Funnyman Jon Lovitz: When it comes to taxes, Obama "is a f*cking *sshole!"


Comedian Jon Lovitz rips into President Obama's class-warfare rhetoric during an "ABCs of SNL" podcast with Kevin Smith.

The bit above is an expletive-rich highlight snagged by The full podcast, spread over four parts, is excellent listening too. Go here for the whole megillah.

Snippet: "This whole thing with Obama saying the rich don't pay their taxes is fucking bullshit!. And I voted for the guy and I'm a Democrat. What a fucking asshole!…I voted for the guy!"

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  1. On what subject hasn’t Obama been an asshole?

    1. I know of one subject where Obama hasn’t been an asshole: my daughter contemplated changing the color of her nightlight from blue to green.

      This act of independence did not trigger the petulance of the narcissist-in-chief and he issued no press-releases attempting to insert himself into her decision-making.

      1. This act of independence did not trigger the petulance of the narcissist-in-chief and he issued no press-releases attempting to insert himself into her decision-making.

        Enter FLOTUS Michelle to “correct” this impudence…

        1. FLOTUS? More like flatus.

      2. If that new nightlight ain’t a cfl you’ll be in big trouble, and your earth killing kid too.

        1. If that new nightlight ain’t a cfl


          1. You can sneak by with a LED light, so you may be ok. You did get a LED light, right?

    2. Obama cancelled the Constellation boondoggle program.

  2. Uninformed and uncritical voters will be the death of the republic!

    1. I can forgive Lovitz almost anything from dead hookers to voting Obama after he pounded Andy Dick’s head into a table for insulting the memory of Phil Hartman.

      1. +1000. Lovitz smacking Andy Dick around is a great story.

      2. Word. Phil Hartman was one of the greats, IMO. Truly tragic.

        Andy Dick just needs to get personally fucked with Bea Arthur’s dick; SOD knows his career has. (Hat tip Episiarch)

      3. Wait, he did that? I have a whole new respect for the man.

        1. Who hasn’t slammed Andy Dick’s head into a table? I mean, really, is this an unusual accomplishment?

        2. I don’t normally advocate violence, but when I do, I prefer it be against Andy Dick. Stay thirsty my friends.

          1. +XX

          2. I don’t think there is a libertarian theorist in history who wouldn’t admit the Andy Dick exception to the NAP.

            1. I prefer the Rothbardian version of NAP than the hippie dippy one. You do the crime, you pay the fine. I would gladly pay for the rhinoplasty for breaking Andy dick’s nose.

        3. While I was searching for the story I came across this: Birth Rape

          1. Dammit, that wasn’t a Jezebel link at all!

          2. I like how this:

            What do you think? Does birth rape as a concept exist? Is it accurate to call it that?

            Is followed up by this:

            Comments for this page are closed.

            I’m guessing they didn’t get the reasoned debate they were hoping for.

          3. Yeah, it’s wrong to make a woman feel emasculated


          4. wrong to make a woman feel emasculated

            Can you realy emasculate a woman?

            Also, I am offended by surgery rape. Surgeons inserting tools and their hands into a gaping wound without getting my explicit permission each time. Not only that, the victim/patient is usually unconscious the entire time.

            1. So anyone who has had a prostate exam has been raped for sure.

            2. It’s all a matter of consent. There is a group of possible things that can happen that you are consenting to ahead of time. One of those includes the poking and prodding aspect. If you don’t like that, give birth at home.

              Not everything that happens to your nethers needs to be called rape.

              1. It seems that applying the term rape in such a broad manner would make the public take traditonal rape less seriously.

                1. Not to mention there can’t logically be any such thing as “attempted” rape anymore. The very act of attempting it is now considered rape.

        4. Wow. Reading up on the story, it sounds like Andy Dick is a real world equivalent to Tony or Shrike.

  3. Was he doing schtick or was he “serious”? If not schtick, you go, Lovitz!

    I didn’t know he did that to Andy Dick – that’s pretty fucking awesome. He also starred in one of the great SNL skits – devil gets sued in The People’s Court.

    1. Definitely serious.

      1. I’m not sure: Lovitz is a master thespian.

  4. Yeah, that’s the ticket!

  5. It stinks!

  6. Running Care Detection Utility . . . .

    Nope. Nothing. Don’t care.

    1. Yep. Buyer’s lament over the Big Zero is one thing I couldn’t give fewer fucks about. This is pretty much all your fault, Lovitz, so STFU already.

      I am slightly encouraged by the lament, but I’m not getting my hopes up too much. I’m sure he’ll be voting for the next over-promising, dickless shitbag in the next election.

  7. And I voted for the guy and I’m a Democrat.

    “That’s a shame.”

    1. When will all those fuckers who voted for the guy apologize?

      1. They voted for him with the best intentions. No apology for disastrous results is necessary in the mind of a well-intentioned Progressive.

  8. I did like the way he explained how hypocritical it is of Obama to say “we want you to succeed” but as soon as you do we’re going to take half.

    Whether or not that shakes him in to reality is another question, such as Robert Downey Jr. did for instance.

  9. You lost me at “funnyman Jon Lovitz”, has there ever been a less funny man that Jon Lovitz? Kevin Neilin maybe.

    1. Andy Dick.

    2. Jimmy Fallon. Worst SNL cast member ever, and it’s not close…..and think about how many terrible cast members there have been over the years.

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