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Matt Welch discusses Obama's State of the Union with Stossel, Megan McArdle, & David Boaz


On Tuesday, January 24, 2012, Reason Editor in Chief Matt Welch participated in a special live post-State of the Union edition of Stossel, along with The Atlantic's Megan McArdle and the Cato Institute's David Boaz. The panel discussed President Barack Obama's speech and answered questions from the studio audience.

20 minutes.

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  1. Anyone see the State of the Union address last night? I haven’t heard much about it.

  2. Matt looks pretty sober. Pity.

    1. Megan looks pretty. Hot. And that quip about GM becoming the biggest auto manufacturer again due to a tsunami followed by a nuclear meltdown was sofa king hilarious because it was sofa king true.

  3. Megan was great on that. Can’t WTFV but Stossel also had Gary Johnson on as well and he honestly didn’t come across very well – I think it was just nerves but it came out sounding like a kind of shaky imperiousness. Obviously he’s loads better than most other pols in terms of actual policy, it was just a bit of a disappointing performance.

    1. Johnson, every time I see him, always seems pretty uncomfortable.

      1. At least you saw him. Whoever wrote the headline didn’t even mention that he was there too!

      2. I’ve only “seen” him one time, on the Napolitano show and he seemed really confused and generally not good. Far worse than I’ve ever seen the greenest congressman. It was awful, probably why his campaign was so disastrous.

        P.S. Sexist Comment: Megan looked really good there.

  4. The part about the tsunami and nuclear meltdown was both hilarious and horrifying.

  5. State of the what now?

  6. Megan killed it. Peter is undoubtedly Mr. McArdle now.

  7. Something else I want to note: it’s pretty damn awesome to see a panel discussion on a prime time TV show with FIVE libertarians.

    1. The show is basically libertarianism for novices. Stossel rarely has people of other political persuasions on. It makes the show feel uncomfortable to me. I’m used to more conflict on cable news channels. DH calls it a libertarian circle-jerk.

      Having said that, I love all the panelists. DH and I have a game where we guess the Reason person who will be that night’s episode.

        1. Daryl Hannah.

          Or David Horowitz. Or both. I hear they’re dating.

        2. Daryl Hall. His private eyes are watching you.

  8. First impression:

    Matt has a new tie. A red one. Joining the exclusive club of the ubiquitous Cyan and semi-frequent purple-yellow candy cane stripe.

    I am impress.

    Second impression:

    Matt, true to form, wore it with a red shirt, violating every basic rule of commonly accepted shirt-tie color schematics.

    The color skew of my eyeballs will need a week to readjust.

    I call it a washout overall. Or, “a tie”. (ba dum tis)

    1. That tie is OLD. But newly cleaned. I wear it on patriotic occasions.

  9. Let me guess. They didn’t like the speech.

  10. Megan M looks like an elf with the ear popping out of her hair. Very cool.

  11. Do we really want to take advice from Koch addicts?

  12. Stossel needs to drop the Wally George format, tout suite. The live audience makes my skin crawl.

    What year is this, 1986?

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