Startup All-You-Can-Fly Airline Doesn't Want to See Your Underwear


surf's up! will inevitably be the cheesy slogan

Last summer, I wrote about an all-you-can-fly startup airline that lets you escape the terrors of a traditional Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening. Now the venture, headed by former economist at the Defense Intelligence Agency Wade Eyerly and his brother David, a pilot and airport manager, has a new name—it was called PlaneRed, now it's Surf Air—and seems to be moving closer to reality.

Surf Air will start with flights between Los Angeles and Palo Alto, plus a couple of other stops. The service boasts 30-second booking online or via a smartphone app. And because the planes are eight-seaters flying out of regional airports, passengers will be exempt from the usual TSA process (which means members can leave their 4th amendment protest underwear at home).

The cheapest membership costs $790, which lets you make two reservations at at time (think: Netflix) and you can even bring a friend on a complimentary guest pass.

Last summer I wrote:

Starting an airline is pretty hard. And when the TSA gets wind of the plan, expect the Leviathan to awake and lumber in its general direction. But if Eyerly manages to get PlaneRed up and running, I know quite a few D.C. frequent flyers who would fall gratefully at the man's feet.

Here's what Surf Air is saying about that right now:

best laid plans (planes?)

But watch that asterisk:


Good luck guys.

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  1. This sounds like an extension of the Netjet plane-sharing idea.

    Which means they are starting to crowd Buffet’s turf. And you know what happens when you crowd the champion rentseeker’s turf?

    That’s right. Those regulatory approvals don’t show up.

    1. Probably has more to fear from traditional airlines crushing him than the Oracle from Omaha.

      1. Pham, I think you meant the “Orifice from Omaha”.

        1. I mean what I say and say what I mean. Know what I mean?

          1. Say what?

          2. No, but I know what you’re saying.

      2. Probably has more to fear from traditional airlines crushing him than the Oracle from Omaha.

        So, a pincer movement, eh?

        Buffet is in good odour in the White House, after his yeoman work towing the lion on taxes. I’m thinking one phone call would be all it would take.

    2. Is Buffet one of those guys who wants to pay more taxes but cannot figure out how, or is that another rich guy?

      1. Buffet thinks you should pay more taxes while his corporate entities owe a lot of back taxes.

        1. And had the unmitigated gall to turn around and sue the Feds to get out of paying those taxes, going back ten years, I might add.

    3. Yeah, Buffet really needs to have the Godfather castinellas playing whenever he speaks.

  2. I’m in only if Helen Chappel serves me lunch.

    1. sorry, all we could get was Helen Mirren.

      1. I’m in.

          1. Fortunately, the scary parts were all Below the Fold on my browser.

  3. wasnt this the airline in “blow”?…or was that “point break”?

    1. That was “Air Leo Lopez**”

      ** actual airline our folks used to use back in the day to fly to Chihuahua

      1. Sweet. Did it do that low-rider bouncy thing when it got to the gate?

        1. I thought that was Soul Plane

  4. *subject to receipt of regulatory approval

    Shouldn’t that just be a standard disclaimer for any start up entrepeneurial venture at this point?

    1. Shouldn’t that just be a standard disclaimer for any (non-)action undertaken by a human at this point?


  5. You know who else tried to get off the ground in a start-up flying venture with his brother and outside the watchful eye of government regulators?

    1. The Flying Karamazov Brothers?

      1. Baron Munchausen, epi.

        I see you have forgotten much in my absence.

    2. Rocky and Bullwinkle?

      Wait – they weren’t brothers…

    3. Didn’t Goering have a brother?

    4. ooh – the wright bros?

      1. While one of the Wright brothers was killed young in an airplane crash, the other was the last person to fly without a pilot’s liscense. (He was grandfathered in so he did not need to get one, and he lived a long time)

        1. Son of a bitch gamed the system.

        2. I don’t want to sound pedantic, but in the U.S. it’s still a pilot certificate. There’s no such thing as a pilot’s license.

          I fly and am the descendant of an early aviator (before WWI). My take on the rationale for them never using the “L word” is that people flew before there was a regulatory apparatus, so the rules are written to certify that you have received the required instruction, but don’t seem to ever say that the state grants you a privilege to do it.

        3. Sure about that? Quick wiki search turns up Wilbur died from typhoid fever and Orville last flew in 1918. Federal licenses weren’t issued until the late 1920’s although both Wright Brothers did receive honorary certificates (along with several other pioneers) from the Aero Club of America.

  6. Now the venture, headed by former economist at the Defense Intelligence Agency Wade Eyerly and his his brother David, a pilot and airport managed,

    Really LMW?

  7. OT:

    request votes on this important issue:

    is “turd-burglar” an anti-gay slur?

    I don’t see why it should be. Do gay people steal poop? that’s not even a stereotype that I’m aware of.

    some people say it is an anti-gay thing. But I feel like the guy in Clerks 2 who wants to “take back” porch monkey. I want to “take back” turd burglar, especially if it’s not too late.

    1. It’s all yours, buddy.

    2. Well, you could always use poop stealer or fecal thief instead. I would suggest crap criminal because of the alliteration, but that doesn’t imply the theft of the crap and could imply simple incompetence at crime.

      Or you could just keep using turd burglar, because I can’t imagine you care too much about the opinions of someone you have labeled (inaccurately or otherwise) as a shit grabber.

      1. What about “cock-gargler”? After all, very few people liquefy and gargle cocks.

        1. Lorena Bobbitt?

          1. No, John got his cock back. You give a guy an inch…

      2. Ass Bandit?

      3. I would suggest crap criminal because of the alliteration, but that doesn’t imply the theft of the crap and could imply simple incompetence at crime.

        crap [ captor, catcher, clutcher, collector, copper ]

        1. Funny that copper means one who steals while copper also means police officer.

      4. Uphill gardener? Rear Admiral? Knob Gobbler?

        I think that if it is funny enough and absurd enough it doesn’t count as a slur.

      5. This alliteration sounds like a job for Jack Webb.

      6. Stool stealer?

    3. I’m pretty sure I was using turd burglar as an insult several years before I was aware of what being gay meant, so put me down for “is NOT a gay slur”.

      1. Along the same lines, if someone has fecal aggregation, it’s pretty much a compliment that they have their stuff together.

    4. Gays totally steal poop. It’s part of the top secret Gay Agenda that includes destroying marriage. Tell ’em, Tonio.

      1. Gays turn poop into presidential candidates.

        Ok, that’s probably enough.

    5. I call my dog turd-burgler because I occasionally catch it snacking in the cats’ litter box.

      1. OMG, Labs are the WORST about this. We have five dogs – the two Labs each eat approximately their own weight in other dogs’ shit each day.


        1. *footnote*

          This ad was brought to you by the Rent-Seeker In Chief, Warren Buffett

      2. Yeah, what is up with that? They seem to like it even better when coated in cat litter.
        That has to be where the term “shit eating grin” came from.

    6. I think “Butt Pirate” is still available. Everyone likes Pirates – no homo

      1. “Ooooh! Does that earring mean you’re a pirate?”

  8. Free enterprise is dead.

    1. But Enterprise Car RENTAL is alive and well!

      Join the Rent-volution!? It’s the Next Best Thing to Free?!

      1. Rented a Nissan Maxima from Enterprise last weekend to drive to Sloopy and Banjos wedding. The experience was very nice, the employees were cool, and the car was in immaculate condition. Enterprise good.

        1. I think it depends on the location. At one location I frequent the cars are usually immaculate (once I found – with my hand – an open and melted Ritter bar, but they made it right and were almost ridiculously apologetic). At another location the car had obviously been used for a bachelor party or some other drunken shenanigans because it smelled like puke and there was stuff in the back seat. That location treated me like *I* had puked in it. ASSERTING THAT I CAN’T HOLD MY LIQUOR. THE FUCKING NERVE. I’ve never been back to that one.

  9. Isn’t this a situation like the early days of Southwest, where they escaped federal airline regulation by flying within one state only?

    1. Yanno, if you check your rocketmail, you might have your original name reserved, Tulpy Poo. Would you like some Dimetapp?

      And the answer to your question, yes. That’s how southwest made high volume, low frills airbus travel possible.

      1. I did try it, but that account is gone.

      2. I was originally going to renew my brand messaging as Dr. Teabagger but was afraid of being accused of impersonating a proctologist again.

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