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Update: NO! Will Obama Finally Answer a Question About Legalizing Pot at Today's Online Interview (5.30pm ET)


Update: The answer is no, Obama didn't answer the top vote-getting YouTube question, which was about drug prohibition. As the link and headlines below indicate, there just wasn't enough time, especially since the president, an admitted drug user, had to talk more pressing matters such as late-night snacks. Emphasis in original posting from Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP).

YouTube Ignores Cop's First Place Marijuana Legalization Video Question for Obama

Posted by LEAP

Site Finds Time for Questions About Dancing, Late-Night Snacks and Playing Tennis

Back before he was president, admitted drug user Barack Obama was known to question the sagacity of the drug war. Now that he's occupying the Oval Office, Obama regularly laughs off the subject of legalizing marijuana when it comes up. Which might be kind of funny if his Justice Department wasn't busy cracking down on medical marijuana dispensaries with a ferocity that easily surpasses anything evinced by the Bush or Clinton admins.

Today, maybe he'll actually talk about this issue at his latest gimmicky online town meeting, which takes place at 5.30pm ET.

As it happens, the good folks at Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) had one of their members submit a YouTube vid question to today's event. Stephen Downing is a retired deputy chief of the Los Angeles Police Department and his question about legalizing pot 

came in first place for video questions and ranked second out of all questions (with the overall top spot going to a text question about copyright infringement). Many of the other top-ranking questions are about marijuana policy or the failed "war on drugs," as has been the case every other time the White House has invited citizens to submit and vote on questions via the web.

In similar past situations, Obama has either literally joked away the question or bluntly said he's not in favor of legalization of marijuana, which is a position that puts him at odds with most Americans.

Read more from LEAP here.

Last year, in response to a LEAP question, he acknowledged that legalization is a "legitimate" topic for discussion, but then went on a long, rambling answer about "shrinking demand" and treating drug use as a public-health issue. That's not promising on its own but is especially bad when put in the context of his actual drug war bona fides. The simple truth is that Barack Obama, the latest in an increasingly long line of presidents and candidates who have admitted using illegal drugs, is every inch a drug warrior.

Read Jacob Sullum's great article on Obama's drug war.

Watch Downing's question here:

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  1. He might take one, but there’s no fucking way he’ll answer it.

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  2. Let’s see what the H&R commentariat thinks about the outcome-

    Will Obama answer the question with a definitive answer either pro or con or will he weasel out of it like he usually does?

    I’m going with……….WEASEL!!!

    1. Hey, weaseling out of things is what separates us humans from the animals.

      Except the weasels.

    1. I’m going to go way out on a limb and agree.

  3. If caving to the environmentally concerned portions of his base on keystone and having the balls to run an ad highlighting his solyndra-ish machinations while president was a signal of how he’s going then I think there’s a chance he addresses the issue and whispers sweet nothings into the left’s ear. It’s a nice symbiotic lie since we know a majority of the left doesn’t care about the drug war when it comes down to it, anyway.

    1. who’s this we u speak of?…cause its certainly NOT the “left” who’ve been highly critical of obama.

      1. “cause its certainly NOT the “left” who’ve been highly critical of obama.”
        You mean he hasn’t yet given you ‘free stuff’ like your momma promised?
        Shame on him!
        Oh, and you’re an ignoramus.

        1. Let Me be clear.

          I’m not going to answer that question. I have several re-elections I have to think about.

          Oops. Inner voice, inner voice…

  4. Unfortunately, both Obama and Bush demonstrate the devastating effect of illegal drugs on one’s mind.

    1. No, I believe it is the desire to have power that is most ruinous to one’s mind.

      Besides if anyone ever behaved like he busted some brain-cells on dope it was Rick Perry.

  5. I thought they already took down the pot questions as “inappropriate.”

  6. When we spend a cumulative $40 Billion and cage a million of our fellow Americans annually, for mostly victimless “Crimes” yet the President chooses not to address the issue. He ignored it the last time the subject headed the list on “We The People” on the WH’s site and I expect he’ll do it again. Mr President, do you favor ignoring a major issue while wasting tens of Billions? And why did you go back on your campaign promise regarding Med Marijuana?
    Mr. President, this quote applies to you; “I’m not upset that you lied to me, I’m upset that from now on I can’t believe you.” Friedrich Nietzsche
    LEAP.cc member, NYPD, ret.

  7. My money’s on “No.”

    I would dearly like to see somebody ask him if the DoJ is even part of the Executive Branch, or if they are a completely autonomous and independent government unto themselves.

    1. That’s a ridiculous question. Of course they’re part of the executive branch. I just have no idea what they do.

  8. Barack Obama:
    “That’s not a serious question, lets move on to something more important, like how much more do you want than the tip.”

  9. -Back before he was president, admitted drug user Barack Obama was known alleged to question the sagacity of the drug war. –

    No charge.

  10. “Will my administration work to legalize marijuana? That’s an interesting question, extremely interesting. On Wednesday, the First Lady and the First Daughters will be flying to Switzerland for a three week ski vacation. I will stay here and demonize the Congress.”

    1. “Dudes, I’m stoned right now!”

    2. A *very* interesting question. Next?

  11. Obama regularly laughs off the subject of legalizing marijuana when it comes up.

    Let me be clear.

    What are these folks smoking?
    OK, now let’s take a serious question ….

  12. Fucking coke-heads, we keep electing them, and they keep spending all our fucking money on bullshit like the “war on drugs” or “war on terror.” I think all the money’s really going up his nose.

  13. So the President’s a hypocrite…got it.

  14. Mr. President, you’ve admitted to marijuana possession. Should you do time?

    1. Mr. President, would the nation be better off if you had been arrested and jailed for your admitted use of marijuana as a young man?

      1. “Absolutely. Have you seen the state of the economy?”

    2. Ladies and gentlemen, I’ll be brief. The issue here is not whether we broke a few rules, or took a few liberties with our female party guests?we did. [winks at PR] But you can’t change the whole countries law just because of the behavior of a few, sick perverted individuals such as myself or Bush. For if you do, then shouldn’t we blame the whole legal system? And if the whole legal system is guilty, then isn’t this an indictment of our political institutions in general? I put it to you,: isn’t this an indictment of our entire American society? Well, you can do what you want to us, but we’re not going to sit here and listen to you badmouth the United States of America. Gentlemen!

      1. Yes, why hasn’t Tim Matheson run for office? I know I’d vote for him.

        1. Hi, Tim Matherson, running for President. Damn glad to meet ya.

          1. My brother met Tim Matheson in a Miami supermarket once. He says Matheson was personable and friendly.

            Anyone know what his politics is like?

            ‘President Matheson’ does actually sound er presidential.

    3. Better question, Mr. President, you’re admitted to marijuana possession. Should you be stripped of your 2nd Amendment rights?

      1. The 2nd Amendment doesn’t give anybody rights.

  15. There’s no way in hell he will seriously answer any question that he doesn’t want to be asked. Pot, F&F, Solyndra, why he wants to turn the entire country into Detroit. Not getting answered. This is a PR exercise, not a transparency or accountability exercise.

  16. Be prepared for best case scenario, more empty promises from this Potus. Everything is just a game piece to that man including sick people.
    With 55 companies working on diff chemical coumpounds from cannibis, there ain’t a chance in hell Obama gives a rat’s patoot about people. To him, not only are, corporati?ons people too, those corporatio?ns are worth millions in reelection donations. The sick people have little to offer him.
    Then add in the Cotton industry(clothing last 2 times as long from Hemp)
    Monsanto cannot corner the common MJ or hemp strains patent wise.
    ADM wants noo competition with Soy bean constituants.
    The tree farmers-weyerhouser ect don’t want compitition from farms producing 4x the fiber from an acre.
    Anhuser doesn’t want the alcohol competition.
    Philip Morris doesn’t want the ‘Tobacco’ competition.
    DuPont doesn’t want the ‘fiber’ competition.
    Johnson and Johnson doesn’t want the ‘asprin’ competition.
    The DEA-80 countries-60 offices doesn’t want to stop the competition.
    Wall Street doesn’t want the Drug dollars to quit coming.
    Banks sure don’t want to quit washing drug money.
    The Military loves the ability to decide Tribal nuances in supporting or denying a tribes harvest.
    For profit prisons getting 40K a yeara person to incarcerate love prohibition
    Drug testing companies are tring to get all scholl extra ciriculars mandantory testing (including ‘Band’ lol)
    Orgs trying to get all social programs mandantory testing
    Lawyers love iprohibition
    Parole officers love prohibition
    Bail Co.s love prohibition.
    Drug dealers love prohibition.

  17. If anyone had the stomach and got in to see the question let us know how it went. I got in about 40min after it started and they had obviously moved on past this. Obama was promising some kid he was definitely going to be able to afford college.

    1. He didn’t address it before I had to turn it off in disgust. Live blog here doesn’t mention it at all. http://content.usatoday.com/co…..-youtube/1

      I couldn’t decide which part was more pathetic: Obama promising some woman that he’d find her 3-years unemployed engineer husband a job, or the 5-years unemployed Occupy Portland protester who asked Obama, “Do you have a plan for me?”

      1. He also promised unemployment wouldn’t be over eight percent, and that we’d each have a fuel-farting unicorn in our yards.

      2. “Do you have a plan for me?”

        God has a plan for us all doesn’t he?

        1. Have you accepted Barack Obama as your personal Lord and Saviour?

  18. You can’t get him to answer a question, but you CAN embarrass him:

    Questioner: Mr. President, I’m sure you’ll agree with me that a woman’s body is her own, and that she has a right to privacy, as our Supreme Court has ruled?

    Obama: Let me be clear. Yes. Yes I do.

    Questioner: Then what magically happens to that woman’s body when, instead of seeking an abortion, she seeks to smoke a dried up plant? Why isn’t her body her own then?

    1. That would require a questioner who didn’t mind being denied access to the next press meeting.
      Not likely to happen.

      1. “Pro-choice” only applies to abortion. Silly Sevo. Askin’ questions and whatnot.

        1. Well, abortion and being gay. But those are definitely the only pro-choices we get from Team Blue.

      2. Denied access to the next PR slobberfest? Hell, what about the Secret Service escort out of the current one?

  19. What? Obama is not going to cut a government program of lawyers and government labor unions. Very shocking!

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  21. Obama = Cunt

    I’m still waiting for reason to organize a protest with people just carrying that sign.

    So how many reason staffers are going to vote for Obama this time?

    The fucking cokehead has such a tiny penis he won’t even take a question about marijuana.

    1. As a Person With Cunt, I find that offensive – it is an insult to proud cunts everywhere!

      1. Yeah, Obama isn’t a cunt. A cunt is a beautiful thing. He’s more of a twat.

        1. I happen to love cunts and twats passionately. They are beautiful and lovely.

          I was thinking he was more like that last dribble of dogshit that my lab squeezes out each time he bows up…..just a bit stinkier and squishier than regular dogshit.

  22. I myself seem to recall a whole bunch of “libertarians” blinded with affection for Obama’s cult of personality in ’08. Hope you’re all happy.

    1. Don’t blame me; I voted third party.

  23. Back in 1975 I was about to graduate college. My father pulled me aside and gave me one of those father/son talks…his first sentence was, “Well son now that you have a college degree you are about to enter the most dangerous part of your life. You will think you are smart and have things figured out and us old folks don’t know anything.” He was right, I voted for Carter in the next election.

    Young “college” Progressives prove my dad right everyday. They think they are smarter than everyone else when in reality they are “educated fools”…they voted for and will vote again for the guy who is selling them into servitude.

    In all of history, no government became more honest, less corrupt, or granted its citizens more rights as it grew in size.

  24. Where’s the “You’re No Stranger to the Bong” vidya?

  25. You have to understand, decriminalizing weed would anger one of his biggest donors: drug cartels to whom he has been giving thousands of semi-automatic weapons. It’s the Chicago way, from Capone to Daley to Obama. The mob now rules the world. Hope! Change!

  26. Sometimes you just have to wonder. Oh yeah!


  27. I can’t wait for November…come election day, I’m not ‘just’ going to vote against this clown. I’m going to get a running start to -SPIKE- my ballot into the box!

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