Startup All-You-Can-Fly Airline Doesn't Want to See Your Underwear


surf's up! will inevitably be the cheesy slogan

Last summer, I wrote about an all-you-can-fly startup airline that lets you escape the terrors of a traditional Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screening. Now the venture, headed by former economist at the Defense Intelligence Agency Wade Eyerly and his brother David, a pilot and airport manager, has a new name—it was called PlaneRed, now it's Surf Air—and seems to be moving closer to reality.

Surf Air will start with flights between Los Angeles and Palo Alto, plus a couple of other stops. The service boasts 30-second booking online or via a smartphone app. And because the planes are eight-seaters flying out of regional airports, passengers will be exempt from the usual TSA process (which means members can leave their 4th amendment protest underwear at home).

The cheapest membership costs $790, which lets you make two reservations at at time (think: Netflix) and you can even bring a friend on a complimentary guest pass.

Last summer I wrote:

Starting an airline is pretty hard. And when the TSA gets wind of the plan, expect the Leviathan to awake and lumber in its general direction. But if Eyerly manages to get PlaneRed up and running, I know quite a few D.C. frequent flyers who would fall gratefully at the man's feet.

Here's what Surf Air is saying about that right now:

best laid plans (planes?)

But watch that asterisk:


Good luck guys.