Pennsylvania Town Seeks to Squash Scourge of Garage Sales


The small town of South Greensburg, PA is considering limiting the number of yard sales residents can conduct. Local TV station KTKA reports:

We decided, with the warmer weather coming up, we would sort of define what a garage sale was," Borough Council President Clentin Martin said.

He has proposed an ordinance, which he says would prevent "people going to flea markets, buying junk that they collect in these flea markets bringing it home, then putting it into their garage, and then calling it a 'garage sale.'"

Residents would be limited to two two-day garage sales a year, permits for which would cost $5.

Katherine Mangu-Ward's written about garage sales coming under the purview of the feds after the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 went into effect.

Will lemonade stands be next?

All part of the long war on Main Street.