DFW Reason Readers: Come Hear Me Talk About Liquor Laws


I will be talking about "Loony Liquor Laws" at a Liberty on the Rocks event in Euless, which is about midway between Dallas and Fort Worth, this Thursday night. Among other examples of alcohol-control insanity, I will discuss Pennsylvania's "wine kiosks" (one of which can be seen on the right) and Texas restrictions on beer marketing that were recently overturned on First Amendment grounds. The event is open to the public and admission is free. Here are the details:

Liberty on the Rocks

8 to 11 p.m., Thursday, February 2

Pockets Restaurant

210 South Industrial Boulevard

Euless, TX 76040



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  1. Hey, we got rid of the wine kiosks!

    Now you can buy wine the way the founding fathers intended you to–from bureaucrats in a state-run liquor store. But not on Sunday. Or after 9 p.m. And don’t even ask for delivery. Or advice on which pinot grigio goes best with tilapia.

    1. Or advice on which pinot grigio goes best with tilapia.


      I know someone who has recently “gotten into wine” and one common suggestion is for her to get to know the person selling her wine. The assumption is that this person will likely be some level of an expert and will be able to discuss intelligently and from experience what wines on what occasions, sources for the wine, and son on. This suggestion falls apart as soon as you step foot in PA. Case in point: she purchased a Gewurztraminer and the friendly cashier at the PA state store said “what’t this? I’ve never heard of it before.”

      1. You know who else drank Gew?rztraminer?

        1. I think I have a bottle of it.

        2. I do.

          Considering he was a teetotaler—accounts of him drinking champagne with Eva aside—it’s unlikely that he did. The funny thing with your joke is pretty much all of the great examples of Gew?rz come from France, not Germany. Not that the examples from, e.g., Kurt Darting and Pfeffingen aren’t good though.

          PA certainly is a very strange place to purchase alcohol. I remember there being weird bargains at the one PA store I went to—stuff like Rieussec at the price of the second label. My guess was that the staff couldn’t give a shit about whether the goods were priced correctly. Or to provide any service, for that matter.

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  2. The story of PA’s wine kiosks is one that should be told far and wide.…..-454-0.stm

    Only a government agency could devise such a convoluted system of retail sales and promote it as ‘innovation’ and an effort to improve customer service.

  3. Come one come all! Stay for sane and polite arguments afterward.

    1. Their menu spells Tabasco incorrectly and they serve their wings with Ranch. Still, it’s tempting.

  4. Finally, something I can go to, as opposed to all those “Attention DC Reasonoids!” posts.

    1. That’s one of the reasons I’m happy Jacob said he could make it!

      1. My thoughts exactly, Gojira. That’s even my day off work. It’s too bad I don’t drink…

        1. They’ve got soda and food too. 😉 Bring 5 friends I’ll buy you a drink.

          1. I’ll be there -not

            1. Invite was infered, not implied. (though, really you’re welcome to come. You can lie about who you are and wear a mask.)

              1. But Spence what if you know me?

                1. Then I would have already judged you and it wouldn’t make a difference.

    2. I work until 8, but I can be there by 9. I’ll buy Jacob a drink.

      1. Not to be a stalker, but are you around the McKinney area?

        1. Just south of it. I live in Plano, work in Richardson.

          1. Hey, me too.

            1. We should all get together and totally not have ghey buttsecks with eachother.

  5. What the hell is this universe coming to when Texas, of all states, attempts to impose restrictions on beer advertising?

    1. Can only just now get Dogfish Head Barley Wines because of how they were advertised vs the alohol content.

  6. The half-hearted attempt to “privatize” liquor sales here in VA failed. So if you want a bottle of Jim Beam Black Label (wonderful stuff), you have to go to the VA ABC store.

  7. KY has great liquor laws, assuming you aren’t in a dry country/city.

    1. KY has great liquor laws, assuming you aren’t in a dry country/city/precinct.


      And I wouldnt go with “great”, but not too bad at all.

      4 AM closing time. Sunday sales. No state run store bullshit.

      1. Drive-thrus. And the selection is much better than a lot of places I’ve been to.

  8. I’d come up there, but the menu is vegetarian-hostile.

    1. Vegetarian-hostile. What are you, some kind of freak? Kidding, you don’t see many vegetarians on this board.

      1. they DO have fried mushrooms.

        1. Fried in beef fat. Woo-hoo!

  9. The PA wine kiosk – what a rube goldberg. Where do they find these people?

    1. Fun fact: PA’s booze system was set up after Prohibition to be as annoying as possible for people to buy liquor. Seriously–the Gov at the time said so.

      Even up until the 1980s, many PA state liquor stores didn’t even have self serve–you’d have to go to a counter, tell a guy what you wanted, and he went back and got it for you from the storeroom…comrade.

      1. That’s how it used to be in OH in the 70’s. Now there are just state sactioned stores that protect thier cartels.

  10. WTF…This had to get scheduled the week I had to be out of town. I was going to show up and put some faces to names 🙁

    1. Why’d you have to schedule your week out of town when this came up!?

      1. one positive. Did find out about the liberty on the rocks Ft Worth chapter. have to come crash the party soon. (likely to be kicked out soon after)

        1. First Thursday of every month!

    2. It’s alright; sloopyinca is actually coming through from California on the last day that I’m out of town in late March. Talk about bad timing.

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