Ron Paul Roundup: Moving into Colorado, Winning Straw Polls in Arizona and Tennessee, Supported by Superpacs


Continuing to ignore a Florida where he continues to poll badly, though now breaking 10 percent, Ron Paul is moving on to Colorado  this week.

He also continues his ability to smash all rivals in straw polls, with 63 percent at the Tennessee Republican Assembly and more than five times as many votes as everyone else combined at the Arizona state GOP's "mandatory meeting."

In other Paul talk:

*Al Jazeera questions five economists about Paulonomics, focusing on the Federal Reserve and spending cuts.

*Conor Murphy at the Washington Times site presents the evidence that Paul is running to win.

*The Occupy movement fights the Ron Paul infection.

*Brent Budowsky at the Hill believe Paul will beat Romney in Virginia.

*Interesting roundup at Washington Times of Paul's often-controversial views on Israel.

*Paul-supporting SuperPAC RevolutionPAC will host a Paulcentric Florida election returns webcast event.

*The L.A. Times follows Paul on the campaign trail in Maine.

*Very interesting video being aired in Florida, sponsored by another Paul-supporting Superpac, Endorse Liberty, trying to sell Paul's foreign policy: