Gary Johnson on SOPA: "There are NO problems with the Internet that we want the government to try to fix!"


The campaign homepage of former two-term New Mexico Gov. Gary Johnson remains blacked out in protest of SOPA and PIPA. On the other side of the blackout is a short post about the bills:

The article below from the LA Times is just one of many today reporting that we – millions of Americans who see the Internet as a last bastion of freedom – are maybe, just maybe, getting Congress attention about two very bad ideas: SOPA and PIPA.

Kudos to Wikipedia and the thousands of other sites who took action to let people know of these threats to Internet freedom, the flow of information, and the free market. As I have said, there are NO problems with the Internet that we want the government to try to fix!

This evening, as millions of parents find themselves answering their kids' homework questions without the help of Wikipedia or any number of other sites that have changed the world, I hope everyone will visit Wikipedia, Google.com, or other sites to sign petitions or otherwise let Congress know that we want the government to keep its hands off the Internet.

Presidential candidates who have taken a firm stance against SOPA/PIPA: Johnson (L), Rep. Ron Paul (R) and Buddy Roemer (R). Candidates who have taken a tepid stance: President Barack Obama (D). Candidates who have taken no stance: Everybody else.

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