Judge Jim Gray Floats VP Run With Gary Johnson


The chatter surrounding a possible Libertarian vice-presidential candidacy by Judge Jim Gray of California just got an exclamation point on Gray's Facebook page. 

"What would you think of Judge Gray running for Vice President?" the Jim Gray page asked on Friday. 

The question is approaching 100 Likes and has received overwhelming positive responses. 

The Libertarian Party Convention is next week in Las Vegas, and according to organizers Gray has removed himself from the list of featured speakers at the convention because party rules limit candidates for national office to speaking during a specific part of the convention.  

Sources close to the Gary Johnson campaign have spoken favorably of a potential Gray candidacy. 

As of this time it does not appear there are any other candidates running for the VP slot. 

Gray, a trial court judge and attorney in Orange County, California since the 1980s, has run for federal office in his home state twice before — once as a Republican for Congress in 1998 and once as a Libertarian for U.S. Senate in 2004. He is an outspoken critic of the War on Drugs. 

More from Reason on Judge Jim Gray here and more on Gary Johnson here. 

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  1. I don’t know, I’m not a big fan of California politicians named Gray.

    1. I guess no one remembers California’s failed, recalled Governor Gray Davis, the man responsible for Arnold Schwarznegger becoming governor.

  2. Its amazing how much better Johnson/Gray is than Barr/”scumbag what’s his name” was.

    1. Root.

      And Gray is also the only of them whose last name isn’t a phallic euphemism. Progress.

      1. Heh, that reminds me of when a friend called the 2004 LP candidate Michael Bad-nerd-dick while punching his own crotch.

  3. OT Obama at the correspondents dinner:

    What s the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull? A pit bull is delicious

    So, obviously you never went down on a hockey mom. Good way to perpetuate a stereo type about black men. As the wife of a black friend once told me regarding that very subject, ‘He’s lying.’

    1. I thought that was just a Jamaican/West Indies thing.

      1. Also a Southern black thing, I can attest to many conversations in the locker rooms of both college and high school.

  4. OT, but too tasty to let it pass:…..62632.html

    Poor Olbermann. Let’s hope he doesn’t commit suicide over this.


    1. Let’s hope he doesn’t commit suicide over this.

      Shut your mouth! Let’s hope he does, in a particularly painful and gruesome way.

      1. No, suicide would make me feel bad. A nice, slow suffering is would be enjoyable, though.

        1. The /snark at the end = I agree, HM.

    2. Anyone else find it disorienting to see him referred to as a “former Current TV host”?

      1. Only because I didn’t even know there WAS a Current TV until he got fired from it…

  5. OT but I wanted to post-

    I was reading this Ross Douhat article about Japan Incredible Shrinking Country which is a reasonable analysis of the current issues facing Japan demographically.

    Then I read some of the comments to the article. The comments were mostly variations on ZOMGOVERPOPULATION!!! but there was one that spelled out these idiots perfectly that read

    “If the entire race were to become extinct the world would be a more peaceful place and cleaner as well.”

    You first tough guy.

    1. So when ant colonies go to war, or dolphins gang rape, or deer lock horns, it’s because of humans?!?

      1. Fuckers like that commenter should be the first up against the wall, Tman.

      2. That’s the good kind of peaceful!

    2. Thing is, were it not for the welfare state demographics would be the last of anyone’s concerns. And Japan could actually use a smaller population. Not to save Gaia, but because land is expensive, economic growth is slow, and a given child becomes more expensive as a country develops. Japan’s version of the Boomers compounds that, because women who take leave to rear children have almost no chance of returning to meaningful work, entry-level wages are abysmal (I know investment bankers making $25k), and national entitlements are beyond help. The younger generation faulted for not “paying their dues” understands the futility of those dues; the national pension will be shit when they retire.

      Yet the traditional stigma around out-of-wedlock childbearing endures

      Actually, a surprising number of marriages are centered around unplanned children. The difference is more that you don’t have single moms, but I’d say that’s a good thing.

      As for naturalization, I could live here for decades and never naturalize. You can get permanent residency just fine, but to become a citizen you have to renounce all other citizenships and change your name to something Japanese. Hell no. Immigration is low, but that’s not a good example.

      1. There’s a difference between “smaller yet more manageable” and “suicidal”.

        For instance Somalia has a fertility rate of 6.35 per woman, which is also unsustainable. Then you have some Eastern European nations that are in Japans range and are running out of people to support their aging populations.

        Anyone who has seen Tokyo and how dense it is can see that clearly space is an issue in Japan. But as you noted, the economic system cannot sustain the aging population, thus the younger generations aren’t seeing the point in trying to “pay their dues”, which isn’t a good thing either.

        One thing is for sure though, the planet is not “dangerously overpopulated” nor is Japan. The malthusians in that comment section were just sad. Some were claiming that “hey, Ehrlich wasn’t completely wrong in the Population bomb!”.

        The idea that any one individual should make the judgment that others are having too many babies is fascist and contemptible.

        1. Rest assured, Malthusians will be around until the Sun envelops the Earth. The evidence is sufficient to disprove Malthusianism, so it’s not an issue of logic. It’s the sense of profound guilt attending a comfortable life. And like those anticipating the imminent rapture, every generation will believe that they’re the ones who will see the end.

          They’re really quite unpleasant to talk to. To see their eyes light up discussing water shortages and global famine is deeply discomforting.

          1. hey now.

            I’m a malthusian*. In fact, my assertion is that property rights (and libertarianism) are the only legitimate moral framework to handle the problem of scarce resources.

            *unless we manage to solve the one-planet problem.

            1. I guess I should rephrase it to point to the kind of Malthusians who would impose the kind of solutions that would bring about the end of days, either through eugenics or consolidation of control over the environment by the monopolies of violence.

              1. right, I should also point out that I am also a qualified malthusian in that I also think it’s possible that humans will reach population equilibrium on its own, ending exponential growth. Indeed in the past decade or so, the exponential growth of human population has slacked a bit.

      2. Amakudari–what do you do in Japan and how did you end up there?

        I’ve been a few times and can speak some Japanese and know some American expats there. It seems like a great country to live in from the point of view of an American expat making good money.

        1. Just finished grad school and about to start work in financial services. I live in Kichijoji, which is really a beautiful area: nice, huge park and pond a block away, fast private rail, good schools (again, many private, esp. high schools), near-zero crime, etc. There are problems, some huge, but it shocks me when people think of Japan in dystopian terms.

  6. Oh lovely – a couple former Republicans who aren’t terribly Libertarian. Gray wants California to tax and regulate marijuana, and Johnson thinks a 23% sales tax is just dandy. So much for voting Libertarian this year.

    1. You don’t really understand how incrementalism works, do you?

      1. Sure he does: the LP is incrementally being turned into a refuge for disaffected Republicans.

        1. Bingo, Alex.

  7. If Johnson doesn’t get the nom, is Gray prepared to run with whomever does?

    1. Johnson will get the nomination.

      Libertarians are so star-struck and desperate for attention that they’ll throw the nomination at any formerly famous person who even glances their direction. He started the year running for the Presidential nomination of some *other* party. Heck, he’ll probably ask us at some point to help pay off his Republican campaign debts!

  8. Almost a hundred likes on Facebook? Sounds like what Draw Something pulls down in…oh, they just did again.

    1. Well this is the only thing he’s put up on his page…ever. The guy isn’t exactly a force in social media.

    2. WOW!! The intellectuals weigh in against Johnson!!

  9. That dude jsut looks corrupt as the day is long lol.

  10. Picking Judge Gray for a running mate shows how great a president Gary Johnson could be. Gray is a solid and election proven Libertarian. The Johnson Gray 2012 ticket is sure to shake up the status quo come November.

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