Tim Cavanaugh Talks Green Lobby On Russia Today: 4 PM Eastern


The Malibu beach is safe when Tim Cavanaugh is on the job.

Reason managing editor Tim Cavanaugh will talk about the green lobby with Kristine Frazao today on Russia Today's Evening News with Kristine Frazao


Why isn't the Keystone pipeline in Pennsylvania? 

Is the Green Lobby a special interest

How many more Solyndras are out there? 

Who's smearin' who in this East Anglian Heartlandian trash-talkin' hill o' beans world?

Does nuclear power really need subsidies to survive? 

Is Energy Secretary Steven Chu's energy plan [pdf]  as ridiculous as he made it sound yesterday?

Was Club For Growth justified in criticizing Rep. Fred Upton (R-Michigan) even though upton has a smoking hot niece? Does smoking hotness contribute to carbon emissions? 

Time: Today, 4 PM Eastern, 1 PM Pacific. 

Place: Russia Today. Check local listings. 

Update: D'oh! Did not show at 4 PM but will cablecast at 7 PM Eastern (4 PM Pacific) and be up on the cybernational YouTubes later tonight. 

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  1. What was that about Kate Upton? Oh, would you look at that.

    1. Is that the same chick people were saying was to fat to be on the cover of SI?

      1. bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

        …Huh? Did you say something?

        bounce bounce bounce bounce bounce

        1. Yeah, that’s pretty nice.


      1. I don’t know what they mean.

    3. Mother of God!

      I can’t believe that no-talent assclown Mark Sanchez is getting some of that. It’s a fucking travesty.

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  2. Where the hell is the red suit? And yes Tim, you know Pamela’s would look cute on you

  3. “Reason managing editor Tim Cavanaugh will talk about the green lobby with Kristine Frazao today on Russia Today’s Evening News with Kristine Frazao.”

    Later, Tim will sprawl drunkenly on the floor and eat a hamburger, while predicting runaway inflation any day now.

  4. “Later, Tim will sprawl drunkenly on the floor and eat a hamburger, while predicting runaway inflation”

    That sounds like fun. I think I’ll do that tonight too.

    1. Yeah, pretty much my plan, too.

  5. In Soviet Russia, green lobby talks about YOU!

  6. Why isn’t the Keystone pipeline in Pennsylvania?

    Travel through Pennsylvania is unpleasant, even through pipes. I blame PennDOT.

  7. I’d really like to see the Right co-opt this movement and I see just the vehicle.

    National Security.

    Pretty much everything the greens hold dear could be framed as a national security issue.

    I’d like to see it happen just to watch the confusion. And by watch, I mean from another country.

  8. Right now they are talking to Peter Van Buren.
    Don’t mess with the Van Buren boys.

  9. He will only relax after he busts Ferris Bueller.

  10. To those of us who were children between the early 1960s and and the early nineties, Johnny Ball was always something of hero. First he presented Play School, later he presented the maths entertainment series Think Of A Number. We liked Johnny. He was always smiling, always engaging. He was one of us. Then later, he went on to enjoy even greater credibility by being the dad of Radio 1 (now Radio 2) DJ Zoe Ball and therefore the father in law of DJ Norman Cook aka Fat Boy Slim.

    So it saddens me greatly to read today how his career has been blighted as a result of smear campaigns over his climate change scepticism:

    Bloggers have run campaigns stating Mr Ball ‘should not be allowed near children’.

    And an imposter has even tried to cancel his booking at a training day for maths teachers in Northampton.

    In a sinister twist, websites have also been set up in his name which contain pornographic images.

    Mr Ball, a 72-year-old grandfather, believes his career has been destroyed and says his bookings have fallen by 90 per cent since the smear campaign began four years ago. Police are investigating his claims.

    The warmists, keeping it classy.

  11. Is Energy Secretary Steven Chu’s energy plan as ridiculous as he made it sound yesterday?


    On the Choice to Compete or Cede the Global Competition for Clean Energy Technology: Our country faces a stark choice: we can create jobs making and exporting the energy technologies of tomorrow or we can cede leadership to other countries that are investing in these industries.

    Ah. I see.

  12. UT researchers find China’s pollution related to E-cars may be more harmful than gasoline cars

    Electric cars have been heralded as environmentally friendly, but findings from University of Tennessee, Knoxville, researchers show that electric cars in China have an overall impact on pollution that could be more harmful to health than gasoline vehicles.

    Chris Cherry, assistant professor in civil and environmental engineering, and graduate student Shuguang Ji, analyzed the emissions and environmental health impacts of five vehicle technologies in 34 major Chinese cities, focusing on dangerous fine particles. What Cherry and his team found defies conventional logic: electric cars cause much more overall harmful particulate matter pollution than gasoline cars.

    “An implicit assumption has been that air quality and health impacts are lower for electric vehicles than for conventional vehicles,” Cherry said. “Our findings challenge that by comparing what is emitted by vehicle use to what people are actually exposed to. Prior studies have only examined environmental impacts by comparing emission factors or greenhouse gas emissions.”

    Particulate matter includes acids, organic chemicals, metals, and soil or dust particles. It is also generated through the combustion of fossil fuels.
    For electric vehicles, combustion emissions occur where electricity is generated rather than where the vehicle is used. In China, 85 percent of electricity production is from fossil fuels, about 90 percent of that is from coal. The authors discovered that the power generated in China to operate electric vehicles emit fine particles at a much higher rate than gasoline vehicles. However, because the emissions related to the electric vehicles often come from power plants located away from population centers, people breathe in the emissions a lower rate than they do emissions from conventional vehicles.

    Still, the rate isn’t low enough to level the playing field between the vehicles. In terms of air pollution impacts, electric cars are more harmful to public health per kilometer traveled in China than conventional vehicles.

    “The study emphasizes that electric vehicles are attractive if they are powered by a clean energy source,” Cherry said.”In China and elsewhere, it is important to focus on deploying electric vehicles in cities with cleaner electricity generation and focusing on improving emissions controls in higher polluting power sectors.”

    The researchers estimated health impacts in China using overall emission data and emission rates from literature for five vehicle types?gasoline and diesel cars, diesel buses, e-bikes and e-cars?and then calculated the proportion of emissions inhaled by the population.

    E-cars’ impact was lower than diesel cars but equal to diesel buses. E-bikes yielded the lowest environmental health impacts per passenger per kilometer.

    “Our calculations show that an increase in electric bike usage improves air quality and environmental health by displacing the use of other more polluting modes of transportation,” Cherry said. “E-bikes, which are battery-powered, continue to be an environmentally friendly and efficient mode of transportation.”

    The findings also highlight the importance of considering exposures and the proximity of emissions to people when evaluating environmental health impacts for electric vehicles. They also illuminate the distributional impact of moving pollution out of cities. For electric vehicles, about half of the urban emissions are inhaled by rural populations, who generally have lower incomes.

    The findings are published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology.

    Cherry worked with Matthew Bechle and Julian Marshall from the University of Minnesota and Ye Wu from Tsinghua University in Beijing. The scientists conducted their study in China because of the popularity of e-bikes and e-cars and the country’s rapid growth. Electric vehicles in China outnumber conventional vehicles 2:1. E-bikes in China are the single largest adoption of alternative fuel vehicles in history, with over 100 million vehicles purchased in the past decade, more than all other countries combined.

  13. The angle of Cavanaugh’s lapels downward lead me to believe (mistakenly, I hope!) that he is on his way to Orson Welles-like proportions.

    1. “We will sell no wine before its time….” Tim Cavanaugh for Paul Masson vineyards…

  14. Cavanaugh is on Topanga Beach checking out these tasty waves. Hang ten!

    1. meh. looks like shit sections. not enough angle to get any real speed.

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