops ever want such a thing. It would catch them on tape every time they fucked off, ate a doughnut on company time, planted evidence or kicked someone’s ass just for the fun of it. Watching them jump through their asses to prevent a technology that any honest cop should want is going to be priceless.

      1. there is no “the cops”.

        some will support it and some will oppose it.

        i would LOVE it and heartily support it.

        1. i would LOVE it and heartily support it.

          It’s not about individuals supporting it. It’s all about the union. And the union ain’t ever gonna let it happen.

          1. unions only have so much power, sloop. many agencies ARE carrying these devices

            again, it astounds me how little research you do before spouting


            they claim 2000 agencies use their hardware, fwiw

            police body cameras.

            1. I’ll base my statement on the fact that I’ve never in my life heard of an agency that utilizes cameras for all of its officers-hell, for any officers-and I’ve never heard a person refer to cops wearing cameras.

              And they don’t claim 2000 agencies use them, they say they have been used by over 2000 agencies. That’s not that tough a feat to pull off. Just send 100 cameras out to 100 agencies and ask them to try it on an officer for a day. Repeat 20 times…sorry, you had a little reading fail there.

    3. The solution to this epidemic is to outfit every officer with an EMP device.

      What? And lose the dock? Don’t be an idiot.

  16. The more times police officers are caught in criminal conspiracy on video recorded by civilians, the more aggressive they will become obstructing or destroying video evidence. Conflicting video evidence appears to be the only thing that can impeach the word of law enforcement agents, so effectively destroying that is heavily incentivized.

    1. rubbish. time and time again, i have pointed out cop corruption/criminal cases where the thing was spearheded by another cop’s contacting his superiors, etc.

      but again, it’s GREAT that there is video here, and doubly so that if the officers lied, that they get punished – criminally if the facts are there

      1. It’s not the cop corruption cases, dunphy. It’s the cases brought against normal people where the cop can say whatever he wants on the stand and his honesty and integrity are never questioned. And his work records are not admissible while every other witness is subject to character assassination. Hell, his records aren’t even shown to the defense, and they should be.

  17. excellent … another (apparent so far) example of a bad caught cop by videos. demonstrating yet again, how important the right to video should be protected.

    of course, the comment about how the video “predictably” is not in accord with police officer’s report of the situation is laughable

    it’s the same selection bias all over again

    when there is no “there there”, the video rarely makes it into a story, just the like the average arrest, etc.

    as a counterexample, a good example of where video helped exonerate a good cop, i would reference the SPD incident with the jaywalkre

    1. You’re all the way up to one with your counterexamples. Care to offer up any more? I would imagine video evidence overturning a conviction against a cop ought to be pretty big news, right?

      1. sloopy, i have offered up several. the problem is when the video DOES support the cop, the case never goes anywyere, and thus the media never gets involved

        again, cops are investigated for misconduct way way way more often than media reports.

        for pete’s sake, in agencies that have dashcams, nearly every contact is records

        recall that in the unjusitified woodcarver shooting, the news media accessed several other dashcam enouncter with the guy

        NONE of those had previously made the news, becuaase there was nothing to show.

        just cops doing their job, and as reflected on video

  18. I use a GoPro Webcam on my ski helmet when I go skiing. I paid like $150 for it used on craigslist. Think it retails for $250, or so.

    Cops should be mounted with GoPros during ALL Legal contacts. They don’t need to be on at ALL Times but at least during a Legal Contact. This is definitely the solution to a more polite police force.

  19. seattle pd is actually looking into that. fwiw, a lot of “civil libertarians’ oppose it, because they don’t think that people should be placed under videowhile speaking with a cop, but regardless it’s being considered

    i am assuming by legal contacts, you are not referring to officers rtaking burglary reports and other “paper” stuff?

    either way one thing is clear. more video = better. it means more innocent cops being exonerated, more bad guys getting punished, and those who make false complaints punishable

    iirc, some states do require video.audio in certain actions, like interrogations. new mexico iirc has such a requrement.

    1. I sure hope they do. And I hope the cop’s testimony will be replaced by the video record. People can make mistakes remembering, but video never lies.

      Oh, and if the camera is turned off during the encounter, the evidence collected must be thrown out. Too many times, we have dashcams working perfectly fine and then they all of a sudden stop and a person ends up beaten senseless. That is one hell of a coincidence.

  20. Oh yeah, take it on hiome man!


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