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What a World Without Gingrich and Santorum Looks Like: Ron Paul at 41 percent


I was unable to participate in the tweetathon due to scheduling conflicts, so forgive me if this point was already made by colleagues, but it is extra-bittersweet for Ron Pauliacs to remember the glory days after Paul's strong New Hampshire number two placement when the thought of a Gingrich and Santorum-less race seemed a reasonable possibility to see Paul up against just Romney in Virginia pulling 41 percent (rounded up).

As the campaign slog continues, the revolution ain't dead, within or without the 2012 GOP presidential race. The story of how it got to where it is is told in my forthcoming book Ron Paul's Revolution.

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  1. Half the number of votes cast compared to four years ago, split between two outcasts of mainstream Republicanism and you want me to smile about the guy who came in second? At least Goldwater won the nomination before being crushed.

  2. Moments like this make me wish Paul would just say “fuck you” to the GOP, go scorched earth, and run independent.

    1. Then he’ll lose, create friction between libertarians and more reasonable conservatives, and ensure another 4 years of Obama, who’ll take his reelection to mean voter approval of his many big government policies.

      Ron Paul will be irrelevant in 10 years. His son won’t be. The time to pass the torch is fast approaching.

      1. What is a fucking “more reasonable conservative”? Seriously. The mouth-breathing mainstream Republicans can’t seem to wait to get into another war. What I ask you is reasonable about that whole goddam broken sewage plant of humanity?

        1. It’s just that agricultural city-Statism (civilization) forces people into a Mass Society.

          City-Statism’s mass society pushes the hairless great ape beyond its neurobiological limits.

          Dunbar, R.I.M. (June 1992). “Neocortex size as a constraint on group size in primates”. Journal of Human Evolution 22 (6): 469?493.

          And no, your politics won’t beat that neurobiological limit.

          1. I agree. Your brain is too limited.

            1. It’s because of agricultural city-Statist domestication.

              If Modern Humans Are So Smart, Why Are Our Brains Shrinking?
              Here are some leading theories about the why the human brain has been getting smaller since the Stone Age.
              by Kathleen McAuliffe
              Discover Magazine
              January 20, 2011

              1. Neanderthal brains were bigger than Sapien brains. Size isn’t everything.

            2. I found your daddy, third picture down:

              One of the most recognizable signs of domestication is a REDUCTION IN BRAIN SIZE?domestication makes a population stupid.

              Wolves & Dogs
              by Jason Godesky | 13 November 2006

        2. I see Joe M’s point. It’d be one thing if the up and coming star in the party that Paul was losing to was a moderate, or another ‘young minority face’ (Jindal, Rubio) but it’s fucking Rick Santorum! Santorum! If the GOP nominates Santorum—and while I doubt it’ll happen, he’s coming a lot closer than anyone would’ve thought two months ago—then yeah, to hell with the GOP, because at that point there won’t even be a fig leaf of difference between the parties for people like us. The only difference between Santorum and Obama will be the cronies they’ll shovel cash to.

          As it is, I’m thinking Santorum gets offered the VP slot on a Romney ticket.

          1. or another ‘young minority face’

            So you are a racist that accepts the bogus premise that a citizen can only be represented by someone of the same race, or rather that a non-white citizen can only be represented by a non-white? You are pathetic and you sicken me.

            1. Not sure where my identifying Jindal or Rubio as a “young minority face” makes me a racist. A good bit of their fame (See also, J.C. Watts.) is due to their youth and also not looking like most other Republican candidates. With Jindal, we also have a few years of him running Louisiana to evaluate him by.

              And it works. Haven’t we just had a Presidential election where a great deal of the candidate’s elect-ability was due to his being black? Aren’t we also seeing, e.g., Romney do especially well in states (Idaho, Utah) where the electorate doesn’t share many of his views other than his religion? It’s not surprising that the GOP would want to emphasize any young minority talent within the party, in an attempt to broaden its base of appeal.

              Other than that, kindly take your vile insinuations about my character and go fuck yourself, troll.

      2. I’m not positive that 4 more years of Obama would be worse then the rest of the GOP field. Of course, none of them will get my vote. I’m voting for Ron Paul or Gary Johnson in the general election.

    2. In other words, you want four more years of Obama.

      Foreseeable consequences not being unintended and all.

      1. What do you think may be the foreseeable consequences of the Sixth Great Extinction?

  3. Fuck that Twitter shit.

  4. There’s no byline, but Doherty never fails to plug his book.

  5. There is a byline, and I never fail to plug my book.

    1. It’s a great book. Buy it today!

  6. …after Paul’s strong New Hampshire number two placement when the thought of a Gingrich and Santorum-less race seemed a reasonable possibility to see Paul up against just Romney…

    Frankly, I think both Santorum and Gingrich would stay in a race they have little chance of winning just to keep Paul from a better showing. They both dislike him enough and what he stands for – especially Santorum.

    1. I’m pretty sure both Sticky and Newtsies actually want to be President and are more likely to stay in the race to be power brokers at the convention or to damage Romney than they are to spoil Paul’s chances.

  7. Hey did you guys here there is a forthcoming book about Ron Paul?

    1. Really? Who wrote it and where might I buy a copy?

  8. VA was Dr. Paul’s to win and if he made 2 appearances here I didn’t see the 2nd one listed on the events page of his website. I believe that his lack of appearances in this state cost him the win. I mean, this is the state of Jefferson, if he couldn’t get his message across here, then you just have to wonder how far gone we are.

    1. Me vote for a Bible thumper?

      “Christianity neither is, nor ever was a part of the common law.” -Thomas Jefferson, letter to Dr. Thomas Cooper, February 10, 1814

    2. Yeah, it blows my mind that Paul didn’t think to campaign hard in Virginia. Fuck out west. Virginia was his big chance and he blew it. What a waste.

  9. What this projects to is that Dr. Paul can’t win the nomination. If you get Santorum and Gingrich out of the way at the convention, there’s majority support for Romney, if Va. is anything close to typical and to the delegates.

    What would still be interesting would be a forced choice between Romney & Santorum.

  10. If there was no gingrich, then Santorum would be beating Romney and would get the nomination most likely. The alternative to Gingrich is definitely not Ron Paul.

    1. ^^absolutely. A world w/o Newts and RP would be much more interesting than the world w/o Newtsie and Sticky.

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