Matt Welch Talks Pot Raids, Gun Sales, and Stones Songs on Varney & Co.


This morning I appeared on Fox Business Network's Varney & Co. to discuss the federal government's raid on the medical marijuana normalizers at Oaksterdam University, the private sector's gun-purchase binge, and the Rolling Stones' best (or at least best unknown) song. Less than four minutes of your time:

OK, OK, here's the Stones:

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  1. Wow, Matt, you’re really rocking the evil genius look in that outfit.

    1. That’s the look we really need to reclaim. Let the left have their hippies and hipsters, let the right have their business suits and real ‘murcan flannel shirts. We’ll take the evil geniuses and bemonocled plutocrats.

    2. No, he’s Buddy Holly to Nick Gillespie’s Roy Orbison…

  2. Loving Cup? Fuck that. Sweet Virginia, motherfucker!

    1. Really, that kinda sucked. But it was fun to see Charlie Watts with brown hair; who remembered?

    2. You missed it by one track; it’s actually Tumbling Dice.

      1. Like MSL below, I am not really sure what counts as an unknown RS song, but I thought Tumbling Dice and, thanks to the recent movie Shine A Light are too well known to be in the running.

        1. Ventilator Blues

    3. If we’re defining unknown as a non-single, I vote for Jigsaw Puzzle.

    4. Plus, the song was longer than the clip.

  3. It’s hard for me as a Stones fan to say whether a song is unknown, but I would probably go with Sway or Dead Flowers. That run they had in the late 60’s and early 70’s is some of the best rock music ever written. You could pick pretty much any of the lesser known songs off of Beggars Banquet, Let It Bleed, Sticky Fingers, and Exile on Main St., really.

    1. I like Sway a lot, too. Every goddamn hippie (cough) plays Dead Flowers on the acoustic when given half a chance, so that’s out.

      1. Yeah, but one of those goddamn hippies was Gram Parsons, so you gotta give the song that much.

  4. An “unknown Rolling Stones song” would be one that you only heard recently or never recall hearing before.

    I wouldn’t count alternate or live takes of familiar songs unless it is radically different.

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