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New Jersey State Police Superintendent Caught in Apparent Lie over High-Speed "Death Race" Escorts


for charity

Last week, the Star Ledger blew the lid on a New Jersey State Police escort of a high-speed caravan of luxury cars apparently headed for a charity Ferrari rally in Red Bank. The Ledger reported then that the president of the car dealership involved described the caravan as such at the charity event:  "We start at the top of the Garden State Parkway and travel approximately 75 miles with state trooper guidance."

Multiple YouTube videos of the caravan, dubbed "Death Race 2012" by gawkers, led to much hand-wringing by top New Jersey officials.

A few days after the initial Star Ledger report, the New Jersey State Police Superintendent Rick Fuentes tried seemingly to play down the escort by pointing out one of the troopers suspended rescued a driver from a burning vehicle 12 years ago and that hundreds of escorts are done all year long (after escorts were previously characterized as "rare"). "A lot with secret service helping the NYPD out. We might do an escort if the size of the group might impede the other traffic. Permission is given at local command," Fuentes told CBS News.

Now the Star Ledger's caught him in an apparent lie:

[A] copy of the division's internal policy on escorts obtained Thursday by The Star-Ledger says requests can be granted only in limited and specific circumstances, and they all must be approved by one of the highest-ranking officers in Fuentes' inner circle. The policy shows escorts are supposed to be tightly controlled in the upper ranks of the force and allowed judiciously — in cases such as high profile funerals or for top government officials — in contrast to some recent statements by the State Police.

On Monday, Governor Chris Christie said he had full confidence in the Attorney General and in Fuentes and would not "insert" himself into the situation. No comment yet from the Governor on the new revelations.

you still get a ticket

In 2007, another state trooper crashed an SUV carrying then Governor Jon Corzine. The SUV was going more than 90 miles an hour and Corzine wasn't wearing his seatbelt. Fuentes initially praised the trooper's "valiant attempt to avoid this catastrophe," and defended his praise even after it was revealed the trooper had caused the crash.

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  1. …Governor Jon Crozine.

    I like Crozine,but I’ve always been more of a Magpie Monthly kind of guy.

    1. Are you accusing Krayewski of trying to rook you?

      1. Castling at this point would be more effective.

  2. Governor Chris Christie said he had full confidence in the Attorney General and in Fuentes and would not “insert” himself into the situation.

    It would certainly be a tight squeeze. On multiple levels, as I suspect The Portly Poli is secretly a fan of Jersey Shore.

    1. You know that almost all of the people on Jersey Shore are from Staten Island, right?

      1. Which is in New Jersey, idiot. In fact, I’m pretty sure it’s all of New Jersey.

        1. It’s more Jersey than Jersey?

          1. Like how Key West is Florida’s Florida.

        2. It’s not NJ. We lost it in a boat race.

          It should be noted that every single negative stereotype about New Jersey is originates from and is exaggerated by the good people of Staten Island.

          1. Q: Why are people in NYC pissed off all the time?
            A: You would be too if the light at the end of the tunnel was New Jersey.

          2. NY lost a boat race and thus had to accept responsibility for Staten Island.

      2. You know that almost all of the people on Jersey Shore are from Staten Island, right?

        Yes, but does he? I would expect The Corpulent Jesus to know the difference. Next he’ll be claiming that Fire Island is entirely populated with gay people.

        1. Reach out and touch faith
          Your own Corpulent Jesus
          Someone to hear your prayer
          Someone who’s there….

  3. high-speed caravan
    start at the top of the Garden State Parkway

    High speed doesn’t mean much once you factor in the parkway.

    1. Doing 80 on the Taconic is the most fun you can have in a car outside of Watkins Glen.

    2. You mean having a tollboth every mile isn’t conducive to getting anywhere fast?

      1. But they have more that paid for themselves! Revenue stream FTW!

  4. So, did someone die, or are they just calling it “death race” for fun?

  5. I ask, was Dominic Toretto involved?

  6. Jersey Race 2000

  7. I walk past those Ferraris every time I’m in Red Bank, always parked in the same place. They must have these charity events twice a week.

    I can’t really hate on the troopers here; NJ gives these guys the best training in the business and tasks 90% of them with catching speeders on roads that probably shouldn’t have speed limits. They likely jump into these things just to relieve their boredom.

    1. I also love the vapors that the media gets from learning that a trooper was going 90 on the Parkway near AC. Once you’re past Toms River that’s barely even over the flow of traffic.

  8. Considering that I don’t believe most sections of interstate highway in the US should have any speed limit at all, I’m not sure how this is news. Maybe if they revised the headline to:

    “Moronic speed limits on freeways in US selectively not enforced for charitably inclined rich guys”

    1. I don’t believe most sections of interstate highway in the US should have any speed limit at all

      How else will state troopers bring in revenue to the state, have an excuse to harass people and search their vehicles, and otherwise justify their existence?

      1. Smelling pot from 200 ft. away.

        1. They clearly don’t need the dogs anymore. May as well use them in firearms training.

          1. No way!
            Police dogs are actual officers!
            The dogs and their trainers share a special bond that no *scoff* mere citizen has with a *scoff* mere pet!
            They’re partners!
            Oh, and officer safety!

  9. Dude is making a whole lot of sense man, I mean like totally. WOw.

  10. This is news because, as usual, and as shown in the video by the people on the side of the road getting tickets for likely going slower than the “convoy,” some animals are more equal than others.

  11. Give ’em a badge and a gun and they think they are Gods. Jersey Troopers could use some lessons on the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

  12. A word of advice: don’t look for the video on YouTube unless you just want to hate people more. Like frat boys hurr-hurring at animal sex dumb.

    Oh, what the hell.

  13. Training cops to lie.…..o-lie-pt-1

  14. The rally should have been allowed to do its thing in the public space without any kind of babysitting from the pigs.

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