Tim Cavanaugh Talks Golden State Stagnation on Good Day L.A.


Actual YouTube comment: "Hey Tim - get some fashion advice. You look horrible in that color suit? and the black shirt is awful. Do you seriously think you don't look like shit? You are on camera, buddy, looks count."

Reason.com managing editor Tim Cavanaugh appeared this morning on FOX 11 Los Angeles.

Topic: California Gov. Jerry Brown's is pushing for steep tax hikes even though the state's economy has shown no signs of recovery and its unemployment rate is still the second-highest in the nation

More than two-thirds of Californians support tax increases, according to a Public Policy Institute of California pollster who uses the phrase "Therein lies" so it's clear he knows what he's talking about. 

The Tax Foundation reports that California's tax climate is the nation's third-worst for business. 

Brown says they've been saying the same thing since Jerry Ford was president. 

Cavanaugh pontificates from the heart of Hollywood: