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Graphic of the Day, Presidential Politics Edition


As lifted from RealClearPolitics, which has further analysis:


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  1. Officer, I am free to gambol about Plain and Forest?

    1. You’re not free to come within a thousand yards of any place where children gather and you know it.

  2. Wow, even in this analysis, Paul’s counties are “colored” white, making them invisible. If we keep pretending he doesn’t exist, maybe that’ll make it true.

    1. Ron Paul won Lake Michigan!


      1. Example of a four-colored map

        map of where? I need to know so I can move there.

        1. I vacationed there once when I injected 100mg of ketamine. The beaches were lovely. 😉

          1. was frisbee legal?

    2. Those counties didn’t vote, or the vote was indeterminate, or fuck you.

  3. Paultards have every right to bitch about this one. That’s just preposterous.

    1. “Paultards have every right to bitch about this one. That’s just preposterous.”

      Out of all of the cheeseball gimics the hacks in the vintage press have pulled, this one is fairly mild.

  4. A key would be helpful.

    1. I’m glad someone else asked. I was staring at the map, reading the article and asking myself, who? What? This was my “key”:

      As you can see, Romney has done well in the Northeast and Mountain West, while Rick Santorum has performed well on the Great Plains (you can almost see where the Front Range cuts across Colorado and Wyoming in the Santorum/Romney divide). Newt Gingrich has done well in the Deep South.

      Who makes a fucking color-coded map and doesn’t put the key in the graphic?

    2. That was my reaction as well. Who posts a map without a legend? Sheesh, I learned that in the 4th grade.

  5. The key is that voting for “he who shall not be named” is equivalent to voting for no one at all, at least according to Real Obscure Politics.

    Even though Ron Paul has beaten Gingrich in the majority of states so far.

  6. The places that voted for me are in green. Little do those hayseeds know how much I hate flyover states!

  7. Wow, I didn’t realize Santorum won every county in Kansas. Yikes. I’m a little embarrassed to liver there.

    Also, for those complaining about Ron Paul’s exclusion from the map, if you RTFA the real clear politics guy is deliberately leaving out the Paul vote because he’s analyzing the demographics of the remaining voters.

    He says the Paul vote depends on variables that would skew the results of the statistical stuff he’s looking at. I know approximately nothing about statistics, but his brief explanation sounded reasonable enough.

    1. *I’m embarrassed to LIVE there.

      1. I’m sure your liver is having a rough go of it, too. I know mine would be.

        1. I’d rather be a liver than have one.

    2. They’re explanation makes sense for the statistical analysis but makes no sense whatsoever for the map.

      1. They’re their. Fuck me why would I type extra characters?

      2. Exactly. I read the article, but it’s possible to acknowledge his existence, even if you don’t use him in your maths.

    3. I RTFA’d and RTFA from Friday talking about the original map. If he does address why Paul is left out of the map he takes his sweet fucking time to get there. Summaries and proper chart labeling, how do they work?

      1. Sorry, I guess his explanation was just a parenthetical. He doesn’t really touch on it very thoroughly, but he’s also just providing an update on a map he made before, with more discussion of how things have played out. He’s being lazy by not including Paul on the map, but I’d probably choose to be lazy too if Paul’s support wasn’t really important to my analysis. This is what he had to say:

        That South Carolina/Florida/Nevada regression equation predicts Romney’s share of the non-Paul vote (remember, Paul’s support is dependent on other factors, like whether a contest is open or closed) within five points in 38 percent of those subsequent counties, and within 10 points in 59 percent of the subsequent counties.

    4. Wow, I didn’t realize Santorum won every county in Kansas. Yikes. I’m a little embarrassed to liver there.

      Jonas, what’s the matter with Kansas?

  8. A key would be helpful.

    blue = incomprehensible hick accents
    green = NPR/KKK alliance
    red = free-range negros
    white = confetti

  9. If Paul’s color is white, looks pretty good for him. Swept every county in 25 states clean!

  10. For a site like RealClearPolitics [drink], they would at least have a color key.

  11. A map without a legend isn’t a map.

    By the way, Ron Paul took Latah county, ID. Why isn’t it white?

    1. “Oh, here’s an idea, indicate north. Otherwise it’s not technically a map, it’s just a drawing.”

      1. The three necessary ingredients of a map: north arrow (or some or directional marker), scalebar, and a legend. Every geographer and cartographer learns this in GIS 101.

    2. Those Latah county voters send a shiver up my leg.

      1. That’s Obama’s dog, peeing on you.

    3. There is a white county in the northern tip of the Idaho panhandle. Maybe that’s Latah County.

      1. Nope. That’s Boundary County and Kootenai County. He took those too.

  12. For a site called Real Clear Politics…


  13. Santorum wins flyover country, Romney wins the Blue coastal states and any state with a lot of Mormons, Gingrich wins around Georgia.

    1. And white folks win everywhere!

      1. Well, this is a Republican primary. Only white people have voted (to the tune of about 97% whiteys voting in Mississippi last night).


    Also, the original picture has undeclared counties transparent and Ron Paul white, which is mega-double retarded.

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