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Check Out Google+'s Drug Legalization Debate Happening Right Now


If this is part of Google+'s attempt to become relevant, it's not a bad start. Happening now, a British debate on drug legalization starring journalist Peter Hitchens, former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer, former U.S. Drug Tsar Barry McCaffrey, and others for the opposition; Comedian/Actor Russell Brand, Wikileaks' Julian Assange, the former presidents of Brazil and Mexico and others represent pro-legalization. At the moment, 92% of the Internet audience is in favor of legalization and about 60% of the in-studio audience agrees.

So far Russell Brand has made a lot more sense than McCaffrey, the latter of whom just said "as a general statement…in fact people behind bars are not arrested for smoking two joints."

Check it out:


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  1. Ugh, Brand and Assange. Way to stack the deck, debate organizers.

  2. Agreed. Why no one from LEAP?
    That certainly would have made this debate more interesting, and possibly made the pro legalization arguments more compelling to the average “drugs are bad mmkay” type of viewer.

    Alas, it’s all just a cruel joke.

    1. They are bad, this is taught in dare class. That is why they are illegal. Look at the violence in Mexico, it is cause by drugs,.

      1. Haha yes! This world is in ruins because of weed. D.A.R.E. says its bad and I’m unable to form my own opinions, so I’m just going to go with what they say. Hmph, I feel like a total badass now.

  3. 15 fuckin hours?

  4. in fact people behind bars are not arrested for smoking two joints.

    Of course not. They’re behind bars because they smoked two joints before they smoked two joints and then they smoked two more.

  5. Eliot Spitzer just claimed they didn’t arrest non-violent drug offenders, then turned around and said they were arrested the drug offenders because of the violence associated with their crime.

    Why hasn’t anybody asked Spitzer why he’s not in jail for the violence associated with prostitution?

    The people suck at debate.

  6. It is funny when the drug warriors defend their position by pointing out that not that many people get locked up for simple pot possession. It’s true, but these are the guys who are trying to make the case that it is OK to lock people up for drugs. It’s just amazing that anyone still gives those people any credit.

    1. Also enjoying how many prohibitionists are assuring everyone that they agree that “war on” is a bad phrase.

  7. Because of drugs, a troglodyte like me got to bang Katy Perry repeatedly.

    Check fucking mate bitches!

    1. Katy Perry? Gross.. she’s Canadian-hot.. you know.. like she’s *almost* gorgeous but there’s just something wrong with her face.

      1. Agreed, except for the almost part. She is mildly attractive.

        In a room full of libertarians she would probably do well, unless Lucy Steigerwald was there in competition (I am saying that sight unseen because I just like Lucy’s posts here).

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